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Ways to Keep Your Feet Comfortable On a Night Out When we get ready for a night out, we always want to ensure we look at our very best without feeling uncomfortable all evening. Whether you are wearing size 9 ladies shoes or a smaller size of shoe, there are a number of options for keeping your feet blister-free so you can dance all through the night.

Strapless One of the ways to ensure your small or large size shoes are comfortable is to choose ones which don’t have a strap. The strap has a tendency to dig into the foot, causing a high degree of discomfort which can lead to a lot of pain. There is no doubt that straps can add a touch of style and glamour to a pair of shoes but if you want to ensure you stay comfortable, these are always best to avoid.

The Right Fit It may seem like an obvious answer but finding the right fit of shoes is paramount in ensuring comfort on a night out. If you need to wear a women’s size 10 shoe for instance, don’t try and fit your feet into size 9 ladies shoes or you’ll be spending most of the evening hobbling around in a very uncomfortable looking fashion!

Folding Shoes If you really need to wear those 5 inch heels on your night out, take a pair of folding shoes with you for later. Folding shoes do just what they say and can be folded into the tiniest of handbags so you can still take your clutch bag with you on a night out. There are folding shoes to be found in all sorts of styles and colours which mean you don’t have to worry about looking uncoordinated as you leave a nightclub.

Wedges If you still want to have a bit of height in your shoes but without the pain, wedges are the perfect alternative to those size 12 stilettos! The benefits of wedges are that they have much better padding than normal high heels and are much safer to walk on, so you have less chance of spraining anything and ruining your night. Wedges are also highly fashionable, with a range of many different styles and colours to choose from so your style doesn’t need to suffer in any way. The good thing is that they go with lots of different outfits which means you can get away with wearing exactly what you want on your night out. It’s hard to have fun and enjoy yourself on a night out when your feet are absolutely killing you, so it is important to ensure that you are wearing shoes that keep you comfortable and happy. From

folding shoes to wedges to strapless, here are some strategies for looking chic while still saving your feet.

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Ways to keep your feet comfortable on a night out  

Whether you are wearing size 9 ladies shoes or a smaller size of shoe, there are a number of options for keeping your feet blister-free so y...

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