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Ocean Beach cantaloupe co-op / volume one

Get in the Water!

Story by Surfing Waves Journal & OB Mainstreet Association Ocean beach is a great little surf town with a variety of surf breaks. South of the pier

is a consistent reef that breaks mainly left (or the suicide right will take you right into

the rocks) The more experienced surfer can shoot through the pier connecting on to the beach breach break. North of the pier is all beach break with plenty of lefts and rights. On a big day be sure to use the rip currents by the pier.

Dog Beach

A break called Avalanche has a consistent left off the rock pile with scattered lefts and

The original dog beach in San Diego, CA is nationally famous and one of the first

annoy the locals. Further north of Avalanche is Dog Beach and the river-mouth/jetty.

Ocean Beach at the end of I-8 at the mouth of the San Diego River. Dog Beach is

rights to be had. The crowd here can take some getting used to. Don’t paddle out and

Dog beach is a great place for beginners and whitewater newbies, it stays shallow, and is

a tad longer making this an ideal place to get the grips of surfing. The Jetty on the other

hand is a critical right that produces hollow tubes on the right swell. This is not the place to go unless you are confident in your abilities.

Ocean Beach is pretty consistent year round although summer doesn’t pick up much other than a horde of bathers and tourists. If you catch OB on the right swWell you

will be in for a good time. Try to avoid low-negative tides as this often causes hollow closeouts. OB will hold up to around 8ft anything beyond that and its touch and go.

Also paddle outs can be tricky as the size increases as there are no channels other than a rip next to the pier.

official leash-free beaches in the United States. It is a landmark in the community of a special place where people and pets, beach lovers and surfers celebrate the spirit of Ocean Beach, California, one of southern California’s last true beach towns.

Voltain Street Beach/ Tower 5 Down the hill from Point Loma you will find Voltaire Street dead-ending into the beach parking lot where most beachgoers congregate. This is where you will find Voltaire Street Beach. Not only does this street give you direct access to one of the area’s most popular

beaches, but Voltaire is also lined with a slew of bars, restaurants, stores and other mom and pop type shops for your enjoyment.

This beach is popular amongst visitors as it is not nearly as busy or crowded as Mission or Pacific Beach. Voltaire Street Beach is also a local hotspot where one can find a

parking spot and hit the sand for a few hours. There is also a large grassy area with picnic tables for visitors to enjoy as well.

While Voltaire Street Beach is a favorite amongst locals, it is also one of the busiest beaches in San Diego County. There are many reasons this beach is so popular. This beach is considerably larger than some of the others so there is plenty of room for

visitors. The large parking lot is a huge bonus as well as the public showers and restrooms

"Surfing in Ocean Beach is

a unique experience. From

the variety of waves to surf from the jetty to the pier

and the variety of people surfing and enjoying the beach, but no matter

where you go or who you

are with it’ll most likely be a good time."

—Timmy Metchalf

Ocean Beach / it’s not a place, but an attitute.

for the beachgoers to enjoy.

cantaloupe co-op / 2 Photography —Baker Johnson

“In a world gone to

mini-malls and double

coupon supermarkets, the

Ocean Beach People’s

Natural Foods Market

is from a time of tie-dye

People’s Co-op

and body paint. Where

else can you join an

erudite discussion of

cilantro? Or get a good deal on a jumbo-size

box of colon cleanser?

Or see a bulletin-board advertisement for an

Story by Ocean Beach People’s Co-op

“alternative vegetarian

Serving a vast, variety of vegetarian food, Ocean Beach People’s Organic Food Market is


a co-op in our community since 1972. The Co-op offers an extensive selection of organic produce, grocery, dairy, and bulk foods and herbs, as well as vitamins and homeopathics,

—Tony Perry

cruelty-free body care, and aromatherapy products. Enjoy a full service award winning deli featuring a delicious selection of home-style vegetarian and vegan entrées, salads,

sandwiches, freshly prepared baked goods, desserts, and more! At People’s, San Diego’s

The Co-ops Green Building

wholesome, minimally processed, vegetarian and environmentally safe.

boards their architectural firm, Hanna Gabriel wells, has succeeded in designing an up-

In becoming a People’s member you can acquire owner appreciation discount days,

regional model of conscious construction.

only customer-owned grocery store, they specialize in products that are organic,

low prices on quality organic and natural products, special order individual items and/ or receive additional discounts on pre-ordered cases and a subscription to monthly

newsletter. Ownership is not required to shop at O.B. People’s Organic Food Co-op, but a refundable ownership investment of $15 a year saves you from paying a 10% surcharge on your purchases. People’s Co-op Owners and first-time visitors shop at the low,

marked prices. For non-owners who shop more than once at the Co-op, a 10% surcharge is added at the registers.

