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Cultural Organization Shipley Art Gallery Project Event Knitted Lives REFLECTIVE



he report will illustrate and analysis the appropriate role of design manager while working with multidisciplinary team in the commercial industry. Meanwhile, giving the evident on which design strategies are used and understanding it usability. Then, we will suggest some useful strategies on which of the process can be improved for the quality of utilizing design parameters, hence, evident the theory we have observed. Finally, evaluate the final outcome we have gained from this project as the conclusion.

public. Hence, event was chosen, Knitted Lives is about celebrates the skills and creativity for local older women, who explore everyday objects in a new way, meanwhile, provides an amazing snapshot of their lives. Particularly, craft skills are dying out; Shipley Art Gallery, as a cultural organization, they wants to give the opportunity to the public and enhance their experiences from the typical event. The organization tries to consist the original culture and to allowing multi-generation to be involved with those specialities to enjoy their life.

When the obligation was passed, we decided to choose one of the most interesting event to be our project objective. The project brief is about culture product providing by cultural organization communicating to the 2

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Open Exhivition at Shipley Art Gallery


efore we interview the event manager, we have also enjoyed the exhibition which exhibiting currently on the Shipley Art Gallery, the whole atmosphere was very relaxing and enjoyable when we were visiting. Interview is on, the event manager are kind and easy going person, she provided us a lot useful information also with some difficult challenge when she encountered. That is to negotiate with the event curator, as she has the responsible to managing the project process. To explain that in detail, when Shipley Gallery facing any artistic vision problem they have their own style to overcome with it, but this time, Equal Arts that is the event operator organization, they insist their own artistic vision about how they wish the event can be communicate to the public. In this stage, the event manager has to use the most reliable strategy to negotiate with Equal Arts, and make sure the result will be satisfy between both organization for the event.

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The producing a successful event, the resources must be obtained by elsewhere, but it concerning about the firms financial availability to launching an event. Hence, the relevant resources must be selected before to plan the event actual look. Additional advantage from launching an event in Shipley gallery can be mention is that, they have been associating with amount of people who are willing to be involving in any kind of occasions as volunteers. Therefore, no matter the size of the event, it will be an useful human resources for volunteers to assistance rather than hiring other people from elsewhere, sometimes it might be expensive for limited budget of event planning. In this case, Knitted Lives, mainly were sponsored by Equal Arts, as they are the society for UK Northern Region arts and older people charity organization, they covered most of expenses, luckily, Shipley Gallery did not spending too much on it in this time.

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Shipley Art Gallery Project Manager



prepaing for interview

esign management could be categorizing in diverse part within the organization. “Shipley Art Gallery is managed by Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums on behalf of Gateshead Council “described by Knitted Lives project manager. Knitted Lives is a project created by 32 local elder womens from Newcastle who talented on knitting skill and inspired by vary objects through their daily life. The exhibition came through a project run by Equal Arts, a Gateshead-based charity which celebrates older people’s skills and offers them an opportunity to observe their creativity. The event had also involving with textile artists Jenny Burns and Fiona Rutherford, they met those elder peoples each week to share their ideas and knowledge then

design the three dimensional module through their memories by this opportunity.

People are gregarious and social beings. We need to interact with each other and we do our best work when we do. The work place is not a machine, despite all of the 19th century metaphors to the contrary. It is a community and social practices make it work.’ Boast (1994). To be able to manage the event processes in the most productive way, hence, to exploit the skill of design management strategy was needed within several stages. In real practice, there are three types of Design Management, operational management, functional management, and strategic manage-


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ment. Sim, as the project manager of Shipley Art gallery, her duty is basically ensure that process are going on the right track in each steps, that is including equipment arrivals, meeting with operator, communicate with any relevant department/ designer, which enable the outcome to satisfy people who are involving this task. Singh (2008) mentioned that “ operations management as the productive heart of an organisation, the purpose of which is to deliver timely, reliable and accurate service to the end-users.” In other words, her responsible was ensuring the overall project planning and progress able toward and install implementation as well as reviewing and assisting with problem resolution, coordinating task dependencies, and establishing milestone project

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goals that keep the project on time and within budget. Most importantly, she has to report everything and hold the appropriate condition to confirm with event stakeholders, executive sponsor, key user and system administrators satisfaction periodically.


n conclusion, seems her duty involving the project were not only refer to operational management it is also combines functional management, which could also be consider as “matrix management.”

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roject management is one of the useful systematic systems upon on organizing a project within any scale of business. Although it is useful, as the business industry is such a massive filed, the way how does an organization utilize it in the most remarkably way, it may determined by the management of the process resources are to be used, focus, meet the customer needs as such relevant context. Project management institution defines as following: project management is a

RUSELT art directing and coordinating human and material resources throughout the life of a project by using modern management techniques to achieve predetermined objectives of scope, quality, time and cost, and participant satisfaction. Figure 1. Showing the innovation and design processes in each steps with the involvement.


