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Harding University - Searcy, AR


Bachelor of arts, Interior Design 19’


CIDA accredited


Educational Experiences:

Somrak Kitchens, Administrative

Appliance Training Sub zero/ Wolf/ Cove/ Asko/

Assistant/ Design Support June 2019- Current

Scotsman/ BEST Cleveland October 2019

Attend client meetings, site measure, create floorplans and elevations in autocad, create 3D renderings in Cheif Architect, put designer presentations together, work floor days in the showroom and meet with clients about new projects, price projects and understand cabinetry and appliance construction and design.

K. Lewis Design, Design Intern May 2018- May 2019

Create Construction Documents, pick FF&E, create proposals, orders and invoices, space plan, attend client meetings, site measure, assist with installing projects in clients homes, assist with custom furniture design in revit.

Harding University, Lab supervisor January 2017-May 2019

ASID SCALE New York City March 2019 ASID South Central Chapter Career Day/ Summit: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 Dallas Interior Design Trip: September 2017 Chicago Art and Design Trip: March 2017 Study Abroad in Italy, Spain, France, and England Summer 2016


ASID National Student Member: 2016 - June 2019; Allied June 2019- Current Offices held: Vice President 2017-2018; President 20182019

NKBA Student Member: 2018-June 2019;

Monitored the computer lab, helped students using the lab with software questions, generate schedules and manage the lab attendents under my charge.

Professional Member June 2019- current

Chick-Fil-A, Team Member March 2014 - August 2017

Revit Autocad Sketchup Hand Rendering Photoshop StudioWebWare

Communicated with co-workers and management. Took necessary steps to meet customer needs and effectively resolve issues.


Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Construction Documents Cheif Architect Drafting SAGE Accounting

CONTENTS Haven Center Native Fittness Center Prime Care Ambulatory Surgery Center Portland Wellness House Corporate Boston Loft K. Lewis Design

Haven Behavioral Health Center Senior Capstone 2019

Adolescent suicide is the second leading cause of death in the United States. A lack of knowledge and understanding from hospital staff, family and friends has been proven to increase the number of adolescents who attempt or re-attempt suicide. A preconceived stigma about suicide and lack of knowledge prevents providers, family and the community from supporting and helping the adolescents through this mental health crisis. Families and Healthcare staff often assume that after the individuals hospitalization that the issue has been resolved, but they don’t know how to talk about it or help the individual after they return home to their “normal� life and routine. An educational community center that will provide therapy for families and adolescents struggling with suicide as well as host classes that educate the community and near by hospital staff on the reality of adolescent suicide and how to prevent and help those who are thinking about it.

This section shows the relationship between the first and second floors of the lobby. The glass bubble inspired lights that swirl up to the second floor and the colorful mural that runs up the back wall intrigue users to explore the space upstairs.

Thories Used In The Design:

The PERMA theory is made up of five key components that support well-being when all five are met. The five categories are Positive Emotions, Engagement, Positive Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment. When all five of these areas are considered in the design process, the end result will be a meaningful place that encourages social connection, emotional well-being, and personal fulfillment. The Human Ecosystem Theory shows the relationship between three organizing concepts: humans, their environment, and the interactions between them. The environment around them is made up of two parts; the natural environment and the built environment. Change in any part of the system affects the system as a whole and its other subparts, creating the need for adaptation of the entire system, rather than minor attention to only one aspect of it. Place Attachment is described as an affective link between individuals and their environments. It is stated that Place Attachment consists of interactions between affect and emotions, knowledge and beliefs, and behaviors and actions regarding a setting. It has also been defined as effective bonds that people establish with specific places where they prefer to remain and feel comfortable and safe

Creative Concept:

The coral reef is dying off at an alarming rate, if people don’t begin to understand how their actions are impacting the coral reef and change what they are doingt the reef won’t last much longer. The coral reef is also home to millions of plants and animals who are all necessary to the growth and life of the reef. If one plant or species of fish were to die the entire coral reef would feel the impact of their death and suffer from it for years to come. It’s absence would cause a gap in the ecosystem that couldn’t easily be repaired. This analogy is similar to adolescents experiencing a mental crisis. The people surrounding the adolescent need to be aware of how their actions are affecting the individuals. By changing their harmful actions they can help benefit the adolescent to continue growing and thriving throughout the rest of their lives.

Prime Care Clinic Senior Year 2018

NEXT Primecare is located in Denver Colorado. The design is inspired by the redrocks and open blue sky colorado is famous for. The lobby provides space for children to exert energy on education interactive games from a motion sensor projector, mutiple seating options for people to sit alone or with family members. Triage practices were moved into each room to give the patients for privicay during appointments. Clearestory windows allow for natural light to enter into the center of the building into the exam rooms. An open office/ work cafe area surrounded by private offices is provided for staff in the back of the building. Allowing doctors and nurses a place to work and take a break.

