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Graphics Notebook Katelyn Winkler

Sources Magazines: Bridge for Design Marie Claire Healthy Living Local Wolves mag Shei Magazine (U-M Fashion mag) Elle Skinnie BMA

Fly Media Mag Alive Adore Latin Power Music Superior Crain Detroit Kentucky Derby Magazine Baltimore Business Journal

Newspapers: Times Daily Daily Breeze Khaleej Times The Plain Dealer Des Moines Register Times Free Press Green Bay Press Gazette LA Times Lincoln Journal Star New York Times The Inquirer Gadsen Times Gainseville Sunhorizonal The Buffalo News The World Herald The State News Chicago Tribune Omaha World Journal The Post Cresent

Courier News Clarion Ledger The Denver Post The Birmingham News Poughkeepsie Journal Asbury Park Press Sun Sentinel STL Sports Today Gainesville Sun Post Cresent Montgomery Advertiser The Philadelphia Inquirer Sheboygan Press Idaho State Journal Arizona Republic The North Western Clarian Ledger Prescott Valley

1. Bylines The World Herald

Marie Claire Magazine

The State News

Times Daily

2. Credit Lines Chicago Tribune

The State News

The World Herald

3. Rules Lines Chicago Tribune Healthy Living

The World Herald

4. Headlines Elle

Local Wolves

The World Herald

5. Display/ art heads BMA

Fly Media

The World Herald

6. Decks Alive Magazine

Omaha World Herald

Poughkeepsie Journal

7. Subheads Alive Magazine

Asbury Park Press

The State News

8. Story with no art/ horizontal Gadsden Times

Gainesville Sun

9. Story with no art/ vertical Sun Sentinel

10. Story with no art/ square Gainseville Sun

11. Story with one horizontal photo The State News

12. Story with one vertical photo Daily Miner

13. Story with one dominant vertical, small horizontal STL Sports Today (both)

14. Story with one dominant horizontal, small vertical Buffalo News

15. Story with two verticals Lincoln Journal Star

16. Story with two horizontals Courier News

17. Story with mug Montgomery Advertiser

18. Flag (nameplate) LA Times

Local Wolves

The State News

The Eye Reactive Flag

19. Standing Heads Adore Magazine

Green Bay Gazette

The State News

20. Column Logo Crain

New York Times

The Philadelphia Inquirer

21. Liftout Quote Adore Magazine

Sheboygan Press

The State News

The Philadelphia Inquirer

22. Refers Daily Breeze

Post Cresent

The State News

23. Teasers The State News

Today’s News

Sheboygan Press

24. Cutlines Arizona Republic

Idaho State Journal

The North Western

25. Jump Lines Clarion Ledger

Herald TImes

Trescott Valley Tribune

26. Reverses Latin Power Music Magazine

Post Cresent


27. Initial/Drop Cap Clarion Ledger

Kentucky Derby Magazine

Denver Post

28. Wraparound (runaround) Des Moines Register

Skinnie Magazine

Time Free Press

29. Photo cutout Khaleej Times Local Wolves

The Plain Dealer The State News

30. Fact Boxes Adore

Denver Post

The State News

31. Graphics Package Sun Sentinel

32. Tables Denver Post Green Bay Gazette

Sun Sentinel

33. Charts and Graphs Baltimore Business Magazine

The Plain Dealer Green Bay Gazette

34. Maps Green Bay Gazette

Baltimore Business Magazine

Sun Sentinel

35. Folio lines Vogue

Bridge for Design

Shei Magazine (U-M’s student fashion magazine)

Graphics notebook  
Graphics notebook  

JRN 336 Project