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“It is a gem of Nashville for all visitors, no matter how much or how little they know about art.�


FCVA BOARD O COMMITTEES There are many leaders in the community who generously give their time and talents to support everything that takes place at the Frist Center. Their advice and insightfulness are a valuable resource to the organization, which is a better institution as a result. It is a pleasure to acknowledge the dedication of those who served during 2009. The Frist Center Board of Trustees William R. Frist, Chairman and President H. Lee Barfield II Laura Chadwick Andrea Conte Karyn M. Frist Frank M. Garrison Howard Gentry Bernice W. Gordon Aubrey B. Harwell, Jr. Marlene Hays Melvin N. Johnson, D.B.A. Ellen H. Martin Michael J. McBride Richard C. McCarty Ken Melkus Robin I. Patton Stephen S. Riven Luke Simons Joe N. Steakley Gloria M. Sternberg Deborah E. Story Steve Turner Julie W. Walker Directors Emeriti: Thomas F. Frist, Jr., M.D., Chairman Kenneth L. Roberts, President Martha Rivers Ingram Ex-officio: The Honorable Karl F. Dean, Mayor Mrs. Robert A. McCabe, Jr. Diane Neighbors, Vice Mayor Mrs. H. Moore Rhett III Board Intern: Kinney Littlejohn, Jr. Other: Peter Bird, Jr. Jack F. Stringham II

Committees of the Frist Center Board of Trustees Executive Committee William R. Frist, Chair H. Lee Barfield II Frank M. Garrison Howard Gentry Melvin N. Johnson, D.B.A. Joe N. Steakley Steve Turner J ulie W. Walker Audit Committee Joe N. Steakley, Chair Frank M. Garrison Ken Melkus Stephen S. Riven Finance and Operations Committee Frank M. Garrison, Chair H. Lee Barfield II The Honorable Karl F. Dean, Mayor Richard C. McCarty Ken Melkus Stephen S. Riven Luke Simons Joe N. Steakley Steve Turner Human Resources Committee H. Lee Barfield II, Chair Laura Chadwick Andrea Conte Aubrey B. Harwell, Jr. Stephen S. Riven Deborah E. Story

OF TRUSTEES, S & COUNCILS Frist Center Councils Community Marketing and Outreach Council Howard Gentry, Chair Ramon L. Cisneros Janet Clough Andrea Conte Michael Cooper Martin Deschenes, Ph.D. Donna DeStefano Maribeth Farringer Karyn M. Frist Bernice W. Gordon Carolyn Griffin Hall Aubrey B. Harwell, Jr. Mary Anne Howland Rhea Kinnard Michael J. McBride Brenda McSurley Diane Neighbors, Vice Mayor Sue Peters Ron C. Snitker Ken Swanson Hershell A. Warren, J.D., M.B.A. Sue Fort White Vivian Wynn Development Council Julie W. Walker, Chair Dave Alexander, M.D. Jean Ann Banker Paige Boston Laura Chadwick Jana J. Davis Bard P. Ferguson Bernice W. Gordon Matt Hamilton Roy Jordan Peggy S. Kinnard Neil B. Krugman

Welling LaGrone Matthew Largen Ellen H. Martin Karen B. Moore Shannone E. Raybon Luke Simons Joe N. Steakley Gloria M. Sternberg Joyce A. Vise John E. Wade Connie White Board Intern: Kinney Littlejohn, Jr. Honorary Members: Michael A. Edwards Trish C. Frist Ronald L. Samuels Education Council Melvin N. Johnson, D.B.A., Chair Elyse Adler Susie Bonner Cherrie Dean Britton Carol Crittenden The Honorable Karl F. Dean, Mayor John Faulkner Dr. Paul L. Grigsby Everton A. Heron Terah Huber Dr. Trevor Hutchins Sally Levine Michael J. McBride Ellen Meyer Sue Mulcahy Diane Neighbors, Vice Mayor Dr. Bonnie Rushlow Susan Spurgeon Lindsey Thompson Tom Ward

Kenton Wesby Daryl Wilkinson Bob Wilson Jim Womack Mel Ziegler Marketing Council Steve Turner, Chair John J. Anton Laura Chadwick Terry Clements Andrea Conte Frierson Craig Beth Fortune Sonya Hairston Marlene Hays Matthew Largen Brent Meredith Richard Oliver Tom Oreck Robin I. Patton Doug Regen J ohn Sharpe Julie W. Walker Ex-officio for All Councils and Committees: William R. Frist, Chairman and President Thomas F. Frist, Jr., M.D., Chairman Emeritus Kenneth L. Roberts, President Emeritus Susan H. Edwards, Ph.D.