Construction Documents

Exam Room

Ambulatory Surgery Center Senior Year 2018

In Japanese folklore, cranes are mystical beings that live for over a thousand years. Tradition believes that if one folds a thousand origami cranes they will be granted one wish. Because of this, the crane is a symbol of hope and longevity. Mothers even pray over their children, “O flock of heavenly cranes, cover my child with your wings.� From the paper crane, we draw a unique form, one composed of triangles of overlapping layers of folded paper. We hope to use these as a positive distraction integrated with biophilic design. Cranes are active, but they are never hurried. We draw from the traditional ideas of peace, grace, and good luck that we bid to all patients at our ambulatory care center.

Wellness House Junior Year 2017

Awarded Silver from the SC ASID Student Competition 2019 & Made it to the top 20 in the Sherwin Williams Student Design Competition 2019

The obesity epidemic in America has quickly grown over the last ten years. Andrew was recently told to lose weight to avoid a heart attack. Because of his lifestyle changes, his wife Emma also lost weight. They have a 10 year old daughter, that they would like to set a healthy example for. They have the budget to build their dream house and want the house to promote an active and healthy lifestyle using evidence based design. The house is located in Mount Tabor, Portland, Oregon. Several design choices were made to promote a healither lifestlye for the family such as keeping technology out of the living areas and providing plenty of natural light to enter into the areas invites the family to spend more time focusing on each other without screens. Placing the kitchen at the back of the house instead of by the entryways helps keep the family from unnessecary snacking. The calming master suite allows the couple to detox and rest at the end of each day, lowering their stress levels and improving their mental health.


Boutique Fitness Junior Year 2018

With the boutique fitness trend on the rise, we were tasked to work with a marketing and graphic design team to create a branded boutique fitness studio. In response, we designed Native, a rock-climbing and circuit training workout center. We collected inspiration from nature and created a sense of community in the design. We provided an outlet for our clients to escape from the civilized world and unleash their primal instincts in their workout. Various sitting areas are scattered throughout the gym allowing the members to feel like they can mingle eith other members and friends before and after their workouts. Flexible gym spaces provides multiple areas where new workout tools and styles can be added easily allowing for new experiences regularly for members. A cafe open to the public is located on the second floor of the gym. A clear glass wall allows for people in the cafe to see down into the gym below and get excited about all that Native has to offer.

Architecture Firm Junior Year 2018 corporate office Awarded Gold from the SC ASID Student Competition 2019

The lease on NEXT’s existing Santa Monica office is expiring and they have decided to follow the action by moving to the downtown area. The design for the new office space is inspired by Los Angeles’ bright urban culture. The streets are covered in colorful quirky murals that inspire the residents to live creative lives. The color palette is energizing and fun and will help bring new life and energy to the office building.



Touchdown Spaces Enclaves

Training Rooms Cafe Spaces Collaborative Spaces



Resident Workstations Priviate Offices

Project Team Spaces Shared Project Spaces

The space planning of the new office utilized the pallete of place theory. Allowing for every employee to find a work environment that fits their needs. Small private offices and cubicles are provided to work alone as well as open collaborative spaces for groups to meet. These different work spaces are spreadout through the office on both wings giving every worker easy access to their ideal enviroment each day.

with neighbors, even down to political viewpoints. onmentally friendly design through the use of cor, and large windows that create a considerable d allow the users to appreciate the scenery. These d line come together in harmony in the design al variety is found among the eclectic style of position of texture, color, and size. In example, a Sophomore 2017 the old-fashioned facade ofYear the building and the ll, enclosed entryways to each apartment.

boston loft Boston Lofts

Johan Erikson is a systems consultant remodeling a luxury two-story loft building in downtown historic Boston. The building has a lobby and rental apartments on one half of the building and a personal apartment for Mr. Erikson on the other half. The client wants his space to be influenced by his Icelandic heritage as well as his modern, eclectic style. When thinking about Icelandic culture, the most obvious characteristic is its connection with nature. With such beautiful landscapes, it’s extremely evident to see how a group of people could love the space around them, but their appreciation does not stop with the scenery. Everything in Iceland is open and accepting, from the environment, to interacting with neighbors, even down to political viewpoints.This is evident in their environmentally friendly design through the use of negative space, simplistic decor, and large windows that create a considerable amount of light in a space and allow the users to appreciate the scenery. These principles of light, space, and line come together in harmony in the design of the loft apartment. A natural variety is found among the eclectic style of the apartment with the juxtaposition of texture, color, and size. In example, a modern staircase rises along the old-fashioned facade of the building and the very open lobby leads to small, enclosed entryways to each apartment.

K. Lewis Design Internship 2018-2019

From May 2018-May 2019, I worked for K. Lewis Interior Design in Little Rock, Arkansas. My internship gave me the opportunity to learn first hand important design skills you can only learn on the job. I was also afforded the opportunity to actually utilize the skills I’ve learned within the major as well as the chance to create design solutions that were built and used in various projects. Over the summer in 2018, we expanded and opened a showroom, this provided me the experience managing items coming in and out of the showroom, setting up and photographing items for social media and connecting with clients and vendors. 832-948-4474 @KatiePeoplesDesign

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Interior Design Portfolio  

Interior Design Portfolio holding my works from my college career and the beginning of my professional career.

Interior Design Portfolio  

Interior Design Portfolio holding my works from my college career and the beginning of my professional career.