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Welcome New and Renewing 2012 Members Handbook

2012 SPONSORS 2012 National Partner:

2012 Summer Conference Thanks to the support of organizations that add value to our mission, TECNA is able to offer quality conferences to help tech council professionals build their organizations.

A Welcome Letter From TECNA’s Leadership January 2012 Dear Technology Councils leaders and supporters of the regional and state technology community, Welcome to this brief overview of our organization, the Technology Councils of North America, known as TECNA. We are an organization with three distinct missions and a long history of leadership and impact. Our first goal is to provide a platform for the exchange of news, information and best practices for the executive directors and presidents of technology oriented trade associations at the regional, state and provincial level in North America (this year we have opened TECNA membership to like-organizations from around the world). In this way we are the professional development organization for our industry. Our second role is as the trade group for tech community membership associations themselves—to bring us together as a collective force of about forty distinct, like-minded organizations with a total of over 20,000 individual technology companies as members. In this way, we monitor and enhance the role of organizations such as ours both as a distinct type of trade association and as the leading advocates for the building innovation eco-systems throughout the regions and states of the US , the provinces of Canada, and now other parts of the world. Finally, we have a role in Washington and Ottawa to bring ideas about funding and programs to promote economic and job growth through the support of specific efforts and institutions at the regional level. We welcome your support and assure you that our cumulative knowledge and insight will help us to be the best we can be for our respective constituents. If you haven’t been a part of the TECNA family in the past, we invite you to join us in 2012 and contact us to get more information. Sincerely, Tino Mantella, President 20011-2013, Technology Association of Georgia

2012 Membership Benefits & Events March 5-6, 2012 Washington DC

April 11-13, 2011 Breckenridge, CO

August 8-10, 2012 Seattle, Washington

Monthly Policy Calls

Congressional Fly-in, panels, meet your delegation and a reception with the Innovation Coalition. Register here.

CEO Retreat— issues, key topics, fun and recharging your batteries in a great setting with your friends and peers. Heavily subsidized for TECNA-member CEOs. Register here.

Our major event of the year—join about 100 tech council leaders from the US, Canada and around the world. Panels, keynote speak er and special events. No charge for TECNA member CEOs Register here.

Various calls with TECNA, CompTIA and TechAmerica staff experts

2012 Membership Investments Very Large Councils

Over $1.2 million budget annual budget

- $1,500/ Annual Dues

Large Councils

$500,001 to $1.2 million annual budget

- $1,080/ Annual Dues

Medium Councils

$250,001 to $500,000 annual budget

- $810/ Annual Dues

Smaller Councils

under $250,000 annual budget

-$600/ Annual Dues

Want to Join? Great—here’s who can be a member... 1) Non-profit regional and state organizations that support development of technology and innovation-based economies, 2) Corporate organizations having 80% of their members being businesses with more than one employee, 3) Organizations with membership made up of at least 50% technology-oriented companies or organization, and 4) Independent membership organizations with a voluntary, industry-based board of directors.

All members must show they meet these criteria in an application to the TECNA President, Tino Mantella and TECNA Membership VP, Mark Lewis.

Organizations which do not meet these requirement and wish to join must present a detailed explanation to the TECNA Executive Committee why an exception should be made. State, Federal and other NGOs involved in the innovation eco-system development are encouraged to apply. After completing the Membership Application, click here you may either email, fax or print it out and mail it with a check to the below address. Checks should be made payable to "TECNA" - mail checks to TECNA, c/o Connecticut Technology Council, 222 Pitkin Street, Ste 113, Hartford, CT 06108

2012—2013 LEADERSHIP TECNA's Board includes the executive directors / CEOs of each of the member Tech Councils that make up the TECNA membership.

