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Table of Contents 3 ~ A Note from Your LTG 4 ~ New District Board 5 - 7 ~ Letter of Introduction 8 - 15 ~ Board Letters of Introduction 16 ~ Reasons to have Club Elections 17 ~ DCON Recap 18 ~ Distinguished Officer Awards 19 ~ Upcoming Events 20 ~ RTCs 21 ~ International Convention 22 - 23 ~ March for Babies 24 ~ MAST Walk for Water 25 ~ Kiwanis Karnival 26 ~ District Contact Information

A Note from Your LTG Hi everyone!     I hope you all have been well! This is my first official newsletter for the 2018-2019 service year. I will be publishing one newsletter each month for you all, except for over the summer, where I will only post one newsletter for the entire summer. These newsletters will include updates on what is going on in the division, district and international events that are coming up, a member spotlight and more! Please read the newsletters as they come out to stay updated with what's going on in Key Club outside of your home club! If you would like someone to be featured in the member spotlight, if you have an event you'd like to advertise, or if you have any pictures from past events, please tell me.  Yours in Caring and Service, Katrina Pham LTG of Division 19 (425)-777-0371 A Fun Fact About Me: I was born in Chicago, Illinois!

Meet the 18-19 District Board!

14 - Hemani Patel 15 - April Wang 16 - Edward Hou 17 - Summer Ahmed 18 - Joseph Kajon 19 - Katrina Pham (Me!) 20 - Kyla Hunter 21 - Eliana Koenigsberg 22 - Olivia O'Brien At Large - Ellie Hulit, Cindy Lam Executive Board: Governor - Frank D'Agostino Secretary - Chiara Fune Treasurer - Kaitlin Cirillo Editor - Eric Wang Webmaster - Leo Shao

Lieutenant Governors by Division: 1 - Alexis Faison 2 - Jarod Wille 3 - Julianna Blair 4 - Lauren Quadir 5 - Arun Mandesha 6 - Emma Ke 7 - Abbie Chan 8 - Sarah Jacob 9 - Katie Lynch 10 - Surabhi Karambelkar 11 - Maiya Dabare 12 - Ian Fischer 13 - Gillian Bayne

Letters of Introduction I recently sent out an email with my letter of introduction in it. The letter included information about me and my Key Club background as well as my goals for the upcoming year. I have included it again in this newsletter for you all if you need it. I have also included the letters of introduction of the executive district board members for you all to read.

DCON Recap! Big Ten Award: Livingston Montclair Mt. St Dominic International Distinguished Award: Livingston Club Bulletin Award: 2nd - Livingston Club Website Award: 3rd - Livingston Club Video Award: 2nd - Livingston

Our district convention went extremely well, with people attending workshops to learn more about how to be a great Key Clubber! There were a variety of fun events like the talent show,  a walk on  Sunday morning, and dances on Saturday and Friday night!

DCON Distinguished Officer Awards!

James Caldwell President Vincent Cheung and Juan Riestra Vice President Jordan Whiting Montclair Secretary Jessica Rizzo and James President Chloe Bugat Kinnally Vice President Kathrynna Demetillo Treasurer Ashley Mooney Secretary Tasmin Quayum Editor Emma Krupp and Bella Riggs Treasurer Arianna Donas Editor Louisa Skerry Livingston Webmaster Kenny Testa President Eileen Deng Vice President Amy Liu Secretary Vanessa Hu Treasurer Caleb Chow Editor Sarah Horowitz Webmaster David Lin

Mount St. Dominic President Skylar Spinelli, Olivia Apuzzio and Natalie Booth Secretary Rena Thomas

West Essex President Sara Kalb Secretary Danielle Bernstein and Samantha Bernstein

Verona President Alex Ng and Brian Feury Secretary Dasha Yakhnis Treasurer Tyler Jackson

Upcoming Events! RTCs! International Convention! March for Babies MAST Walk for Water! Kiwanis Karnival! If you are interested in participating in any of these events or you would like more information on them, let me know and I'd be happy to answer your questions!

Regional Training Conferences (RTCs)

Officers should go to at least one RTC to learn more about their position RTCs are great ways to gain more experience in Key Club and meet new people There are 2 in the spring and 2 in the Fall Spring RTCs: Date is TBD Fall RTCs: Date is TBD I will send out an email with date and location in the future!


District Governor: Frank D'Agostino District Secretary: Chiara Fune District Treasurer: Kaitlin Cirillo District Editor: Eric Wang District Webmaster: Leo Shao

April Newsletter  

Division 19 April Newsletter for the 2018-2019 service year

April Newsletter  

Division 19 April Newsletter for the 2018-2019 service year