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e r a e W r e p i P e i t a K The d n a n o i t a d Foun t s r ďŹ r u o s i this w e i v e R l a u Ann It will tell you all about us, everything we’ve done so far, and what we hope to do in the future

The Katie Piper Foundation was launched in 2010 with a mission to make it easier to live with burns and scars. This Annual Review, the first to be produced by the Foundation, tells you more about the charity’s beginnings, its current status and its exciting future plans.

Message from the Board of Trustees The Board of Trustees of the Katie Piper Foundation would like to thank everyone who has supported the Foundation during 2010, putting us in a strong position to move forward. A committed and loyal group of individuals and organisations has enabled the Foundation to make progress in its first year and to achieve a stable footing in this competitive market. We have a positive outlook on 2011, which brings the challenge of ambitious financial targets. The Board wishes to ensure that funds go towards initial delivery on the Foundation’s stated aims, further developing the support it undertakes to provide to burns survivors. We would like to thank to all the supporters who have contributed to putting the Foundation where it finds itself today.

the e r e h W n o i t a d n Fou m o r f s e com

It carries my name and it grew from my own experiences as a burns survivor, but the Katie Piper Foundation is not about me: it’s here to make life easier for other people living with burns and scars. In 2008, after surviving an acid attack, I had to start rebuilding my life. After half-a-dozen life-saving operations at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital’s burns unit, my journey took me to Centre Ster in the French village of Lamalou-les-Bains for three months of intensive rehabilitation. I spent two years wearing a pressure mask and have so far undergone over 80 operations, including

skin grafts, and many other treatments. The care provided in the UK by the NHS – and especially my surgeon, Mr Mohammad Ali Jawad – has been phenomenal by any standards. But Centre Ster in France revealed to me that, when it comes to rehabilitation for burns survivors, there is a gap in the UK. At Centre Ster, a combination of physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, physical exercise, endermology and massage produced far better results than I could ever have imagined. I will never forget the day I was able to smile again as Centre Ster’s scar management therapies released my scars and restored

suppleness to my facial skin. It all made such a difference to the way I felt about myself, renewing my energy and confidence. And it helped me to get my life back and become a productive member of society again. In France, I benefited from access to a range of treatments not yet available under one roof in the UK. One of our key aims at the Katie Piper Foundation is to give burns survivors in Britain access to these therapies, so that their lives can also be transformed for the better.


the e r e h W on i t a d n u Fo is now

My career started with modelling and TV presenting, and cameras again became part of my life when they followed my recovery for the Channel 4 documentary, Katie: My Beautiful Face. It was first aired in 2009 and went on to win the 2011 Broadcast Award for Best Documentary.


The public response to the documentary was simply overwhelming. 3.2 million viewers in the UK watched the programme. I received sacks of post from wellwishers and from other burns survivors. People began sending donations to my home and I started off by passing on the money to Dan’s Fund for Burns, which had kindly paid for my travel to and from Centre Ster. All this interest and support – and my realisation that a gap exists for intensive rehabilitation of UK

burns survivors – inspired me to create the Foundation. It also led to my book, Beautiful and to a second documentary, Katie: My Beautiful Friends, first broadcast in Spring 2011. Both TV documentaries have now been sold to broadcasters in other countries, including the United States, Australia, Brazil and also around Europe, spreading the word internationally for the Katie Piper Foundation. The Foundation was launched in July 2010 and introduced to the media at the offices of Sony, thanks to our Patron – none other than Simon Cowell. Simon is also the driving force behind a high-profile fundraising auction and dinner, set for September 2011. I can’t express how much his support means to the Foundation.

The Foundation now also has the valuable support of a team of seven dynamic Ambassadors, who all live with burns and scars or other disfigurements, and who featured in Katie: My Beautiful Friends. I’m delighted that they’ve joined me in representing the charity in the UK and around the world. Friends indeed. Over a period of just a year, momentum has built amazingly for the Foundation – but we are still only at the beginning. Now we are ready to start putting our plans into action. I want the Foundation to be at the forefront of change, giving more burns survivors access to the kind of intensive rehabilitation I was lucky enough to receive in France, but which is not yet readily available here in the UK.

