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English Composition Period 2

Katie Sherman

Table of Contents:

Letter to Me/ 2 Top Ten Favorite Foods I Am Me/ The Most Influential


Ski Club/ Looking Back


Time Capsule/ 5 Strength is What it Takes Hurricane Katrina/ Foods In and Out/ Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina


Boston/ Take me 7 to That Old Familiar Place Goals for the Fu- 8 ture

K at i e Sh er ma n

Dear Katie, I would start by telling you to enjoy all the time you have in high school because it goes a lot quicker than you think. Don’t wish it away because it will be all be gone before you know it and you will be graduating so embrace every moment you have. Don’t let anyone get to you or ruin day, especially a guy. Whether the problem seems big or small try your best to ignore it because

P e rio d 2

most likely it won’t matter a few years down the road. Make sure you think about that before you are dramatic about anything or ruin something for someone else because of it. Be nice to everyone because you never know when it will come back to you but also don’t worry about what other people think of you. Next, continue to play a sport throughout all of high school. Don’t give up on something so easily

because you’ll regret not play any sports by the end of your senior year. Lastly, spend more time with your family because they are the ones that will always be there and soon enough you’ll still be with all of your friends at college but your family won’t be a few steps away anymore. Take full advantage of every moment you have in high school and make the best of it because before you know it, it will all be over with.

Top Ten Favorite Foods 

Pizza has always been one of my favorite foods. I prefer ordering it from a restaurant but I also like making it at home too. I also like to keep it simple, Pepperoni is my favorite.

I like all type of pasta but Mac and cheese and plain old spaghetti are my favorites.

Humus is a Mediterranean food make from chick peas. It’s my favorite snack to eat on pretzels and it’s also healthy. Tortilla soup is also something recent that I have started to like. The spiciness of the soup when put on tortilla chips is a great mix.

I always order burritos and queso at Moe’s and Chipotle. I prefer these places over the more authentic Mexican restaurants.

When I was younger, the only drink I would drink was orange juice with every meal. It is still my favorite thing to drink with any breakfast food to this day.

Cake pops recently became popular to make and even to buy at certain places like Starbucks. The center is cake and icing mix so it’s moist. The outside is a harder icing that keeps it all together.

Besides just pumpkin pie, I enjoy a lot of pumpkin flavored things like bread, cake, and coffee. I like it for the cinnamon flavor along with hints of other tastes.

Whenever I go out to eat at breakfast restaurants, I always order French toast. My mom also makes the best  homemade French toast; this is when I first started liking it at a young age.

Strawberries have always been my favorite fruit especially in the summer time. Their flavor is different than most other fruits and is very sweet.

Katie Sherman

Period 2

I am a sister. Being the only girl with two brothers has its advantages and disadvantages. Stuck in the middle of two brothers as well, makes me stand out from them. Being in middle, I don’t get babied like the youngest or favorited like the oldest. There never is much to say about the middle child of any fam-

ily. On the plus side, I have an older brother who I can look up to and I have a younger who I can help when he needs it. Neither of them can say that for themselves. Being the only girl is a whole other story. I get left out sometimes when my brothers want to do boy activities like play sports or video games but the time I get

Always there for me, supporting me through everything I do, the only person that comes to my mind is my mom. I’ve never seen someone with such a selfless attitude but will stand up for something that she cares about. My mom is constantly putting others before herself, especially her three kids. The challenges she overcame as a child made her

the strong, influential woman she is today. I know everything she does for me is her best interest to try and prevent me from going through those same things. In second grade, when my family and I moved from North Carolina, she was the only friend I had and is still the only person I can say has been there for me through it all. Even if she doesn’t com-

to spend with my mom and do girl things like shop and get our nails done is always worth it. The role I play in my family makes me the person I am outside of my family as well. I’d rather spend my time hanging out with all my friends whether they are guys or girls instead of a big group of girls and that goes along with being outside rather than shopping.

pletely agree with one of my decisions, she always understands that’s what I want most and supports me through it all. Almost everyday I am told that I show many similarities to my mom, more than anyone she has shaped the person I am today. My mom is nowhere near perfect but I’m proud of the person she has made me become because I would be nowhere without her.

