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Dear Student, It is a great honour for Carlsberg to welcome you to this booklet. On the next pages, you will find all student organisations and societies at CBS. We highly encourage you to engage in CBS’ many extra-curricular activities as a supplement to your studies. Being a volunteer in a student organisation proofs engagement, experience and commitment. The student organisations at CBS are an excellent way to improve your personal, academic and professional development. This is something we value at Carlsberg. This is why Carlsberg is an integrated and active part of Copenhagen Business School. This is why we sponsor the student organisations and societies at CBS: We want to give you the best learning and study environment! We hope that this booklet will inspire you – to both engage yourself and enjoy the experience with Carlsberg.

Anders Bering Vice President Group External Affairs & CA Denmark

Simon Fibiger Vice President Sales On Trade Denmark

INTRODUCTION Do you know what the most important part of the good study environment at CBS is? It is us, the students! In this booklet you will find an overview of the easiest and most fun way to make CBS an even better place to study - being active in a student organization. CBS has more than 100 different student-driven organizations and there is something for everyone - and, if you cannot not find the organization for you, then remember that starting one is as easy as joining one. Apart from being an excellent way to develop yourself and gain unique hands-on experience, you will also meet students from other programs and nationalities and expand your network.

The role of CBS Students is to ensure that the student organizations have the best framework and opportunities to continue contributing to making the study environment better. So hurry up and look through this year’s Network Booklet and find the organization for you! The Presidency of CBS Students Sebastian Toft Bringstrup, Jeppe Ask Tofteskov, Djanour Issilam, Xander Coleman










We are all here at CBS for one main reason: to study. But CBS offers much more than that. Daily, hundreds of students actively commit themselves to volunteering, making CBS a very unique university. Some of the biggest activities at CBS are entirely planned, developed and executed by voluntary, active students. Getting involved doesn’t necessarily have to be hard or time consuming. Getting involved just means


finding something you enjoy spending time on and you can decide yourself how much time that is. Your study experience can become so much more than that. Volunteer work can give you experiences that will make your time at CBS unforgettable. So get involved! People have their own reasons for volunteering, but here we have gathered a few of the great reasons to join one of the organizations.



It has been proven that employers look for more than just grades when they hire employees. Extracurriculars, whether they are based on professional or pure interests, shows that you can juggle multiple tasks, while still being a full time student.

You never know if the person on the yoga mat next to you is the person that can help you get your next job. Or perhaps becoming part of the vibrant study environment at CBS will help you find people who ‘just get you’. Volunteers are motivated and full of passion and by getting involved you can develop new long-lasting friendships.

EXPERIENCE HAVE FUN The societies at CBS offers a range of activities and they all serve to make your time at CBS so much more than a study experience. So try something new and have fun doing it. We guarantee you won’t regret it!

Many of the organizations offer a large variety of opportunities to improve oneself. The activities and projects that you will engage in are guaranteed to give you a lot of practical experience. This is invaluable for your theoretical and academic development as a student. Use this opportunity as a way to bring your knowledge out of the classroom and into the real world.


CBS Students THE STUDENT UNION OF CBS REPRESENTING YOUR STUDENT INTERESTS The goal of CBS Students is to make CBS the best place for all students, academically and socially. Every day, several volunteers spend time moving CBS closer to this goal. This is why we are proud to say that we are for the students, by the students. All CBS Students’ work is student political, and we work for you in many different ways to make sure you get the education you wish for! E.g. board members of CBS Students help develop CBS’ strategy and the presidency regularly meets with the CBS president and management.


CBS Students is engaged in projects covering all aspects of student life at CBS. As we are the organisers of intro, we are involved from the very first day! We regularly meet with the CBS presidency and management to represent student interests. To ensure the academic quality of your studies, we have volunteers representing students in the CBS Board of Directors and in the study boards. CBS Students is also the facilitator and helping hand of all student organizations and student unions. We continuously work to ensure the best conditions for

all student-driven initiatives and activities to ensure a vibrant study environment at CBS. To offer students the best possible facilities at CBS, CBS Students runs several non-profit companies. Our canteen, Spisestuerne, serves delicious food. CafĂŠ Nexus is a cafĂŠ during the day, and every Thursday turns into the biggest party in Copenhagen. CBS Collection supplies unique clothing to make you look fresh, while Students Print facilitates your printing needs. The activities of our organization cover a broad field. CBS Students and the network will give you rich opportunities for a lifetime experience, and a huge network across the different study programmes.

If there is anything you want to change at CBS, anything you are unhappy with or confused about, CBS Students is here to help. You can help us make CBS a better place! Come by our office at Solbjerg Plads, meet us at Student Society Day, or contact us! Web: Email: Facebook: CBS Students Instagram: CBS Students



GETMONEY... ...FOR YOUR IDEA THE ACTIVITY POOL CBS Students encourages and supports students to run activities because it adds value for CBS, the study environment and the students. For this reason we have managed to let CBS allocate an amount of 1.5 mio DKK to student driven activities. The comitee deciding which activities to support consists of students only. So if you have a great idea, initiative or activity that will make CBS an even better place to be a part of, you should hurry up and apply for the CBS Students Activity Pool! We encourage you to be creative and think big – let us show what a great study environment can look like! Swing by the CBS Students office at Solbjerg Plads, read more at or send an email to


SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF The extraordinary CBS study life and environment is far too often taken for granted. From genuine student influence on academia to canteens being open at 5pm on a Saturday. Everyday, we experience the product of tireless work by student volunteers in and around CBS Students without even knowing it.

life: ranging from SU reform on the national level to the use of grades to determine exchange placement at the university level. If you want to be heard or get involved, then keep an eye out for the regular SPCs where we dig into pre-specified topics through workshops and discussions.

Within the network organisations of CBS Students, and in the union itself, you will find many opportunities to gain professional experience, stronger social connections, and the ability to have an impact at the university. Volunteering and engagement are vital to the study life that surrounds us all, as it ensures quality education and a vibrant study environment. So remember: this is your time, and your university education. You decide what you make of it. Take responsibility, leave your mark, and let it echo long into the future.