EXHIBITIONS Since opening in 2001, the Frist Center has cultivated its reputation as a place to see great art drawn from important collections around the world. This promise was fulfilled in 2009 with exhibitions of remarkable quality and vitality, from the presentation of the Cleveland Museum of Art’s world-class collection of Medieval art to the dramatic exposition of contemporary museum architecture in Museums of the 21st Century: Concepts, Projects, Buildings, which was organized by the Art Centre Basel in Switzerland. Balancing these international presentations were exhibitions of American art focusing on such masters as Thomas Hart Benton, Chuck Close, and Georgia O’Keeffe. As always, the Gordon Contemporary Artists Project Gallery hosted some of the most creative artists of our own time, including the Canadian filmmaker Mike Hoolboom, California painter Dean Byington, and the German artist Oliver Herring. With the organization of two traveling exhibitions in 2009, the Frist Center changed its profile from being simply a great place to see art to an institution recognized for its contributions to art historical scholarship and the museum community at large. Paint Made Flesh, organized by the Frist Center’s chief curator, Mark Scala, included paintings from across the United States and Europe, borrowed from such museums as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The exhibition traveled to the Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C., and to the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, New York. Twilight Visions: Surrealism, Photography, and Paris, organized for the Frist Center by guest curator Therese Lichtenstein, Ph.D., also featured works loaned by major museums such as the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; the J. Paul Getty Museum; and the National Gallery of Art. After closing at the Frist Center, Twilight Visions was shown at the International Center of Photography in New York City and the Telfair Museum of Art in Savannah, Georgia. Both exhibitions were accompanied by critically acclaimed catalogues with essays by internationally esteemed art historians.





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Paint Made Flesh Upper-Level Galleries January 23–May 10, 2009 Paint Made Flesh featured figure paintings created in Europe and the United States in which paint evokes the carnal properties and cultural significance of human flesh and skin. A revisionist study of post-World War II art, the exhibition offered a rejoinder to the modernist orthodoxies of the period by contending that paint’s material properties make it the medium best suited to the expression of human vulnerability on a personal, societal, and historical scale. The exhibition included works by Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, Willem de Kooning, Alice Neel, and others. Organized by the Frist Center.

Mike Hoolboom:Imitations of Life Gordon Contemporary Artists Project Gallery February 13–June 7, 2009 Imitations of Life is an elegy for the twentieth century and its memory, history, mass psychoses, and delusional visions for the future. Excising footage from scientific, documentary, musical, classic, and science fiction films, Toronto artist Mike Hoolboom composes a metanarrative in which sequences of recombined imagery reinforce the role of film in shaping our unconscious image of society. Three chapters from Hoolboom’s film Imitations of Life were on view in this exhibition. Organized by the Frist Center.

Museums in the 21st Century: Concepts, Projects, Buildings Upper-Level Galleries May 29–August 23, 2009 This exhibition showcased a selection of recent and exemplary museum building and renovation projects from Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America that were created by some of the most innovative and celebrated architects working today. Through sketches, plans, photographs, and models, the exhibition examined the symbolic and functional aspects of new museum architecture in the context of the institutions’ missions and the communities they serve. Organized by Suzanne Greub, founder and director of the Art Centre Basel, Switzerland.

Medieval Treasures from the Cleveland Museum of Art Ingram Gallery February 13–June 7, 2009 The Cleveland Museum of Art possesses one of the finest and most comprehensive collections of medieval European art in the world. When the museum closed for renovation in 2005, its curators created this exhibition of collection highlights, which included more than one hundred works made in Europe, the British Isles, and the Mediterranean basin in such mediums as ivory, enamel, sculpture, paintings, and illuminated manuscripts. Medieval Treasures introduced the history of Western art from the official recognition of Christianity by the Roman Empire in the fourth century to the time of the Protestant Reformation in the sixteenth century, the period commonly referred to as the Middle Ages. Organized by the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Chuck Close Prints: Process and Collaboration Ingram Gallery June 26–September 13, 2009 This exhibition was a comprehensive survey of the prints of Exhibition Schedule 2009 10 Chuck Close, who is internationally renowned for his large-scale, photography-based images on the subject of the human face. Close’s works are made by manually transferring gridded sections of a photographic portrait, cell by cell, onto a canvas or printer’s plate bearing a corresponding grid. Featuring various print mediums, this survey celebrated his remarkable technical ambition in pushing the range of expressions available to each medium through variations in scale, mark making, and color. Organized by the Blaffer Gallery, the Art Museum of the University of Houston.

Dean Byington: Terra Incognita Gordon Contemporary Artists Project Gallery June 26–September 13, 2009 San Francisco Bay-area artist Dean Byington explores the paradoxical and often uncomfortable relationship between aspects of the inner realm, such as dreams, memories, and imagination, and the external world by creating fantastic landscapes filled with meticulously rendered imagery ranging from anthropomorphic animals and vegetation to fanciful geological formations. Organized by the Frist Center.

Thomas Hart Benton: In Story and Song Ingram Gallery October 2, 2009–January 31, 2010 In conjunction with the Nashville Public Library’s call for a citywide celebration of beloved author Mark Twain, the Frist Center presented original drawings and watercolors created by Thomas Hart Benton as illustrations for Twain’s Life on the Mississippi, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. This was an ideal commission for Benton, who was renowned for his droll and empathetic observations of everyday life in rural America. A second section of this exhibition focused on folk music and musicians as sources of inspiration for the artist. As evident in his final painting, The Sources of Country Music, Benton’s passion for American vernacular music is revealed through his subject matter and his rhythmic compositional techniques. Organized by the Frist Center.

