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Katie Branch August 20th, 2012 Ad Critique This ad is advertising a new edition of the “I love boobies” bracelets by the Keep A Breast Foundation (a nonprofit organization that helps fund breast cancer research). The page's background is a picture of many white and black bracelets with the new gold and silver glitter text (I 'heart' boobies!). The image appears as if the camera was zoomed in on a large pile of the bracelets. In front of the picture is a white text box that reads “The Keep A Breast Foundation, LOVING BOOBIES! SINCE 2000. (in gold and silver), *Keep A Breast (+ logo), 100% of the net proceeds from the wholesale of all KAB items are donated or directed to the Keep A Breast Foundation, a worldwide nonprofit organization (in small text)”. On the left corner there is also a star-like bubble with “NEW GLITTER PACK!”. This ad was in a copy of “Alternative Press” magazine. This magazine focuses on different types of alternative rock bands and musicians, music news, and an alternative culture. Many of the bands and artists featured in this magazine every month are huge supporters of non-profit organizations such as Keep A Breast. Many people in this “sub-culture” can be found wearing similar bracelets to the ones being advertised. It's clear who the target audience is and the placement of this ad in this particular magazine was a good marketing decision considering how the readers of the magazine usually tend to embrace this organization and would be most interested in the new product The multiple bracelets give the viewer a good idea of exactly what the bracelets would look like. The glittery text all over the ad is appealing to the eye and psychologically grabs the attention of a reader, even if they are just flipping through the pages. The messages in the white text areas are simple and to the point, informing readers about the new edition of the bracelet while reminding them that their purchase would benefit a good cause.

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