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No. 37 December 5, 2012



ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Printed in Japan. This magazine or any part of it may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher Gene Therapy: "How Does Gene Therapy Work?" - Genetics Home Reference. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Sept. 2012. <>.

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P.18 Are You Stressed? : Questionnaire P.26 Let s Reduce Stress P.13 Hydrotherapy P.15 20 Crazy Facts about Sleep P.11

Media s Lasting Effects on Teenagers

P.22 Self-Image P.18 Self-Harm

& its statistics

Relapse and Release

P.29 Letters to the Editor P.14

Gene Therapy

P.25 It

s a SOY STORY & ER original tofu recipe

P.33 Sweet Recipes : Banana Smoothies P.10 didYOUknow? P.34 ER Horoscope

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ERMONTHLY December 5, 2012

Contributors! Chika Shibata

of the


By Betsy Marie

Chika Shibata is the talented layout designer for our magazine. Her job is to manage the magazine’s graphics with her awesome artistic skills! She loves staying healthy by playing soccer and volleyball. Chika is a very skilled artist and loves Japanese food. Meet our friendly, sporty and smart expert.

Betsy Marie To the right is our very own Betsy Marie, producing director of the “ER for teens” magazine. Her job is to make sure work was done efficiently, organize interviews, and make sure everything is in place and ready to go. Betsy loves to draw and sing. She’s very girly; you will never catch her playing a sport. She loves fashion, shoes, jewelry, and dyeing her hair with interesting colors.

Catherine Kato This is Catherine Kato! Our very smart chief editor makes sure all passages are neatly written. She loves shoes, alternative rock, and plays the guitar! Catherine is a very talented writer, and composes amazing poems. She speaks English, also a bit of Mandarin. Catherine is shy but a very nice person; she is so much fun to be around.

Seria Arbabi The cat lover of ER magazine is Seria Arbabi. Seria is affectionate for her cats, having nine of them! She loves candy, or anything with sugar; you name it, and she’ll want it. Seria is very funny and can brighten up everybody’s mood. She is nice and friendly, and loves helping people. Seria is our IT technician.


“An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” Have you ever heard of that expression? Well, we could say the same thing for a nice glass of milk. A gulp in the morning will not only help you refresh, but it’ll keep you from getting too hungry before lunch. Milk has a thick consistency compared to regular water as you can see after you drink from your glass. The inside of your glass become s a

fat milk rather than whole-fat milk so that our body does not absorb all of unwanted lard from the drink. (The ER Magazine strongly recommends a safe and healthy diet for those over the age of 20 and c om p l e te w i t h t h e i r g r o w t h s p u r t. A n y misinterpretations of this article will not be t a k e n re s p o n s i b l e by t h e E R M a g a z i n e Contributors or the Production Studios.)

the inside of your intestines too. A layer of milk

Also, milk is surprisingly an emergency tool. If by any chance a toddler (or anyone else) swallows a battery, it is best to delay the digestion of the

coats your intestines for a temporary period of

harmful chemicals by drinking a glass of milk,

time, making it harder for your stomach to digest. Therefore, the indigested food is kept in the stomach and you feel satisfied for a longer time.

then heading to the hospital. Again, the milk layer creates a wall against the stomach and delays it

transparent white, right? Well, this happens on

This “layer” has been proven useful in dieting as well, and people tend to eat healthierー three meals a dayー because they feel fuller for longer. When dieting, though, it is advised to drink low-

from taking in any nutrient or poison from whatever you have swallowed. In all three cases, the daily dairy milk comes to t he re scue ! f or h unge r, f o o d’s i r re sis t ible temptation, and a harmful situation.

The Daily Dairy Digest By Chika Shibata

Catherine Kato

diary of a WANNAREXIC

Wannarexics are usually one of two things; either they deliberately go out of their way to make it look like they have and eating disorder (when they really don't) or they are striving to "become" an anorexic with full intentions of using it as almost a diet plan that they can stop. Wannarexia is a growing trend among girls, especially teens. Their misguided desires to "contract" the disorder of anorexia come mainly from the media; often depicting the perfect body with extremely skinny women such as Kate Moss, Nicole Richie, etc. Wannarexia seems to be a growing trend, with many young girls thinking of it as a crash diet course, a quick way to lose a few extra pounds, fast. However in reality, some of the wannarexics develop the disorder later on, and find it virtually impossible to escape.  Wannarexics basically glamorize the disorder, wanting to develop it to become skinny, beautiful, and popular. However, Anorexics have a different take on this. Many anorexics find wannarexics to be both offending and ignorant to the disorder, stating many times that anorexia is not something you can catch like the common virus; it is something that is developed, and not something you can ask for. They find them ignorant; simply because they think you can get rid of it whenever they want.  Many anorexics can not stress how addictive it is, and many of them show this sharing their daily lives and stories of relapse through blogs and sites. This helps many of them recover, and to share their stories help others through their struggles against themselves. Their struggles can be aided by therapy and rehab, similar to depression and other mental disorders. Many wannarexics and anorexics also make inspiration boards.


