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Leandro Cano Spanish designer voted by Marc Jacobs as Designer of tomorrow 2012. Leandro is currently based in Seville, however moved to Granada at the age of sixteen to study graphic design and photography. He began his studies in CEADE LEONARDO de Sevilla, and gained attention for his design of a wedding dress made from recycled material that was chosen and awarded in the seventh edition of the International Meeting of Bridal CIBELES DOOR OF EUROPE BRIDES, and he was recently selected for the contest, TRIUMPH INSPIRATION AWARD for novice designers. Leandro says his creations are meant "to translate the mirror symmetry of life." all his designs are inspired by “looking into the blackness beyond skin, beyond life, macabre and infinite space that lives between memory and forgetting.�

Buffet – Leandro Cano


evaluation Leandro is an amazing designer and edges more towards couture. I love the use of opposed shapes and volume within his garments. His designs are inspired by every day symmetry of life and his dreams and memory's. Inspired by his personal life and his day to day life. He has already received numerous outstanding awards for his creativity and clothes.

Korlekie Beatrice is a London based designer. Graduated from London College of Fashion in 2012 where she studied digital fashion. Beatrice Korlekie Newman aka KORLEKIE, is an afro-British designer. Her collections possess pure elegance and glamour and are strongly influenced by traditional crafts. Already many high profile clients have been saw wearing her designs. For example; RITA ORA, ALESHA DIXON, ANNA FRIEL and ELLIE GOULDING.
Korlekie’s work has also been photographed in numerous editorial and digital publications such as, Elle, Fault and Dazed Digital. Her signature look consists of heavy embellishment, beading and intricate handwork that is inspired by her background/culture and she takes inspiration from the beautiful beading and embroidery of African clothes and lace fabrics.

The Labyrinythic Web A/W 12


evaluation I am fascinated by Beatrice’s work, it is so detailed and creative. It is also very personal to her, not something anyone could ever copy as it is all based around her life, her background and culture. Embellishment and handwork are techniques that are never out dated. I am extremely inspired by the simplicity of the web effect knit and contrast of materials and fabrics. This is something I am going to carry through to my own designs and has definitely inspired me to create some articulate designs.

Ana_Ljubinkovic Ana is based in Belgrade, Serbia. She studied at Faculty Of Fine Arts and graduated in 2002. Her collections are produced in Serbia. Upon graduation, Her first collection, for F/W 2004 season was presented on Belgrade Fashion Week, and Ana Ljubinkovic label was set up.
Design signature:
Ana has received numerous awards: Pantene Beauty Award - for the best young fashion designer 2006 Serbian edition of Cosmopolitan magazine award, as a woman of the year 2007 Prestigious Gorki list creativity award 2007 Best collection of 25th Belgrade Fashion Week Bazar magazine award 2009. Ana Ljubinkovic S/S 2012 collection “Silent Spring” has been awarded twice: best collection of 31st Belgrade Fashion Week (BFW), & Bazar magazine award and Elle Fashion Award» for the most original collection of 31st BFW, April 2012. Designer`s latest F/W 2012/13 collection “Dream Sequence” has been also awarded with respected Boris Nikolic award for the best contemporary fashion expression of 2012, November 2012.

Dream Sequence F/W 12/13


evaluation Ana Ljubinković label is determinedly avoiding fashion trends, insisting on individual perception and approach to fashion. Her designs consist of diverse shapes, bold colours, heavy embellishment and patterns. Her creations and beautiful and playful. They are abstract yet still ready to wear. They are aimed at a fashion innovator who is willing to put themselves out there. She finds a perfect balance between the colours and prints and they never seem to clash and also look captivating and unique. I hope to create a collection that will mesmerize people and intrigue the target audience.

Dido_Lui Dido is based in China. She studied at Central Saint Martins College Of Art And Design and graduated in 2012. she studied BA(HONS) Fashion Design With Marketing. Although she has not yet received any awards and is only an up and coming designer, she is definitely one to look out for.

A/W 12

evaluation This collection is extremely unique and I am guessing is inspired by romance and purity. The shapes have been inspired by her homeland, China, inspired by costumes/attire worn over 200 years ago but spun with a modern twist. The 3D print depicts the dynamic movements of swimming goldfish and blossoming flower, again associated with Dido’s culture and homeland. The fabric is agile and purposeful and includes high-quality wool. The main colours used are blues, opal whites and cream. These colours represented the outside, the freedom and purity. The mass of the traditional down coats is contrasted by a sense of romance and lightness.

Minnapalmqvist Minna is based in Stockholm, Sweden. She studied at Konstfack Collage Of Art Crafts And Design and graduated in 2007. She has been nominated and received a few awards: • 2011 nominated for the Mercedes Benz Young Fashion Industry Awards in Stockholm . • 2012 won the Who’s Next Young Designer Contest. • 2012 in the finals of the T-Force Fashion Awards in Guangzhou, China.

Intimately Social s/s 13

Evaluation This collection is a clash between socially accepted ideal body and the realistic mix of body shapes that are in the world. It shows a conflict between what we wish we had and the flaws we try to hide. The garments show the intimate details and the unwanted body shapes. Which are making their way into the fashion world. It is a problem the fashion industry is facing at the moment which makes her collection so original but is already publisized. Society agrees but many within the fashion industry do not. Either way her collection attracts attention. Minna has used natural colours, peaches, creams and greys. Her designs are simplistic and the attention is drawn to the shape and cut of the fabric. This is all collobrated to showcase the hidden meaning which is societies view on the human form.

designer research  

designer research for final collection A/W 13/14 collection

designer research  

designer research for final collection A/W 13/14 collection