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Your girlfriend dumped you and you want to win her back. Once the shock of the breakup wore off and you were left alone to think about what had just happened you made a decision that you were going to win her back. After all, you love her and you truly believe that she does still love you and care about you. Just somehow things got off track and now here you are trying to figure out a way to win her back. Good for you though! Many guys would just give up and move on. There will certainly come a day when she will thank you for loving her enough to continue trying to win her back and not giving up. Honestly, the day will come when she says that she is sorry for all that she has put you through and your reward will be her never ending devotion and loyalty. But first you have to win her heart back. Time - Take some time to let things cool off. Emotions are probably running a little high and any attempt that you might make to convince her to change her mind will probably be met with resistance. If you have already tried to talk her into changing her mind then just back off for a little bit. Take advantage of this time to get yourself together. Take care of yourself. Make sure you get enough rest and eat right. If you don't already exercise or work out then now might be a good time to get into the habit of exercising. In addition to making you look better for the next time you see her it will help you to sleep better, stimulate your appetite and make you feel better as your body releases chemicals that help combat any depression that you might be feeling. Think - Think about some of the things that your girlfriend told you when she broke up with you. Was there any truth to her complaints? Set about to change the things that you think might need to be changed. If you drink too much or if you're out of shape change those things. Also think about how you were when you first began dating. Where you more fun to be around? Think about what you can do to get back to being that fun loving guy that she first started dating. Where you more self confident when she first began dating you? Did you become a bit of a pushover which might have made her lose respect for you? Also, spend some time every day thinking about how you want things to be when you do win her back. Spend some time daydreaming about places you want to go and things you want to do and even reach back and remember what it was like to kiss her. Ingrain these thoughts in your mind and live them as if they are part of your reality. Smile and be happy because these dreams will come true and you will win her back. You will kiss her again and she will tell you that she loves you again. It is just a little ways up the road for you. Thoughts - Think about what you're going to say when you begin talking to her again. It might be

tempting to fall back into that same old routine that many guys fall into when they are trying to win a girlfriend back. They promise them the world and apologize for everything and say that it will never happen again. Unfortunately, these techniques are weak and make a guy appear needy; as if he would say anything to win her back. A woman wants a strong man that can make her feel safe and protected as well as someone that is her best friend and lover. It is all about communication, my friend. There are many ways to say the same thing and it is up to you to communicate what she wants and needs to hear before she will feel that she is being understood. As easy as it might be to just say that you won't ever put your feet up on the coffee table with your dirty shoes on ever again if she will just come back to you, this is weak and needy. By saying that you were thinking the other day about how ignorant it was of you to put your feet up on the coffee table and that if she did something like that you would wonder if she had lost her mind. Let her know that you understand her and respect her feelings and thoughts. Tell her that you don't know how she put up with you for as long as she did and that she must have really loved you, and you're on your way to winning her back. Just isn't what you say it is how you say it that can make all the difference. Communication is key in any relationship and you don't have to hand over your manhood to win her back. It is a matter of knowing exactly what to say and how to say it that will mean the difference between success and failure in winning your girlfriend back.

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==== ==== Get More Information on How To Win Her Back ==== ====

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