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Demi’s mental breakdown and it’s effect on her relationships!


What’s Conflict Coming Too? Taylor VS. Kanye! Khloe and Lamar’s toxic, short-lived relationship! Rihanna and Chris Brown, together for the better? BY: THE DREAM TEAM

Childhood BFF’s

Demi and Selena: How are they now?



The former BFF duo Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato seem to have patched things up after a long break from each other. Both girls grew up together on screen starring in their first show Barney and Friends. As they got older they became Disney Channel Stars and even starred in the Disney movie Princess Protection Program together. Shortly after Selena and Demi had become very popular among the young teen demographic this is where the conflict between the two teen stars arose. Demi felt that the media always pitted her and Selena against each other letting the pressure get to them the two stopped talking and decided to focus on their individual careers. Demi avoided Selena during this conflict which made Selena become the more dominant voice in the public about their feud saying things like “ I guess we just drifted apart”. The two eventually worked things out after Demi was admitted into rehab and Selena reached out to her in her time of need.

Kanye West VS. Taylor Swift

At the 2012 Video Music Awards, Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s speech after being nominated for Video of the Year. Kanye jumped on stage and said “Imma let you finish, but Beyoncé has the best video of all time, of all time!” There was much controversy over this event, some saying Kayne was right but most agreeing that he was in the wrong. Shortly after Kayne made his impromptu speech at the 2012 VMA’s, Kanye’s Side he went on to apologize to Taylor openly Kanye went on “The Jay Leno two different ways. Tackling his mistake Show” and made a heart felt apology to the world, openly head on and admitting his wrong doing. Taylor’s Opinion stating his mistake and that he was in the wrong. He stated that “the recent death of his mother made him hurt” and he was ashamed that his hurting made someone else hurt”

Of course Taylor being the sophisticated, young women she is, Taylor took Kanye’s surprise very well. After hearing his open apology on Jay Leno and in his personal blog, she accepted the apology and has moved on.

Incompatible Goals?

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KHLOE KARDASHIAN & LAMAR ODOM Trapped in an alleged cycle of drug addiction, Khloe Kardashian finally decides she has had enough and decided to leave former husband Lamar Odom. Though these may have been the circumstances, this did not keep Khloe from feeling like she failed as a wife to NBA Basketball player Lamar. After filing for divorce, Lamar's problems only grew. His childish games continues as he stated, “NO! I'm leaving you!” and claimed he was getting remarried to his career. Though at the beginning of their rather short relationship they seemed to be happy, eventually, incompatible goals drove them apart, resulting in the demise of their relationship. There was too much interference from others to reach their own goals. For a majority of their marriage, they lives apart in order to fulfill the needs to each of their own careers.


The relationship between Chris Brown and Drake has just hit the fan. Reports are surfacing that Chris, Drake and their respective camps were involved in a physical disagreement at WIP nightclub in New York City. Brown has tweeted a photo of his injury from the fight, claiming it was done with a bottle. Drake initially remained quiet, but his camp eventually told TMZ that the “Young Money� rapper was on his way out of the club when the conflict took place. Further reports alleged that Brown was just sitting at a table when Drake decided to throw the glass bottle at him. Brown and Drake have been involved with negative conflict which will most likely never be resolved because they both have very dominate personalities.

Chris Brown vs. Drake

Ellen Degeneres vs. Cover Girl Ellen Degeneres has been a long time representative for cover girl advertising that cover girl can make you look naturally beautiful and ageless. Cover Girl and Ellen seemed to have the perfect business partnership not until recently that is. Cover Girl and Ellen are now in a conflict that resulted from Ellen being photographed leaving a furniture store without any make up on. With Cover Girl having a dominant conflict style caused them to attack Ellen and Cover Girl ended their partnership with her immediately. Because Ellen has a sense of humor she uses it to speak her opinion in a compromising manner that doesn’t make her or Cover Girl look bad to the public.

Chris Brown & Rihanna The conflict between these two stars began when Rihanna found a text from another girl in Chris’s phone. She was fed up with him lying to her and he continued to deny that he knew anything about this girl. Because Chris had no other way to win this argument, knowing that he was in the wrong, made him lash out by getting violent with her and hitting her repeatedly. Like stated in homework 14, conflict was defined as a situation in which people perceive a threat to their well-being. Clearly, Chris felt that Rihanna’s findings would threaten the state of their relationship and negatively went about trying to solve the issue at hand.

Eminem Vs. Mariah Carey Some words of wisdom, don’t ever piss Eminem off. Unless of course you want your dirty laundry aired world wide! Mariah Carey learned this the hard way when she impersonated the rapper in her music video, ”Obsessed.” Eminem responded in a song called “The Warning” that reveals nasty details about their sex life. The rapper claims they had a relationship which she has denied. Eminem has also threatened the leak photos and voice-mail recordings that he has been holding onto all this time. This is most definitely a negative conflict because it has not been fixed and most likely never will be.

Lulu Lemon Athletica Controversy Namaste Turns NASTY!

In January 2014, Lulu Lemon Athletic was accused of making and distributing sheer pants. Once the finger was pointed at the athletic company, worn by many, the CEO and the founder, Chip Wilson did not fail to share his controversial comments with the public. Mr. Wilson instantly started blaming women’s thighs for the fabric becoming sheer, stating “Lulu Lemon was made for women with thigh gaps.” After the sheer pants were taken off the shelves, a “Second Chance Pant” was released, with a tag stating “this is what celebrating failure looks like.” After failing to take responsibility for their mistake not once, but twice. After this major conflict with Lulu Lemon, women everywhere are refusing to support the company by buying any athletic wear from them! Lulu Lemon went about solving this conflict very poorly. Obviously Lulu’s founder felt threatened by people everywhere who were outraged by their performance, but the way they went about solving and addressing the problem got the company no where. After women expressed their conflict, Lulu Lemons CEO and the people speaking on their behalf shut down and handled the whole thing in a very negative light.

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Bruce & Kris Jenner

After 22 years of marriage, Bruce & Kris announced their separation as a couple. They came out and said that they have come to the conclusion that they are better off as friends than relationship partners. While it is unfortunate to see a divorce like this, this was a good example of how to handle conflict. Along the way there were arguments and disagreements between the couple, but in the end they both positively speak about each other and continue to work together as parents towards Kendall and Kylie Jenner. While in homework 14, conflict is depicted as something where feelings are very strong and powerful and there is a winner and a loser, this is not the case here. Both parties have come to an agreement of what they want in life. Communication is very key to this situation, in that they have thoroughly discussed this with all family members and explained their point of views. The communication helps resolve any conflicts that might arise from outside parties (such as the kids) who are affected by this decision as well.

PARIS HILTON & NICOLE RICHIE This famous duo has definitely had their fair share of problems. In 2003, they had a falling out due to interference from others to reach their goals. Nichole allegedly started believing stories in the media about her 'best friend' Paris. Eventually, the two ended their friendship. Paris stated that the reasoning was she was getting the most attention from her show The Simple Life, she got very jealous and turned on her for no reason. Nichole, in this situation, probably feeling like their incompatible goals made her the 'loser' in the situation. Though the goal for females is to keep social peace, this is not always the case. When the social peace is abandoned, females will ostracize and exclude others to ‘get even’, which is what Nicole viewed Paris doing.

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