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For those in peril in the sea.

The mission statement is based on the naval hymn Eternel farther which includes the line “For those in peril on the sea�.

The line has been changed to relate to the creatures beneath the sea.

There’s plenty more fish in the sea. Three Sixty’s AW19 line is inspired by traditional English fishermen and women taken from historical research and contemporary designs and adapted to add a modern flare to ultimately appeal to our customers. The silhouette allows for movement and functionality, with large bucket pockets being a recurring theme that runs throughout. Styling canvas overalls with thick knit jumpers and graphic tees make the inspired fisherman style trendy and functional.



Oscar Perch



Gummpy Zander


Fulmar Herring

Three Sixty° AW19




elopm v e D o og







The Three Sixty° name originated from the idea of plastic pollution coming full circle; 360 °. We consume fish and dispose of the plastic wrapping which, more times than not ends up in landfill, and then later gets washed away into the sea, where the fish eat the plastic. Ultimately we’re consuming the plastic we’re disposing of.

The situation has come full circle.





Graphics and Prints


Whilst researching marketing techniques it has been seen that soft marketing is just as effective when addressing the sensitive issue of plastic polluting our oceans, with this Three Sixty° will avoid using upsetting images of animals in distress when promoting the brands cause. Illustrations and smart marketing graphics will be a key part of the brand’s ethos. The following print will also be used on a tee-shirt which will be handed out at our beach clean events.

Katsushika Hokusai, The Great Wave off Kanagawa. Creating graphics by using old familiar art or campaigns and updating them to addess the current issues around ocean pollution is a technique primary research has imformed me is effective.


Pl e r o t In-S

Octopus art installation. This is to be commisioned by an up and coming artist. Each season this will change based on the concept. The idea behind this particular piece is that it is upcycled from plastics. It’s bound to be eye catching and attract new customers.

Ground Floor

All glass window shop front makes the store bright and breezy. Second Floor

First Floor

Third Floor

Ocean lights. Projected onto the celing are special effects lighting to create the illusion that you’re under the sea. These are subtle enough so that you dont feel sea sick!

Whale art installation. This piece is also to be commisioned by an up and coming artist with the help of our customers. We want the Three Sixty brand to be a community, and with this we invite customers to help us on the journey to raise awareness on ocean pollution.

Facts and Figures. All around the top of the room are facts about our cause. They’re displayed high up so they dont appear to be too pushy or to guilt cutomers into purchases.

Let’s make the ocean

blue again.

Three Sixty ° Follow on Collection

e Six ty ° S S20


Three Sixty ° SS20

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Portfolio 2018  

Main portfolio posted 2018.

Portfolio 2018  

Main portfolio posted 2018.