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The progress report

A summer ´05 collection by Katja Gry Carlsen 15.06.2004

A Neo Situationist Who am I; Well as all others I exist within a body and for me my body is also the body of knowledge and previous experience. But I am more than that, I an mind, spirit, through or energy some might say. Every day I am in a dynamic harmony with the world surrounding me. Taking in impressions and putting out reactions. The difference between I and others is that I crave the future, though not in a non-critical way. I like others, also need to feel safe to enter the future but then it thrills me. Do you recall the feeling in the air of something going to happen. Your heart pounds harder and butterflies tickle your stomach; in this exact moment the air becomes crisp and electric. You are on the verge of something going to happen. The air is filled with the potential energy for you to focus. I thrive on this kind of energy, which I call Progress, because here my past meets my future in a way where I can feel it. I therefore dedicate this project to the energy of progress.

Photo by Carsten Cramer Model: Anna

A summer ´05 collection by Katja Gry Carlsen 15.06.2004

Progress Collection