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Fashion Communication & Promotion (Level 1) Visual Awareness FASH10105

Contents • Pages 1& 2: Digital Copy of Week 1, Multi-media Mood board • Pages 3& 4: Digital Copy of Project 1- Brand Mood board 2, from Brand Visual Analysis (The then, the now.)

• Pages 5,6& 7: Digital Copy of Project 2- Brand Analysis Presentation (The then, the now& the other) • Pages 8,9& 10: Digital Copy of Project 3- Brand-zine (the then, the now& the other) • Page 11: Reflective Journal- Blog Link and ISSUU Publishing Page-Link

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Digital Copy of Week 1Multi-media Mood board

This mood board was creating from your chosen Designer. I chose Margo Selby. I chose pictures that I cut out from old magazines using her inspiration which is from art deco and geometric prints. Also using her colour techniques and patterns. We then stuck the images down onto a sheet of A3 card. To do this I researched into the designer thoroughly as in 6th form I created a year project based around her.

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Digital Copy of Project 1Brand Mood board 2, from Brand Visual Analysis (The then& the now) For this project we were assigned at group of 5 people. We each had individual brands. Through out the project had to work out what the similarities between the 5 different brands were. We had to individually created a mood board which represented my brand which was Weekday. It had to included cultural references and visual themes associated with the brand. The project the ‘Then and the Now's’ showed the brands visual identity. We had to find imagery to relate to the following: the design equation of the brand’s handwriting, associated brand colours, motifs, icons, pattern and texture, materials and media, product, communication platform. The final mood board had to include 10 images.

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Digital Copy of Project 2Brand Analysis Presentation (The then, the now& the other)

This project consisted of team work, research and analysis skills, presentation and communication skills. We were assigned to teams of 5. Our group chose Diane Von Furstenberg to do the project on. It was an interesting project as I had never heard of the designer before. The team worked really well together and we had regular meetings that we kept to each day and recording the amount of hours we met up for. We then had to present to our tutors and peers for 10 minutes. We created que cards with Diane’s lips on the back so it would tie in with the rest of the presentation.

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Digital Copy of Project 3Brand-zine (the then, the now& the other) We had the choice to chose which brand we wanted to use for this project. I chose Levi’s. I chose this brand because it is very popular and I know people that have Levi’s and I wear them myself; however did not know much abut the rest of the brand and wanted to research into this. I designed my Brand-zine on A5 paper using Photoshop software. The final product was then printed and bound. The first section was on the Then and the Now which had to be 1000 and the second part was creating a New Concept which also had to be 1000 words.

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Portfolio Level 1  

Kathleen Veal N0508770 Fashion Communication& Promotion (Level 1) Visual Awareness FASH10105

Portfolio Level 1  

Kathleen Veal N0508770 Fashion Communication& Promotion (Level 1) Visual Awareness FASH10105