Oliver Herring: Common Threads Gordon Contemporary Artists Project Gallery October 2, 2009–January 31, 2010 This micro-survey of a mid-career artist based in New York City featured only four objects and a selection of short videos. Ranging from a knitted Mylar bed made in his studio to dynamic social interactions filmed in poverty-stricken neighborhoods in New York and Philadelphia, the exhibition captured the artist’s desire to use art as means of personal discovery and social engagement.

Twilight Visions: Surrealism, Photography, and Paris Upper-Level Galleries September 10, 2009–January 3, 2010 This exhibition of more than one hundred photographs, films, magazines, and books by such artists as Eugène Atget, Ilse Bing, Brassaï, André Kertész, and Man Ray explored the environment of Paris as a catalyst for poetic illumination and creative expression during the Surrealist movement of the 1920s and 1930s. Twilight Visions enabled visitors to share in the Surrealists’ delight over the discovery of the marvelous in the everyday, the psychological revelation contained in dreams, the allure of the erotic night life, and the use of masquerades and mannequins to explore ideas of the uncanny. Organized for the Frist Center by guest curator Therese Lichtenstein, Ph.D., the exhibition traveled to the International Center of Photography in New York City and the Telfair Art Museum in Savannah, Georgia.

Georgia O’Keeffe and Her Times: American Modernism from the Lane Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Ingram Gallery October 2, 2009–January 31, 2010 Featuring masterpieces by Georgia O’Keeffe, Charles Sheeler, Arthur G. Dove, and other artists of the first and second generations of American Modernism, the Lane Collection is considered to be one of the greatest museum collections of its kind in the United States. This exhibition of forty-five paintings and eight photographs traced the development and diversity of modern art in “I came to the museum and fell in love with art again. This is a great exhibit that expresses a wide range of human emotions.” INSPIRE 11 America as understood by one of its most passionate and accomplished collectors, William H. Lane, who was a Massachusetts industrialist and connoisseur. Organized by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.


“The arts not only contribute to the quality of life in Nashville, but also the economic vitality of the community.�


EDUCATION & COMMUNITY RELATIONS Chanters, Cumberland Furniture Guild, Middle Tennessee Alzheimer’s Association, and Fisk University’s Carl Van Vechten Gallery.

Frist Center spends on equipment, supplies, & other goods with vendors located in Tennessee. Youth & Familiy Programs continued with more than

in Kids Club on Saturdays for free classes each month. The Education and Outreach Department continues to actively engage the community through a variety of programs and activities that encourage participants to learn more about their world by looking at, talking about, and making art. In 2009 the ever-popular Martin ArtQuest Gallery received an update of all its existing technology components, a childfriendly sink, and a new animation station that invites visitors to create their own three-second, on-site video. The third year of a three-year research project, conducted in collaboration with the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia, and the Speed Museum in Louisville, Kentucky, began in October. The goal of the study is to learn more about family learning in art museums, specifically in interactive galleries such as Martin ArtQuest. Local collaborations and partnerships remained a cornerstone of the education programs in 2009. During the past year, more than twenty programs were developed and presented with a variety of institutions including: Nashville Film Festival, Nashville Opera, Nashville Children’s Theatre, Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art, Nashville Jewish Film Festival, Nashville Civic Design Center, Vanderbilt University’s Osher Lifelong Learning Center, Nashville Early Music Ensemble, Byzantine

A highlight of the year was the popular Paint Made Flesh symposium held in conjunction with the opening of the Frist Center exhibition by the same name. Nationally recognized speakers included Eric Fischl, a New York-based artist; John Elderfield, chief curator emeritus of painting and sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art; Emily Braun, distinguished professor of late nineteenth- and twentieth-century European and American art at Hunter College, City University of New York; Richard Shiff, Effie Marie Cain Regents Chair in art history at the University of Texas-Austin; Susan H. Edwards, Ph.D., CEO and director of the Frist Center; and Mark Scala, chief curator at the Frist Center who also served as the curator of Paint Made Flesh. Another unique project was Surreal to Reel: Paris on Film. This program was developed and presented in collaboration with Vanderbilt’s International Lens program and the University’s French and film departments, as well as Belcourt Theatre. The film series was part of the public programs created in conjunction with Twilight Visions: Surrealism, Photography, and Paris. International, national, and local artists discussed their work through a variety of programs including the on-going Artists’ Forum series where one, two, or more local artists present their ideas and provide a context for their work. A special program entitled Art Makes Place, developed by Nashville Cultural Arts Project and directed by artist and curator Adrienne Outlaw, also brought various artists to the Frist Center to discuss local public art projects that were communitybased, temporary, site-specific, or performancebased works. Internationally recognized artist Andrea Zittel participated in the 2009 State of the Art lecture series, which brings nationally and internationally recognized critics, curators, and artists to Nashville to discuss contemporary issues in art. Gordon Contemporary Artist Project Gallery artists Michael Hoolboom, Dean Byington, and Oliver Herring each talked about their respective exhibitions. Audio tours and podcasts related to the exhibitions were written and created by the Frist Center staff and produced in collaboration with Ocean Way Nashville Recording Studios and Belmont University, two organizations that generously donated their recording time and professional expertise. These tours were developed for Medieval Treasures, Chuck Close, Paint Made Flesh, Twilight Visions, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Thomas Hart Benton. Additional education exhibition interpretation included the gallery guide Dig Deeper: Unearthing Medieval Treasures, which examined archaeological-related objects that were on display in

