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Above shows my Initial Ideas after my meeting with Mike.

Below is the image I had created to reflect airbrushing. It provoked the question, is it more shocking to see a male figure in the same way?

The imagery, shown at the top, I made in response to watching the Pride of Britain awards and shown below that is a still taken from it. It was an inspirational programme.

I created the image below using Gavin Henson, as he has been highlighted in magazines for wearing fake tan and using beauty products. It is to reflect the new generation of men that use just as much products as women.

I digitall reflect ‘ to refle and do i to creat themse figure is ‘geek sh

Johnny Depp was made a ‘pinup’ as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean. He shows how men can wear makeup and women still find him just as attractive.

Portfolio for Research, Development & Positioning.  

Graphic Design, Year 3, Semester 1 Portfolio