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What Bail Bond Companies Are Not Bail bond companies are regarded one of the most misunderstood industries. Their role in the justice system is often times misconstrued as that of condoning criminality. This circumstance may be attributed to how media and film companies portray these companies that influence the minds of the public. In reality though, bail bond companies are a far cry from the bad boys they are thought to be. They are simply doing business according to what is prescribed by law and are just part of a whole and complex justice system.

One fact that is often distorted about bail bond company in ventura is that people believe they are capable of negotiating bail bond amounts when, in fact, bail amounts are decided upon solely by the court presiding judge and, also, in accordance with existing state laws. No bond company is able to do anything about this and any bond agent who advertises or claims that they can do otherwise needs to be reported to the authorities. The judge considers severity of the crime, defendant’s criminal history, present occupation and community standing of the accused as factors in coming up with the amount, but, never has the bail bond man have anything to do at all in Coming Up with the amount

. Another point in issue is that bail bond companies are accused of charging interest on the amount they financed for the arrested person. To clear up the matter, it would be best to clearly define a bail bond company’s role. A bail company finances the amount set, through a surety bond, for the temporary release of the accused. The indemnitor, usually a loved one of the accused, in turn owes the bail company 10% service fee just within the range prescribed by laws of the state. Cases that are handled by personal attorneys and for bail in very large amounts, the fee is usually lowered to 8%. In instances when the case extends for more than a year, the law allows bond

companies to charge another 10% for premium since they also have to renew the surety bond in court which is only good for a year’s period.

It is also a common misconception that public safety is put at risk because of bail bonds. In fact, it is the prime reason why the public has this negative perception of bail bond men because by they believe that bail bonds have helped put the accused, especially notoriously violent ones, back into society where their safety is compromised. Unknown to many, a ventura bail bondsman is compelled to bring the accused to court for trial. And should there be any situation wherein the accused jumps off, a bail bond man is authorized To Look For and bring the accused back in court. Bail bonds men are not the bad guys that a lot of people think they are. They help whoever is accused in court but only in the parameters of what is legal and not to bend the laws of the state.

Ho wBail Bonds Set You Free From Jail  

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