Medieval Treasures. An “Archaeology in Action” section was also developed for this exhibition using the English Sutton Hoo excavation site as an example. Teachers and students throughout the Middle Tennessee region participated in tours and workshops throughout the year. Special in-service programs were presented to various school systems. Student art exhibitions were held for Metro Nashville Public Schools (the Mayor’s Art Show), Williamson County, Wilson County, and Franklin Special School Districts.

free family days

Volunteers remain intregal to the Frist Center. During 2009, more than 300 volunteers contributed 23,007 hours throughout the organization. This included helping throughout the Center in visitor services, the gift shop. Martin ArtQuest Gallery, evaluation, tours and membership. This was the highest number of hours in the history of the program. Efforts were made to streamline the recruitment process as well as to provide volunteers with online access for scheduling. Two students from the Big Picture High School began their fourth semester interning at the Frist Center for sixteen hours each week.

Seeing Ourselves: Photographs of Safe Haven Conte Community Arts Gallery January 9–August 9, 2009 The Frist Center for the Visual Arts partnered with Safe Haven Family Shelter to provide an opportunity for cultural enrichment through a community art program offered to its residents. Local photographer Allen Clark and the Frist Center’s outreach educators led participants, who ranged in age from three to sixty-five years, in a two-week photography workshop. During this time they learned about composition, visual storytelling, and photographic technique. Writing exercises and preliminary drawings helped residents form ideas for images that reflected their thoughts about their lives. On the final day of the workshop, each resident was provided with a Holga 120N camera and invited to capture the compositions they had planned.

for Medieval Treasures, Georgia O’Keeffe, These Thomas Hart Benton & Twilight Visions programs served New Edition: College Printmakers more than twenty-one Martin ArtQuest Gallery thousand educators, students, and families. May 5–October 4, 2009 Youth and Family Programs continued with more than 1,200 participants in Kids Club on Saturdays for free classes each month. Two free Family Days resulted in more than 3,000 attendees for Medieval Treasures, Georgia O’Keeffe, Thomas Hart Benton, and Twilight Visions. Community Outreach continued its engagement with the community through various fairs and festivals and the Art Trunk Program. The ongoing Community Partner Program currently sustains partnerships with sixty-two organizations to provide art enrichment opportunities to eighty-one groups serving the youth, senior citizens, people with disabilities, and immigrants and refugees of Nashville and Davidson County. During 2009, Art Trunks were presented to fifty-two community groups, which created directly targeted activities for 2,245 participants in all, with a total of 296 contact hours with youth in the area. In consultation with the Community Marketing and Outreach Council, a Community Engagement Plan was adopted for the year and provided new direction for the Outreach Program.

New Edition featured the work of student artists currently engaged in college-level printmaking programs. Printmaking professors at local colleges and universities were invited to submit up to ten student prints for inclusion in the exhibition. The participating schools were Austin Peay State University, Belmont University, Middle Tennessee State University, Vanderbilt University, and Watkins College of Art and Design.

Community Relations Since the earliest days of the Frist Center, the word “community” has been central to almost every discussion. While much has changed since opening nine years ago, the center’s commitment to the community has remained steadfast and solid. In so many ways, the Frist Center reaches out to the community, and in many more ways, Middle Tennesseans have responded by making us a part of their communities.


Working to spread the word about exhibitions, programs, education and outreach activities, and audience initiatives at the Frist Center, staff members, docents, and volunteers participate in fairs, festivals, and events throughout Middle Tennessee. The Frist Center Speakers Bureau presents programs on exhibitions, volunteerism, outreach, Frist Center history, and a host of related topics to groups in Nashville, Middle Tennessee, and Kentucky. For the past five years, the Frist Center’s College Advisory Committee has broadened the center’s reach on campuses in Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, and Virginia. Members of the College Advisory Committee become advocates and ambassadors for the center as they attend classes and engage in campus activities. During their year of service, they also receive Frist memberships and act as hosts for projects, activities, and events, including Thursday and Friday evenings when college students are admitted free of charge. Music in the Grand Lobby is another way the Frist Center has reached out and, in turn, been embraced by the area’s incredible community of musicians. Each Thursday and Friday night, musicians from Nashville and beyond contribute their time and talents to the Frist Center. Often the music relates directly to exhibitions in the galleries. At other times, these talented musicians assist us in reaching specific audiences. Their generosity is valued, celebrated, and applauded. The Frist Center’s Senior Mondays take place on the third Monday of each month and attract seniors from community centers and communities throughout the area. With special activities and half-price admission, as well as discounts on parking, gift shop purchases, and café offerings, Senior Mondays are popular with individuals, senior centers, and senior living communities. Senior Mondays are presented in partnership with WAMB Radio, Nashville’s “Big Band” radio station; each month on-air personality Harry Stephenson broadcasts live from the Frist Center.