ERMONTHLY December 5, 2012

They usually take phrases and words, not to mention many photos of famous supermodels considered skinny enough to be a "thinspiration". The disease seems to be a growing trend with many young girls thinking of it as a crash diet course and a quick way to lose a few extra pounds; however, some of the Wannarexics develop the disorder of Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia later on, and find it impossible to escape. On the other hand, most wannarexics actually go through wannarexia as a phase, like many teens and young adults go through in life to try and discover themselves. sMany girls become Wannarexics due to bullying and low self esteem. This includes young teens, such as the one this excerpt was taken from.

whispering behind my back, I couldn’t even trust my own family, and I felt lonely.

I started hurting myself at the age of 12. Every time I was angry or stressed I’d rely on my nails and a razor to calm me down. The first few times I did this, it was for attention. I did it because I wanted my parents to care; I wanted to feel like someone actually cared for once, so I ended up cutting my skin several times, just for attention. The last time my mom saw my scratches she threatened to speak with my school counselor and I didn’t want that to happen, I didn’t want people to know other than my parents, so I stopped. It seemed like she was annoyed rather than concerned, so I had to think of something else. I attempted to starve myself to catch their attention, but that Based on a true story. didn’t work either. They didn’t notice what I was trying to do, and they didn’t show any signs of concern, so the It all started in 6th grade. I used to be one of those popular feeling of needing attention pretty much turned into some girls everyone wanted to be around and sit with during type of depression, which led me to genuinely hurt myself. class and recess. I thought everyone liked me, that I was the center of the universe to be honest, but so do all girls After trying several diets and pills which didn’t work, a few at the age of 11 when all the boys in your class have a more comments about my weight and fat thighs was all it crush on you and the girls look up to you for being the took for me to actually starve myself and hate every inch oldest in the class. of my body. I was beginning to become frustrated about how hard I was trying, and how little the results were. In  I had never been insulted before, at least not to a point the summer of 2012, I entered starvation mode, and the where I’d actually think of changing my lifestyle and my scale numbers started dropping. I refused to eat, and eating habits. Every time I’m about to take a bite of thinking that my friends wouldn’t make a big deal out of it, anything, even a dish of salad, it all plays again in the I told them about it, but they just freaked out, and it back of my mind. It’s like a movie and I remember every became harder to starve myself in front of them, so I relied line, every bit of it. I will never forget that day in science on purging when I got home from school, and cutting my class when I was working on my experiment and the guys skin became a weekly thing. started mooing at me.  Every move I made I heard “moo” from behind and then a group of guys laughing hysterically My friends always question why I do what I do, they at their bittersweet joke. Or that time in Halloween while a always tell me I’m not fat, but I know they’re just being guy in my class said, “Hey nice cow costume! Oh wait… nice, they would never understand, nobody does. that’s not a costume”, and ran away laughing again with his clique. Or maybe when I switched schools twice in  People underestimate how much self-hatred it takes for middle school, and rumors were spread about me, leaving someone to force themselves to do these things. They me without friends. underestimate how much self-hatred it takes for someone  Summer of 2009 we moved to Los Angeles, I was so excited, so ready for a change from my everyday life. But things didn’t change. It was the same old insults, people

to burst into tears two seconds after looking in the mirror. And even though I won’t see quick results in the blink of an eye, I’m satisfied knowing I’m reaching my goal day by day, one pound at a time.


Seria Arbabi



Here are 14 fun

facts that you can share with your friends to incorporate a

healthier lifestyle

1. Jumping rope is a great way to burn calories. 2. Cooking is a great way to help you and your family learn about nutrition. 3. Most of the fiber in fruits is in the peel. 4. Soup is a great way to add vegetables to a meal. 5. Spaghetti squash can be used as actual pasta. 6. The best way to exercise your heart is to walk or to run. 7. Doctors recommend you get 7-8 hours of sleep a night. 8. Kids need an hour of exercise each day. 9. Certain house chores can count as exercise. 10. There are lots of ways to eat fruits and veggies; like on kebabs. 11. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s easy to make your own trail mix at home. 12. Salads are an excellent way to fill up. 13. Taking the stairs is an easy way to exercise. 14. Eating grilled fresh fruits is a great way to eat dessert.