TECNA Executive Committee President Tino Mantella President & CEO Technology Association of Georgia

Secretary Iain Klugman President Communitech

Treasurer Matthew Nemerson President & CEO Connecticut Technology Council

Vice Presidents Vice Presidents, U.S. Memberships – Mark Lewis and Brad Nellis Vice President, Development – Audrey Russo Vice President, Canadian and International Memberships – Doug Robertson Vice President, STEM – Margaret Anderson Kelliher Vice President, Strategic Collaboration – Fred Hoch Vice President, National Strategic Partnerships – Richard Nelson Vice Presidents, Public Policy & Fly In – Maxine Ballen and Kelly Lewis

Interested in serving on the 2012—2013 Executive Committee?

Vice President, 2012 Conference – Susan Sigl Vice President, Leadership Conference – Su Hawk

Send us an email today.

Vice President, Gala and National Awards Program – Steve Zylstra

ANNUAL MEMBER’S Public Policy Events and Programs As an international association of technology councils, TECNA supports its member's efforts to effect local, state and provincial policies that encourage Technology Based Economic Development (TBED). Learn more about TECNA's efforts in this area: The Issues - Stem and Workforce Development, Healthcare IT, Broadband Access and Innovation Economics Legislative Action Center Government Links TechAmerica Collaboration Public Policy Committee

Special Opportunity: TECNA members can receive free or discounted access to the CAPWIZ™ software platform that can run your trade associations grass roots efforts in your state and also tie in to the new TECNA and CompTIA sponsored site. (In 2011 access may be limited—call today for more information)

For more information about TECNA's public policy initiatives, or if you have a specific issue that you would like to see TECNA address, please contact us at

Join us for the 2012 public policy fly-in: March 5-6, 2012 —join with the Innovation Coalition in Washington DC to meet with key legislators and then schedule meetings with your state’s delegation

ANNUAL MEMBER’S Tech Council CEO Leadership Retreat Breckinridge, Colorado 2012 Designed as a way for tech council CEOs to get to know each other, share information and pick-up some new leadership skills. Most of the sessions will be based on a up to date list of top topics of interest compiled from recent surveys of tech council CEOs. Breckinridge offers a picturesque setting for outdoor fun, perfect for work and play. “An invaluable chance to bond with your peers and share vital inside information about the business we are in!” From a CEO at last year’s retreat

The Conference Audience Profile: CEOs of tech councils from the United States and Canada Expected Attendance: About 25 CEOs For more information and to register online, click here.

Or, contact Katie Sewell Technology Association of Georgia Watch for event updates by visiting us on the web:

ANNUAL MEMBER’S Summer Tech Council Conference Seattle, Washington August 8-10, 2012 Designed for tech council leadership – as a true peer to peer exchange, with valuable information and thought-provoking discussion on best practices and collaborative dialogue. In August 2011, our Atlanta summer conference attracted over a 100 attendees. Thanks go to the Washington Technology Council for being the TECNA member host for the 2012 summer’s conference. Register here.

The Conference Audience Profile: Enabling organizations, private industry, innovators, investors, scientists, researchers and governments. Expected Attendance: 80 Attendees Representing over 30 councils and more than 10,000 member firms For more information: Katie Sewell Technology Association of Georgia Watch for event updates by visiting us on the web:

Multimedia and Online Communities

TECNA Blog, News & Online Networks

Strong connections and networking relationships among the TECNA Community are a primary focus of TECNA's mission. In addition to the in-person conferences TECNA offers, we actively promote the tech industry in news outlets and have embraced Web 2.0 blogs and networking sites to foster discussions and connections. Read, join &connect! TECNA is online & interacting at:

View PowerPoint presentations for 2011 conference: 2011 TECNA Summer Conference - Atlanta View pictures from 2011 Conference:

Linked In Facebook Twitter Blog

Online Community Website - Podcasts

2011 TECNA Summer Conference—Atlanta

Board of Directors Maxine Ballen President and CEO New Jersey Technology Council (NJTC)

Iain Klugman President and CEO Communitech Technology Association

Richard Nelson President and CEO Utah Technology Council (UTC)

Cory Donovan Executive Director NewVa Corridor Technology Council (NCTC)

Kathy Knight Executive Director Information and Communication Technologies Assn. of Manitoba

Matthew Nemerson President and CEO Connecticut Technology Council (CTC)

