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Harding University, Lab Attendant January 2017 - Present Monitor the lab and help students using the lab with software questions.

Chick-Fil-A, Team Member

March 2014 - August 2017 Communicated with co-workers and management. Took necessary steps to meet customer needs and effectively resolve issues.

Art Teacher

August 2014 - May 2015 Prepared daily lesson plans for activities and projects and encouraged students to develop their creativity


Harding University - Searcy, AR Bachelor of arts, Interior Design CIDA accredited Expected Graduation: May 2019


ASID South Central Chapter Career Day: 2015, 2016 Dallas Residential Interior Design Trip: September 2017 Chicago Art and Design Trip: March 2017 Study Abroad in Italy, Spain, France, and England Summer 2016 studied art and architecture


ASID National Student Member: 2016- Present ASID Harding Student Chapter 2016- Present Office: Vice President

Digital Rendering Space Planning Hand Rendering Material Selection Conceptual Design Board Presentation Working Drawings

4. Native 10.Wellness House 15.Loft 18.Fortune 500

COMPUTER PROGRAMS: Proficient in: Revit Autocad Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign Familiar with: Adobe Illustrator Sketch Up

20.Stick With Me 22.Hand Renderings 24.Commerical RFP



25.Photoshop Skills



PROJECT SUMMARY: Project Medium - Revit Date of Completion - Mar. 2018 Project Type - Boutique Fitness


The design of Native CrossFit and Climbing Boutique promotes physical, mental, and social wellbeing in an upscale and energizing environment. Community is nurtured through spaces that encourage interaction in small groups. The interior space is inspired by a juxtaposition of organic and geometric motifs and provides a space to unleash primal instincts away from the fast pace of a 21st century lifestyle. Man-made elements are contrasted with organic forms influenced by the concept of a modern-day concrete jungle. A sense of rhythm and movement is created through organic and geometric line in the structure and materials. Visual emphasis is implemented through the dichotomy of rough and smooth textures and pops of vibrant greens, chartreuses, and oranges. Variations of scale mimic natural growing patterns in the jungle, creating an unconventional fitness environment. All materials, finishes, and furnishings are sourced from companies that apply sustainable practices to their production and distribution.


The reception features Native’s logo hanging on the geometric print wall behind the angular reception desk. The merchandise area is located to the left of the desk and displays an exclusive line by Eddie Bauer, created specifically for Native. Complementary water bottles and other miscellaneous merchandise are also located in this area. To the right of the reception is the hallway that leads to the main workout area, locker rooms, and the back workout area. The concrete flooring in the hallway wraps up and around the partition wall of the main workout area and is directly against the slats made from reclaimed wood which exemplifies the juxtaposition of man-made materials versus natural materials. Above the reception you can see the top of the stairs that lead to the canopy café and to the right you can see into the café above. Special Features: Exclusive athletic clothes line by Eddie Bauer created for Native Complementary water bottles available Quick iPad check in for classes

The back workout area includes more permanent circuits such as rope climbing, bungee resistance training, an angled rock wall, and monkey bars. The garage door in-between the bungee circuit and the rope climbing area can be raised to combine the two separate circuits into one. The back wall features artwork and information about the Nature Conservancy, so members have easy access to seeing current events put on by the Nature Conservancy. The plexiglass cut outs on the rock wall in the main workout area make the two spaces feel connected and allow people in both areas to see what is happening in the other. The top of the rock wall is made entirely out of glass and allows viewers in the Canopy cafĂŠ to see down into the back workout area.

Men’s Locker Room: The men’s locker room has many quirky features such as the organic orange light fixture hanging by the lockers, the dip bench by Chris Howker, and the varying sizes and fonts of numbers that mark each individual locker. The layout of the locker room was designed to encourage community and is based off of the typical behavior patterns of male interaction. The individual shower rooms include smart mirrors. Women’s locker room: The women’s locker room has a large center vanity with bright chartreuse seating on both sides. The layout of the locker room was designed to encourage community and is based off of the typical behavior patterns of female interaction. The green doors lead into the individual shower rooms which feature smart mirrors. Special Features: Each shower room features a smart mirror that connects to Native’s app and can keep track of your workout stats, goals, and accomplishments. The shower stalls are soundproof, so you can connect your phone to the speakers and play your own music while you get ready. A sauna is included in each locker room that all members have access to

The Canopy Café is located on the second floor of Native’s space. The café offers quick food options such as smoothies, sandwiches, wraps, and salads. The design is inspired by the treetops and features more organic shapes and neutral colors than the workout areas below. The plexiglass rock wall and back workout area are visible through the glass wall. This provides an area where members can feel connected to the classes below and friends and family can watch during a workout.

