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Mike Treneff and Derek Walton in their doubles match against Dayton.

Miami University Club Tennis April 2011 Vol. I, Issue 3

By: Katie Mark

Spring Season The club tennis team returned in full swing after spring break in mid-March. Practices began outside at the Hepburn varsity tennis courts Monday through Thursday 5 pm to 7 pm. There were a few days with enjoyable spring weather, but many practices were plagued with rainstorms and cold temperatures. The last and one of the most important tournaments occurs in mid-April. Caroline Bennett, Katie


President: Zach Hyndman Vice President: David Ruedi Treasurer: Trevor Forsythe Secretary: Caroline Bennett Social Chair: Christian Dailey Alum ni Relations Chairs: Katie Mark & Mike Goldman Fundraising Chairs: Rachel Hinman & Meghan Reed

Mark, Zach Hyndman, Christian Dailey, Mike Goldman, and David Ruedi will travel to the Spring Invitational at the Reffkin Tennis Center in Tucson, Arizona. The team members will depart from Cincinnati airport Thursday afternoon of April 14th and will return April 17th. In other club news, some members of the team have formed a broomball team for the spring season. Broomball games occur on various weekday nights. Players include Zach Hyndman, Christian Dailey, Caroline





Fidelholtz, and Mike Treneff. The final club tennis newsletter for the 2010-2011 season will come out at the beginning of May.

Upcoming Competition Dates: Spring Invitational @ Tucson, Arizona April 15 - 17

Secretary – Caroline Bennett

Leaping Into Spring

Freshman and secretary of the club is Caroline Bennett from Akron, Ohio. Caroline began playing tennis with her parents when she was five years old. She and her siblings took tennis lessons over a summer and fell in love with the sport. Caroline believes that her parents and coach from 7th grade had a big impact on her continuation with tennis. During high school, Caroline would practice outside everyday from 10 am to 1 pm. She would also practice 5 pm to 7 pm a few times a week for the high school team. Her weekends were filled with private lessons and summers only consisted of tennis. Caroline participated in various tournaments, but she mostly played matches for her high school team. Caroline knew that Miami University would be her future school when she visited her sister at Miami as a sophomore in high school. She visited many other universities, but nothing compared to what she saw and experienced at Miami. Caroline is currently majoring in business finance. After college, she hopes to get a job working with the personal finances of people and businesses in order to help people and companies avoid debt. Furthermore, Caroline’s secretary position allows her to be more involved with the team and provides her with a different perspective, to understand and experience the work involved in the organization of a club sport. The north quad tennis courts is Caroline’s favorite place on campus. She also enjoys the formal gardens located on east quad behind her dorm. When running on a beautiful day, Caroline ends her run at the gardens to relax while listening to her music. Caroline will continue her position as secretary next year.

Club tennis had its first outdoor match of the spring season on Saturday, March 19th. The team played Xavier University and won 3 – 2. Zach Hyndman and Christian Dailey captured men’s doubles and Rachel Hinman and Jana Jensen won the women’s doubles. Rachel and Christian teamed up to win the mixed doubles match. Another club match was scheduled for March 26th, but due to unforeseen cold weather, the match was moved to the following weekend, April 2nd. The team was divided into an A and B team. The A team played against Dayton and the B team competed against Xavier. The A team beat Dayton 30 – 9. Men’s doubles consisted of Zach Hyndman and Christian Dailey and they won 6-1. Women’s doubles was won 6-0 by Caroline Bennett and Rachel Hinman. Mike Goldman won men’s singles 6-2 and Rachel Hinman won women’s singles 6-1. Mixed doubles was captured by Caroline Bennett and Christian Dailey with a score of 6-5. The B team defeated Xavier 28 - 16. Sarah Sidlow and Maria Feddrix