“The Fris valuable every ag

st Center is a e resource for ge group.�



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FAMILY DAY PERFORMANCES: The Society for Creative Anachronism Centennial REcorder Consort Eric Pasto Crosby Westbound Rangers Musical Petting Zoo Backwoods Ramblin’


Medieval Treasures: Bestiary Chuck Close Prints: Finger Print Portraits Georgia O’Keeffe and Her Times: Abstract Landscapes In Martin ArtQuest: many other exhibition related activies


TURNER COURTYARD A gift of the Judy and Steve Turner Familiy


Danielle Peck Supe Grande and the Sandwiches Super T


“Nashville is lucky to have such a wonderful museum.”


CORPORATE & FOUNDATIONAL SUPPORT Last year we had the generous support of a number of corporations and foundations. It takes significant resources to accomplish what we do at the Frist Center, and we are grateful for the generosity of the many who believe in the vision of ourinstitution and the mission that guides us. 2009 Ingram Gallery Exhibition Sponsors Platinum Sponsor: HCA and the TriStar Family of Hospitals Gold Sponsor: First Tennessee

2009 Gordon Contemporary Artists Project Gallery Exhibition Sponsor Welling LaGrone and Morgan Keegan

2009 Upper-Level Galleries Exhibition Sponsors Publix Super Markets Charities & Publix Friends of Architecture Anonymous Builders Exchange of Tennessee Centric Architecture DA|AD Messer Construction Co. Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. Thomas, Miller & Partners, PLLC Tuck Hinton Architects

Community Outreach and Education Program Support

Cal Turner Family Foundation Gannett Foundation Gaylord Entertainment Foundation Institute of Museum and Library Services Macy’s Foundation The Margaret and Victor Nielsen Fund and the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee Memorial Foundation Metropolitan Nashville Arts Commission Predators Foundation Samuel M. Fleming Foundation Target Tennessee Arts Commission Terrazzo, developed by Crosland William Stamps Farish Fund

2009 Corporate Partners and Sponsors AAA Auto Club Bank of America Belmont University Emma Glaceaú Hermitage Lighting Gallery James Duncan Creative

King Jewelers Lipman Brothers MAC Presents Michael Edge of Keller Williams Realty Nashville Arts Magazine Nashville Parent Ocean Way Nashville Recording Studios Pinnacle Financial Partners Powell Creative, LLC Precision Signworks The Premier Event R. G. Anderson Co., Inc. The Tennessean Union Station, a Wyndham Historic Hotel Village Wines WAMB Radio Woo Skincare + Cosmetics Wright Travel yellowbook

2009 Frist Fridays Sponsors Supporting Sponsor: Fifth Third Bank Contributing Sponsors: Lightning 100 Nashville Scene Southwest Airlines


of the Frist Center’s community outreach partners are located in the census tracts for households with a median incomone of less than $41,000.

CIRCLE MEMBER SUPPORT Support of the Frist Center (As of December 31, 2009) The vision of the Frist Center is to inspire people through art to look at their world in new ways. The mission of the center is to present and originate high quality exhibitions with related educational programs and community outreach initiatives. It takes significant resources to achieve what we do at the Frist Center, and we are grateful for the generosity of the many who believe in the vision of our institution and the mission that guides us. Picasso Circle ($10,000+) Judy and Joe Barker Barbara and Jack Bovender Mr. and Mrs. Martin S. Brown Patricia C. Frist and Thomas F. Frist, Jr., M.D. Patricia and Rodes Hart Spencer and Marlene Hays Mr. and Mrs. David G. McClellan Mr. and Mrs. Mark McDonald Lynn and Ken Melkus Richard L. and Sharalena Miller Delphine and Ken Roberts Luke and Susan Simons Laura Anne Turner Steve and Judy Turner Mr. and Mrs. Robert Waterman

Rembrandt Circle ($5,000–$9,999) Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee Barfield II Kelley and Lee Beaman Richard M. and Judith K. Bracken John and Laura Chadwick Mayor Karl F. Dean and Ms. Anne Davis Susan H. Edwards, Ph.D Carol K. and Robert A. Frist, M.D. Senator and Mrs. William H. Frist, M.D. Frank and Amy Garrison Bernice and Joel Gordon Noel and Charles Grice L. O. Heidtke Martha R. Ingram R. Milton and Denice Johnson Dr. and Mrs. Howard S. Kirshner Mr. Robert S. Lipman Karen and Bruce Moore Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Patton Drs. Jonathan and Donna Perlin Ben and Joan Rechter Mr. and Mrs. James C. Seabury III Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Severinghaus, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Steakley and Family Mr. and Mrs. Donald Stinnett Margaret and Cal Turner, Jr. Jay and Beverly Wallace

