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The student help UC Davis Administrative and Resource Management supported this summer enabled our teams the resources to manage a laundry list of deferred and ongoing maintenance and safety issues, improve areas vital to the campus’s first impression, and reinforce our sustainable landscaping efforts. The students not only learned more about their campus and its operation, they gained valuable work experience which, in many cases, directly applies to their areas of study. Their employment helped free our staff to focus on completing largerscale projects and furthered our practice in mentoring students. We like to call that a “win-win-win-win!”


JAVAN BOWSHER • LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE “Working with staff from the Arboretum and Public Garden has been a great experience. They always make sure we keep learning.”

MATHIAS MARCOS • PLANT SCIENCE “As a student interested in becoming an agronomist, the skills I’m learning working with ornamental plants as well as the techniques for maintaining them, complement my course work.”

SPENCER ABILDGAARD • PLANT BIOLOGY “I’ve enjoyed learning about native plants and which varieties work best in our climate, how to prune trees, and what weeds I should worry about.”

CHRIS HAWORTH COMPUTER SCIENCE “I’ve learned how to operate all kinds of landscaping and maintenance equipment— leaf blowers, street painters, weed eaters. We operate it all”

URIEL DELGADO CHICANO STUDIES “This is definitely the most physcially demanding student job on campus, but I’ve always been a hard worker.”

BRIAN JOSEPH • PSYCHOLOGY & ECONOMICS “From a resource management and budget perspective, this experience has informed me about what it takes to operate a large campus. Most students don’t give that a second thought.”

MARCO CHIO • LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE “I’m interested in urban design, but now I have a new appreciation for maintenance considerations. Our professors always say that when designing, make sure to plan ahead at least 15 years. Now I understand why!”

ORION EDWARDS • ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE “With this job when I see problems around the campus grounds, I say, ‘I can fix that!’”

EMILY JOHNSON • LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE “This has been such a great opportunity! It’s so hands on; I’d never get this kind of experience in an office.”

GREG WEBBER • LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE “I was in the workforce for 10 years before deciding to go back to school. This job is a great change of pace from our studio classes. This is what I came back to school to learn!”

HECTOR ROJO • ANIMAL SCIENCE “What I’m learning here benefits my interest in sustainable cattle ranching.”

“I’ve never powerwashed anything before. It makes a huge difference. Now, I can’t go anywhere without noticing buildings that need it. ” - Parker Lewis





“It’s satisfying to see how new and bright the buildings look when we get done. Faculty and staff notice and appreciate it. They ask who we work for!” - Kris Lim

Tree trimming, weeding, mulch spreading throughout main campus, west campus, the Putah Creek Riparian Reserve, and the Arboretum • Power washing of buildings along the UC Davis campus visitor tour, and many more • Road and pathway striping and street stenciling throughout campus • Bike parking pod removal and rack installations to assist with Hutchison Road improvements • Tree trimming and tree control along the banks of the Arboretum waterway • Plant propagation and preparation for California Native Plant GATEway Garden •


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Preparation for and construction of a deck at the Animal Science GATEway Garden • Fence construction at Russell Ranch to secure cattle for managing grasslands • Restoration of stormwater retention basins throughout west campus • Weed and invasive plant control and naturalized grassland maintenance throughout west campus, along the waterway, and Russell Ranch • Repair and renovation of public amenities throughout the Putah Creek Riparian Reserve including the renovation of a railroad tie stairwell, a fire pit, and picnic tables; the clearing of trails, and drainage improvement for a drinking fountain • Elderberry mitigation site maintenance • Arboretum waterway clean-up and algae control • Installation of irrigation along La Rue and Garrod Roads • Design, development and implementation of hedgerow plantings along Hopkins Road • Daily litter control every day, in every work location

Thank you from the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden  

This is a "thank you" note to UC Davis Vice Chancellor John Meyer for providing the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden with the resources...

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