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Case Study By Katie Dore

Brand Overview Rapanui is a small eco- fashion brand founded by Rob & Mart DrakeKnight they started up the business at the young ages of 20 and 22 years old in their parents shed with savings of £200 alongside there hobby and love for surfing. Today the brand makes some of the most ethical and won numerous awards for its work towards improving the communication and sustainability of the clothing industry. “Fashion is like no other medium, in that you literally dress yourself in what you believe in. Rapanui gives people a choice to vote with their wallet for ethical fashion. We want to use the power of fashion to make eco cool, and design traceable, transparent products that let you shop quickly with a conscience.” Mart DrakeKnight, designer. “What Rapanui is doing is game changing; they are at the forefront of fashion technology. People will see what they are doing and will want to copy it.” Rapanui Co-founder Rob Drake-Knight