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Reaserch I began by doing reaserch into kenetic typography to look at different ways of doing it and different styles to get ideas for what I could do. Three peices I looked at that are very different are the three stills on the page, the first works by movement past the text to make it seem like your at the scene sometimes there is some baisic imagary that helps lead you to the next area or show you where you are . The second uses text moving on a flat serfice, the text sometimes formes shapes to emphasise certain points or words of what he is saying. Ther third Is different again, this one is not put to audio but the way they create the imagery with letters is interesting, some of the images formed are very skillfuly done and look like they could have been sketched instead of formed out of letters.

Having looked at Kenetic Typography i decided to do reaserch into the BBC Radio Station I am to use for the audio for my Kenetic Typography. My radio station is BBC Radio 4. BBC Radio 4 is a News, Speech & Drama Station. It broadcasts a wide variety of spoken-word programmes, including news, drama, comedy, science and history. It first started broadcasting on the 30th September 1967 when it replaced the BBC Home Service. BBC Radio4 has a 12.5% market share(June 2010) which is quite good considering the number of stations available, it is also the second most poular British Domestic Radio Station nex to Radio2 and was named “UK Radio Station of the Year” in the 2003, 2004 and 2008 Sony Radio Acadamy Award. BBC Radio4 is the most expensive BBC radio station costing £74.5million and is considered to be the corperations flagship. At the moment there is no comparable UK or international radio station and this seems unlikely to change in the near future. Between 17 January 1991 and 2 March 1991, the FM broadcasts were replaced by a continuous news service devoted to the Gulf War, nicknamed “Scud FM”. Radio 4 is part of the Royal Navy’s system of Last Resort Letters. In the event of a suspected catastrophic attack on the United Kingdom, submarine commanders, in addition to carrying out other checks, would check for a broadcast signal from Radio 4 to verify annihilation of the homeland. The target audience for BBC Radio 4 is adults aged 35-54 this age group is known as the “replenisher” audience. Around 10 million adults – about 20 per cent of the UK population – tune into Radio 4 each week, and they listen for roughly 12½ hours each week. Of these 10 million approximately 85% have been listening to Radio 4 for over 10 years and 3 million of them only listen to Radio 4 and no other radio station. Radio 4’s weekly reach is higher amongst older audiences, those from better-off households, those living in London and the south east, and white audiences. Radio 4 is aiming to expand this demographic to ethnic minorities and people in different parts of the UK.

Development I chose my audio clip from the friday night comedy show on bbc radio 4 and then trascribed it so i knew what words i was animating; “Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of london and a coupple of hundred others caused trouble. Although as they threw mainly paint and lightbulbs it was at least good for DIY stores.” “Here at Homebase we’ve got our new riot season products in store now! Bright red paint for hurling as symbols of opression is just nine pounds ninety nine a litre, plus we’ve got all the hammers you’ll need for trying to smash the window of expensive hotels.” I put in the timings as specifically as possible to make it easier to animate; 0.000Hundreds of thousands of 0.679people took to the 1.250streets of london 2.062and a 2.316coupple of 2.616hundred 2.904others 3.241caused 3.554trouble. 4.033Although 4.308as 4.446they 4.591threw 4.754mainly 5.179paint and 5.650light5.875bulbs 6.296it was at

6.541least 6.821good for 7.176DIY 7.633stores. 9.608Here at 9.769Homebase 10.258we’ve 10.354got 10.462our 10.633new 10.904riot 11.200season 11.571products 11.950in 12.141store 12.450now! 13.254Bright red 13.675paint for 13.962hurling as 14.246symbols of 14.691opression is 15.254just 15.504nine 15.733pounds 15.996ninety 16.275nine a 16.533litre, 17.346plus we’ve 17.654got all the 18.141hammers 18.408you’ll 18.571need 18.883for 18.996trying to smash the 19.575window of 20.033expensive 20.483hotels. I then came up with a style board, my first styleboard was aimed at their current audience but as bbc’s aim is to expand their demographic i changed it to something a little different an younger. I also developed severall story boards untill I came up with a final idea I was happy with.

Experiment I then did some experiments to see what method to use, First i did one animation in after effects, this came out well although it is a very common un-interesting way of doing kenetic typography. I also did an experiment with had drawn stop motion, i really like the effect this gives. I decided to use stop motion animation made from handdrawn images because this produces a more unique effect and i also prefer manual animation to motion graphics.

I am therefore going to use my prefered storyboard as a guide and use it to create key frames for the animation that I need to transition between.

Making of Creative Artifact When making the creative artifact I began with key frames in my animation and then began to transition between them frame by frame. I did this by placing them ontop of each other with a light underneath and tracing the next frame a step towards the next key frame in the animation.

Creative Artifact I am quite happy with my finished kenetic typography animation, it does not fit exactly to the sound file but when it is transitioning this way i dont think it matters too much and it would have been very difficult to keep the animation smmoth if i was trying to produce the right number of frames for the time slot. I think that the way in which I used the colour works although it was quite difficult to get the colour to transition in and out smoothly, I do feel I could have used more colour if i had been more creative with ways to bring it in and out.

Bibliography service_licences/service_reviews/radio_347/radio_347_final.txt framework/service_licences/radio/radio_servicelicences/radio4_ servicelicence_18dec2006.pdf

Making the invisible visible  
Making the invisible visible  

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