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s imag

d Live

nitte The K

n this paper, we are going to observe and define it more on event management to show the evidence through our research. Before go into the insights, the project manager mentioned that, ” to be able to produce a successful event, you have to make sure the person who carried the obligation to manage the task on time and reach company’s mission accurately to the audiences.“ The event idea was establish from Equal Arts and led project artists Fiona Rutherford and Jenny Burns, “the project is very much a collective effort, as different women made pieces for each others stories.” by Equal Arts director. Once the decision has made, they were searching a public institution that comprehended the value of capacitate to accomplish the idea, hence, Shipley Art Gallery was chosen. “Although it was an outstanding achievement, in contrast, there were some obstructions to encounter with, the most tough chal-

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lenge was when we need to negotiate both organizations dissimilar vision for the event. We both have our own consideration on doing an object. Take it as an example, we try to transform our concept as clear as possible to our audience, result in the understanding of the holistic purpose are accurate. Whereas, Equal Arts didn’t want to label any proper description on the object, they insisted the way in which they usually do, but that might effecting our result in unsatisfaction responds for our participators.” said by project manager. In the end, problem was accomplished, the gallery decide to produce a brochure for the visitor to discover the event illustration for their participation. Furthermore, despite the event was successful, the manager had also described a few promotion strategic revamp for the future similarity issue to launch greater achievement.

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e u l a V n g si


T h e o r y, P ra c t i c e , I m p rove m e n t


he level of design management is used as functional level, and operational level. According to that, functional level, Since Shipley has it’s own designer, who works for Shipley and they always need to interconnect with external designer to achieve gallery’s success. On the other hand, operational level, gallery’s manager organizes the process witch needs to related to their gallery’s distention. To improve the cultural product design, we recommend strategic management level, for the following reasons. Although certain galleries have their mission, but does their audience always perceived those messages? The museum’s core product, is exhi-

bition, together with is information functions, its infrastructure, and its support services, are all communicating a message to the public (Fiona McLean, 1997) however, if gallery could establish their brand equity, this might result in peoples understanding in every perspective. By differentiating the museum within the marketplace, branding helps the museum to compete at a time when it needs to win audiences, government funding, and corporate and private philanthropy (Scott 2007). The other philosopher has also mentioned “ this has an enduring core purpose, which creates a long-term bond with those sectors of the market sharing the same values. “ Scott (2006, 36)


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is their responsible to design cultural eflect on the latest issue, while the contexts to the public to generate the most influential day of the year is gap in-between both. coming soon world-widely, in Newcastle, the atmosphere are full of cheering and happiness surrounding by us, at the same time, one of the most exciting event has also come to embrace the community since Monday 22 November until Saturday 4 December as “Free festive fairs and markets�, which provides people with such enjoyable environment. The event is related to the fairtrade and arts and craft market, governed by Newcastle city council. The event was design by local organization to bring the message with enjoyable and delightful feeling to the local publicity. The local organization understand the peoples desire Newcastle Upon Tyne and emotion aspect then design such Christmas Market 2010 delightful event to meet their needs, which means, as the organization representing the cultural institution, it


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t n e m e g a an M ic g e t Stra E va l u a te , s t ra te g i c g o a l s , i m p l e m e n t s t ra te g i c i n t h i s c a s e


n this paragraph, we will outline the structure of the organization’s mission and objective refers to their strategic goals. Shipley Art Gallery are part of Tyne& Wear Archives & Museums that are representing Gateshead Council. The Gallery has currently on behalf the community institution, which provides contemporary fine art and relevant designer works, including craft, textile, and wood, it recently been qualified as one of the best collection exhibited within public organization outside of London. As Shipley Art Gallery belongs to part of the Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums organization, they have still established each of their own objective and mission in particular essences, but in general, it’s the long-term plan upon the orga-

nization that determine their institution’s place yet define their identities, therefore enriching the value for their community through the collection as well as improving their quality of lives in local area. In the next following section, we will analysis their use of strategic, meanwhile, offering the effectively suggestion for better tactic improvement.


ccording to Porter Generic Strategies, there are three different levels on how to managing design in any size of the business. First of all, image driven design strategic, it’s about the strategy’s differentiation, to explain that, as Shipley Art Gallery has it’s own aesthetic vision thus those cultural product exhibition


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event is used to express Shipley’s vision to interpreting the message to the public. This can be an element that makes Shipley distinctive as well as their brand identity. Based on that, Shipley has built up well connection with local community to showing their long-term plan with their objective. Secondly, market driven design strategic, in this case, design used as a function to communicate with their audience. For example, the designer (Shipley Art gallery) has a responsibility to maintain any “visual aspect” is right to choose, to matching the gallery’s atmosphere. In addition, the key role of designer (in the gallery) is to help audience to perceiving art pieces in appropriate way. Therefore, design is also used as a tool to communicate with public by producing different types of text work, labeling, brochure, etc. Finally, Both design strategies need to harmonize properly since both are equally important in

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cultural product design. However, the most important issue is that how design is used as a tool to communicate with people effectively and reflects an organization’s vision. Thus, for the image driven strategic, Shipley needs to maintain its artistic vision and let people understanding the message through those exhibition pieces connecting to their brand identity. On the other hand, design needs to provide more opportunities for audience to get involve with their participation, hence, more promotion strategy are required to enhancing peoples interested in this case.

