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A l ly s Ta l k : B e yo n d t h e s u r fac e The talk by Ally was a great opportunity to hear about her work outside of teaching us, and her process of how she got to where she is today. It was interesting to find out how when she first went to St Martins, like myself, her family had never done anything similar and it was a new environment to be in. It showed me how from Ally’s life experiences, such as working in different places and going back into education, led her to different opportunities. It made me think how you can end up in places you never thought of before. I think her job opportunity to San Francisco looked amazing, which is a great life experience, learning curve and a chance to be inspired by a new culture, so I feel working abroad could be something to look at, further down the line. When Ally was talking about research, it reiterated to me the importance of good research. For research to go beyond the surface, to allow results to take me beyond what I know and being active about the process. You can use research to help get inspiration, sale ideas to clients, and to gain feedback. It was interesting to see the exhibition piece that was interactive and it had designed a feedback area within their exhibition space. As Ally stated ‘Good Research = Good Design’.

F u rt h e r E x p e r im e n tati o n I tried merging the masculine with the feminine. This was to reflect how the stereotypical female traits, like putting on makeup, have become a blurred line between what is masculine and what is feminine. By working in layers on Photoshop it also allowed me to experiment with printing the different layers onto acetate.

Portfolio for Research, Development & Positioning.  

Graphic Design, Year 3, Semester 1 Portfolio