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Crack That Whip!

Chicks Dig Kicks

Losing Focus Vintage Vasile References

A trend inspired by bondage, sadomasochism and sexual liberation. A continuation of the underwear as outer-wear trend, this takes the notion to the next LEVEL. Daring,

restricted and provocative, this trend not for the faint hearted.


With an uprise in sexual awareness, and a new openess of sexuality, crack that whip represents all that is naughty and risque.

Key Pieces

Exposure is key.Worn and torn tights and tight tshirts should be put together with ints of black or red lace. short shorts and extra tight skirts reflect the bondage element. Accessorize with adournemtent to the face where possible with masks and more lace or heavy-laden make-up. Multiple rings and spikey bracelets are also key Footwear is strong and metallic. Extreme heels, studded boots and platforms are all a must.

materials Leather



Patent Leather

Sheer Cotton


Pantone 172C

Pantone 7C

Pantone 218C

Pantone 432C

Pantone 7509C

Pantone 7520C


Sportswear got sexy! With an americanization of fashion, and an urban street gang influence, Chicks Dig Kicks brings a colourful, and flirty take on sportswear, with lots of attitude thrown in for that extra edge.

Playful Urban Casual attitude Street brazen

With the rise in sport technology, and a rap music influence, sports wear for women has become sexier than ever. Fitness aware, with a high amount of attitude, this trend accentuates the female form through leotards and tanks. Colours are bold and bright, caps are high, and showing a bit of skin is a must.

KEY PIECES Tight tanks, and bikinis are worn alongside lame skirts and skin-tight trousers. Baseball inspired jackets worn oversized, and thickened jersey hoodies in rainbow colours are added to give a street vibe, and make the trend cool. Shiny high-top sneakers and pumps complete the look, with sporty stockings for a more modern tale on a rather eighties look. Acessorize with chunky possibly gold jewellry.

From optical illusions, to 3D designs, this trend aims to play on visuals, and bring a new and exciting outlook on fashion. Surreal looking patterns and swirling colour charts are key in this innovative and modernised trend. The onlooker should be made to do a double take with this one.

kaliedoscopic Structure fusion distorted illusion innovatave

Seriously striking prints are key with this one. Multi- coloured dresses on soft fabrics are teamed with structured footwear and jackets. Fabric is draped alongside harsher sillouhettes on shoulders or which are actually created onto the front of shift dresses and minis. Cool sunglasses are added for an edgier accessory. Clashing brash tights can be worn, with no need for much more accessorizing.


metal mesh






pantone 426 C

pantone 072 C

pantone 172 C

pantone 807 C

pantone 802 C

pantone 3252C

pantone 172 C

pantone 7541C


Soft, but aged, Vintage Valise is a trend based upon the classic traveller. With tough leathers and suedes key, luggage interiors such as satin paisleys and ditzy flower prints are added, to create a girlier, more spring feel to this trend.

abrasion worn distressed ditzy classic aged

The idea of not just wearing full vintage looking outfits, but utilizing the materials and pattern from them is key in this highly spring trend. Soft, but distressed, aged yet pretty, vintage valise is a staple female.

Staple statement pieces such as leather waistcoats or suede shorts are worn with softer flower and paisley print dresses and camisoles. Footwear is flat and pretty, with a boyish edge from brogues and or boots. Accessories come from flowers, and utilizing old vintage looking briefcases and brushed leather bags.

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Trend 3: Losing Focus jennifer+balenciaga.jpg balenciaga1.jpg jpg jpg http://4.bp.blogspot. com/_FW86_jO7k_A/StXfVZATMzI/AAAAAAABRGA/v52oqZm8rJA/s400/13%2BBalenciaga%2BFall%2 B2009%2BKarmen%2BPedaru.jpg GIVENCHY out=jpg&size=l&tid=9713112,375x360,b,s,T3B0aWNhbCBJbGx1c2lvbiAy.jpg http://3.bp.blogspot. com/_Mc73cCzEUP4/SsJCqzW712I/AAAAAAAABJA/nUsB1Lylgwc/s400/versace1.jpg h Iris+Van+Herpen+S_S+20103.jpg

Trend 4: Vintage Vasile\ code=GBP&siteID=Hy3bqNL2jtQ-nxI5kTbGbRTVsGJmqnCzlw&quid=61083013421S1096568T&gkid=a cxHy3bqNL2jtQ&utm_source=Affilate&utm_medium=INT&utm_campaign=2&gclid= 1&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand 8466&extid=affprg-2687457-RSKIN2013030012

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