Katie and the Foundation’s Patron, Simon Cowell, at the media launch, July 2010

My Beautiful Friends (l-r) Adele, Emily, Will, Andrew, Katie, Amit, Kayleigh, Chantelle and George

Katie and her surgeon Mr Mohammad Ali Jawad (Chelsea & Westminster Hospital)


the Where tion Founda is now Donations and fundraising The TV documentaries and further media coverage of Katie’s story prompted the public to react with extraordinary generosity. The Foundation started off on a laptop in Katie’s bedroom and continued to receive donations there until Regus kindly made an office available free of charge. At an early stage of its existence, the Katie Piper Foundation benefited from a family Trust donation of £30,000, while an additional anonymous donation of £25,000 and a second family Trust donation of Gemma and Hannah complete a fun run in aid of the Foundation


£5,000 were received at the time of the Foundation’s official launch in July 2010. Additional income has been received, mainly in the form of donations and sponsorship via online sources. A small number of cheques have also been sent to the Foundation’s office. All these generous gifts enabled the Foundation to begin focusing on defining its charitable activity. In 2011, the charity intends to deliver more help and support to people with burns and scars.

Making it easier to live with burns and scars In 2010, the Foundation established links with make-up artists and hair stylists, building a network of professionals to pilot a programme of image-related workshops for people with burns, scars and disfigurements. A close working relationship has also been developed with permanent cosmetic artist Karen Betts, resulting in the addition of medical tattooing to our portfolio of support options. The Foundation was also thrilled to be able to make a donation to the Chelsea & Westminster Burns Appeal.

Rav Wilding and family on ITV’s Family Fortunes; Rav generously donated £10,000 to the Foundation from his winnings

The Katie Piper Foundation team – Carol Borwick, Katie Piper and Caroline Doyle

Thanks to generous donations received in 2010, the Board was able to appoint a fundraising professional to join Katie in the day-to-day running of the Foundation.

the Foundation, implementing clear business procedures and reporting, defining the fundraising strategy, and developing relationships with hundreds of fundraisers and volunteers.

Carol Borwick, who became Head of Fundraising in December 2010, brings substantial experience as a successful strategist and campaigner for, among others, the Royal Marsden Hospital and Spinal Research. She has been key to developing and launching a firmly structured five-year business plan for

The Foundation has defined its longer-term vision, and is building every day on its success in attracting support and donations in 2010. The first six months of 2011 look very promising, having brought a dramatic growth in both income and awareness. In 2010, 99 donations were made online via PayPal; in the first half of

Growing the Foundation

2011, that number increased by nearly 700%. Likewise, those six months, when compared to 2010, brought nearly five times as many fundraising pages for the Foundation on the Just Giving website. And the Twitter following for Katie and the Foundation numbers nearly 70,000. Overall, income for the first half of 2011 has already matched income for the whole of 2010. With a number of major fundraising events and initiatives to come, we anticipate a 300% increase in donation income over the entire year.


the e r e h W on i t a d n u Fo is going 2010 was the Foundation’s first year, so we are still a very young charity. Yes, we’re work in progress, but we already have the huge advantage of being a name that so many people know. This has brought us an impressive number of enthusiastic supporters and generous donors. We are absolutely clear that our mission is to make it easier to live with burns and scars. We want to open the way to a gold standard of treatment and rehabilitation for other burns survivors.

Our clear aim is to deliver intensive rehabilitation services available in the UK for people with burns and scars; but before putting large sums of money to projects, we need to take the time to establish the best way forward, for instance by determining the optimum way of raising awareness of the existing gap in rehabilitation. Of equal importance is the setting of procedures and protocols: initially, for identifying individual burns survivors who

could best benefit from intensive rehabilitation in Centre Ster; secondly, for allocation of Foundation funding. These need to be developed in an ethical, transparent and coherent manner, and this can only be achieved with the support and expertise of healthcare specialists. We will continue to discuss ideas and plans internally with our Trustees and to gather expert external advice – we are all acutely aware how vital this is.