ERMONTHLY December 5, 2012

The Media’s Lasting Effects on Teenagers ccbjabc

By Betsy Marie

The media today has been able to control teenagers’ minds and way of thinking, all around the world. The number of teenagers whom depend on the media continues to increase throughout the years. Teenagers follow what they see on the TV screen and the internet, and even though there are several pros about the media, people should be aware of the cons of it too. One of the most significant problems about the media is that it has taken away teenagers’ focus on school, and also keeps them from spending time with their family. Teenagers nowadays spend most of their time logged in on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and YouTube, which keeps them from focusing on their studies, causing breaches on their academics. And teenagers seldom go out with their family to spend time together. Youth has also been majorly influenced by profanity. Not having someone to supervise them means they have no limits to the movies they can watch on the screen, ranging from violence, murder and suicide to rape and sexual screenings. This has to do with the media showing teenagers that many bad habits are “cool”, which is why we see younger and younger children smoking their first cigarette

“The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” Malcolm X

and trying alcohol and drugs at around 13 to 15 years young. Sitting in their bedrooms the entire day also augments the number of young teenagers becoming obese; they barely get any physical activity, which causes them to gain more weight. The fashion industry is another of the biggest influences on teenagers, especially girls. Seeing size 0 models on their screens plants a seed in their minds of what they’re supposed to look like, it has given beautiful a whole other meaning, and not only it causes many young girls to develop eating/mental disorders, but it makes them think that what is on the screen is the only right thing. It is true that the media has many negatives; however, it also comes with a few positives. Starting with the fact that social networks have helped

children interact with their friends in a risk-free environment if used appropriately. The internet is a fun and quick way to communicate with family members and friends all around the world. Using such sites as Skype, are very convenient when wanting to talk to someone in another country, state, or simply just a few blocks away! Television also has shows that children and from, and is a good way what happens in the shows and programs are such as Animal Planet, famous shows such as Oprah and Ellen Degeneres. As weird as it may sound, even though everyone gets distracted while on a computer, the internet helps children and teens do their homework efficiently. There had never been such a quick way to finish homework; I know it helps me get the job done!


Chika Shibata

H Y D RO TH ERA P Y Wake up, drink 1.5 liters of water, brush your teeth, then wait 45 minutes before eating or drinking







procedure for Japanese Water Therapy. (1.5 liters is about 5~6 glasses.)

Japanese water therapy HELPS FIGHT your BODY TROUBLES, which may INCLUDE body pain, acne, constipation, menstrual disorders, vomiting, diarrhea, obesity, diabetes, kidney diseases.

Other types of HYDROTHERAPY are baths and showers, neutral baths, salt baths, foot baths, steam inhalation, hot and cold compresses and alternating the two, body wrap, wet sheet pack, sitz bath.

Basic Salt Water Sitz Bath A salt-water sitz bath can help cure hemorrhoids and soothe your body. You can find a sitz bath at a local drug store or a medical supply store. 1. Prepare the sitz bath by cleaning it. 2. Fill the tub with three to four inches of warm water. 3. The water should be kept warm, but not at a temperature that will burn you. 4. Add ½ cup of salt. 5. Sit in the salty water, and let your body relax. 6. When getting out, carefully pat yourself dry with a clean towel. Do not rub. 13

ERMONTHLY December 5, 2012

Gene Therapy

How Does it Work?

Gene therapy is an experimental treatment that uses genes to treat and prevent diseases. This technique may allow doctors to treat a disorder by inserting a

In most gene therapy studies, a "normal" gene is put into the genome to replace an "abnormal," diseasecausing gene. A carrier molecule called a vector must be used to deliver the therapeutic gene to the patient's target cells. Currently, the most common vector is a

gene into a patient’s cells instead of using drugs or surgery. Researchers are testing several approaches to gene therapy, including: •Replacing a mutated gene that causes disease

virus that has been genetically altered to carry normal human DNA. Viruses have evolved a way of encapsulating and delivering their genes to human cells in a pathogenic manner. Scientists have tried to take advantage of this capability and manipulate the virus

By Seria Arbabi

with a healthy copy of the gene. •Inactivating, or “knocking out,” a mutated gene that is functioning improperly. •Introducing a new gene into the body to help fight a disease.

genome to remove disease-causing genes and insert therapeutic genes.

What Can Gene Therapy Cure? Some diseases that can be cured by Gene Therapy consist of Ms. Cystic Fibrosis, muscular Dystrophy, Down syndrome and Parkinson’s disease. 14

Betsy Marie

Who doesn’t love to sleep? Here are some pretty insane facts about one of everyone’s favorite activities.

20 crazy facts  about  SLEEP! 1. With an average lifespan of 6-8 years, mattresses have plenty of time to gather some nasty stuff and one study even connected them to sudden infant death syndrome. 2. Studies show that people getting only 6 to 7 hours of sleep every night have a longer life expectancy than those who sleep 8 hours. 3. Whales and dolphins literally fall half asleep. Their brain hemispheres take turns so they can continue surfacing to breathe. 4. There was a world record for not sleeping set by a 17-year-old Randy Gardner in 1964. He was awake for 264 hours and 12 minutes. 5. In 2004 more than 35 million sleeping pill prescriptions were filled in America. 6. Although people born blind don’t see images when they dream, they do have an increased auditory, tactile, and olfactory experience. 7. Scientists still haven’t been able to figure out why exactly we need sleep. 8. The average person wakes up about 4-6 times per night. 9. Somniphobia is the fear of sleep. 10. 12% of people have black and white dreams. However, before color television, the number was 75%. 11. You can only dream about faces you have already seen.



12. Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty is a surgical procedure used to fix snoring by tightening the throat. Side effects for this include significant changes to the tone of your voice. 13. If it takes you less than five minutes to fall asleep then very likely you are sleep deprived. The normal amount of time is about 10 minutes. 14. Scientists came to the conclusion that counting sheep in order to fall asleep is ineffective. Evidently it is too boring, and imagining a calming landscape works a lot better. 15. When you die you will have slept about 1/3 of your life, which for the average person is approximately 25 years. 16. Not sleeping for 16 hours leads to decrease in performance which results in having a blood alcohol level of .05%. 17. The average person spends 6 years of their life dreaming. 18. That moment right before you fall asleep when all of a sudden you jolt wide awake has a name. It is called a myoclonic jerk. 19. The Challenger space shuttle disaster, the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown and the 1989 Exxon oil spill were all caused to some extent by sleep deprivation. 20. The British military reset soldiersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; body clocks so they can go without sleep for up to 36 hours by simulating a sunrise on their retinas.


Stop Bullying Stop Bullying

Check out the link and join us in our fight against bullying!

Bullying seems to be a huge problem in our society still. And itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s continuously progressing. We as a society need to help stop bullying and keep others from getting victimized. Here at our ER Mag, we have made a video to try to help promote the stop to bullying!

Stop Bullying Stop Bullying

ERMONTHLY December 5, 2012


“They sting They burn They scar They bleed But right now? It’s what I need.”

~Relapse and Release~ By Catherine Kato

Self-harm is a serious rising problem among teens in the United States, with many self-harmers being connected to cases of depression, anorexia, etc. However, many of the people who are effected by self-harm relapse, even when they are not under the same extreme situations or feelings as they were before. This is due to the release of endorphins that happens, and the feelings of euphoria when committing the act. Initially, when people self injure the brain responds

by minimizing the pain, and trying to heal quickly. The endorphins released from the brain work like a type of morphine, making it addictive and hard to quit. The more you do it, the more you want it. If you keep doing this, it will get progressively worse. This is because your body might not receive the same high as before from the same amount of self-injury. Many times, the more frequent this becomes, the worse the cutting gets. When your body becomes used to the injury, it would release the

same amount of endorphins, due to the fact that it is not as painful anymore. This leads to more extreme cutting than before. Although self-harm is hard to escape, it is possible. Many people share their struggles with similar people, confiding in their family and friends. Some people go to rehab, and some deal with the emotional pain themselves. The most important part of recovery is never losing hope, and knowing that you can one day over come self-harm. 18


Seria Arbabi

★Nowadays, it seems everyone is stressed! But just how stressed are you? ★Answer the following questions, and keep count of how many you answer yes to! 1. I am sometimes overwhelmed with the amount of work I have to do in a day.

12.I have more aches and pains than usual.

2. I have mood swings.

13.I sometimes have a lot of self-doubt and self-criticism.

3. I sometimes have to skip meals because I'm too busy to eat. 4. I get more headaches than usual. 5. I feel drained an exhausted at the end of the day. 6. My stomach and/or digestive tract is often upset. 7. My heart sometimes feels like it's racing or pounding. 8. I sometimes have difficulty focusing and concentrating. 9. I have difficulty sleeping. 10.I find myself worrying about the future. 11.I sometimes have trouble making decisions.

If you have 0-7, None to Mild Stress: You seem to cope very well with problems in your life, and are a very time manageable person. A little stress or problems is no problem for you!

14.I have difficulty taking time for myself and my own needs. 15.I feel nervous and fearful around certain people or in certain situations. 16.I find I have trouble remembering things. 17.I have less time for my hobbies. 18.I have trouble learning new information. 19.I don't find time for real fun and enjoyment in my life. 20.I feel irritable or "on-edge" much of the time. 21.I find myself overeating as a way to cope with stress.

Ones with 7-14! Moderate Stress: You may not cope very well with stress or problems. Try managing your time, and finding alternatives to release stress!

Did you get 14-21? Severe Stress: You’ve got a lot of stress! Use alternatives to relieve your stress; plan out your schedules to spend your time wisely to try and prevent from running out of time. Make some time for yourself. 19

100% Organic Eat Organic, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the healthiest choice for you and your family

10 Positive Words

Seria Arbabi

to Compliment Your Friends Can YOU find them in this Word Search?