SPC is announced on the CBS Students Facebook page and happens once per month. The event is open for all and if you have any questions please feel free to contact the presidency at

Student Political Council (SPC) At CBS Students we want to reach out to all students when forming policies regarding our student

Study Board All students have the unique opportunity to take charge of their own program through study boards. Here students have an equal say in how exactly their studies should operate, and can help create the best program based on their own experiences. Get in touch with us, if you think this could be you! Chairman of the Board of CBS Students Nima Sophia Tisdall 11



Who we are CBS Dance is an organization which offers free dance classes and workshops. The workshops are for all students who are interested in either improving their dancing skills or simply having a great time while dancing. We aim to welcome all students no matter their level. Hope to see you in class! What we do We have workshops in hip-hop, contemporary, jazz, zumba, body-control and foundation work, etc. A typical class could look like this: short warm-up, stretching/foundation work, and learning a choreography. To find more information about level, time and location, visit our Facebook page @DanceCBS.

Facebook: CBS Dance



What we do In CBS Golf, we know that golf is not free. This is why we do our best to negotiate great deals with clubs in the Copenhagen area. We do our best to organize one tournament each semester with more affordable prices, so you can play golf without having to cut down on Nexus visits. How to find us If you want to get more information about current and future deals or want to know where our next tournament is being held, please join our Facebook group. We look forward to seeing you on the first tee!

Email: Phone: +(45) 31 61 00 42 / +(45) 22 89 34 77 Facebook: CBS Golf Club


Body & mind

Who we are CBS Golf is composed of a group of students dedicated to make it easier, cheaper and more fun to play golf in the Copenhagen area. Our goal is to connect golfers from all of CBS, whether you are a freshman or study an MBA, and whether you are still to hit your first shot or a scratch golfer.


Who we are CBS Hunting Club is for everyone interested in hunting and the lifestyle that comes with it. Anyone can join! We offer activities that do not require a hunting license, and if you feel excited about it, you can get a hunting license through CBS Hunting Club’s own certified instructors. What we do We make hunting available for students! The primary purpose of CBS Hunting Club is to connect people by sharing the passion for hunting, and to give them the opportunity to learn and experience different varieties of hunting in practice. How to find us We provide a forum where you can share your experience, ask for advice and debate hunting related topics. Furthermore, we coordinate events such as clay pigeon shooting, hunting and everything else that brings together students with a passion for hunting.

Web: Facebook: CBS Hunting Club



What we do CBS Meditation helps CBS students learn meditative practices and techniques in order to reduce stress, be at ease and propel happiness. Why we do it Studying at CBS can be very demanding, and we want CBS students to enjoy their time at CBS. Research has shown that meditation not only reduces stress and anxiety, but also sharpens your ability to focus, strengthens your immune system and improves your ability to think creatively.

Email: Phone number: +45 30682268 Facebook: CBS Meditation | @cbsmeditation


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Who we are CBS Meditation is a student organization established in the fall of 2015, and is structured by the owner of ‘Choose to Perform’, Sandra Mikkelsen. The aim of CBS Meditation is to make the benefits of meditation available to CBS students, including Kung Fu Meditation & Tai Chi Yoga.


Who we are We are a non-profit organization committed to helping our community improve their everyday fitness routines and versatility through functional training. We live and promote an active lifestyle, which means that we continuously challenge ourselves physically and mentally through our training. What we do Some people have the perception that in order to join CBS Mercury, one needs to be in good shape, but this is not the case. Here at CBS Mercury, everyone is welcome! We welcome both beginners and experienced athletes. All exercises are scalable. Thus, everyone can participate. Want to become a member? We offer morning and evening classes as well as open gyms. Check our schedule and sign up on our website. All students get 2 free try outs. The monthly membership fee is 150 DKK. Come down to the basement to get your fitness on and get to know your fellow students across programs and nationalities.

Web: Email: Facebook: CBS Mercury Instagram: @cbsmercury


is a social student organization that gathers people from study, nationalities and runners on every level. We comtraining with social events; we simply strive to enhance culture at CBS through networking. Always on the run!


What we do Everyone is welcome to join our weekly training sessions no matter their level of experience. To join CBS Running, you do not need to be very experienced or a marathoner. Just show up in your running gear and move your feet! Weekly Training Sessions Mondays at 6 PM: Social Run Wednesdays at 6 PM: Speed Session Additional runs on the weekends Find us near the lawn behind Nexus and join our team for social running sessions and networking. It is free to join - anytime!

Email: Facebook: CBS Running Instagram: @cbsrunning


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Who we are CBS Running all fields of bine serious the running


Who we are CBS Self Development is an organization for everyone interested in Self Development, beginners as well as experienced practitioners. We would like to open up a world for the CBS students where they will experience personal growth, widen their perspectives and become more self-loving. What we do We arrange workshops and motivational talks for you to enjoy and participate in. We strive to entertain you, while providing you with the opportunity to gain knowledge and inspiration to live a happier life. Our goal is for you to leave our events with tools you can implement in your daily life. How to join You can join by liking us on our Facebook page: CBS Self Development. Our events and fascinating speakers will be announced on the Facebook page. The team behind CBS Self Development will make sure to post motivational words, information about speakers and spread positive vibes through the group.

Email: Facebook: CBS Self Development



What we do The purpose of CBS Sport is to empower individuals to have an active, sportive lifestyle while having fun and meeting new people! We offer friendly prices, social events and a focus on teamwork and network. Volunteer with us CBS Sport offers different volunteering opportunities. Everybody can volunteer and all members of CBS Sport can run for the Board, the executive management or become a sports responsible. Come and join us!

Web: Email: Facebook: CBS Sport


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Who we are CBS Sport is a student organization established and run by volunteers since 2005 with 8 sports units and approximately 500 members. We are motivated by a common interest and a desire to develop a precise sports skillset, engage in competitions or enjoy recreational and social fellowships.


Who we are We are an organization for everyone interested in surfing. It does not matter whether you have never surfed before or were born on a wave. Experience surfing all over the world or test the waters around Denmark. Every year we organize both small local surf activities and larger surf trips. What we do We arrange surf trips for beginners as well as experienced surfers who want to meet other students interested in surfing. Experience the surf culture and test your balance on the board. All activities are at student friendly prices.

Email: Facebook: CBS Surf



What we do We offer weekly mixed level yoga classes taught in English. The benefits of yoga include strength, flexibility and balance on and off the mat. Yoga increases focus and energy while toning the body. In a world of increasing complexity, yoga offers a way to reconnect with what is important to you. Join us Beginners to advanced practitioners are welcome to join our inexpensive yoga classes, which take place in the studio at Dalgas Have. If you do not own a mat, don’t worry, you can borrow one from us. We look forward to seeing you.

