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alright katie, try to act cool and look as friendly as humanly possible on the office tour. as we squared back to where we started, a big ‘uh oh’ wave came over me, as i realized i remembered no one’s name. oh well? paige explained how the server worked and i exhausted way more energy trying to appear that i understood than the actual brain function of learning. after my tutorial, i took a deep breath, thinking: ‘i can’t believe i have been stalking this website for so long and now i am finally here’. well, what do i do now? our first task was to print out pdfs of award entries. i had seen several littlefield ads already, but printing and trimming these entries gave me a great idea of how accomplished this agency is, and also that for the next summer, i could play a part within it. i got pretty excited.


traffic: our first taste of the world outside of creative. we were assured that this meeting would be rather less than enthralling, but i loved it (says the naïve intern.) i got my first ever experience of how an agency works together to function smoothly. we became familiar with clients and projects and i recognized a lot from what i had learned in my ad classes (media and account planning jargon, etc.) i found myself nodding (over-enthusiastically i’m sure) and absorbing it all, feeling very professional as i did so. emily and i then retreated back to our office to work on designing a layout of old bank of oklahoma ads and later a mock brochure...our first creations.

my first copywriting job: i was totally thrilled that rocco asked me to work on the tulsa world classified radio tags. as soon as i had job bag in hand, i pulled out a piece of paper and scribbled down every thought relating to tulsa news, even a wretched sketch of what may or may not be downtown tulsa buildings. i had no idea what i was doing and of course was too scared to ask a question. i returned my two radio tags back to rocco within an hour or so. his ‘already?’ expression lead me to believe i could’ve/should’ve possibly taken more time, though i was proud of what i had. i was very interested in the comments and critiques that rocco gave me and i learned a lot from just a few minutes of conversation. that following evening i definitely let everyone who crossed my path know that i got to write radio tags and that it was a very big deal. to me at least.

Client: Tulsa World Team: Rocco Job Name: Classified Radio Tags Date: 6/9/08 Job Number: TWO-2015 Version: Client approved 6/19 “Classified Tags” :60 :15 Tag And don’t forget, with more than one hundred and fifty on-staff reporters, nobody gives you more in-depth, local news than the Tulsa World. Plus, get the latest breaking news with the free :15 Tag And since the Tulsa World has been locally owned since 1905, you can be sure that nobody knows Tulsa better than we do. So when you need reliable news fast, be sure to check out for free local, breaking news at your fingertips. :15 Tag And if you need the latest local news now, go online to for free, minute-by-minute news at your fingertips. No other local news source knows Tulsa better than Tulsa World.

actually speaking was the last thing i thought i’d have to contribute to this particular traffic meeting. thus, when asked the status of the tw radio tags, i calmly proceeded to sweat and turn the color of this page. “guuhh, um, (stephanie g. is smiling and nodding) i finished them on friday. (sit up straight and fix hair) so, yes, paige i’ll give those to you after. sorry.” so i might’ve just botched that sentence but i feel so important right now. a few days later, i received an email from paige which had the final copy to go to the client attached. i was very happy to see that they were quite similar to what i had written. i would not have minded to see them completely changed; i was thrilled for the opportunity.

next week, jason told us we were going to get to work on something big. we were to concept for several direct mail pieces for quik print. we walked back to our office, feeling overwhelmed as we were on the brink of a big brainstorming sesh. we fed off each other’s ideas quite well and came up with a pretty decent list of concepts. we were happy to see that jason was excited about a few of them. i did however get my first experience with putting my ideas out there. it was terribly hard to even say half of them. i continued to dwell on the direct mail the next few days, hoping that something ingenious would appear in my brain. today emily and i migrated to a new dwelling space in the creative hub. we loved the change immediately when we realized we could eavesdrop on exciting creative projects, not just engage in ‘hey, you two looked cramped in here’ banter from the occasional passerby to the kitchen.

paige called me in to work on some radio scripts for ditch witch of

minnesota. i must say i was pretty overwhelmed with the daunting task of convincing people in minnesota to purchase all-powerful

ditch witch machinery. especially without a previous, similar script to study. i spent hours brainstorming and writing several...and i

mean several copies. i showed my rough drafts to paige who told me they looked good. rocco did give me an interesting piece of

advice: put more concept into it. oh yeah, i was too busy trying to

come up with any decent sounding copy that i forgot to be creative. whoops. alas, this made my job much harder. i spent the entire

afternoon writing what i thought was the cheesiest of cheese, but finally settled with some options. that day i left in a semi-lousy

mood as i was not too proud of what i had written. but the next

morning, i was glad when rocco didn’t tell me they were awful. i was pleasantly surprised and more than happy to fix the few changes he gave me.



