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Eva l u ati o n Brief 2: Subject and Context JOURNEY OF RESEARCH I started by investigating the Magazine Industry. When researching, I went down different avenues and it led me to look into how publications today have become more digitalized. We live in a society that reads via iPads and kindles, which raised questions surrounding the printed copy. To answer this brief I investigated through the use of various methodologies, including literature, the Internet, visiting exhibitions, museums, libraries, lectures, personal work experience and interview. This allowed me to gain knowledge of the history of magazines, the relevant future changes to the industry and how to get into the industry today. All of which were addressed and shown in my final publication book. The presentation was shown digitally and I verbally told my journey I had experienced from researching over the two weeks. I also had a hand-made copy, supportive of the digital version, to reflect my findings that through evolution in technology there is a rise in the use of digital eBook’s that could pose a threat to the physical books existence.

FEEDBACK I RECEIVED FROM THE TUTORS AND THE AUDIENCE: The feedback I received highlighted I had used my time and space to create an in-depth research and investigative piece of work, which I felt I was more informed from doing this process. Ally thought my story of seeing books on Amazon selling for 1p “was in itself lovely”. The tutors discussed how with new technology it is easier to make a physical printed book now and therefore easier to make my own publication of professional standard. It was interesting to hear from Mike how Kindle’s have changed from big wedged shaped devices, where people thought it would never catch on, but after development, as seen today, it is a world wide product. It is now considering the illustrative side, which was not really considered before and if I was making a digital publication I would have to thoroughly research this from all angles. The feedback concluded with “It is now about more researching, making and doing”. This is what led me to carry on my research to help gain inspiration for ideas I wanted to try out and explore.

Portfolio for Research, Development & Positioning.  
Portfolio for Research, Development & Positioning.  

Graphic Design, Year 3, Semester 1 Portfolio