Email: Facebook: CBS Yoga


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Who we are CBS Yoga is a non-profit student organization aiming to offer quality yoga lessons to all students at CBS. Our aim is to make the benefits of yoga available to everyone.



Who we are CBS Art is the student organization for everyone interested in art. We aim to spread the interest for art among students and employees at Copenhagen Business School. We are the cultural shock all CBS students need – your colorful fix, your explosion of senses and your direct path to enlightenment! What we do CBS Art mainly arranges Art Crawls and Art Talks; our artsy way to say that we visit interesting art exhibitions and invite inspirational people from the art world to talk at CBS. Our events often lead to great talks over a beer or a glass of wine. We also exhibit video art at CBS Digital Art Space. Want to know more? Admission is free and everyone is welcome at our events. You do not need to know anything crazily clever about art – your interest is all that matters! Our website and Facebook page is your source for more information about CBS Art, our upcoming events and interesting news from the art scene.

Web: Email: Phone: +(45) 22 43 64 25 Facebook: CBS Art Instagram: @cbs_art




What we do We organize visits to cultural events, including classical and contemporary concerts, plays, operas and ballets. We provide student-friendly prices and arrange social meetings. It is our goal to make performing arts more accessible, which is why we make original content such as playlists on Spotify.

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Who we are CBS Culture is a society for students who are curious and enthusiastic about culture and the world of performing arts. We aim at creating a community who is keen on exploring the cultural scene of Copenhagen as a group and meeting like-minded passionate students from all over the city.

It is time to become cultural! Whether you are already a connoisseur of the finer arts or considering going to your first ever concert, we have you covered! Have a look at our website and join us at one of our upcoming events. You can also follow our social media sites to stay up to date and connect with like-minded students.

Web: Email: Phone number: +45 60 57 15 65 Facebook: CBS Culture Instagram: @cbsculture



Who we are CBS Fashion Society is an organisation of business oriented fashion enthusiasts who want to combine both worlds in their future career. Our purpose is to explore the opportunities in the fashion industry and sew business and fashion together. What we do We aim to organize events to introduce and inspire students about the career opportunities in the fashion industry. Our society also organizes workshops for students to encourage a more sustaibale thinking about fashion. Want to know more? Our events are opened for all students, however we will also have workshops and events for members only. We are always excited to welcome motivated students who want to shares their ideas and interest in Fashion. For more information write to us on fb “CBS Fashion Society” or send us an email. Cannot wait to hear from you!

Get in touch with us at “CBS Fashion Society” - you’ll find us on Facebook Email: Instagram: @cbsfashionsociety




What we do We meet once a week on Thursdays at 17:30 in the Dalgas Have Building on the CBS Campus. We will meet in the CBS Move studio in the basement. We usually have an intro level workshop until 19:00 and then a more advanced one until 20:30 - but people of all backgrounds and experiences are welcome!

Body & mind

Who we are We like to think of ourselves as an open, inclusive community, where letting go of control is our core value. We foster and encourage awkward and spontaneous moments in a creative and liberating environment. We aim for everyone to leave our workshops feeling uplifted, energised, and special.

What is improv? Improv is a form of theatre in which all elements of a scene or story are made up in the moment. In our workshops, we coach people to get out of their comfort zone, stay in the moment, listen and react genuinely, and most importantly, re-learn to say “yes�.

Email: Phone: (+45) 53 88 17 33 Facebook: CBS Improv Theatre



Who we are CBS International Choir has members from all over the world and is open to everyone. There are no auditions, and it is not a requirement to read notes or have prior choir experience. So join us now! What we do We sing songs by artists like David Bowie, Sia, and The Beatles. We have different performances, often at CBS events, and we end each semester with a concert of our own. We are a social choir. After rehearsals we go to a local bar to hang out, and we arrange choir weekends and other social events. When and where We rehearse every Wednesday from 19:15 - 21:30 in auditorium SPs01 at Solbjerg Plads. We normally start sign-ups in late January for spring semester, and late August for fall semester. We hope to see you this semester! For more info on specific dates and performances check out our Facebook page.

Email: Facebook: CBS International Choir




What we do We provide everything you need to share your love for music. We offer a fully equipped rehearsal space on campus, a network of passionate students to play with, and many events every semester, from jam sessions to concerts at Nexus. We welcome all music genres, from metal to jazz and electronica.

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Who we are CBS Jam is all about music. Whether you make music, listen to it, want to perform in front of an adoring audience, or organize events - we have something for you. Our mission is to bring people together, helping you to make new friends through music.

Bring music into your student life Becoming a member of CBS Jam is easy: just write us on Facebook! We are looking forward to meeting you. Do you play an instrument? Tell us about you, and get involved today! You don’t play or feel rusty? We always look for enthusiastic people to help us organizing events. Let’s jam together!

Facebook: CBS Jam Instagram: @cbs.jam



Who we are CBS Photography is a non-profit student organization with the purpose of engaging all students interested in exploring the various areas of photography such as portrait, street, fashion, landscape, reportage and more. Our motto is, sharing knowledge and lenses! What we do CBS Photography is the ideal platform if you want to be involved in photo walks, professional workshops, photo exhibitions and competitions. We address students that already have some photographic knowledge and interest, but we also encourage whoever wants to discover more about this beautiful art. Want to become a member? As a member you will be surrounded by likeminded people with all kind of perspectives and skills regarding photography. Join one of our two teams, Events or Communication, and help us to organize or promote our events.

Email: Facebook: CBS Photography Instagram: @cbs__photography




What we do We perform at least 1 full-length stage production per academic year, with auditions in September-October and performances around March-April. Our goal is to learn from each other and have each production be as professional as possible. Rehearsals are at least once a week.

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Who we are CBS Theatre brings live stage productions to an international audience in Copenhagen. Largely driven by CBS Students, our creative team (actors, designers, etc) consists of a combination of CBS’ers and professionals.

Join us in stage? CBS Theatre welcomes both experienced actors and talented people doing their first production who are eager to learn. If you’re interested in joining you can already sign up for the auditions/interviews for our next production by writing to

Web: Email: Phone: +45 53819903 Facebook: cbstheatre LinkedIn:




Who we are We are an open Christian community for students at CBS and we welcome everyone to join our activities, regardless of their beliefs. We collaborate with KFS (Kristeligt Forbund for Studerende) for events at the university. We also represent different churches and communities of faith in Copenhagen. What we do We have a weekly prayer meeting, a vision group, a biweekly dinner, along with a variety of social events. You can find out details about when and where we meet on our Facebook page or via email. We also collaborate with several organizations to provide a wide array of events for all our members. More about us One of our main goals is to be a multicultural community at CBS, where we aim to provide a platform to explore faith and a place to develop friendships among the students in a meaningful and respectful environment. You are welcome to check out our meetings anytime and feel free to contact us.

