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How to pay a Fixed Charge Notice Timescales for the payment of Fixed Charge Notices are set. You will normally be given a reduced payment rate of 50% if the notice is paid within 14 days from the date of issue. After this period the full amount will fall due. It is your responsibility to ensure that your payment reaches us in time. By Telephone – Call the automated payment line on 0845 452 45 37 and follow the instructions given. Debit and credit cards are accepted.

By post – Cheques and postal orders made payable to ‘Napier Parking Ltd’ will be accepted. Please ensure you write your Fixed Charge Notice and Vehicle Registration Mark clearly on the reverse to ensure it is correctly processed. Send to; Napier Parking Ltd, PO Box 263, ALTON, GU34 9EU. If sending your payment by post we recommend that you use a recorded form of mail delivery to ensure we receive it on time.

Problems paying a Fixed Charge Notice? – If you are experiencing problems paying your notice please call us on 01730 828 103.

To Appeal against a Fixed Charge Notice.

If you wish to appeal against a Fixed Charge Notice, you must do so within 7 days of the date of notice or within the time period stipulated in the notice/document you received. You can appeal using the online form below or by sending your appeal to Napier Parking Ltd, PO Box 263, Alton, GU34 9EU. All appeals must detail the reasons for the appeal, including name, address, vehicle registration and the Fixed Charge Notice number. Once an appeal has been received the case will be placed on hold until a your case has been considered. You will normally be notified as to the outcome of your appeal by mail. You can only appeal once against a notice. If your appeal has previously been rejected you cannot appeal again. If you are unsatisfied with the outcome of your appeal you can make a complaint, please refer to our the page detailing our complaints procedure.

How to pay a Fixed Charge Notice