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CrossFit Not very many people know about crossfit and if they do they probably only here that it is a very intense, hard workout. They don’t know the exercises that come with it or the amount of time it takes to build up strength to do them. CrossFit 101 will give you a little insight on what it is all really made up of. Throughout a WOD, workout of the day, you will do several sets of different exercises. You may do three minutes of wall balls and then five minutes of box jumps and so on and so forth. Such exercises consists of wall balls, box jumps, rope climbs, thrusters, one hand stands, hand stand walks, muscle ups, pull ups, and weighted squats. Each day you do a grouping of different exercises so you’re working something different every day. Each WOD should take no more than

20-30 minutes. The exercises are only how ever many you can physically do in certain amount of time. Therefore, it doesn’t take you an hour to complete. It is a perfect workout for people with little time who still want the best workout possible, because they will get nothing less. So next time you think about doing crossfit just make sure you’re hydrated and know what you’re getting yourself into. Rich Froning, CrossFit Games winner 2013, stated “Sometimes it’s not how good you are but about how bad you want it.” Remember this next time you tell yourself there is no way you can do such a crazy workout.

CrossFit Motions:


One hand stand

Box Jump


“Sometimes it’s not about how good you are but about how bad you want it.”

Phil Rutledge 45 pounds and counting


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