Email: Phone: +45 35310026 Facebook: CBS Christians



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Who we are We are a diverse group of students working to raise awareness around inclusion and equality for all human beings regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical and mental abilities and age. What we do We aim to raise awareness about topics and challenges within different dimensions of diversity at CBS. We offer a platform for students interested in equality, inclusion and minority groups to create debates about equality and inclusion at the workplace or in society by hosting events or sessions.


Change the world we live in! If you share our vision of an inclusive world free of discrimination embracing equality for all people, then join us today. We are the leaders of tomorrow who can change the world.

Email: Facebook: Diversity & Inclusion at CBS



Who we are CBS Feminist Society strives to create awareness and address issues of gender discrimination, mainly focusing on the business world. We wish to discuss solutions and inspire future leaders to take a stand on this issue. CBS Feminist Society is open to anyone with an interest in the subject. What we do We host events such as talks, debates and company visits in collaboration with prominent political institutions and companies. We currently have more than a 1000 members and we are still growing rapidly. How you can join Like us on Facebook to receive weekly updates on trends, events and much more. If you have any questions or ideas you wish to share, feel free to contact us.

Email: Facebook: CBS Feminist Society Instagram: @cbsfeminists


What we do The organization is responsible for events during the semester for Icelandic students. For example, company visits, social gatherings and company presentations, just to name a few. The organization also assists potential Icelandic applicants in their application process.


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Who we are CBS Icelandic Student Association is a non-profit organization which was re-established in the fall of 2015 after a long pause. The main purpose of this organization is to be a social network for current, future and graduate Icelandic students of Copenhagen Business School.


Open for collaboration The organization has a running Facebook group where students bring all sorts of questions related to their studies in the hope of getting help among other students. We invite all student organizations to reach out to us with ideas for collaboration events.

Web: Email: Facebook: Ă?slendingar Ă­ CBS



Who we are Our ambition is to build up professional and social networks across the German-Danish language divide. We target both German speaking students studying at CBS as well as Danish students that are interested in working or studying in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. What we do We partner with firms such as McKinsey, Kunde & Co. or PwC to offer case evenings and seminars to CBS students. Also, we host information events, for example about Life and Work in Denmark and social events such as our regular “Stammtisch�. You can find more information on our Facebook page. How you can join We are always looking for engaged students to join our team! If you are interested in helping us out, or even if you have a fantastic idea for what our next event should be, feel free to contact us via Email or Facebook. Of course, you can also just come by and chat with us at our next Stammtisch.

Email: Facebook: CBS German Student Society LinkedIn:


What we do We want to create a platform to gather students and let them actively participate in the university life. We want to be a tool to bring ideas to life and create a long-lasting network among students, companies and new graduates who share Italian origins or just have a passion for Italy.


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Who we are We are a group of students aiming at promoting the Italian culture and excellence in Denmark and connecting people in order to live the CBS experience on a more active and enriching level. We are thrilled by new challenges and always delighted to welcome new people in our organization.


How we do it We listen to your desires and act accordingly. All departments work jointly to organize and implement events and projects such as conferences, aperitifs, quiz nights, football matches, institutional and business networking and much more. Being Italian is just a matter of attitude. Join us!

Email: Facebook: Italian Student Organization - ISO CBS Instagram: @isocbs



Who we are Norsk Næringslivsutvalg is an independent non-profit organization founded in 2005 by five Norwegian students from Copenhagen Business School. Today, the organization is run by ten board members and is oriented towards Norwegian students at CBS. What we do We aim to be the link between Norwegian students at CBS and Norwegian employers by arranging company visits and lectures from prominent Norwegian business professionals. Apart from this, we also invite our members to social events with the intention of uniting Norwegian students at CBS.

Web: Email: Facebook: NNU-Norsk Næringslivsutvalg ved CBS Instagram: @nnucbs



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Who we are Samvinnan is an organization established by and for Faroese students and alumni from Copenhagen Business School. It grew out of an aspiration to unite Faroese students professionally and socially and establish a link to the Faroese business environment. What we do During the year, we organize academic and social events. Academic events are organized around the mantra of being relevant for students and often imbue a Faroese perspective. Social events are aimed at expanding students’ social network and cultivating a sense of community around student life.


Come and meet us! Every first Thursday of the month you can find us outside Nexus at our oldest running social event “5arin” where we invite all current and future members to join us for a beverage - on us, of course. This will give you the opportunity to socialize with fellow Faroese students. Skál!

Web: Email: Facebook: Samvinnan



Who we are SweDen Students is an organization for Swedish students at CBS. We want to strengthen relationships and provide networking opportunities, professionally as well as socially. What we do The years of 2016 and 2017 were eventful years where PwC, Coca-Cola, EF and many more companies came to visit us and gave inspiring and valuable company presentations. Every year we continue our journey with even higher ambitions, multiple social events as well as exciting company presentations. Become a member As a member of SweDen Students, you will be invited to corporate events, receive information about internships and job openings and will have the opportunity to participate in social arrangements. You can sign up as a member today through our website.

Web: Email: Facebook: SweDen Students




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Who we are We are coffee lovers who want more than the caffeine boost. We want to enjoy the best coffee experience. We get inspired by coffee and we want you to feel the same. Our events will arouse your senses and provide you with the knowledge and expertise that will make you a real coffee expert. What we do Simple as COFFEE: C-onnect and hygge around this special drink O-ffer courses and workshops to make you a coffee expert F-ind and share the best cafĂŠs in Copenhagen F-acilitate the spread of coffee culture E-mpower the students who aim to work in the coffee industry E-nhance your coffee experience Get involved Are you a coffee lover, eager to have an impact and get in contact with coffee industry professionals? Then contact us on FB and ask to become a member! Otherwise, just LIKE US to discover great cafĂŠs, get regular updates about our pleasing events and access to special offers with our partners.


