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Inside our heads drawings & thoughts

„Yes, I can! – motivation in the classroom” eTwinning project

Inside our heads drawings & thoughts

~ Primary School in Purda, Poland ~

My bra in is di fferent from th e others .

It’s nice , lovely and hea rtish.

Drawer 1: wisdom

Drawer 2: sadness

My brain sometimes works when I want… …when I don’t want it

doesn’t. Drawer 3: laziness

Drawer 4: openness

It can make my body draw. It can think. It’s perfect.

I know and think only about my mum.

There are lots of small people and drawers of feelings and skills.

There are lots of colourful sixes inside.

There are flowers that smell beautifully and tell what to do.

Inside Our Heads Primary School in Butryny, Poland

Brain stores all data . It is quite ugly, disgusting. Brain works non stop.

Brain absorbs thoughts, memories, smells.

. nd u ro is

My n


ta is Aga ame

. ec

e Th

ld or w

I live

in ve i l I

łd Ba

i iP zk


or Math s test tom

t go ’I ve

o 2d

o in P land .

Brain’s place is inside a head. It exists to remember different things, eg.: what my name is, when test is. There are all thoughts, memories, pictures in your brain.

Brain collects different memories, information, pictures. It works like a sponge.

Brain is a tool that helps us to think, to collect information, thoughts, night dreams and knowledge.

Brain is a place where there is all kind of information, memories, night dreams, pictures, smells, sounds and other important things. Brain is in all peoples’ heads.

Brain is a tool inside our head. It helps us to remember information. We can remember information thanks to our brain.

Inside Our Heads 16th Primary School of Larissa, Greece

This fantastic organ is the brain ! It is so amazing !

The human brain is made up of two halves : a left and a right one .

These parts are connected to each other by a thick network of neurons

Brain is like a muscle . We can train it to become happier , smarter and more effective.

Our brain enables us to move, think, learn, feel emotions, remember, dream, create, see, hear, feel and taste..

Playing and listening to music works several areas of the brain.

Music improves multiple brain functions at the same time .

When I exercise my brain gets stronger. We can make our mind grow. Music too‌

The right side of the brain is creative and helps you to be good at art or music.

Musical activities stimulate development in every area of the brain.

The brain is protected by the skull (cranium)

Yes, I can! – motivation in the classroom November, 2016

Inside our heads  

Pupils engaged in the eTwinning project "Yes, I can! - motivation in the classroom" present their imagination of what it looks like inside t...

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