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Volume 1, Issue 3 Winter 2009 Kappa Nu Chapter,

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Marquette University

Letter from our Recording Secretary INS ID E T HIS ISS UE: Foundation


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NTR 2009


Founder’s Day


Senior Reflection


I have spent the last two semesters as the Recording Secretary for our chapter here at Marquette and have learned so much about how our sorority works and how much each specific lady contributes to our success. Being on the executive board as a junior, I have had the opportunity to observe and learn from the leadership of our seniors and will carry on their positive attitudes and perspectives after this spring’s graduation. All in all, it’s hard to believe that another semester of Sigma Kappa is coming to an end. This past year in Sigma Kappa has definitely been a growing experience and I have become so close with members of our chapter without whom I can’t imagine my life. Our newest members are finally settled into our chapter and are fresh, new faces for leadership and we cannot wait to see what next semester brings. Love in Sigma Kappa, Maggie Hansen

Congratulations to our new E-Board! Looking Ahead… Formal Recruitment Violet Ball

Senior Prom

Kara Schneidewend – President Alison Sheehy – Executive Vice President Stephanie Glazier – Vice President of Membership Jillian Ellwood – Vice President of Alum Relations Carol Lewis – Vice President of New Member Education Emily Hahn – Vice President of Finance Lisa Miller – Vice President of Scholarship Anna-Marie Landherr – Recording Secretary Gabrielle Albers – Panhellenic Representative

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Kappa Nu News

Foundation and Philanthropy Fun Kappa Nu philanthropy has been extremely busy this fall holding our second annual Night to Remember Gala benefiting our Foundation, as well as Sigma Kappatizers. Sisters bonded over making dinosaur chicken-fingers, mozzarella sticks, and cheesy French fries. It was a fabulous success, donating all proceeds to the foundation.

In philanthropy news, this semester we also started working with a local senior center. Our relationship with Wilson’s started last year at Make a Difference Day. We are excited about this new opportunity, and were recently able to help at a rummage sale.

Panhellenic News The fall semester has been filled with Panhellenic activities at Marquette. To start, a group of Kappa Nu women participated in Make a Difference Day on November 14th. They raked leaves for the elderly in the Milwaukee

community, helping to winterize their homes. A new tradition this year is a Greek Ball hosted by MU Panhellenic. The theme is Big City Nights, and we are all looking forward to dancing the night away!

With the end of the semester come Panhel elections. We had two women on Executive Counsel this past year, and are both honored and proud to share that Colleen Stanfa and Lizzie Spaits will be serving on Panhellenic E-board this coming year. Shelby Borchardt Panhellenic Representative

Formal Recruitment Preparations Formal recruitment is just around the corner! It is going to be held the last week of January, just a little over a week after everyone returns to school for the semester.

We just held our recruitment retreat this past weekend. We went away for an overnight trip on a Saturday to a retreat center in Fredonia, WI.

Everyone participated in a low ropes course, recruitment workshops, lots of cheering, and an evening of sisterhood activities. Everyone had a great time and is gearing up for recruitment! Rachel Streff Vice President of Membership

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Kappa Nu News

All for fun, and fun for all! The sisters of Kappa Nu have had a very busy social calendar this semester. Our first event was a Latin American themed date party where Sigma Kappa sisters, and their dates, learned how to salsa dance and merengue. Semi-formal was held at The Palms Bistro in Milwaukee's Third Ward, where socializing, eating fantastic food and dancing filled the night.

As the semester comes to a close, we are looking forward to our final social event where we will be taking to the ice with two Marquette fraternities. We will be celebrating the holiday season with a Holiday themed Ice Skating party in early December. The event will be a great way to end the semester and send each other off to enjoy the holidays with our families. Lindsay Adams Social Chair

Night to Remember On Saturday November 7th, our chapter hosted An Ultra-Violet Gala: A Night to Remember. Over 200 family members, friends, and alumnae joined us for a dinner, dance, and silent auction. As a special addition to the night, a candlelight ceremony was held for Amelia Pantone, a Kappa Nu alumna who just recently got engaged! Overall, the entire chapter worked very hard to put together this memorable event, and we were able to donate over $6300 to the Sigma Kappa Foundation. Emily Smith Night to Remember Chair

Founder’s Day 2009 On November 8, Kappa Nu celebrated Founder’s Day at the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Milwaukee. Guests enjoyed a fabulous array of food, followed by a ceremony celebrating our sorority’s and our chapter’s beginnings.

Members and their families enjoyed connecting with both Kappa Nu and Sigma Kappa alumni. It was a great opportunity for our loved ones to experience a glimpse into our sisterhood. Numerous women honored different members of our chapter,

acknowledging the hard work and dedication a successful semester takes. We were especially honored to have our own alumni, Gina Vangelisti speak about her own experience. On the whole, it was a fantastic celebration of a great year! Katie Leaverton Vice President of Alumni Relations

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Kappa Nu News

A Senior Reflects on her time with Kappa Nu S IGMA KAPPA S O RO R IT Y 853 N.17th Street Milwaukee, WI. 53233

Suggestions? Please contact the Vice President of Alumnae Rel ations Jillian Ellwood

As one of only a few women going through Order of the Triangle this month and the only member to graduate in the winter, I can’t help but feel a little out of sync. However, my college experience itself has been anything but linear. Before coming to Marquette, I first attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a freshman, followed by community college at home in the Chicago suburbs. I honestly never intended to join a sorority, but I also didn’t intend to become a lonely, isolated transfer student either. Yet if I’ve learned one thing from the past few years, it’s that life does not often take an interest in your plans. So I decided to go through Recruitment in an attempt to circumvent my new-kid-who-doesn’t-have-anyone-to-sitwith-at-lunch awkwardness. And it worked – instantly I had approximately forty to fifty new BFF’s to hang out with, say hi to on the way to class, and of course, steal clothes from.

But as we all eventually discover, Sigma Kappa became more than just a social mechanism – these woman became my family. Like all families, we love, support, and care for one another, but we also irritate the living daylights out of each other. But as I have said before, this is actually what I love most about Sigma Kappa: we are not just fair-weather friends. The bond we share goes beyond social events and petty drama, it is worth every penny I’ve ever had to pay. My experience at Marquette has been, to say the least, everything I could have hoped for and more than I could have predicted, and I truly owe it all to Sigma Kappa. I found the following magazine quote about a year ago, and actually already used it in a letter I wrote for recruitment. Though it may be little redundant, it will always and forever epitomize how I feel about my sisters: “She is your mirror, shining back at you with a world of possibilities. She is your witness, who sees you at both your best and worst, and loves you anyway. She is your partner in crime, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling, even in the dark. She is your teacher, your defense attorney, your publicist, your therapist. Sisters annoy, interfere, and criticize. Indulge in sulking, in tantrums, and in snide remarks. They borrow, break, and monopolize the bathroom. But should catastrophe strike, sisters are there. Defending you against all comers.” Dove Love, Cassie Padovani

Kappa Nu Newsletters for 2009 term  
Kappa Nu Newsletters for 2009 term  

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