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M ik e ’ s Ta l k : REAL / UNREAL The lecture held by Mike was an provoking talk. My notes, picture the points I felt were interesting an process that was reiterated was to task or problem, then DRAW, WR until you have a solution. This is a pr not only with work I produce at U working in the Industry. It made m write down lists and notes. I alway my bed that I constantly go to, so I thinking before I forget it.

The Dementia Campaign case stud to me, as I lost my Grandad who s The Buddi band and the help dogs M idea’s, which if they had been avai ago would have been a monumen family. I showed my Nan and Mum t, and th Dementia is being helped and publi awareness when my Grandad was many options to deal with it.

It made me think how design can be With campaigns, like the one from t it is a better way to work if the subj me and to be designing with meanin industry I feel if my job does not nec I would like to do design work like t

Portfolio for Research, Development & Positioning.  

Graphic Design, Year 3, Semester 1 Portfolio