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o allowing us provide better solution to produce better solution to improve the event, during the process, we found some difficulties to encountered with. As this project was post-event, there are certain obstacles to collect useful data during our research, however, we rang the project manager a few times, as she promised us to pass on some useful information, by the time we interviewing her, but she was busy to prepare and work on other oncoming event and project, resulting in, we still waiting for her response to support our exhibition needs. Never the less, the situation made us slightly disquiet since we felt

we were bothering her so much. Another difficulty is that both of us have not experienced and seen this project before only accessed by photos and video, hence, if we have an opportunity to participate this exhibition, we would have better idea to improve the event confidently.


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ien r e p ex


his project provided a good opportunity to understand actual cultural product design insights while we were interviewing a project manager in Shipley Art Gallery. Especially we learned practical experience through the real event process and different roles of diverse experts involved in this particular task. Moreover, we have got a clear idea about the role for design manager and the importance within real industry. If we were asked to paricipate this project, our answer would be produced as following.

Designer H

eeseung: Yes. One reason for this is that my main purpose studying in this course is to learn about relevant cultural product design. I would like to take part in design events as design manager after completed my degree. Another reason is that I think I have an ability to improve the field that is communicate with public by using my knowledge which I learned from this project.

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atie: Yes, I would love to. I was involved with some similarity event from my previous experience, especially design event in North east of England. By the time I participated, my role was either exhibition assistant in 2007 or marketing assistant in 2008. Despite, I was just a volunteer, but I gained diverse knowledge by different angle from different perspective. In Taiwan, cultural event has become very popular scope for event designer organizer as one of important element among cultural context, besides, I am a very curious person in such interesting field, I assumed that I would love to be involved with any kind of relevant issue as future expectation. I learned a lot things from this task, which I would never expected to explore from the event process. To plan an event, is not an easy things to achieve, no matter to the size, it must have a lot things needs to concern about, of course, the bigger the more needs to prepare, but we all agreed that Shipley Gallery is an well-organized cultural institution to provide cultural product to communicate with community, the surrounding makes people feel very relaxing to enjoy the exhibition.

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Designer: Heesung


eesung: As a designer, ‘Design management’ is a knowledge H which generates huge benefits in the

company both visible and invisible side as time passed. I am a person who believes design has a huge impact on not only for people but also in society. In addition, I am going to represent the designers’ view appropriately within this participation. For this reason, DM is to create value and explore potential of organizations. I think DM is reflected different roles according to time lines. In the short term, DM is focused on adjusting the idea between various experts and managing limited resources more effectively to reach a goal. This step is quite clear to evaluate and cor-

rect the errors because of the result in each project, which comes up quickly. Another aspect for short term is that, in this task design used as a tool to meet demands of consumers. The goal of corporation is usually strongly related to end-users. Thus, DM is intermediate to satisfy both suppliers and buyers in business. In the long term, the objective is to make a clear and specific identity that can generate strong power for each corporation in the market. Although the process was invisible and we cannot measure it, whereas it has a numerous potential in the future as we improve them to create better result. Consequently, DM is an indispensable part into the business.


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e u l a V n g i s


Non-designer: Katie


atie: As a non-designer, before I entered this course, I was not really sure what it is about, since the day I attend the class, my mind starting to change. Design management, can be explain in vary different ways, I would say, design is for improving the quality of our lives, management is the means to interpreting the meaning of design through it’s strategy. As a design management student, it is important to understand the process and dealing difficulties in vary situation. While I am trying to respond some question given by this paper, it was a challenge, as we have just been into the course for not even three months, for each specific words or phrase, typically in design, it’s a broader area to

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specify the meaning, it enhancing my ability to dealing the problem I met. In addition, if we can have more time to digest those given philosophies, as well as theory impact, the assignment would have done in better result.

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REFERENCES Museum management and curatorship: the international forum for museum professionals (editor-in-chief, Robert R. Janes, number 2 June, 2008) Museum management and curatorship: the international forum for museum professionals (editor-in-chief, Robert R. Janes, number 4 December, 2008) Marketing the museum, Fiona McLean, 1997 Information management in museums, Elizabeth Arna and Charles Pettitt, 1998) Museum strategy and marketing: designing missions, building audiences, generating revenue and resources, Neil Kotler& Philip Kotler, 1998) Managing projects: building and leading the team, David boddy (2002) Brilliant project management: what the best project managers know, say and do.(Stephen barker and Rob Cole,2007) A framework for project and program management integration (R.Max wideman Fellow, PMI,1991) Event management: edited by Peter Robinson, Debra Wale and Geoff Dickson,2010

WEBSITE Shipley Art Gallery Tyne and wear Tyne & Wear Archives 16

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Plamning an Event Brochure / A1 Storyboard Production --

The process was assisting by Andy Tennant, who is one of our design lector, he gave us some basic guidence on typography design, which was a huge favor, resulting in satifsy feedback from the visitors on event launching day, thanks Andy:) Design by Heeseung, Katie. Brochure Production: Bang On printing shop Storyboard Production: Design School

A1 storyboard Front look

Brochure Inner

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Design Value work  
Design Value work  

Sememster work submission