Rachel Hack President Software and Information Technology Association of Kansas (SITAKS) Bruce Lazenby President & CEO Ottawa Center for Research & Innovation (OCRI)

Jay Larsen President & CEO Idaho Tech Council Mark Lewis President Louisiana Technology Council (LTC)

Su Hawk President Colorado Technology Association

Tino Mantella President Technology Association of Georgia (TAG)

Tom Hopcroft President & CEO Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council (MLTC)

Brad Nellis Executive Director Northeast Ohio Software Association (NEOSA)

Ron Neumann President & CEO Innovation Factory

Brooks Raiford President & CEO North Carolina Technology Association (NCTA) Doug Robertson President & C.E.O. Tech South East Audrey Russo President and Chief Executive Officer Pittsburgh Technology Council (PTC)

Margaret Anderson-Kelliher Kelly Lewis President President & CEO Minnesota High Tech Association (MHTA) Technology Council of Central Pennsylvania (TechQuest) Leann Jacobson President Technology Association of Iowa (TAI)

Susan Sigl CEO Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) Bill Sproull President and CEO Metroplex Technology Business Council (MTBC) Kris Valerio Executive Director Chesapeake Regional Tech Council Perry Wood Chief Executive Officer Technology Council of Northwest Pennsylvania Steve Zylstra President and CEO Arizona Technology Council (ATC)

Member & Directors List Arizona Technology Council (ATC) Steve Zylstra, President and CEO

Innovation Factory Ron Neumann, President and CEO

British Columbia Technology Industry Association Cindy Pearson, CEO

Louisiana Technology Council (LTC) Mark Lewis, President

Chesapeake Regional Tech Council Kris Valerio, Executive Director Colorado Technology Council Su Hawk, CEO Communitech Technology Association Iain Klugman, President and CEO Connecticut Technology Council (CTC) Matthew Nemerson, President & CEO Greater Baltimore Technology Council Jason Hardebeck, Executive Director Idaho Tech Council Jay Larsen, President & CEO Information and Communication Technologies Assn. of Manitoba Kathy Knight, Executive Director

Northeast Ohio Software Association (NEOSA) Brad Nellis, Director

Ottawa Center for Research & Innovation (OCRI) Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council Bruce Lazenby, President & CEO (MLTC) Tom Hopcroft, Executive Director Pittsburgh Technology Council (PTC) Audrey Russo, President & CEO Metroplex Technology Business Council (MTBC) Software and Information Technology Bill Sproull, President & CEO Associaiton of Kansas (SITAKS) Rachel Hack, President Minnesota High Tech Association Margaret Anderson-Kelliher, President & CEO Tech South East Doug Robertson, President & CEO New Jersey Technology Council (NJTC) Maxine Ballen, President & CEO North Carolina Technology Association (NCTA) Brooks Raiford, President & CEO

Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) Tino Mantella, President Technology Association of Iowa (TAI) Leann Jacobson, President Technology Council of Central Pennsylvania Kelly Lewis, President Utah Technology Council Richard Nelson, President and CEO Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) Susan Sigl, CEO

TECNA Now Offers Affiliate Memberships to Peer Organizations in Europe

The experience of TECNA members in the US and Canada is that our respective organizations have so much in common and we learn a great deal from our peers. We know that we also have much in common with similar organizations in Europe and so TECNA would like to engage our colleagues across the E.U. through an affiliate membership. Just as technology councils in North America benefit from membership in TECNA, European councils can also take advantage of these same benefits:   

Access to TECNA network. TECNA has over 20,000 member technology companies as members of the different technology associations across North America. Access to TECNA-exclusive events. As an affiliate member, you're always welcome, so next time you travel to North America, remember to check what's happening at the technology council closest to you. Access to new investment and business possibilities for your company and region.

TECNA-Euro affiliate membership is available for a flat annual rate of €500.00. Register on-line today and get involved in our growing network!

Katie Sewell, Executive Manager 75 5th St NW, Ste 625

TECNA is a proud member of the Innovation Coalition Get involved today!

2012 TECNA Members  

2012 TECNA Members

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