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County CanneryRowPEC Jane Rutter is a photographer, which in part explains her eye for detail, her appreciation of good design, her fascination with people and places and labels and faces ... particularly those of Prince Edward County.


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he's taken her enthusiasms and run with them with a small business, based in her little house in Bloomfield, turning County memorabilia, even historic documents, into household furnishings, home decor and colourful accessories. But she couldn't have done it without her sister. "Jane has brilliant ideas and lots of imagination but she just can't focus!" says her sister Susan Felton, which is deliciously ironic if you refer back to the first sentence on this page. It's not true, of course, in her photographs, but in her life? ]ane freely admits it.


County Magazine

"Yep, I need managing," she says and bursts out laughing. The idea behind this joint venture came from Jane's love of old County canning labels she first saw in Wellington Museum. Everyone agrees they are gorgeous, but what can you do with them other than admire them and walk away? Well, thought Jane, you can put them onto mugs and take great pleasure in them every morning with your coffee. ln 2010 she asked the museum for permission to reproduce some designs from their collection, and they agreed, being very specific about which