Dazzling Brilliant Sparkling Sensational Breezy

Dependable Wise Charming Ecstatic Wonderful 21

Self-Ima! Betsy Marie

Self-Image is our self-concept and who we think we are. It is the way we look at ourselves and the collection of traits which we recognize as either funny, handsome, beautiful, talented etc. Have you ever looked at your reflection in a mirror and genuinely thought to yourself, “I have no flaws”? Nobody has. Self-Image is a very touchy topic. The fact that 80% of US women do not like the way they look shows how negatively most people think about themselves. Whether it’s the hair color, skin color, weight, or facial traits, everybody has something to point out about themselves and their physical appearance that they absolutely despise. Self-Image consists of three types: 1. Self-image of how the individual sees

himself or herself. 2. Self-image of how others see the

individual. 3. Self-image of how the individual

perceives others see him or her. These three types of self-image aren’t the only ones types there are, but they’re the most common types of self-image that people struggle with on a daily basis. A poor self-image may be the result of compiled criticisms the individual has received during adolescence, this usually leads to the destruction of their own view of themselves. Children usually ignore such

comments because their young age and vulnerability keeps them from developing such a harsh way of evaluating themselves at such a young stage of their lives. Believing you have a poor self-image is not a good thing. Several consequences of a poor self-esteem consist of things such as: 1. Inability to discern who and when to

trust. 2. Irrational and distorted self-statements. 3. Lacking self-confidence. 4. Starting to believe others see you in the

same negative view you see yourself. 5. Obsessive compulsive and addictive

behaviors. 6. Overly critical of self and others. 7. Overreacts emotionally. 8. Unreasonable expectations.

The previous eight points are the most common factors, symptoms and consequences about believing you have a poor selfimage. It is good to talk to a specialist to get past this phase which can lead to many disorders. Remember, someone who’s not happy with themselves will never be 100% happy.


Betsy Marie

r. inne e. h t e y siz b d o o t t b wan their % h t 2 i 4 w -3, py es 1 ha p d t ’ a r t. n are in g g fa ”. n n i % e 0 r m ften o ,5 o . ild c d h y l e r o C e ten” fb • v f rs “ o o a r e d y r y rai s” o r “v e 8-10 e af ime o r t n a ” e e s r om ild 81% ime ts “s • Ch lds, met e i o o d s r “ s t. ea on diet are 10 y eigh n w g % o r n 6 e o lso ov s, 4 e • Am re a are a r old y a s ha p e s e e i h l y t i d e an -11 fam eliev size, ng 9 b olds , o t r % h m a ig 50 ye • A ir we han -11 t e 9 e h t r e o os er s ov of th irls, m n g r % e d 2 l nc • 8 ro ir co yea e 3 h t 1 1claim ng 1 o % 0 m 7 , • A ders ight. e th gra w 6 se de. to lo ong th gra d m e A i d r -5 tr • ave in 3 h ight. n % e a 0 g w 8 e b se lds, to lo ar o e e s i y c 3 er ng 1 s ex l o r i m g • A old ear y 5 9-1 % of 0 5 •


Weight Loss and

Diets #at$tics


heir rict t


intak lorie

e to


eig se w

m lls fro




ts t aren

o lo

eig se w


k. wee a ce t on s or ld g s e o a v r i e t tl . ea xa eek 15 y ing a al la t w e 9 a t f a s e e ce irls %o bing t on ld g • 50 s t o r a r o e tl ea ep irls r 15 y ing a g t 9 a f e e e ag %o h bing teen • 50 t f roug r o h o t p t % e h 0 ig sr an 1 boy ir we e e e th r h g t o na ol • M ontr f tee c o o t % ’11 ed an 3 . mpt l is 5 e e th e e s r t t e d o o ob ea • M US m are hav s e n d g i e m Sk era of U e wo e av g h % t e l 6 ; l ds • 1 co oun p % of 0 0 9 14 an hing e th r g i o e • M . tall w diet 4 ’ 5 a . s s on ni diet are oma n w e . S eU rder US m g o f s ! a i o r s d 9% a ve und ating nd 2 e 7 po a • An 1 n t 1 die low hing full-b on a e a weig r p a velo men e o d w y US all entu % of v 4 e 4 • % at 35 h t f o -25% • 20 est irls r

pi diet


ERMONTHLY December 5, 2012

other soy sauce and “miso” companies, originated in Japan and spread internationally. Fermenting soybeans over By Chika Shibata decades and liquefying the Soybeans have been a vital product makes soy sauce. essence of the Japanese (nonMiso is also processed governmental) diet since more through a similar procedure than 300 years ago. Japanese but ridden of excess water to people have squashed, make a paste-like seasoning. fermented, boiled, dried, and Soybeans aren't just sidedone many other things to ingredients. create a variety of foods and condiments all from the same Have you ever heard or ingredient: the soybean. eaten “tofu”? Tofu is falsely Recently, these Japanese known for being tasteless and soybean foods have been a fad bland. The most popular way in many other countries as of eating tofu in Japan is the well, and of course, the ER “hiya-yakko”, which is a magazine couldn’t possibly cube of tofu dribbled with soy miss out on the latest trend. sauce, sprinkled with spring onions, and finished with a The most famous processed dash of ginger. Even without soybean is probably the soy using heat, the tofu can be a sauce. Many of you probably healthy choice for any have seen the “Kikkoman” demographic. commercial in the U.S. That company, as well as many Over generations, Japan has invented a myriad of foods from the invincible soybean, and each region has their own way of enjoying their recipes. On the following page is a recipe using the tofu, but arranging it in a Western, enjoyable concept for those who disliked tofu the first time. It’s easy, it’s quick, and we think it’s worth a try!