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we got to sit in on a bok financial creative brief. it was very insightful because it really shows that you can’t just jump into a creative campaign without knowing everything possible about the brand. we spent about two hours learning the in’s and out’s of this company and the type of people we are targeting. the company info was kind of hard for me to grasp i’m afraid, since i am not too familiar with how companies like this operate in the first place (as my dad says i make it my business not to know how finances work.) but in the end, i felt that i had a great idea of what needed to be said, but after brainstorming for the afternoon, no decent way to say it. emily and i finished the next day with a good list of concepts we liked, but i felt that there was something much deeper we could’ve reached. but i was nowhere near to discovering it. brainstorming is exhausting.

jason told us that they were using the coupon book idea for quik print direct mail. which was pleasantly awesome, since it was one of the first ideas emily and i came up with. jason and rocco asked us to come up with some eddie ‘poses’ to illustrate quik print services. i don’t think we fully understood what they needed because basically all we brought to the table was a fist bump and a high five. exciting, right? we did get the chance to talk candidly with jason and rocco for a long time. we chatted about copywriting, getting jobs, fantasy football podcasts, and naturally were asked to guess their ages. it was really great to be able to talk about whatever came to mind; i really enjoyed that day, it inspired me to get a move on with my portfolio to make it as good as i

possibly could.

emily and i began to concept for tulsa world phase 1: driving people online. it was one of the most fun things i have worked on yet because we got the chance to be witty. we presented our ideas to rocco, who is an intimidating critic. i would much rather just hand in my list and sprint out the door, but i practiced once more at confidently expressing my ideas. i learned that even if you do believe in your ideas, you must convey it, or they will come off as boring as you make them out to be. i got to work on a creek nation casino tv script promoting the band restless heart. it was difficult to pick out just the right things to say and do it in a catchy manner. i learned more about how radio copy should sound. also, that it is a good idea to write down several different copy options.

Outdoor Coasters Paper Wrapper -News that’s too fast for the right lane. -News doesn’t stop when you finish -Cheers to free online local news. -The latest local news is on us. -News that deserves a speeding ticket. your coffee. -Local news for free. We know it’s -News thats faster than you. Even now. -News doesn’t have to stop when exciting—bottoms up. Wow, slow down buddy. you leave for work. -Finally, a toast to something free. Get -You shouldn’t have to slow down for -News all day. Not just during late-breaking news online. the news. breakfast. -Raise your glass to free, local news -Finally, a news source that moves as fast -Extend news past the robe and slip- online. pers. as you. -Where to eat next? Read reviews of -Constant news, even at work. (Just local restaurants. Free at tulsaworld. Floor Clings/Graphics -Finally, something you don’t have to pay pretend you’re wearing your fuzzy com slippers). -Dinner and which movie? Get local for. -Unwrap to read whats happened so listings, show times and reviews. -Finally, get something useful for free. -Go check out all the local news you missed far. Go online to read what will later. Free at -There’s no such thing as a free lunch. while standing in line. Free at tulsaworld. -The news doesn’t stop when you put the paper down. There is, however, free local news. com -Don’t wait around to get the news. Get Post-its local, late-breaking news online. Free at Rack Cards -Everyone has an opinion. -Enjoy your paper. Enjoy more at tul-You shouldn’t have to wait for the news. It Share yours at tulsaworld. won’t wait for you. Free local news at tulsacom -Enjoy your news all the time. -Do you agree? Share your -No one likes waiting around. Get local, -News at every minute. thoughts at late-breaking news now. Free at tulsaworld. -News that doesn’t stop. -There’s more where this com -News thats even more convenient. -Never mind the gas, news prices are at an story came from. -And it’s -News that doesn’t wait for paper. all-time low. Get local, late-breaking news free at free at -Know your world at every minute.

after many days of brainstorming here and there, we decided to really buckle down and create mock bokf ads. we basically just searched for individual graphics that would symbolize a financial journey or something like it (compass, map, home) etc. and then i wrote copy for each. it felt good to produce something more fleshed out other than our usual list of concepts. it was sort of overwhelming to know that the pro’s (everyone else) were working on the same campaign and i think we laughed a little when we saw their end results compared to ours. i realized that you need to take a really long time to finally discover the sweet spot. we were still proud of ours though.

jason let emily and i sit in on the hamburger man re-recording his ‘which can lead to oooobesity’ speech. it was so much fun hearing him speak candidly because, sitting across from carly, we had heard him as a burger at least fifty times. it took about forty minutes to create a few seconds worth, so we got a sense of just how tough it is to make something like this and get it just right. we sat in on a meeting with john amatucci to discuss the details for aaron’s eddie shoot. we had to talk through every detail since it was supposed to be a very long shoot and things needed to go quickly and smoothly.