Email: Facebook: CBS Coffee Instagram: @cbscoffee



Who we are Lots of people are curious about wine, but the first steps are always difficult. CBS Wine offers you a fun, social and inexpensive way to explore wine and meet fellow students at CBS. Our mission is to help you learn about the world of wine through fun, interesting and low-key wine tastings. What we do CBS Wine benefits you in three ways - tastings, discounts and advice - You and your friends can join our wine tastings at student-friendly prices - You get substantial discounts in some of the best wine shops in Copenhagen with --your student ID - You can contact us for wine-related advice and help Stay updated CBS Wine does not have a membership - it is for all CBS students. You can make sure you get news about our events and tastings by signing up to our newsletter on our website. This is the best way to know when we have new tastings coming up. But you may have to hurry - we tend to sell out fast.

Web: Email: Facebook: CBS Wine Instagram: @cbswinesociety


What we do We aim to educate students about the retail and luxury goods industries. Our main goal is to provide young people with career planning and networking opportunities. To achieve this, we host a variety of on and off campus events that help connect students with industry professionals.


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Who we are Retail & Luxury Goods Club members are students passionate about retail and luxury goods sectors within many different industries. We come from all sorts of backgrounds and bring a variety of career aspirations. Our aim is to produce the next generation of retail and luxury managers.


Email: Facebook: Retail & Luxury Goods Club Instagram: @cbs_rlgc




Who we are 180 Degrees Consulting Copenhagen (180CPH) is the CPH branch of the world’s largest student-driven consultancy. We match talented students from all universities in CPH with social enterprises and NGOs, in order to give students practical consulting experience while creating social impact. What we do Our students will go through a 12-week program guided by our consultancy firms’ partners, in which they will develop innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to the different types of problems that social organizations face. Get involved As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to create social impact and gain hands-on experience in consulting. You will go through 5 workshops hosted by our consultancy partners and work in a team of 5 students from different universities. Check out our website and join our next info night!

Web: Email: Phone: +(45) 28 51 10 09 Facebook: 180 Degrees Consulting Copenhagen Instagram: 180dccopenhagen LinkedIn: 180 Degrees Consulting Copenhagen



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Who we are We are the Danish representation of the world’s largest organisation run exclusively by passionate and ambitious young people. We enable youth to develop their leadership through practical experiences in challenging environments, as they develop into responsible and entrepreneurial young leaders. What we do AIESEC offers you the opportunity to get involved in practical work within Marketing, Sales, Finance and Human resources in a challenging entrepreneurial environment. Our local branch is one of the highest performing in Denmark, as we strive to test our business knowledge while having fun together! How it works Do you want to challenge your business knowledge and have fun while you study at CBS? Join us by applying for a position in one of our four office teams, during our September/February recruitment! Maybe you’ll be our next Project Manager or Vice President? #ChallengeYourself


Web: / Email: / Facebook: AIESEC Denmark Instagram: @aiesecdenmark



Who we are CBS Building Tomorrow is part of the international non-profit organization Building Tomorrow, which works on promoting education for children in Sub-Saharan Africa. What we do We raise money for the construction of schools in Uganda and to that end we organize different kinds of fundraising events. Additionally, we create awareness for issues regarding education and development in Sub-Saharan Africa and further by arranging knowledge-enhancing guest lectures. What have we done? As a whole, Building Tomorrow has already constructed and opened 42 schools, and more are under construction. Each of these schools will provide learning space for up to 315 students. Here at CBS, we aim to raise enough funds so that we can soon finance our own school in Uganda.

Facebook: CBS Building Tomorrow Email:


What we do We are working on realizing the full potential of blockchain based solutions, through a culture of strong collaboration. We engage in the greater blockchain ecosystem to create value for the community.


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Who we are Our mission is to facilitate a community of students, professors and professionals through the creation and sharing of knowledge about blockchain technologies.

Our beliefs The Society is creating a community in collaboration with industry experts and enthusiasts because we believe that blockchain and DLT technology will innovate and disrupt numerous industries globally and locally. Therefore, we want to explore and contribute to this technological revolution.


Facebook: CBSBlockchainSociety Email:



Who we are We started CBS Case Club as a community where students interested in case solving can learn from experienced case experts and consultancies. Our vision is to elevate the case solving level at CBS! Case solving is an awesome and fun way to get practical experience during academic studies. What we do Our main activity is the Case Academy, where selected students become familiar with the best tools of case solving. In Spring 2018, we admitted 100 students from 26 study lines to the Case Academy and held workshops about structured communication, presentations, PPT and more case related topics. Join us and apply to the Case Academy! Our main activity is the Case Academy, where selected students become familiar with the best tools of case solving. In Spring 2018, we admitted 100 students from 26 study lines to the Case Academy and held workshops about structured communication, presentations, PPT and more case related topics.

Web: Email: Facebook: CBS Case Club <<chek out our videos on Facebook!>> Instagram: cbscaseclub



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Who we are CBS Case Competition facilitates one of the biggest events at CBS every year in week 9. We facilitate a unique and engaging way for students to learn and grow from what the case competition world has to offer. What we do Every year, we host the biggest case competition in the world. In everything we do, we seek to connect students with a wider network and establish a learning playground. This allows everyone involved to grow and reach their full potential. When to get involved The Organizing Committee consists of approx. 20 students who spend 11 months planning CCC together. We create lifetime experiences for everyone involved and you can apply for the Organizing Committee next time in April 2019 or as a Team Host for one of our international teams in October 2018.


Web: Email: Phone: +(45) 60 72 90 57 / +(45) 27 85 54 44 Facebook: CBS Case Competition LinkedIn: CBS Case Competition Twitter: @CBSCaseComp Instagram: @cbscasecompetition



Who we are CBS Code was founded to bridge the gap between business students and the techworld. CBS Code wants to raise awareness about the importance of understanding the concepts behind coding through talks, social events and classes. What we do CBS Code Workshops: for those who want to be able to program their own software. CBS Code Talks: to increase awareness of the needs from the business world to have managers with these skills. And finally, CBS Code Social Events.

Web: Email: Facebook: CBS Code LinkedIn: CBS Code Instagram: @cbscode


What we do The society meets on a regular basis and holds debates on pretty much everything. Our guiding principle is that anyone who shows up gets a chance to participate in the debate. Regular members have the opportunity to attend international competitions and meet other speakers from around the world.


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Who we are We represent the largest university debate society in all of Denmark. This is the place for people who are tired of sitting on the sidelines and watching debates. We provide both training and practices in the British Parliamentary debate format. We also do a fair bit of social stuff together.

