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Displayed are the inside pages of the publication I made using the notes from the talk. The link for the digital version is: http://katrina.gdnm. org/2012/10/26/notes-thoughtsfrom-the-book-as-artefact-talk/

T h e ta l k ‘ B o o k A s A rt e fac t ’ I produced a publication of my notes I made from visiting the talk ‘Book as Artefact’ held at the Free Word Centre in London. It was a great talk that led on from my research I done regarding eBooks and the future for the physical book. There was a brilliant panel, hosted by Sam Winston, of illustrious researchers, academics and practitioners, which made personal responses to a series of provocative, questions, images and statements related to the changing face of the book in recent times. It was a great pleasure to meet Sam Winston and speak with him after the talk, as I have used his work as inspiration for briefs in year one and two. On reflection from the talk and reviewing the notes I had made when making the publication, I felt it is a topic that will never draw to a conclusion, because only the future will tell. The talk covered a lot of angles with the positives and negatives for the book and the eBook. I feel there is a place for both. The physical book, as it can not run out of battery, can not break if you drop it and you can not beat the feel and textures of it and some books become a sentimental object. With the digital book, it can be useful for representing data, it can go on a kindle or iPad that can store thousands of books in one item and is moving with the times of advanced technology. It does not mean the digital will replace the physical book, like photography did not replace paintings and television did not replace the radio, they can live together. The notes I had made from this talk were seen to be interesting and helpful to others, as from uploading this publication on it recorded that 254 people had look at it and it also had positive commentary from my fellow student Nicole, shown below.

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