PROJECT SUMMARY: Project Medium - Revit



Date of Completion - Nov. 2017 Project Type - Residential

The obesity epidemic in America has quickly grown over the last ten years. Andrew was recently told to lose weight to avoid a heart attack. Because of his lifestyle changes, his wife, Emma, also lost weight. They have a 10 year old daughter, that they would like to set a healthy example for. They have the budget to build their dream house and want the house to promote an active and healthy lifestyle using evidence based design. The goal of the project was to design a home that promoted overall wellness in both physical and emotional health The house is located in Mount Tabor, Portland, Oregon. They have chosen this location because Portland is one of the most active cities in the United States. The neighborhood offers breathtaking mountain views, hiking trails, and is an easy walk away from downtown Portland. It is the perfect place for the family to focus on living a healthy lifestyle.





- Blue backsplash was used because studies show that the color blue reduces appetite - More storage for fresh food was provided to encourage home cooking - Research shows that having glass doors on cabinets


helps with memory loss and promotes aging in place

- Bright green tile was used in the walls to help energize the couple in the morning - Sufficient cabinet storage was provided to help keep counters clean - A 3-Form wall separates the wetroom from the vanity area and creates a spa-like luxury feel to encourage relaxation


- Soft grays and blues were used to create a relaxing atmosphere - Sufficient storage was provided around the fireplace - Multiple seating areas gives the couple a variety of choices to sit down and relax at the end or beginning of the day - Personal Balcony with rocking chairs overlooks a beautiful mountain view



PROJECT SUMMARY: Project Medium - Revit Date of Completion - May 2017 Project Type - Multi-Dwelling Unit




Johan Erikson is a systems consultant remodeling a luxury two-story loft building in downtown historic Boston. The building has a lobby and rental apartments on the half of the building and a personal apartment for Mr. Erikson on the other half. The client wants his space to be influenced by his Icelandic heritage as well as his modern, eclectic style.




CONCEPT STATEMENT: When thinking about Icelandic culture, the most obvious characteristic is its connection with nature. With such beautiful landscape, it’s extremely evident to see how a group of people could love the space around them, but





stop with the scenery. Everything in Iceland is open and accepting, from the environment, to interacting with neighbors, even down to political viewpoints. This is evident in their environmentally friendly design through the use of negative





and large windows that create a considerable amount of light in a space and allow the users to appreciate the scenery. These principles of light, space, and line come together in harmony in the design of the loft apartment. A natural variety is found among the eclectic style of the apartment with the juxtaposition of texture, color, and size. In example, a modern staircase rises along the old-fashioned facade of the building and the very open lobby leads to small, enclosed entryways to each apartment.




In our introduction to Revit class each student was

given a set of construction documents of

an office building and were tasked to build it in Revit. Then they were each assigned a fortune 500 company and asked to design a lobby, private office, and conference room based off the design of the company they were assigned. I was assigned Amazon, I based the color pallet off their main colors (orange, teal, and black). I used the orange and teal throughout the furniture and wall colors and I used black as the accent color in the bookcases in the office and the lighting fixture in the conference room.

PROJECT SUMMARY: Project Medium - Revit Date of Completion - December 2016 Project Type - Corporate Office Building






PROJECT SUMMARY: Project Medium - Hand Rendering Date of Completion - December 2016 Project Type - Small Boutique


The rise in tattoos becoming more mainstream and starting to show up in professional workplaces has resulted in a new demographic that is being explored in the world of tattoos. A more upscale tattoo experience is highly sought after by working professionals and young adults. Along with the rise of tattoo acceptability is a rise in people wanting to feel unique in a world that seems like it is mass producing everything. Tattoos are a great way to preserve a special memory or put a mark on yourself that is as unique as a thumb-print.


Stick With Me is a modern, upper class tattoo parlor for people who are looking for a unique, more luxurious tattoo experience to enjoy. The colors used in the design are gunmetal black, white, a variety of cool grays, blush pink, soft teal, and navy blue. These different colors bring together the modern look of minimalism the client desires while also catering to both the feminine and masculine customers. The walls in the body scanning room are covered in textured wallpaper and glass creating a tactile environment, which is unique in the store compared to the other rooms. All the rooms are tied together through unity, creating a cohesive design using the same color palette throughout each room and by repeating the watercolor shape on the lobby wall in the studio rooms. A high contrast mixture of geometric and organic shapes are used throughout the store in the light fixtures, furniture, and wall art in the studios, and lobby.




Commercial RFP


AMD is seeking proposals for the design of their corporate offices located in a historic building near downtown. The local branch will include a reception area, meeting space, two

executive offices and workspace for employees. The company has leased the entire fifth-floor. Collaboration, efficiency, and innovation should be your guiding principles in the design and execution of this project.

PROJECT SUMMARY: Project Medium - Revit Date of Completion - December 2017 Project Type - Corporate office

Photoshop skills


For this assignment we were told to take a picture of a room and then use Photoshop to transform the space. The picture I used is one I took in the Poggen Pohl showroom in Dallas, TX.


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