What you can learn The society meets on a regular basis and holds debates on pretty much everything. Our guiding principle is that anyone who shows up gets a chance to participate in the debate. Regular members have the opportunity to attend international competitions and meet other speakers from around the world.


Email: Facebook: CBS Debating Society



Who we are CBS Finance Competition is the first M&A and finance focused case competition in the Nordics. Through real-life M&A cases, students will gain insights into investment banking, private equity, financial due diligence and other areas typically involved in a M&A process. What we do We arrange a yearly case competition targeted towards M&A and finance interested students. The finale takes place every year in the end of September with multiple smaller events such as workshops, skill seminars etc. taking place a couple of weeks before the competition itself. Partners CBS Finance Competition offers students in the organisation close collaboration with leading M&A professionals in Denmark. Current and former partners included: Accura, Bain & Co., Bech-Bruun, Carnegie, Citi, Danfoss, FSN Capital, Maj Invest and PwC.

Web: Email: Phone: +45 51 94 42 02 Facebook: cbsfinancecomp LinkedIn:



What we do We will be your guide, mentor and facilitator through your professional path in the healthcare industry.

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Who we are We are a group of students sharing a deep interest in the healthcare industry.

We offer: • Insights on the most innovative healthcare trends • Networking with leading healthcare companies • Assistance to find your ideal job in the healthcare industry Have an impact in the healthcare industry! We empower you to achieve your professional goals. Enhance your knowledge and improve your skills in order to become the next leading manager in the healthcare industry. Join us on Facebook.


Email: Facebook: cbshealthcare LinkedIn: Instagram: @cbshealth



Who we are This group was created for all Danish and international students attending CBS. We welcome everyone: undergraduate, masters, full time MBA and PHD students. What we do Through the organization of both social and academic events during the year, we can all share our backgrounds, history, business ideas and also increase our personal and professional networks. Are you new in Denmark? Are you a Danish student interested in developing new interpersonal skills? This association creates an atmosphere were Danish and international students enhance their international leadership skills. Does it sound like something for you? Or do you want to learn more about the association? Then please contact us using the info below.

Email: Phone: +(45) 52 80 12 13 Facebook: CBS International-Dansk Professional Group 2016



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Who we are CBS Model United Nations is an association for students who have a special interest in international politics and the United Nations. We aim to increase awareness of international problems with an economic, social, cultural and humanitarian character amongst business students. What we do CBS MUN strives to bridge the gap between the private sector and intergovernmental institutions dealing with global issues, by providing a forum for students to learn about, discuss and engage with contemporary themes of geopolitics, sustainability and development. Membership Everyone is welcome to join CBS MUN events. However, to be eligible to join one of our trips, you must be a student at CBS for the entire training period and the trip itself (this means exchange students usually are unable to join unless they are at CBS for a full year).


Email: Facebook: CBSModelUN



Who we are CBS Talks is one of the largest student-driven organizations at CBS. We build bridges between students and leaders of both today and tomorrow through engaging and inspiring talks with some of the most talented executives from the Danish and international business community. What we do Besides organizing knowledge-sharing events on the trending industry challenges, we facilitate a unique network of business professionals and students. We show students where their efforts may take them and what lies beyond the ordinary curriculum. And most of all, we bring leadership to CBS! The CBS Talks Culture CBS Talks is for everyone. It doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t matter what degree you are doing or where you come from. We are not just a group of people working for the same goal. We are a family bound together by drive and enthusiasm. We have a strong team culture with frequent social events and an outstanding spirit!

Web: Email: Facebook: CBS Talks LinkedIn: CBS Talks Instagram: @cbs_talks



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Who we are We are a group of CBS Students that actively promote local volunteering for good causes and want to make it as easy as possible for CBS students to find and join volunteer work opportunities in their local communities. What we do We organize volunteering opportunities for CBS students and cooperate with many different local NGOs and non-profits. We also organize public events with non-profit organizations to broaden CBS studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; sense for community and actively support the non-profit organizations we cooperate with. Why we do it We believe that volunteering is an extraordinary experience and want to make it as accessible to everyone as possible. We also believe in solidarity and supporting the community we live in. If you want to take part in your own volunteering experience, sign up!


Email: Facebook: CBS Volunteering Twitter: @CBSvolunteering Instagram: @cbsvolunteering



Who we are We work to connect top performing students with consultancies. Through an array of events, we aim to develop studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; analytical skills and prepare members for future interviews with our top-tier partners. We follow a consistent approach to recruiting our members, ensuring a talented member base. What we do We prepare students for a career in management consulting. We host professional development workshops and networking opportunities events, all to provide unique insights to the life of a consultant. Get challenged with cases, practice case solving and spare time with our corporate partners. Why should I join? As a member, you gain industry specific knowledge, enhance your network and presentation skills. You also learn about problem solving techniques and improve your interview skills. We encourage all students interested in management consulting to apply!

Web: Email: Facebook: CPH Management Consulting Club LinkedIn: Copenhagen Management Consulting Club Instagram: @cphmcc



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Who we are Female Invest seeks to build a bridge between financial markets and the pool of young women who wish to take the leap into the world of investments. Our goal is to engage more women in trading as well as to get more women out in the financial industry. What we do Female Invest raises awareness through events and workshops in collaboration with professionals. The participants will get an introduction on how to invest themselves and an insight into the investment industry. We offer a forum for knowledge sharing and exchange of experiences.


Web: Email: Facebook: Female Invest LinkedIn: Female Invest Instagram: Female Invest



Who we are FinanceLab is a voluntary student organization run by ambitious and dedicated students. The organization is led by a board of 10 members and an ambassador team comprising of volunteer students. The Board has the responsibility of running and growing the organization on a day-to-day basis. What we do FinanceLab is bridging the gap in the world of finance. Through activities such as courses, lectures, network sessions, finance and investment banking conferences, practical experience with real-life corporate finance, capital markets and a study trip to London, we empower students to excel. Are you interested in Finance? Everyone is welcome in FinanceLab! It does not matter whether you are completely new to finance or experienced in the field. This is a great opportunity to see if finance is something for you. We are always on the lookout for committed and motivated members to join our organization.