President’s Circle ($2,500–$4,999) Mr. and Mrs. James J. Ackerman Karen and Pete Bird Phil Bredesen and Andrea Conte Mike and Iris Buhl Mrs. Ann Carell Dr. Brian R. Carlson Mr. and Mrs. John W. Clay, Jr. Anita and Bill Cochran Helen and Harvey Cummings The Rev. Canon Fred and Kathryn Dettwiller Patricia Frist Elcan and Charles A. Elcan Rosalyn Elton Patrick and Kitty Moon Emery Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Eskind Laurie and Steven Eskind Mr. and Mrs. John D. Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. James A. Fitzgerald, Jr. Tom and Judy Foster Billy and Jennifer Frist Julie Frist and Thomas F. Frist III John and Lorelee Gawaluck Dr. Constance B. Gee Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gentry, Jr. Bob and Julie Gordon Frank and Gwen Gordon Kate R. W. Grayken Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey B. Harwell, Jr. Mary Jeffords Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Hayes Dr. Stephan Heckers and Ms. Christine Konradi Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Hegel Mr. and Mrs. Ephriam H. Hoover III Shandy and Donna Husmann Jeffrey and Gail Jacobs Ms. Katherine A. Johnson and Mr. Bob P. DeBastiani Melvin N. Johnson, D.B.A. Will Kendrick and Emily Verchota Robin and Bill King Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Klaritch Thomas H. and Nell Lafferre A. Welling LaGrone, Jr. Mr. Kinney Littlejohn, Jr. John and Monica Mackie Ellen H. Martin

Mrs. Jack C. Massey Michael J. McBride Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. McCabe, Jr. Shelia and Richard McCarty Juli and Ralph Mosley Ms. Diane Neighbors Mr. and Mrs. N. Jack Nuismer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Sid Pilson Mr. and Mrs. H. Moore Rhett III Jan and Stephen S. Riven Mr. and Mrs. W. Paul Rutledge Sandra Schatten Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John J. Sangervasi Danny and Caroline Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Steere Gloria and Paul Sternberg Mr. and Mrs. Charles I. Story Anne and Jack Stringham Robert L. and Catherine Cate Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Earl S. Swensson Dianne and Tom True Julie and Breck Walker Peggy and John Warner Jonathan and Janet Weaver

Director’s Circle ($999–$2,499) Mr. and Mrs. Clint B. Adams David and Linda Anderson Mr. and Mrs. George J. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. William F. Andrews Kevin and Colleen Atwood Mr. and Mrs. J. Barry Banker Irvin and Annie Laurie Berry Mr. and Mrs. Claiborne R. Blevins Mr. and Mrs. James C. Bradford, Jr. Betty and Bob Brodie Mr. and Mrs. Dan Brown Cathy and Martin Brown Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Bumstead Stephen and Kimberly Butler Mr. John E. Cain III Sarah and Terry Calvani Mr. and Mrs. William H. Cammack Joanne G. and Thomas H. Cato Barbara and Eric Chazen Mr. and Mrs. Sam E. Christopher Teri and Alan Cohen Chase Cole 27

Ms. Candy Coleman and Mr. Will Griffith John O. Colton Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Cook, Jr. Robert C. Crosby Mr. and Mrs. Ansel L. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Martin D. Davis Marty and Betty Dickens Mr. and Mrs. James R. Dickson III Mr. and Mrs. Matthew H. Dobson V Dee and Jerald Doochin Anne and Bob Doolittle Glenn and Ann Eaden Mrs. Annette S. Eskind Jane and Richard Eskind Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt Ezell Jill L. Fachilla Jason Facio and Paul Vasterling Robert P. Feldman John Fields, M.D. Karen and Gene Fleming Tish Fort Lois and Gilbert Fox Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. France Danna and Bill Francis Melissa and Robert Frist, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. V. Carl George Karen and Kerry Gillespie James C. Gooch and Jennie P. Smith Ms. Rose Mary Gorman Kathy and John Griffin Barbara and Lee Grubbs Mr. Francis S. Guess Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hackett III Mr. Joel Hall and Ms. Amanda Gross Mr. and Mrs. Ray Harness William F. Harnisch Foundation Jonathan Harwell Mr. and Mrs. Samuel N. Hazen Ms. Anne Henderson Kem and Marilyn Hinton Ms. Sheri Horn and Mr. Mike Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Howard Mr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Howard Sherry and Everette Howell Ashley and Joe Howell Ellen W. Hudson Mr. and Mrs. David B. Ingram Mr. and Mrs. Toshinari Ishii Ms. Gretchen P. Jackson and Mr. Charles H. Jackson Ellen and Kenneth Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. David B. Johnson Lenora and Sam Johnson Dr. and Mrs. David S. Jones Marty and Roy Jordan Mark and Kay Kimbrough Chris and Beth Kirkland Walter and Sarah Knestrick