Player Spotlight: Mike Treneff

dad and his first high school coach he started to take lessons from a local pro. “I never really did anything big in USTA tournaments, mostly because by the time I was actually any good, I was a senior in high school.” Mike always attends club tennis practices and when he returns home, he hits with friends who went off to college to play varsity tennis. Mike knew that Miami University was the right fit for him because of the scholarship package he received. He also did not think he wanted to play intercollegiate tennis at Ohio Wesleyan, his other option. Off the court, Mike enjoys playing ping-pong, the piano, and reading. As for a favorite local place in Oxford, Mike enjoys 45 East. “It’s a great place, but still really chill, even on Friday nights.” Mike hopes that in the future he will gain acceptance into an exceptional law school. As for his passion for tennis, Mike is always trying to improve his game, one step at a time, with the main focus being on his physical shape.

Sophomore Mike Treneff is from Columbus, Ohio and a BA economics major. Mike is the oldest of three brothers and two sisters. Mike began tennis during his freshman year in high school. He decided to start playing when he and a few friends were watching Wimbledon on ESPN. He thought it looked fun and with the help of his 2

Getting to Know the Team Who is your favorite professional tennis player and why? • Mike Treneff (sophomore): Mardy Fish because of his style of play (coming forward) and how much effort he puts in. • Zach Hyndman (senior): Rafael Nadal because he puts 110% into every single point. His determination is insane. • Caroline Bennett (freshman): Rafael Nadal because he is a classy guy and an amazing player. • Mike Goldman (freshman): Roger Federer because he is the greatest tennis player ever to live. He’s the smoothest, smartest, most athletic, and most modest. Nadal is a Federer wannabe. • Ezen Wang (graduate student): Rafael Nadal because he is such a fighter. He makes the impossible become possible. • Rachel Hinman (senior): Rafael Nadal because he’s such a great player, so fun to watch, and Spanish! • Katie Mark (freshman): Tomas Berdych because he’s really good looking, has a great game, and mentally tough. • Danny Croghan (freshman): Roger Federer because he was number one for the longest time and always seems cool and collected. • Maria Feddrix (freshman): Rafael Nadal because he has great determination and he’s a great player. • David Ruedi (sophomore): Roger Federer because he is the greatest tennis player ever. • Sarah Sidlow (sophomore): Rafael Nadal because he’s fun to watch and quick on his feet. • Trevor Forsythe (sophomore): Gael Monfils because he’s just way too athletic. Which grand slam is your favorite and why? • Katie Fidelholtz (freshman): French Open because clay is my favorite surface to play on. • Rachel Hinman (senior): Wimbledon because I love their traditions and I really want to go someday. • Mike Goldman (freshman): U.S. Open is the greatest grand slam because it is in the United States, the greatest country in the world. • Caroline Bennett (freshman): I don’t have a favorite tournament. They’re all great. • Katie Mark (freshman): U.S. Open because it’s in an exciting city and some of the tennis history’s most exciting matches have occurred there. • Maria Feddrix (freshman): Wimbledon because it is the first tournament I think of when I think of tennis. • Sarah Sidlow (sophomore): Wimbledon because of the tradition and atmosphere. I’ve sat on Henman Hill and watched a match. • David Ruedi (sophomore): Wimbledon because it’s the most classic slam. It feels more important than all the others. • Trevor Forsythe (sophomore): Wimbledon because it’s the only slam where I get to watch most of the matches.


won women’s doubles 6-1. Mike Treneff and Derek Walton won men’s doubles 6-4. Mike also won men’s singles 6-2. Maria and Derek won the mixed doubles 6-3.

Talk about great seats and a great view!

Nadal isn’t the only one who gets wedgies.

I might be small, but I’ve got a big serve!


Zach Hyndman is ready to hit a backhand in his match against Dayton.

(Left to Right) Rachel Hinman and Caroline Bennett team up for doubles against Dayton.

Christian Dailey in his match against Dayton. Caroline Bennett in her match against Dayton. Photo Credits: Ezen Wang

Miami Club Tennis April Newsletter  

Miami Club Tennis April Newsletter

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