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Recycled Silver A Beautiful Cause at Dainty Chain

Silver mining results in Deforestation, Loss of Biodiversity, and Pollution. But old silver, otherwise destined for landfills, can be reclaimed and given a new life. Recycled silver comes from old electronics, unwanted jewelry, and even spent photographic materials. I’ve selected a few pieces to share with you this month. Each item in this book was lovingly hand crafted using as much recycled silver as possible, and I’m sourcing more all the time. Come support a beautiful cause!

Sterling, Glass Beads $35

Sterling Stacking Rings $27

Sterling, Stone $37

Sterling, Vintage Glass $35

Fine Silver Skull Charm $30

Sterling, Pearls $15

Sterling, Glass $32

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A Beautiful Cause  

Recycled Silver Jewelry from DaintyChain