You’ll want to eat tofu all over again.

“Tofu is falsely known for being tasteless and bland... Even without using heat, the tofu can be a healthy choice for any demographic.”

man held the record of living up until 115. When scientists wondered day and night about the secret behind longevity, they came across the Japanese diet, and particularly, the soybean. The soybean that Japanese people love to eat abundantly contains protein with the highest result, 100 %, on the amino acid score. Our body changes this high quality protein into soybean peptide. Soybeans are also rich in oleic acid, linoleic acid, and linolenic acid that help reduce the amount of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in our bloodstream. Vitamin , vitamin E, calcium, and fiber can also be obtained by eating soybean Why are soybeans foods. Also, soy isoflavone is a becoming so popular? The nutrient that can help secret seemed to be hidden in rejuvenate your skin. the pattern of longevity. Japanese people are famous Overall, the soybean is the for living long and healthy. almighty panacea to a healthy Until recently, a Japanese lifestyle.



*For 3 patties • Tofu/one block • Minced chicken meat/ 150g • Spring Onion/ of 1 • Egg/ of 1 • Soy sauce/1 teaspoon • Ginger/1 teaspoon • Potato Starch/1 teaspoon • Cooking oil/1 tablespoon

Tofu Patty H E R E ’S H OW :

1. Rid all excess water on the tofu and place it into a large mixi ng bowl. 2. Mince the spri ng onions and ad d to the bowl. 3. Grate the ging er and add to th e bowl. 4. Then add the Eg g, Soy sauce, an d Potato Starch to the mixture. 5. Mix all the in gredients; make sure you mix thoroughly with clean hands. 6. Shape the mixt ure into flat, ci rcular patties about 2 centimet ers thick. Make a dimple in the center of each pa tty. 7. Pour a thin la yer of cooking oi l into the frying pan over medium heat. Cook the patties slowly so that th e inside will be cooked thoroughly. 8. Serve and Enjo y!

One fun recipe to try out this season is the tofu patty! If you’re trying to entertain your vegetarian side like some of our staff here at ER, then you’ll enjoy this quick homemade recipe for tofu patties. After you finish cooking, just stick in on some hamburger buns, add lettuce, and you’re all ready to roll with your healthy vegetarian dish!

ERMONTHLY December 5, 2012

This issue of ER focuses a lot on self-image, and problems of mental health that many teenagers go through. I think that this issue specifically helps us all to understand what really goes through the mind of a young person right now in the present. Hopefully, this issue of our magazine will be able to reach towards our audience and really help them through their own struggles they are dealing with in life. Problems like “wannarexia” and self-harm seem to be becoming more and more dire in our society today; also becoming more apparent. It seems like they’ve become almost like a trend, or a way to fit in! It’s horrible to see things like this around us, and I can’t help but feel like I want to talk to others about it, and also in away try to prevent it! I hope you all stay strong, and never have to go through any of the bad things. And as for those of you who are; I hope you all are able to make a full recovery, and discover new hope in your lives. From Catherine, the editor.


Okay, so I know that everyone nowadays is concerned with body image and health, especially with society watching our every move. It seems now that no one can do anything without being judged, and this is really affecting us as teenagers growing up.


Betsy Marie

ERMONTHLY December 5, 2012

Letters to the

Editor By Catherine Kato, the editor

Dear editor, ER’s last issue really touched me when you talked about bullying. I was bullied all the way through middle school, and my life was affected in so many different ways you can’t even imagine. I now suffer from depression and anxiety, but I’m getting better because now I have made new friends thanks to your tips and magazine! -Alice, 16 from Oklahoma

Dear Editor, I can’t thank you enough for last month’s healthy workout session. I’ve been following it everyday, and have lost a total of five pounds. The healthy foods are also helping me so much, I’ve got more energy than ever! -Clara, 17 from Minnesota

Dear Clara, Glad you liked the healthy workouts we put in last month’s magazine! The whole staff here has been following it too! Great results come from hard work. Keep going and you’ll be turning heads Dear Alice, when you walk through I’m really sorry you t h e d o - o - o r n e x t w e n t t h r o u g h t h a t , summer! nobody deserves feeling -Editor worthless. I am so happy you made new friends! Glad to help, Dear Editor, I wish you a safe Can you please include a journey on your road to section with some facts on recovery. anorexia? I have a very -Editor close friend who I think suffers from the disorder! I would like to learn how to help her through a hard time in her life. -Skylar, 19 from Texas