Web: Email: Facebook: FinanceLab LinkedIn: FinanceLab Instagram: @financelab



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Who we are HA-Invest is an investment association targeting Norwegian students who have an interest in the financial markets. Since the founding in 1966, our portfolio has grown to having a current market value close to 1,000,000 NOK. What we do The intention of our organization is to increase knowledge of the stock market, while giving the opportunity to gain experience with investments and portfolio management. HA-Investâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mandate and purpose is to invest wisely in the Norwegian equity market and increase value for its shareholders. Meetings and workshops HA-Invest arranges weekly meetings with updates on the portfolio, company news and potential buy and sell candidates. Portfolio changes are conducted by voting and are decided upon by the shareholders. We also arrange workshops, in which we take a closer look at sectors and companies.


Web: Email: Facebook: HA-Invest



Who we are Are you fascinated by the international political agenda and current discussions? ID CBS is a student society that is inspired by broad perspectives from experts in all areas. We seek to make students question the world around them and dig deeper into major currently occurring world events. What we do At International Debate CBS our goal is to connect the dots and create a forum for students to encounter contemporary international discussions by hosting panel debates, seminars, study trips and much more. Why Join Us? As an active member, you will contribute with ideas and play a key role in event planning by reaching out to experts, politicians, companies and your fellow students. You will also be invited to join a variety of different social events where you get to meet many likeminded students.

Web: Email: Phone: +(45) 81 94 31 32 Facebook: International Debate CBS LinkedIn: LinkedIn.International Debate CBS



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Who we are MarketingLab is an organisation of engaged students who share an interest in marketing. MarketingLabâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mission is to bridge the students with the industry by delivering marketing related content and experiences that equip the students with essential marketing insights and skills beyond curriculum. What we do In collaboration with some of the most prominent companies, advertising agencies and marketing departments in Copenhagen, we aim to inspire marketing in multiple ways. Today, the most ambitious students with an interest in marketing work on a weekly basis with events, courses and consulting. Become Part of MarketingLab MarketingLab is always in the search for talented students who want to develop their skills within strategy and marketing. Apply to kick-start your career today! For more information, please visit our website.


Web: Email: Phone: (+45) 29 16 98 82 Facebook: MarketingLab LinkedIn: MarketingLab Copenhagen Instagram: @marketinglab



Who we are Oikos Copenhagen is the Danish chapter of the international student organization Oikos, which brings together students and future leaders interested in sustainable economics and management. Oikos has chapters in many countries worldwide including the US, Canada, India, Africa and most of Europe! What we do We bridge the gap between sustainability and business and provide a platform for students to think holistically and become responsible leaders. We execute annual events in collaboration with companies and organizations on relevant issues within the field of sustainable economics and management. What we offer you A chance to make an impact on your school, your education and your fellow students. A large local & global network. Access to international conferences. The possibility to develop your skills in project & organizational management. A way to socialize and have a good time with other amazing students!

Web: Email: Facebook: oikos Copenhagen LinkedIn: oikos Copenhagen Instagram: @oikoscopenhagen Snapchat: oikoscopenhagen



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Who we are PoKo is an organization for students who have an interest in politics and communication. It is a cross-university organization with members from CBS and KU that aims to connect students across universities, while organizing events with key-figures within politics and communication. What we do PoKo organizes monthly events at CBS and KU that gives you the opportunity to participate in talks and panel debates, as well as network with your favorite politician or communication specialist. Why we do it PoKo exists because of a desire to strengthen student engagement, knowledge and skills within politics and communication.


Email: Facebook: Politik & Kommunikation - PoKo Instagram: @politik_kommunikation Twitter: @pokocph



Who we are At S.I.C. Consulting, we empower students to spin off consulting projects from their academic activities, such as group projects, business projects and theses. We take the studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; academic work to the next level and facilitate the implementation of the analytical findings in the organizations. What we do Our role is to support you in the form of guidance and project management tools. Moreover, we will provide you with professional mentoring and act as sparring partners. You will set the scope of the project yourselves and work on it autonomously together with equally motivated team mates. Get involved S.I.C. Consulting is a young student organization. We are always looking for motivated new members. Join our community of like-minded people to gain valuable experience in consulting and project management and shape the future of our student society!

Email: Facebook: LinkedIn:



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Who we are Student Talks is a global non-profit focused on connecting inspiring students around the world. From Canada to Australia, from Helsinki to Mexico, we are a global community that has organized over 30 events in the last 2 years. We are mining the unlimited potential to connect and inspire. What we do At Student Talks, we believe that inspiration is the first step toward action. We organize kick-ass events, where the hot shots of our generation share their ideas on stage to empower their peers. We guarantee quality content, exciting tech and a dedicated team! Are you ready? â&#x20AC;Śto be part of a rising movement that is spreading like a wildfire around the world? To find the most inspirational students around CBS and organize transforming, interactive events? To fly around the world to support your peers in organizing their events?


Web: Email:




BLC FRESH GUIDE Who we are FRESH is a little multinational family at the BLC programme and consists of people from all around the world. We are brought together by our dedication to a great intro, and how people can come together despite cultural differences - one of the most important aspects of the BLC program! What we do FRESH is a little multinational family at the BLC programme and consists of people from all around the world. We are brought together by our dedication to a great intro, and how people can come together despite cultural differences - one of the most important aspects of the BLC program! Email: Phone: +(45) 30129318

BSC SOC UNION BOARD Who we are The BSU Board is compromised of a group of SOC students spanning all cohorts. We plan events that encompass all social, academic and career centered aspects of the course for present SOCâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ers! What we do The BSU Board prides itself on providing annual events that celebrate our graduating cohort, diverse cultural heritage and among other things, seasonal milestones. The BSU Board also focuses on providing semester talks covering a wide range of subjects. Email: Facebook: BSc. Soc. Union


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CEFA Who we are The purpose of CEFA is to create meaningful connections between CBS economics and finance master students and the job market via our corporate partners. We also aim to connect students across the economics and finance study lines, including AEF, ASC, FIN, FIR, FSM, IB, MAT and cand.oecon. What we do We arrange skills development events, exclusive partner events, women events and CEFA Day, our biggest event during intro week aimed at incoming master students. You will gain a unique insight into our corporate partners, expand your network and develop skills useful for your future career. Web: Email: Phone: + (45) 60 90 91 14 Facebook: Copenhagen Economics & Finance Association - CEFA Instagram: @cefacbs

CEMS CLUB COPENHAGEN Who we are CEMS Club Copenhagen (CCC) is the student association for CEMS students at CBS. We work to create a vibrant and dynamic CEMS community in Denmark that fosters lifelong relationships between CEMS students, alumni and corporate partners. What we do CCC seeks to ensure the best possible CEMS experience for CBS students academically, socially and professionally. We do this by arranging social, corporate, alumni and CSR events and by engaging with the larger CBS student community. We encourage you to join the team!