Shelley with Katie; before and after lip and eyebrow reconstruction provided through the Katie Piper Foundation


The prime focus of the Katie Piper Foundation is on helping burns survivors by promoting extended rehabilitation and scar management, and emphasising their need for consistent clinical care. In addition, the Foundation is active in helping society become more accepting of disfigurement and in developing a support network for burns survivors. To date, the Foundation has facilitated access for burns survivors to imagerelated workshops, to hand-held electronic massagers – which deliver massage of consistent quality and pressure to uncomfortably tight scars – and medical tattooing (also known as permanent make-up), which reconstructs features that have been lost or destroyed, such as lips and eyebrows, restoring both facial symmetry and

confidence. These noninvasive aids and treatments are provided free by the Foundation to people who have been burned and disfigured. The Foundation also hosts a busy online forum; here stories and experiences are shared, and support can be offered where it is needed. This community can help to alleviate loneliness, offers a safe environment for vulnerable people to develop friendships, and leads to the establishment of personal networks – and even fundraising groups. Over 1,000 people have joined the forum since its launch in March 2011. Initially, the Foundation’s longer-term aim was to establish a clinic for advanced rehabilitation and scar management which would complement and strengthen NHS provision and help to deliver a new and better standard of clinical care.

Katie extends a warm welcome at the pilot image-related workshop in October 2010, where professional advice on camouflage make-up was provided

In the first instance our plan remains to send survivors to Centre Ster in France for treatment, but we are now also focusing our efforts on dedicated provision in the UK – so that British burns survivors can benefit from treatment closer to home, without the stress of substantial travel and separation from friends and family. Our intention now is to build on our growing relationships with the British medical community to develop a UK centre of excellence for extended rehabilitation. We know you will want to join us in making the future easier for burns survivors.


the f o w e i Rev ’s n o i t a d Foun ion t i s o P l a Financi

2010 Income ● Corporate ● Individual ● Fundraising ● Major Donors ● Trusts ● Gift Aid ● Corporate gifts in kind Total Income

£ 3k 31k 12k 25k 36k 2k 109k 116k 225k

2010 Expenditure £ ● Direct fundraising 16k ● Image-related workshop/ donation 1k ● Office overheads 34k ● Governance 7k

● Corporate gifts in kind Total Expenditure

58k 116k 174k

The Katie Piper Foundation is a company limited by guarantee with no shares. It is registered with Companies House and the Charities Commission.

In this, its first year of operation, £109,000 was donated to the Foundation, which also benefited from a further £116,000 in the form of pro bono support. The cost of generating these funds ran at £58,000, achieving a cost-income ratio of 53%. The business plan for the next five years will substantially improve this ratio by increasing income and ensuring


cost-effectiveness in all activities. The fundraising mix is diversifying as the Foundation moves into event fundraising in 2011 with a programme of activity budgeted to deliver an additional £100,000. A Gift Aid claim from 2010 is outstanding, and this will hopefully boost income levels in 2011.

We are deeply grateful for the many donations from trusts, corporates and individuals, received alongside the monies raised through fundraising activities such as the 2010 Virgin London Marathon. We would also like to thank all the volunteers who have given their time, helping the Foundation to achieve so much in such a short time.

rs e t r o p p our su

Pro Bono Support 2010 The Trustees of the Katie Piper Foundation would also like to thank the following organisations for the valuable professional support they provided free of charge in 2010.

you How you can help Donate Fundraise Volunteer Mentor Forum Twitter

By cheque, online via Just Giving, PayPal, EveryClick, CAF and MyDonate Run, walk, swim, dance, play golf, or organise your own event In the Foundation ofďŹ ce, supporting Foundation events Offer your experience to others Join the Forum Follow the Foundation

If you are a corporate, trust or foundation, and wish to support the Katie Piper Foundation, please get in touch. Contact Carol Borwick, Head of Fundraising, at Katie Piper Foundation Building 3 Chiswick Park 566 Chiswick High Road London W4 5YA Charity Number 1133313

With thanks to Yehuda Shapiro Ideology I.T. Media Services for their support in producing this Annual Review

Katie Piper Foundation Annual Review  

Katie Piper Foundation Annual Review

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