Susan Knowles and Andrew Saftel Mr. and Mrs. Neil Kohler Mr. Neil B. Krugman Mr. and Mrs. Randolph M. LaGasse Paul and Dana Latour Trish and John Lindler Gage and Shelley Logan Clare and Samuel Loventhal Pat and Dave Malone Mimsye and Leon May Ms. Amanda McClanahan and Mr. Patrick Copeland Dr. Michel A. McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. McRae III Mr. and Mrs. F. Max Merrell Larry and Sandy Metzler Mrs. Marlene Moore-Goodman Anne and Peter Neff Gerald F. Nicely Marvin and Phoebe Nischan Agatha L. Nolen Dr. Harrell Odom and Mr. Barry Cook Ms. Hazel R. O’Leary Ms. Autumn Parrott Mr. and Mrs. George M. Parrott Adrienne and David Piston David and Elizabeth Poile Scott and Carol Len Frist Portis Susan and Gordon Postal Ben and Linda Ragsdale Alice Randall and David S. Ewing Mr. and Mrs. Edwin B. Raskin Ms. Dianne M. Raso Alan and Candace Revelette Gerald and Jenny Risk Mrs. Walter M. Robinson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John T. Rochford III Anne and Charles Roos Melissa M. and Philip R. Russ Joe and Anne Russell Mr. and Mrs. Mark Scala Dr. Norm Scarborough and Ms. Kimberly Hewell The Frist Center gratefully acknowledges the founding members of the Friends of Architecture, a philanthropic society that supported Museums in the 21st Century: Concepts, Projects, Buildings. This exhibition offered fascinating insight into the creative process of the world’s leading architects. We thank the Friends of Architecture for their leadership in the Nashville community and for their support of the Frist Center. Anonymous Builders Exchange of Tennessee Centric Architecture DA|AD Messer Construction Co. Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. Thomas, Miller & Partners, PLLC Tuck Hinton Architects


Annual Fund Anonymous (12) Jeff and Tina Adams Burnette D. Alexandroni Nicole J. Allen American International Group, Inc. Linda and John Anderson Robert G. Anderson John J. Anton Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle Apple Aimee C. Aver Janet B. Baggett Mr. and Mrs. Wiley C. Baines, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Elbert W. Baker, Jr. Baker Family Fund Dr. and Mrs. Billy R. Ballard Wil and Rosemary Bane Mr. and Mrs. David J. Baulch Robert E. Baulch Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Baulch, Jr. R. Daniel and Shannon Beauchamp Becky and Mike Becker Betty C. Bellamy Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Birdwell, Jr. Randolph and Elaine Blake David Bohan Ms. Jane E. Braddock Mr. Ronald L. Brank Robert and Barbara Braswell Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Brenner Ms. Marilyn Brisbois and Ms. Jean Jose Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Brookshire Cathy and Martin Brown Steven and Jill Brown Mr. and Mrs. Marvin R. Bubis Wim and Naud Burnett Mr. William J. Burns Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Burrows Charles and Georgina Businaro Dr. and Mrs. Grady L. Butler Damon W. Byrd Elizabeth and Chris Card Mr. and Mrs. William F. Carpenter III Caterpillar Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chapman Jennie A. and Dillard M. Chappell Mrs. Gail G. Chickey Dr. and Mrs. Walter L. Choate Katherine Cigarran The CIGNA Matching Gifts Program Michael Clark Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Claverie, Sr. Ms. Mary Clucas Mr. and Mrs. Neely B. Coble III Priscilla D. Coe Jo and Pat Collins Kristina Colucci Robert N. Covington Robert Cowden, M.D. Dr. Paul A. Craig and Dr. Dorothy V. Craig

George V. Crawford, Jr. James and Mary Crossman Lynne Cushing Bettye D. Daugherty Jeff and Kathy Demonbreun Mark and Barbara Dentz Carolyn Dever Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Diehl, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Donnell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Eric N. Ericson Betty W. Fairbetter Jerita S. Farley Sam and Laura Faust Frankie Fehr Stephen Ferris David M. Ferriss Helen N. Fleming Wendy L. Foster Betty Friedlander and Bob Haines Senator and Mrs. William H. Frist, M.D. Ms. Jennifer Galvin Dr. and Mrs. Richard Geer Mr. and Mrs. V. Carl George Mr. and Mrs. Stewart J. Gilchrist Dr. and Mrs. Gerald S. Gotterer Drs. Dona and Herschel Gower Mr. and Mrs. Jack Grace Bill and Kathy Grainger Lynn and Riney Green Mr. and Mrs. Ed Grubbs Mrs. Landis B. Gullett Vickie and Raymond Hakim Colby Halloran Renee and Tony Halterlein Arthur and Charlotte Hancock Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Hankla Carolyn D. Harrison The HCA Foundation Lisa and Bill Headley Cheri Henderson Mr. Anthony Herrington Mr. David B. Hilley Frances and John Hoff Gregg Horowitz and Ellen Levy Michael Huffine Mr. and Mrs. William E. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. James V. Hunt Boynton and Diane Hussey Bill Ivey and Susan Keffer Frances C. Jackson Dr. and Mrs. Warren T. Johnson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Crews Johnston Mr. and Mrs. John F. Jordan Frances Kaminitz Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Kane Mr. Paul Kennerley and Ms. Cynthia Tucker Teresa Kersey Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Klaritch Anne Knauff Sanford and Sandra Krantz Peter A. Kult

