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rinters have become more sophisticated than ever, but they are not free from problems. When the printer hardware or software fails to work as it ought to, it will be frustrating. Many problems can come up when using a

printer. Luckily, the majority of of these situations can be fixed easily. Here are a few common printer issues and their fixes. It is not printing - Find out if you directed the print job to the appropriate printer. To avoid this problem, you can set your preferred printer as your default. This can be accomplished by going to your Printers and Faxes settings and selecting the appropriate printer and set it as default. If you would like to use another printer besides your default, you can select it from the print dialog box. Also, determine if your printer is properly connected, via USB or Ethernet cable, or if you are using a wireless model, be sure that Wi-Fi is enabled and that you are connected to the same network as the printer. If the print job appears stuck in the queue, you may want to restart the printer and your system. Remember to leave the printer off for several minutes before switching it back on. Another potential reason for this is that the printer’s driver has become corrupted. In such case, the driver has to be reinstalled. You can get the most recent driver version from the download page of your printer manufacturer's site. Print jobs take too long - This can be caused by a number of reasons. In most instances, it is because you are printing out something with a high resolution. Typically, the greater the resolution, the more slowly your printer prints. If you would like to print more rapidly, choose draft mode. Two-sided printing may also lengthen printing time because the printer will need to flip the document over to print on both sides. If you use a Wi-Fi printer, positioning your printer very close to your router should increase the throughput and reduce printing time. If your


printer is in another room or far from the router, you may also install a wireless extender or a repeater to enhance the performance. It is a good idea to have your printer cleaned and checked on a regular basis by professionals to keep it functioning well. Go here to find toner los angeles. Recurrent paper jams - Although the incidence of paper jams have decreased considerably among newer printers, they can still happen. In most cases, paper jams are caused by paper misalignment or using paper that is not compatible with your printer. Make sure that sheets are evenly aligned with the printer tray’s paper guides.


Common Printer Problems And Fixes  

If your printer is in a separate room or not within a close range of the router, you may also use a wireless extender or a repeater to impro...

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