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I n iti a l m e r gi n g e x p e r im e n tati o n I merged an image of James Cordon with David Beckham to contrast an unconventional icon with a stereo typical one. James is mainly well loved because of his great personality and humour, whereas David is more admired for his looks. It raised the question, what does a person find attractive? I feel personality is the most important thing, there is no point just being able to look at someone and have nothing else. It was interesting merging the two images together. The original image was Beckham modelling for Armani and then James Cordon had recreated a funny version that I merged together using Photoshop. It resulted in a rather strange figure. I tried both angles out, so one has a face slightly more of Beckham and the other of Cordon.

These two images provoked commentary on my blog, demonstrating how the unusual imagery, created by merging, makes an eye-catching image.

Portfolio for Research, Development & Positioning.  

Graphic Design, Year 3, Semester 1 Portfolio