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Katie Sherman

the two hour bus ride to Lawrenceburg, where Perfect North is located. The bus rides are always interesting At the beginning of every school with everyone’s energy and year there is one activity that I excitement to ski. Once we look forward to most. On cold arrived we quickly pushed Friday nights in January, a group our way to the line to pick up of kids from our school head to our lift tickets and raced to Perfect North to ski, and if brave put all of our gear on. After enough, a few of us will try everyone found their friends snowboarding. Since My first exand was prepared to ski we perience was sophomore year. As headed out to our favorite we all r we all piled on a bus hills. Right when I walked with our warmest clothes out the doors I saw seven crammed together in the tiny main slopes visible from the seats, we prepared for and take lodge, all covered in a blan-

When reminiscing on my life in Fishers there isn’t a specific place or event that I will miss most. The person that I miss most is my mom. Moving three hours away will be hard to maintain the same close relationship that my mom and I have always had. Along with my mom I will miss simply being a kid and having my parents, especially my mom, support me in the lit-

ket of snow. We felt the excitement as sweat began to trickle down our backs from the heat of the lodge. Once we began skiing, I knew I could always count on someone taking a rough turn then wiping out going down the first slope, giving everyone a laugh, reiterating to me why I already knew I loved ski club and spending my Friday nights there. A few hours passed and we made our way back to the lodge, ate to eat some dinner, and filed get back on the bus only to wait for the next week’s excitement.

tle, everyday things I do. College brings a whole new responsibility and forces you to grow up. No matter what the situation, I know if I mess up as kid, I can always rely on my mom to be there when I need her. It won’t be that easy when I’m away at college. I’ll miss the spontaneous shopping days and trips to the nail salon that my mom and I take together almost every weekend when we both

need to get away from everyone else. It’s impossible to have a relationship with anyone other friend or person like you can have with your mom and for the first few months after I leave Fishers that will be one of the only things I will truly miss.

Katie Sherman

Years from now students at Fishers High school will wonder what was popular, what the average student enjoyed doing with their time many years in the past. As a student in 2013 I would include some of the most important items that reflect who I am as a person throughout my entire life. Starting from when I was little, the first item I would include is a jar of sand from Wrightsville Beach. This is the beach that my family would spend our weekends at when we lived in North Carolina; so

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many of my earliest memories come from the place I called home. The second item included would be a soccer ball. Although I don’t play soccer anymore, it played a huge role in my life in all of my elementary, middle school, and early high school years making me the person I am today through friendships and teamwork. Next I would put a summer concert ticket. Some of my best memories from high school were made at summer country concerts like Rascal Flatts and Jason

When finishing eighth grade one of the most important things in my life was soccer. I was looking forward to playing my entire high school career and worked extremely hard all summer before freshman year to make it. Come tryouts, I made varsity and was more than excited to work hard and have a great season although I was a little intimidated by all of the upperclassman. My freshman

Aldean. I would want the students in the future, to see what many kids did for fun in the summers. A picture of my dogs would also be included. From being at the lake in Kentucky in the summers to playing in the snow, my two golden-doodles have made so many laughable memories with my family over the years. The final thing I would include is an IU shirt or my acceptance letter to represent what my future and many others from Fishers High School will hold.

year was a great season but by the time sophomore year rolled around I started not enjoy it as much as I once did but continued to be on varsity. Although it wasn’t as enjoyable, I continued to play so that way I could meet my goal of playing all four years in high school. When junior year started my attitude towards it got even poorer. I was soon not even a varsity player anymore because my couch also

knew it meant nothing to me. I had lost my goal to play all four years and gave no effort to the thing that had once been so important in my life. I wanted that season to be over more than anything. Looking back on my time as a soccer player, I think about all of the wasted effort because I gave up so easily and didn’t keep working at it. This was a situation that I got myself into then later had to deal with my consequences and overcome it, teaching me to be the bigger person and deal with my consequences in many things I do to

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Katie Sherman

“Hurricane Katrina.” The New York Times: Times Topics. N.p. 25 Sept. 2012. Web. 15 January. 2013)

Hurricane Katrina was a drastic event in 2005 pummeling a region of the gulf coast and affecting million not only in New Orleans, but across the entire country. Along with the treacherous winds that caused power outages and pushed water ashore submerging highways, Katrina forced people to be rescued from their rooftops and live in shelters after they had already lost everything.

Within the United States this hurricane affected millions, causing them to relocated and start completely over. Outside of that, this disaster created lasting damage on President Bush’s legacy because many say he failed to respond quickly enough to the event. On the other hand this storm made American and the entire world understand the planning it will take for the next generation flood protection not only in New Orleans but in coastal areas everywhere. On a personal level, my aunt and uncle live in Louisiana and although not affected to the extent that many were, they still had to face many challenges as the storm

hit. Besides the costs of preparing for the storm they had to replace their roof the following winter from the devastating winds and came to stay with my family and I while the hurricane was taking place. By focusing on this issue, we can prepare better in the future and not let things that we know about in advance, like weather, have such devastating effects.