Vaden Lackey Thomas and Randi Land Mrs. Charles H. Lapidus David and Mary Louise LeBlanc Glenda Lingo Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Long Jeffrey C. Lynch William R. and Maria T. MacKay Robert B. Mahoney Donald M. and Florence E. Maillie David and Pat Malone Betsy and Gayle Malone Mimi and Scott Manzler Suzanne McCafferty Shelia and Richard McCarty Amanda McClanahan Catherine McGowan Mr. and Mrs. James A. McHugh Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. McRae III Dr. Arthur M. Mellor Manfred F. Menking The Honorable Gilbert S. Merritt Mr. and Mrs. Alan Miller Mark and Bonnie Miller-McLemore Charlie and Janis Mitchell Charles L. Moffatt Ms. Kelly M. Monohan Mr. Joe Montgomery Ms. Elizabeth J. Moodey William Darrell Moseley Margaret and David Moss John C. Neff John Newman Amy and William Nickels Jane K. Norris Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Nuyens Jane F. Olson Dr. and Mrs. James A. O’Neill, Jr. Dorothy and James Pace Bert Parrish Anne C. Parsons Mr. and Mrs. Thompson B. Patterson, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. W. Faxon Payne Mary Margaret and Joe Peel Janet Phillips Annette S. Pilcher Patricia J. Olsen Mary Jo Price Mrs. Mary M. Prince Ann Pushin Dr. Eric Raefsky and Ms. Victoria Heil Bets Ramsey Gipsie B. Ranney Ben and Joan Rechter Mr. and Mrs. W. Casey Reed Barbara Richards and Stanley Chervin Rev. and Mrs. Robert P. Richardson Ms. Janet Rickman Carolyn Fludd Ridley Anne and Peter Rob

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Roland Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Samuels Teris Schery Jane V. Schlater Mr. and Mrs. James C. Seabury III Phillip F. Shade and Linda L. Shade Mr. and Mrs. Don R. Skelton John M. Steele Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rye Steele Trasbin L. Stoner II Mr. and Mrs. Charles I. Story Nancy Sugg Sun Microsystem, Inc Dianne and Craig Sussman Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Taylor Dr. Patty J. Thedford Martha J. Trammell Barbara S. Turner Bess H. Tyler Dr. Jan Van Eys Robert and Nancy Wahl Edwin Walker and Janet Eyler Ms. Susan Wallace Mr. Brian A. Ward Frank and Jane Wcislo Laura H. White Eleanor D. Whitworth Dianne and Warren Wild David and Gail Williams Susan E. Williamson Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Wilson Ms. Paula D. Wilson The Wing Family Jim Womack Mark A. Wood Elizabeth Wyatt Pam and Tom Wylly Wayne G. Yates Gail H. Zika

Honoria Johnny and Angela Butler, in honor of Deja Monet Hester Centennial Club, in honor of Varina Buntin Jane Farver, in honor of Vera Harris Robert and Barbara Feaster, in honor of Richard L. Feaster Ms. Marsha Hallier, in honor of Margo Woodruff Dennis and Judith Hughes, in honor of Mildred West Irene Watkins Ward, in honor of Medieval Treasures

Memorial Anonymous, in memory of Steve Kirby Anonymous, in memory of Christine R. Weaver Ms. Betsy Amin-Arsala, in memory of Robert F. Andrews Ms. Carol L. Andrews-Burleson, in memory of Robert F. Andrews The Comfort Group, in memory of Steve Kirby Lynn Craig, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. James Craig Peggie Crumley, in memory of Robert F. Andrews Kathy and Jeff Demonbreun in memory of Steve Kirby Philippa and Daniel Dunn, in memory of Steve Kirby Em J. Ghianni, in memory of Dot Ghianni Mr. and Mrs. Dixon A. Goodhew, in memory of Robert F. Andrews Anne Henderson, in memory of Vera Harris Sheri Horn and Mike Campbell, in memory of Steve Kirby Ashley and Joe Howell, In memory of Steve Kirby Amy and Brian Kirby, in memory of Steve Kirby Kiwanis Club of Underwood/Petersville, in memory of Steve Kirby Ms. Joanne Macomber, in memory of Robert F. Andrews Larry, Reatha, Alisia, and Sean Poole, in memory of Steve Kirby Similee Poole, in memory of Steve Kirby Ragan-Smith Associates, Inc, in memory of Robert F. Andrews Cherie and Ivan Robbins, in honor of Barbara and Jim Robbins Stephanie, Michael, Monica, Mia,and Mason, in memory of Steve Kirby Dr. Becky E. Swanson-Hindman, in memory of Mr. William Perkins Swanson, Jr., and Mrs. Hazel L. Swanson Gordon and Patricia Thomas, in memory of Robert F. Andrews Robert Williams, in memory of Patsy Williams Mr. Gardner Wills, in memory of Niki Wills Gail and Robert Zika in memory of Steve Kirby


THANKS TO... We would like to thank those who contributed images to the Frist Center for the Visual Arts Community Report 2009: James Duncan Creative Sanford Myers Photography, 2009 Peyton Hoge Bill LaFevor Hans Schmitt-Matzen Denise Gallagher Stephanie Gerber-Darr We strive to ensure that all donor information is correct. Please contact us at 615.744.4927 if you have questions about your listing. A full donor roster is available online at For a downloadable version of the 2009 financial statement, please go to our Web site at

Frist Community Report  

Frist Community Report was inspired by the Art Deco architectural style found all throughout the building itself. The oversized community re...

Frist Community Report  

Frist Community Report was inspired by the Art Deco architectural style found all throughout the building itself. The oversized community re...