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ly put this piece together to ‘The New Man’. It is meant ect what some men use in society today, in order te an idealistic version of elves. The screen printed s based on the new trend of heek’.

The original screen print is shown at the top and below shows the version with text. This was in response to the question, is it vain to take care in your appearance?

P r ac ti c a l e x p e r im e n tati o n After presenting these initial thoughts in a meeting with Mike it made me consider what to do next and ideas to try out. I had done a lot of research and now needed to practically experiment with work. Mike pointed out that the two main things in design are TEXT and IMAGERY. This is something I took into consideration when producing more work. An interesting perspective on the airbrushing topic was raised, to investigate how men now can be just as influenced as women, yet there is less discussion on them.

I created this typographic piece, shown below, to establish a thought-provoking question.

On reflection of this talk and from being asked by Mike about my own opinion on the subject and thinking how I portray myself, normally with the hair done and made-up, it made me think why? Initially I thought it was because I never did as a teenager and it was only at 17 that I started dying my hair and wearing makeup. Then when I really thought about it, I feel it is down to confidence. I was really shy at secondary school. Going to sixth form, combined with getting a job and getting ‘made-up’, allowed me gain confidence. I believe it is like a comfort mechanism. Therefore it could be the same with men. It makes them feel better, so they have more confidence. Or should ‘men be men’? After this meeting I stated on the blog I wanted ‘to explore processes of combing photography with illustration and typography. Along side experimenting with techniques such as, screen-print and hand drawn elements.’ Shown on this page are my initial practical experiments, using imagery, text, screen printing and digital manipulation using Photoshop.

Portfolio for Research, Development & Positioning.  

Graphic Design, Year 3, Semester 1 Portfolio