Within the past few years, new items are appearing on menus all over the country. Still filled with great flavors and sweet and sour tastes, healthier foods are becom-

ing the popular food items for more and more people. Things such as salsas, organic foods, and smaller portion foods like cake pops are taking over America and I couldn't be happier. I’ve never been big on lots of junk food like chips, soda, and ice cream.

Things such as salsa and fruits have always been my favorites.

The picture that I choose isn’t just of any random beach that I went on vacation to as a child once and called it my favorite place in the world. The beach in this picture is where I grew up before moving to Indiana. It was the

perfect place where many memories were made. Each weekend in the warmer seasons, my family and I would take our five minute drive out to Wrightsville beach and spend the day laughing and enjoying every moment from riding the waves back into shore to eating at our favorite restaurant on the pier, taking for granted the place we called home.

My aunt and uncle would drive down from Raleigh each weekend also, making it even more special. Even though I was only seven, I can’t help but think about the perfect lifestyle I lived in my favorite place.

(Gosselin, Lisa. "10 Top Food and Health Trends in 2013 (Page 11)." 10 Top Food and Health Trends in 2013 (Page 11). N.p., n.d. Web. 19 May 2013.)

Katie Sherman

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“Take Me There” -Rascal Flatts

("Boston Marathon Explosion: Two Bombs Blast Finish Line, Killing Three & Injuring over 170." NY Daily News. N.p., 23 Apr. 2013. Web. 16) There s a place in your heart, nobody's

been Take me there About a month ago, when it turned into found hiding Things nobody knows, not even your on April 15, the Bos- a bloody mess for in a covered friends ton Marathon took many victims. Soon boat and was Take me there place like it does after, three were de- taken into cus- Tell me 'bout your momma, Your daddy, your hometown, show me every year. Except clared dead and tody. Looking around I wanna see it all, don't leave anything this year was a little many injured. back on this out, different as two exAmerica wanted an- tragic inciI wanna know everything about you then plosions occurred at swers. The two susdent, we have And I wanna go down every road you've the finish line. The pects were later to always be been Where your hopes and dreams and great feeling of found; one was prepared for wishes live crossing the finish killed on the spot something like Where you keep the rest of your life hid line was taken away while the other was this to occur. I wanna know the girl behind that pretty stare Take me there Your first real kiss, your first true love You were scared, show me where you learned about life Spent your summer nights without a care Take me there I wanna roll down Main Street, the back roads Like you did when you were a kid What made you who you are? When referring to the I tend to not open up to Tell me what your story is. song, “Take Me There” by many people so the I wanna know everything about you then Rascal Flatts, the first things that no one And I wanna go down every road you've thing that comes to knows about me are very been Where your hopes and dreams and mind is reminiscing on important to me when I wishes live all the times I’ve had do share them. Secondly, Where you keep the rest of your life hid growing up and my time when it talks about sumI wanna know the girl behind that pretty in North Carolina. mer nights and what stare Every line reminds me of made you who you are I Take me there, yeah I wanna know everything about you a different time I’ve had can’t help but think Yeah, everything about you, baby throughout my life. The about all of the crazy I wanna go down every road you've been line at the beginning memories I’ve had Where your hopes and dreams and that states, “things nothroughout high school wishes live Where you keep the rest of your life hid body knows, not even with my friends and how I wanna know the girl behind that pretty your friends,” relates to they’ve made me the perstare my life perfectly because son I am today. Take me, take me, take me there.

Ten years from now I can’t even begin to image where exactly my life will have taken me or what exactly I will be doing. If I had to take a guess I would begin by thinking I will be graduated from IU and starting a family of my own. Hopefully I will have a degree in something I truly enjoy doing

and I will be working hard to get the perfect job and climb my way to the top. Next I would hope to be married to the perfect guy so I never have to get divorced and put my kids through that. Living in Arizona or South Carolina is my dream after college so I never have to put up with snow again. In

order to achieve all of the plans I have set for myself I will have to start next year by working extremely hard in college and staying on track. Hopefully, in the long wrong, working hard early will pay off in the end and I will be able to live a successful life.

senior val portfolio  
senior val portfolio  

katie sherman