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Winter 2007

Maximizing the Use of Miss Utility® The utilization of Miss Utility® is a legal obligation for all involved in the construction industry. However, in our fast-paced world where time is of the essence (and also money), a simple phone call may turn into a long tenure that can try the limits of one’s patience. In an attempt to help simplify and speed the process of utilizing Miss Utility®, we have compiled a list of several suggestions to follow: 1. Ensure that all Contact Information is valid and up-to-date One of the main concerns addressed by Miss Utility® is the lack of valid contact and/or address information. It is essential to differentiate between the caller placing the service request and the contractor who will be Miss Utility®’s primary contact; in certain cases, the two may not be the same person. Therefore, the contact information provided must include the correct name and phone number of the contractor, and where they can be reached with any questions or concerns. It is also important that the phone number provided is valid and in service; make sure that the number is not a fax machine, an old cell phone number, etc. Contractors should also verify that their addresses or location descriptions are clear and correct. 2. Ensure that all phone calls are returned Ensure that all phone calls received from Miss Utility® are returned in a timely fashion, and on the day the call was received. Doing so will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to effectively communicate information from the contractor to the utility locator and back. Returning calls promptly, and providing correct information to the utility locator will also result in ticket marking which is on time and more accurate. 3. Ensure that all calls for Emergency Service are truly urgent in nature When placing a call for Emergency Service, ensure that the nature of the call is truly urgent. Before a call for emergency service is placed, it is imperative to objectively assess the situation. If the service can be finished in a reasonable amount of time (such as over a period of several days), the call should not be placed as Emergency Service. 4. Safety Concerns Safety is a vital concern that must be considered from all perspectives before any work begins. Of all points to consider, the proper restraint of household animals has become one of the main concerns of Miss Utility®. To ensure proper safety for all parties, Miss Utility® requests that contractors working on private property advise homeowners to safely secure all animals before the utility locator arrives at the residence. 5. Ensure that all information is present before work begins It is very important to remember to check all of the jobsite information with Miss Utility® operators before any work begins. Review the returned ticket prior to the start, and ensure that each utility owner has responded to the ticket. Also, ensure that the proper points of access to the jobsite are open. By following these simple steps, more efficient service can be obtained from Miss Utility®. This will ensure that all work performed is completed in the least amount of time, with the least amount of delays incurred.

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