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Comparison to existing magazines.

This masthead is very similar to Q magazine. I used it so that the letter ‘R’ for rampage could be used more as a symbolic symbol or logo to represent the magazine. A simple letter is used to quickly capture the attention of the audience. However I still incorporated the magazines full name which is ‘Rampage’. I think this is slightly unusual compared to most magazines as they either just use simple letters or use a word such as ‘NME’ or ‘Kerrang’. I used pull quotes to gain the attention of the audience as they entice people to want to find out what they mean or may be referring to. They are used in nearly all magazines. I wrote them in capitol letters so that they would be clear to see. The font is also simple which is used in most music magazines.

Here are a variety of artists which are featured within the magazine. These are used to lure people into reading my magazine as it gives them an idea of what my magazine is going to have inside it. This is commonly used throughout existing magazines.

Advertising things such as free posters or competitions are used in magazines to get people to buy them. Here I have advertised that there is a free poster within the magazine.

Boxes are commonly used in music magazines to highlight any key points they want the audience to see. They are also used to create variety on the front cover and to divide text up to make it more easy to read.

The image on my front cover was created to look similar to one you would find on a music magazine. It shows a mid shot photograph of the main feature in the article within the magazine and shows who the main story is going to be about. This is generally what the image on the front cover of a magazine shows.

I have written a main sell line which links to the main image on the front cover. These two both link to the main double page spread which is generally what all magazines do. Including those which are not music magazines. The use of the plus and the lines are to divide up the page and give the page diversity rather than just blocks of solid text. This is used within existing magazines to make the front cover look more enticing rather than just lots of text that is hard to read.

The general fonts are clear to see and easy to read. Most magazines use clear fonts so the reader can quickly see what is included in the magazine to get them interested in buying it as they pass it in a shop.

Contents pages usually have ‘contents’ or ‘this week’ , ‘this month’ written at the top. Here I have used ‘this week’ as my magazine is published weekly. I used two different texts to draw the reader eye to the page. Fonts are bold whilst black and white so that they are easy to see. Band index’s are found in most music magazines. They allow people to quickly find a specific band or page number that they need. Mine is given in alphabetical order to allow for quicker navigation.

My contents page is mainly made up of images which is used throughout most magazines contents pages. The images I have provided are to entice people to want to find out about them and therefore turn to the page number provided. The images link to the stories that are found within the magazine. I think that my photos look very professional and similar to those of a real music magazine.

Here I have linked the magazine to social networking sites. Nearly all magazines use social networking and websites to promote the magazine. The colour scheme remains the same throughout the magazine. This is an editors column. Not all magazines have one of these so I think my magazine is slightly more different as it allows the reader to know what’s going on behind the scenes of the magazine and enables them to connect with the people who make the magazine.

There is a subscription box to advertise that the reader can subscribe to the magazine so that they get offers. Most magazines use subscriptions to get people to continue purchasing the magazine.

The main stories are written in large on the contents page to draw the readers attention to them. The page numbers allow people to easily find the story they are looking for. The headings at the top are also helpful for letting people know what stories are where. The fonts are bold and simple so that the stories can be seen clearly and easy on the eye. The cover story has its own image is it is of importance being the main focus on this weeks issue.

The use of images divide the use of text and make the pages look more interesting. They are generally the first things that people will see when they look at the pages of a magazine so should be used to get them interested in reading the story. Here I have used a picture of the two people who are the main people being interviewed. This is generally what is done in all music magazines. I used a different and interesting font to make the page look interesting. This is similar to the one used in the photo above. I think it is very effective in capturing the readers eye and making them want to read more. It also clearly states who is involved in the article so people know who it is about. I kept the colour scheme within this.

Introductory paragraph to give an overview of who is involved in the article and what it is going to include. This is in quite a large font so that it is clear to read to quickly draw in the audience to read the magazine.

Colour scheme remains the same throughout the magazine for continuity.

The article is in the form of an interview. Interviews are common in magazines and usually discuss the life of an artist or any new up and coming music or information that is occurring.

Pull quotes stand out within an article to quickly capture the attention of a reader. They are usually quotes found within the article. I tried to choose an interesting one that I thought would entice a reader. Many magazines use either weird or bold statements to gain interest into the article. The use of a large font and bold colour makes it easy to stand out.

A quick box with few facts about the girls is used to break up the article so there appears to be less text. They make the magazine more creative and appealing. The contrast in colours makes it stand out and adds colour to the page.

More pull quotes are added to the article to continue to get people to read ahead once they have already started reading the article or if they are passing through the magazine. The divide the article up which makes it more easy on the eye as there appears to be less smaller text. The colour scheme and font remains the same. Clear and easy to read.

Large image which takes up almost two pages. This is to make the double page spread look interesting rather than just a long proportion of text. The image is of the two main people within the article. The midshot/close up allows the audience to see them in closer detail and to capture there facial expressions. You can also see more details such as make up here.

Here I created a gig date list which lets people know where the girls are playing in certain areas and on what date so that they can purchase tickets for the show. Many magazine who feature artists or bands usually include one of these if they are touring or having a lot of shows that are coming up. I think this is a very realistic factor to my magazine compared to the real music magazines.

Comparison of magazines  
Comparison of magazines  

Comparison of my magazine to exisiting ones