Dear Skylar, I hope your friend is doing okay! We actually have a article on a topic called “wannarexia” I hope this helps! -Editor

Dear Editor, I always love new healthy foods and drinks to try out, and I’ve noticed that this magazine always includes fun new things to try out! Can you get the staff to include a new smoothie recipe? I’ve been hitting the gym recently, and would love to look forward to some new drinks to refresh afterwards! -Bonnie, 19 from Kansas

Dear Bonnie, Glad to hear that you like trying our fun recipes! We’ve included a new recipe for a delicious and refreshing banana smoothie in our magazine this month. Hope you enjoy! -Editor


e,#take# n#you#feel#tens 1.#Breathe.#Whe ur# ths#in#through#yo ea br p# ee ,#d w lo 10#s th. rough#your#mou nose,#and#out#th


2.#Play#wit h#your#pe t.#If#you#d one,#look on’t#have #at#cute#a # nimal#pic show#tha tu re s.#Studies t#just#look # ing#at#the pictures#c se#adorab an#reduce le # #your#stre ss.#

lf# #life.#Laugh#to#yourse 5.#See#the#humor#in . ife t#l "#a e#fun#and#"play about#your#life.#Hav

3.#Communicate.#Be#honest# with#yourself#and#others.#Ask# for#what#you#want.#Express# your#true#feelings#when#they# occur. 6.#Meditate#15#minutes#a#day.# Take#Qme#to#relax,#sit,#breathe# deeply,#silence#your#mind.#

NOT DOING ANYTHING at#all?#Do#you# CATCH YOURSELF RAGING and#throwing#your#anger#at#another# Do#you#ever#feel#like


BAD TEMPER that#you#just#can’t#seem#to#control?#

STRESS,#but#the#key#to# reducing#it#is RELAXATION.# Here#are#12#$ps#the#ER#staff#actually#use#to#help#reduce#stress.

Well,#we#all#have#our#own#problems#dealing#with Type to enter text

LET ’S 12.#Exercise,#walk,#stretch,# move#about.#Staying# physically#fit#keeps#you# mentally#fit,#emoQonally# calm,#and#at#peace.

REDUCE STRESS 7.#Be#human.#Be#realisQc.#Be#able# to#forgive#yourself#and#others.# Slow#down#and#enjoy#being#alive.

hew#well! 9.#Eat#healthy#foods#and#c

10.#Hug#three#peop le#each#day.#SomeQ mes # you#just#want#to#fe el#loved#and#be#abl e# to# love#others.

ds.# ith#your#frien #w e m #Q d n e 8.#Sp #be# d#stuff”#in#life Let#the#“goo ubled. appiness#do #h e h #t d n #a d share

11.#Express#your#anger#directly#and#wit h#clarity.#Indirect#or#covert# anger#only#prolongs#distress#and#distru st.#Try#expressing#your#anger# through#words#and#gestures,#and#ke ep#away#from#violence#and#jeers# that#hurt#others. 30

â&#x20AC;&#x153;One of the reasons people get into alcohol is because it is easily accessible.â&#x20AC;?

DRUGS and ALCOHOL an interview with GREG MASON By Betsy Marie

What is alcohol?

How does it affect you?

It is a clear drink made from barley, grain, When a person consumes alcohol, the drug rye etc. and a beverage containing ethyl.

Why do people get into alcohol?

acts on nerve cells in the brain, and it initially serves as a stimulant, then induces feelings of relaxation and reduces anxiety.

One of the reasons people get into alcohol is If the consumption of the drink is too because it is easily accessible. You can go to much, it can raise the blood alcohol level to any store such as convenient stores and you 0.10%, which is high enough to be can see it everywhere. considered legally intoxicated in every state.


What are some symptoms and signs of alcohol use and intoxication?

such as an elevated blood pressure and heart rate, which is responsible for a risk of having a stroke and heart failure. Also respiratory dangers (respiratory depression and failure, pneumonia, tuberculosis etc.) and other dangers may be faced by the over use of alcohol.


Breath smells like alcohol


Loss of physical coordination Loss of balance


Inappropriate behavior


Violent behavior


Slurred speech


Slowed thinking Depression


Alcohol is the oldest and most widely used drug in the world.


Short term memory




Nearly half of all Americans over the age of 12 are consumers of alcohol.


There are an estimated 10 to 15 million alcoholics or problem drinkers in the United States. 100,000 deaths each year attribute to alcohol.

What are the dangers of alcohol abuse? This may result of a risk of injury or death as a result of accident or violence, and a range of physiological and psychological problems. It can also result of permanent damage to the brain. There can be Neurological dangers (impaired vision and impaired coordination, memory defects, hallucinations, blackouts, and seizures). It may also cause Cardio logical problems

What are some interesting facts about alcohol?


Among the nationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s alcoholics and problem drinkers, 4.5 million are adolescents.