Email: Facebook: CEMS Club Copenhagen Instagram: cemsclubcopenhagen


FORENING FOR HA ALMEN STUDERENDE Who we are Foreningen for HA Almen Studerende (FHAS) is a student organization that aims to collectively represent bachelor students studying Economics and Business administration. FHAS works to enrich and broaden both the academic and social experiences of the student community. What we do FHAS organizes activities that are directly related to the education of its members. These activities include knowledge-sharing events and business partnerships, which aim to develop business skills, leadership and analytical thinking as well as provide networking opportunities. Web: Facebook: Foreningen for HA Almen Studerende Email:

FORENINGEN AF ERHVERVSJURISTER Who we are Foreningen af ErhvervsJurister, “FEJ” (The Association of Commercial Lawyers), is a student organization for those studying HA(jur.)/cand.merc.(jur.) at CBS. The organization aims to increase students’ opportunities to establish a network and be part of the community - socially and academically What we do FEJ consists of 5 subcommittees under the Board Business Committee: Plan company visits Party Committee: Party planning A Team: Plans social events Travelguide: Organizes the study trip FEJebakken: Student newsletter Web: Email: Facebook: Foreningen af ErhvervsJurister LinkedIn: Foreningen af ErhvervsJurister


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FSM SOCIETY Who we are The FSM Society aims to become a strong social network, but also a valuable professional platform. It enables FSM graduates to continue to enjoy the international and great learning experience that they received during their masters program at CBS. It is open both to FSM students and graduates. What we do FSM Society strives to organize various professional and social events, in which to share ideas and knowledge while networking. Membership of the society and attendance of our events will enable students and alumni to broaden their professional knowledge and network. Web: Email: LinkedIn: FSM Society - Copenhagen Business School

IB UNION Who we are IB Union is a student organization which brings together students from all years at the bachelor level through academic and social activities. Our purpose is to improve the student life and strengthen the community in the International Business program. What we do The Union works to educate IB students through educational events such as case competitions and collaboration with company partners. Additionally, the union focuses particularly on facilitating social interaction between the different years of IB, through events like the annual Gala and IB dinners.


Web: Facebook: IB Union


IBA STUDENTS Who we are We are the students of the International Business in Asia, also known as IBA. As IBA Students, we launch program related initiatives and events, as well as work towards making our study program the best it can be. We see ourselves as CBSâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; gateway to Asia. What we do Our activity scope ranges from organizing parties to educational events, Asia-related talks, workshops and administrative initiatives - all of which is part of our mission to better position IBA at CBS and make Asia more accessible to the students at our university. Email: Facebook: President: Sofia Pouramiri Pedersen

IBP UNION Who we are IBP Union is the student union for bachelor and master students in International Business and Politics. We aim to improve the student life in various ways both academically and socially, because studying is not only about going to classes. This makes IBP one of the top study programs in Denmark. What we do IBP Union is contributing to a general debate on what could be improved inside and outside the lecture halls at IBP. We organize parties and social events, but also guest lectures, company visits and case competitions, as well as facilitate an assignment bank for students to share their knowledge. Web: Email: Facebook: IBP Union


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IMK UNION Who we are IMK Union is a student organization made for the students studying a BA in IMK at CBS. The organization is driven by a network of dedicated IMK volunteers who are deeply engaged in mobilizing a social life beyond studies and widen the professional horizon of IMK students. What we do IMK Union is striving to bring IMK students together through arranging professional and social events. The organization facilitates various professional and study related events that enable a creation of strong professional and social networks outside your studies. Email: Facebook:

PRO UNION Who we are Pro Union is the student union for all students and alumni of Business Administration and Project Management (HA pro.). We strengthen and facilitate the many student initiatives and build bridges between the students and the business world. What we do Pro Union strives to empower the students by offering various study related activities, courses and company visits. In collaboration with the business world, we aim to develop and maintain a strong image for HA pro. and the academic competencies of our current and former students.


Web: Email: Facebook: Pro Union LinkedIn: Pro Union


PSYK SOCIETY Who we are PSYK Society is a non-profit student union contributing with events in the areas linking business and psychology. The organization is driven by student volunteers and aims to be relevant for a broad audience and to contribute academically and socially to those who wish to engage with us. What we do Our vision is to provide the best possibilities for our members to achieve and fulfil their full potential. To that end we execute career promoting events, academic initiatives and social activities for all our stakeholders. Furthermore, we are also related to the programsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; study board. Web: Email: Facebook: PSYK Society LinkedIn: PSYK Society

SHIPPING UNION Who we are Shipping Union was founded in 2015 at Copenhagen Business School, and it is a 100% non-profit organization. Shipping Union works to establish strong and lasting relationships between all students linked with shipping as well as building bridges between the industry and students. What we do We arrange social and academic events for shipping interested people at CBS as well as Singapore Management University (Singapore) and Texas A&M for our students abroad. To get an idea of the events we have previously organized, please go to our Facebook page linked below. Web: Email: Phone: +(45) 26 18 39 12 Facebook: Shipping Union



CBS STUDENTS NETWORK The student life at CBS would be much less fun without the many volunteering and social opportunities. The CBS Students Network contains more than 100 student organizations and student unions that collectively contribute to the extracurricular life at CBS. CBS Students makes a constant effort to assist and facilitate the student organizations in every way imaginable, continually providing new measures of support. At CBS Students, we offer the organizations the possibility of participating in social gathering events and workshops. In addition, we organize the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Student Society Dayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; during which students and organizations can get to know one another.

Even this Network Book was made by volunteers at CBS Students. As volunteers, we have found the organization we are passionate about, and hope you will as well. Is the booklet missing an organization that represents something you are passionate about? Consider starting your own! Swing by our office at Solbjerg Plads, and we will be happy to help you with the practicalities. Your CBS Students Team


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ORGANIZATION CBS Students wants to ensure a vibrant study life, so we are always supportive of the establishment of new student organizations. Please contact us if you have an idea for an organization which will bring value to the CBS student body! We can help with the practicalities, ensuring you get a good start. Email us to hear more, come by our office, or check out our website. We look forward to hearing from you! Web: Email:




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Network Book 2018/19  

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