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KÄTLIN LÕBU 03.09.1987

EDUCATION: 2012 spring 2009-2014 2006-2008

Moholy-Nagy Muveszeti Egyetem - leather design Tartu Art College - textile Tartu Crafts School - tailoring

WORK EXPERIENCE: 2013 june-oct 2012 june 2011 august 2008-2009 2008 april-may

Treches; Berlin - intern Siberia shoeshop, Budapest - intern Reet Aus, Tallinn - intern Ülle-Mari’s Hatshop, Tartu - intern, headgear designer AS Sangar,Tartu - cutting department

EXHIBITIONS / SHOWS: 2014 feb 2013 may 2013 may 2012 dec 2011 oct 2011 may 2011 april 2010 2010 april 2010 feb 2010 oct 2009 sept

Stockholm Furniture Fair - coproject 5TUFF - chair “LEBO” Fashion show ”Oma mood”, Viljandi - coproject “Kaleidoskoop” Fashion show “MPT” , Tartu - coproject “Kaleidoskoop” Exhibition “Oma asi, asja oma” - short movie “Rattasõit” International students exhibition, “Kauno Biennal”, Lithuania exhibition “Osta elevant ära”, Tartu, Noorus Gallery Fashion show “MPT”, Tartu - collection “Prettyugly” Exhibition“Leiutasu”, Pärnu Uue Kunsti Muuseum Fashion show “MPT” , Tartu - collection “Mia” Stockholm Furniture Fair - pillow collection “4 crops 7 fields” Pillow exhibition “Ööülikool”, Tartu, Noorus Gallery Coexhibition “Kiri-Kiri”, Tartu, Noorus Gallery

Material : cotton and wool Size : 55cm x 70cm Supervisors : Monika J채rg and Veinika V채strik

PILLOW COLLECTION “4 crops 7 fields” 2009 autumn

CARPET “TIG-HU� 2010 autumn Pattern for the carpet is inspired by hungarian snails, whom we met during our hitchhiking trip in Europe. These white and brown snails were enjoying the sun near lake Balaton. One of them was travelling back to Estonia with us- to be part of our biologist friends private collection. Photo : Kaspar Ehlvest

Material : wool and shoelace Size: 180cm x 90cm Supervisors : Monika J채rg and Veinika V채strik

Photo : Edward Burtynsky Humanmade landscapes

WORKSHOP WITH SIMONE DE WAART 2009 autumn Task : to create “NEW SKIN” (new material) Edward Burtynskys series of humanmade landscapes were influencing the choises of materials and the creation itself. Materials : wool, linen, waterpump heater, bathmat Supervisor: Simone de Waart

CHAIR “Lebo” 2013 autumn Cooperation project with Reela Nigul, Rainer Klement and Maria Kuusik Photo : Jüri Seredenko Supervisors : Aet Ollisaar, Liina Kool and Jaak Roosi Material : Plywood, wool and linen Sharp forms create contrast against the soft tufted surface. The tufted material has two different colors which you can combine by turning it around. This allows one to change the whole appearance of the chair. We created a lazy chair, where you can relax and lounge. The seat’s joints are glue-free which make it easy to dismantle, pack and transport.

SKETCHBOOK “kirjak” 2012 autumn

Textile part was created during machineembroidery course and binded together by Tartu Printmuseum. Supervisor : Eva Jakovits

PENCIL BAG 2013 summer

One small task during internship at Treches company. Leftover fabrics were used to create a simple pencil bag for press and customers. Material : printed cotton leftover fabrics, cotton lace and woodbranches.

ESPRESSOCUPS 2012 spring

Ceramic course at Moholy-Nagy Muveszeti Egyetem During one short course, we learned how to design and make objects from porcelan Process : idea making the form casting burning glazing Supervisor : Lubloy Zoltan

BAG COLLECTION “Puu� Moholy-Nagy Muveszeti Egyetem 2012 spring Inspiration - Hungarian folkart Material : leather, wood, cotton yarn Supervisor : Judit

COLLECTION “Prettyugly” 2011 spring Material : colored and handprinted cotton Photo : Triin Rebane

COPROJECT “Kaleidoskoop” 2013 spring Kaisa Krusenberg, Liina Tiidor, Evelin Kägo and Kätlin Lõbu Supervisors: Maarja Tamjärv and Kristina Paju Photo : Liidia Maier


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