Adolescents are the largest group of people involved in alcohol-related automobile accidents, the leading cause among Americans 15-24 year olds.


ERMONTHLY December 5, 2012

❤❤❤SWEET RECIPES❤❤❤ INGREDIENTS ★ 2 whole bananas ★ 3 cups of ice ★ 1 cup of milk/vanilla yogurt ★ 1 tbs of pure vanilla extract ★ 1 tbs of cinnamon (optional)

Banana Smoothies By Betsy Marie

Even though we all enjoy a Big Mac, and crunchy, salty fries from McDonald’s, it is nice to have a divine, healthy treat every now and then, such as fruit smoothies! They’re not only healthy but fruit smoothies taste great. Who wouldn’t want a nice cool beverage that is sweet and healthy at the same time? Fruit smoothies

are great to have anytime of the day. They’re extremely easy to prepare, and have a refreshing taste to top it off! This is one of my favorite smoothie recipes, not only because of its taste, but because of how quick it is! This smoothie will leave you feeling better than before.

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Slice the banana into small pieces. 2. Pour the milk in the blender then add the banana slices. 3. Add the sugar, cinnamon, and pure vanilla extract into the blender. 4. Blend for about 15-30 seconds (until smoothie thickens). 5. Pour the beverage into a glass, sit down and enjoy!


Chika Shibata

this month’s Happy Birthday

Sagittarius (11.23 ▶12.21) ★★★★☆ Your luck this month is 4 stars out of 5. On the bright side! Try being creative and open-minded by talking to people you’ve never spoken to before. There’s a high chance that you’ll make a great new friend or even your next love! Those who already have boyfriends, you could be a little more selfish this month, and your love life will still go brilliantly. Financial luck is not on your side, so be careful spending too much when you go out shopping. Lucky color: violet Lucky item: hula-hoop

Luck Ranking We all can’t win against the birthday girl/boy, but luck’s on your side! Here’s the ranking for excelling in academics this month: 2. Gemini (4/5) – Your as lucky as the birthday girl/boy! Your studies will go exceptionally and you will feel ahead of the curriculum. 3. Virgo (3.5/5) – Keep three things in mind. 1) Get enough sleep, 2) study at your dinner table, and 3) ask many questions to your teachers early because as test dates become closer, your teacher will be busier with tutoring plans. 4. Aquarius (3.3/5) – Don’t change your writing utensil too much and stick to one, so when you take the test, your information will be connected to the image of the pencil. It’s also your lucky item. 5. Leo (3/5) – Studying with a Virgo girl will distract you! Listen to some Baroque music to aid you with your studies. 6. Pisces (2.7/5) – An average luck doesn’t mean you can let your guard down. Be ready for the challenging topics that surprise your classmates. 7. Capricorn (2.6/5) – You will find better luck in sports and clubs this month. Your lucky color is maroon. 8. Taurus (2.3/5) – Your luck is a little below average. Going and asking your teachers for advice will boost your understanding. 9. Libra (2/5) – Many of you are best friends with a Sagittarius, and may be busy with planning surprise birthday parties or buying presents, but properly balance your time with academics too. 10.Aries (1.8/5) – You, who always strives for the best, might not be satisfied with the average grade you might get. Don’t beat yourself up too much, because your studies are going smoothly. 11.Scorpio (1.1/5) – Studying with someone who is a Leo will help. You might even find love too. 12.Cancer (0.6/5) – You will need to watch out for the semester tests! Study efficiently, but don’t lose too much sleep. A balanced schedule is what you should aim for.

N A L A B w o H

? E F I L r u o y s i D E C

Circle the answer that best fits you. The additional comment is for any information you’d like to tell us if the answers provided don’t give us the entire story, and is thoroughly optional. Send us your results to the address below for a chance to win a week’s worth of free yoga lessons at Alyssa Studios London! 1. How many times a day do you eat? 1 or 2 times 3-6 times More than 6 times Additional Comment:

15-21 Marine Seaside Bay, TF, U.S.A. St. Luther’s Postal Box #209 ZIP 581 7666 Sorry for the inconvenience, please provide your own postal expenses for this mail. This campaign will be open until Dec. 25.

2. How many hours a day do you spend on homework? 1-3 hours 3-6 hours More than 6 hours Additional Comment: 3. How many hours a day do you spend doing things for yourself? (Swimming, relaxing, etc.) None 1-3 hours More than 3 hours Additional Comment: 4. How many hours of sleep do you usually get? 8-10 hours 5-8 hours Less than 5 hours Additional Comment: 5. How many times a week do you spend with your friends? (Outside of school) None 1-3 days a week 3-5 days a week Additional Comment: 6. How many hours of family time a week? None 1-3 hours 3-6 hours Additional Comment: 7. How would you describe your life in three words? (Awesome, it’s ok, etc.)

Additional Comment: 35




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Catherine Kato

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