The Community Room is available free of charge on a first come, first serve basis to Coop members and to Co-op members’ nonprofit community service groups, when not in

use by the Co-op. Their intent is to provide a meeting space at no charge for individuals and organizations whose purpose is to work for the betterment of the community as

set forth in our mission, vision, and values statements. The room is available for classes,

meetings and exhibits providing that the space is not required for Co-op events. Groups

may not charge admission nor can People’s allow any uses that would result in individual gain for a lecturer, class instructor, political candidates, etc. The room is available 7 p.m.

to 8:30 p.m., Tuesday through Friday. To book the Community Room, call Kylie, at O.B. People’s Co-op (619) 224-1387. Advance scheduling and approval for use of the room

is required and a completed room-reservation application must be submitted to the Co-

Through extensive cooperation between the architects, staff, members, and city planning to-date, sustainable, and environmentally responsible “green” building which serves as a

People’s Co-op Deli The Co-ops Deli continues to present the finest in folk, jazz, blues, and bluegrass

performed by local musicians. Thier highly acclaimed organic, vegetarian fare features a variety of award-winning soups, salads, entrées, baked goods and desserts. All food,

including breakfast, lunch and dinner, is prepared fresh daily. Top off your meal with a complement of Fair Trade, certified organic teas and coffees, freshly made juices, and more. Bring a friend or make new friends there. Free of charge.

Live Acoustic Music Fridays 5:30 ­– 7:30 p.m.

Sundays 11 a.m. –1 p.m.

Vision/Mission The cooperative is dedicated to helping people live in ways that are ecologically

sustainable and that promote personal health and well-being. To operate a retail

vegetarian food store providing high quality natural products at a fair and reasonable price.

op at least seven days prior to the event. Events may be published in the Community


month. There are many fine organizations that make use of the community room. In

People’s believes that consumer ownership through a cooperative structure provides

chairs and tables for your use.

They are committed to promoting ecological sustainability with the products and

Calendar of the Co-op Newsletter; event notice deadline is the 10th of the precedivng order to accommodate as many as possible. The Community Room is equipped with

consumers with an optimal democratic forum to meet the needs of our community. services they provide and in the way we operate our business. People’s promotes and

emphasizes products that are nutritious, organically-grown, cruelty-free and produced in an environmentally sound manner. They also believe that informed choices made by all consumers have far reaching impacts on the local and global community, and are committed to providing education and information to enhance nutritional and

environmental awareness. Lastly, the co-op believes that their employees are valuable and essential to the success of their business, and will treat them with respect, compensate them fairly and provide a safe and supportive working environment. 4765 Voltaire Street, San Diego, CA 92107 619, 224, 1387

Ocean Beach / it’s not a place, but an attitute.

cantaloupe co-op / 4 Illustration —Katie Hibbard

We Love Obecians Story by Rick Dower, San Diego Magazine What makes someone an Obecian? Do you have to sport ink or dreadlocks? Do you

have to wear Jesus sandals or moccasins? (If you have to ask what Jesus sandals are you

probably do not fall into the category of an Obecian.) Do you have to conform to certain bohemian ideals, listen to reggae and enjoy strumming a guitar on the street corner? The

obvious answer would be that you inhabit the neighborhood that is known to San Diego County as Ocean Beach. But I was quick to dismiss this argument.

Can they be labeled?

After living in Pacific Beach for 5 years, an area I loved and was mildly reluctant to leave,

when I observed locals in OB. I have heard residents here called “hippies” and colorful

I became well acquainted with the term “poser.” I can speak from experience that every neighborhood in America’s Finest City is full of them. Applying this term to OB, you

could see how many residents, would strive to be called an authentic “Obecian.” Did this

make me a poser? In many ways, I failed to reach standards one might associate with the typical “OB” lifestyle. Convinced that physical residence alone did not qualify someone, I kept looking for a definition.

To define a label, stereotypes are often used. A ready stereotype was hard to apply

variations on that stereotype, but I found long-time residents that could be described

simply as a friendly cat-lady. What then, was the common thread I could apply to the label I was seeking to define? Strolling down Newport Avenue, I began to observe

common traits among locals. I was struck by the friendliness of others. I would call it a certain open-mindedness or unwillingness to judge others. Smiles came easily and

hellos were routine when encountering someone on the sidewalk. Not only did their open, friendly manner suggest a lack of judgment towards others, but the fact that

"Dwellers of a colorful

community in southern

California, specifically a beach area within the

city of San Diego proper,

known as Ocean Beach, or

“OB.” Since the ’60’s this

community has embraced it’s reputation as the last real beach community

on the west coast, and a

haven of counterculture

and both aging and younger hippies.”

—Rick Dower

Ocean Beach / it’s not a place, but an attitute.

“Obecians” fill such varying roles of physically (again, the dreadlocks, the ink) seems to

suggest that they are at ease with themselves. Although their looks and tastes may seem to clash at times, they are living in a relative harmony together. Maybe the rest of the

county can learn from this group we call “Obecians.” To learn that a label can by fulfilled in a positive way, in a widespread group that are common only in their unwillingness

to judge; their unwillingness to judge others, to judge the world and most importantly, judge themselves.

cantaloupe co-op / 6 Photography —Katie Hibbard

Ocean Beach / it’s not a place, but an attitute.

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