the photoshoot day was one of my favorites. i finally found my way to amatucci’s studio, which turned out to be way cool and urban...not a bad place to spend an 8 hour photoshoot. after aaron was throroughly make-upped, they began with a simple shot of him pointing to his watch. it took about half an hour and several shots to get one just right because sure enough he’d have to go and move an eyebrow or adjust the angle of his pointer finger. we had a great time helping him pose, setting up the props, and listening to jason and john converse with occasional real words, semi-dirty words, and general babble. when i see aaron wearing a technicolor shirt or dangling car keys in some in-store signage, i know i’ll get really excited because i was there for the shoot.

we worked on headlines for a ditch witch congrats ad. the ad honored moore electric, so it was hard to stay away from the ‘moore’ pun. i spent a long time trying to come up with a non-dorky spin on the name and heavily researched electric terms. rocco wanted us to try some without the pun but i think in the end, they punned it. i realized after this project that i would absolutely love to do this all day every day. if i can write with a headphone of pandora in one ear, i’m set forever. jason asked us to help chris concept a few headlines for a quik print coupon page. i love being able to sit down and just talk things through in the creative conference room. that is a great atmosphere. we had fun writing some headlines and ultimately came up with one that jason liked. our deskmate, compliments of jason


Still shining bright after 25 years. Happy 25th Anniversary. Here’s to a bright future. Congratulations to Moore Electric for 25 shining years in the business. Here’s to a shining silver anniversary. Celebrate your deserved success. 25 years of dedication and service will get you far. Here’s to getting farther.


Happy Anniversary. May you have many Moore to come. Cheers to many Moore happy anniversaries. Happy 25th Anniversary. Cheers to many Moore. Here’s to celebrating Moore Anniversaries. May they be electrostatic. Happy 25th Anniversary. Here’s to many Moore high voltage celebrations in the future.


Congratulations to our friends at Moore Electric, Inc. for 25 years of dedication and exceptional service to the people of Southern California.

Happy Anniversary to our good friends at Moore Electric, Inc. Thank you for providing 25 dedicated years of service to Southern California.

one of my favorite projects so far was the bishop kelley basketball ad. emily and i felt pressure to come up with something really creative, as well as a great deal of excitment concepting for our former high school. when we realized the ad would appear in the mcguinness game flyer, we got pretty excited. any bk grad knows how much fun it is to diss the irish. after a few days of brainstorming and working with chris, we finally had some great ideas to show david. we were pretty nervous before presenting our ideas, but the meeting was very short and easy. we got a lot of positive feedback, which was awesome coming from a guy who clearly knows his stuff.

the tulsa world subscription campaign was both extremely complex as well as a great deal of fun. now i had to trick my brain to think that subscriptions were better than online news, something we focused on weeks before. you had to get to the core of why a newspaper is beneficial and then convey that in a straightforward, yet creative way. it was no easy task. much thinking, more mind-wandering (refer to train puzzle). emily and i met a few times to discuss our ideas. we were eager to hear what everyone else had came up with, and we felt that if anything we had several pondering points to bring forward for discussion.

first to conquer the train puzzle? interns.

i loved meeting with rocco, kate, gale, libby and emily to discuss tulsa world subscriptions. i think that emily and i were nervous thinking that we’d have to present our ideas to libby by ourselves. i was extremely interested to hear what the other groups had concepted. just hearing their ideas gets my mind thinking on a deeper level. this campaign really interested me because it seemed to be such a difficult task (increasing subscriptions) and i really wanted to know how the problem could best be solved creatively. the job became more challenging as i learned the specific tastes of the client. you could concept something that you think is brilliant, but you must take the client’s personality into account or you are wasting your time.

this could’ve been my fastest summer yet. however, thinking back to my first day of work in may, it seems like i’ve been here forever though (in a good way). the whole experience flew by so fast, but then i think about all of the things i’ve done here this summer and wonder how it all fit in. it is hard to pick out a favorite moment, but i think the best part of the internship was not only getting to work on some way cool projects, but the overall atmosphere of this office. within a week i felt completely comfortable here and i’ve loved every minute from nine to five all summer. there is a lot to be said of a place that i look forward to driving to every single morning. i never had a bad day.

before this summer, my knowledge of the advertising industry derived only from what i had learned sitting in a lecture class. of all the agencies to set foot in first, i’m pretty thrilled this was the one. i have gained vast knowledge of how this business works, and i am more than certain it is the type of place i want to end up working in. i got an incredible hands-on experience with copywriting. i think that you are pretty lucky when you land an internship that is exactly what you want to do in the future. i had an amazing experience here this summer. i know that next monday i’m going to instinctively wake up at 7:30 am feeling very confused but then sad that it’s all over.

Thank you, Littlefield!

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