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institution of my

music magazine Publishers There are many different ways in which my magazine can be sold and published. Publishing houses can vary from being very popular and selling lots of magazines to being totally independant and relying on a limited number of magazines that may not all be top sellers.

For my publishing house, I have chosen to use IPEC Media for a range of reasons.

IPC Media is a consumer magazine and digital publisher in the United Kingdom with a large portfolio selling over 350 copies each year. IPC is the UK’s leading consumer magazine publisher which engages with 26m UK adults. Almost two thirds of UK women and 42% men. This shows that the company has a large audience who are interested in purchasing magazines. I think that the best type IPC currently publishes of publishing house for NME magazine which is a my magazine would be a weekly music magazine. large distributor of magaI think this will help my zines. One which also has magazine to sell well as knowledge of also selling the comapany would have music magazines would knowledge on weekly mualso be beneficial as they sic magazines and how to would have experience with distribute them. NME is knowing the best methods also a very popular magato distributing my type of zine which shows that the magazine to a specific audi- company knows who to ence. Choosing the right target the distribution of publisher is important as the magazine at and how. this could effect how my People who buy NME may magazine is advertised also be interested in buying and who is going to buy it. my magazine if they know

it is from the same company that publishes NME, as they may think that the magazine will be good due to the reputation IPC has gained from readers of NME. I think that this is a good publishing company as it clearly knows how to get people to buy a magazine. It uses a variety of media to distribute and advertise magazines such as print, online, mobile , tablets and events. These are all good ways in which to gain attention to my magazine as my target audience would be people who use all forms of these media, so would easily spot my magazine being advertised. All of these different forms of media will make my maga-

zine more accessible as I zine by doing a deal over could use things such as a certain period of time. I apps and websites to allow could also bribe people to people to view my magasubscribe by offering them zine online and on the a free item such as a mug or move via mobiles and tab- a free CD single of a song lets. This will make people when they subscribe. For want to read my magazine my magazine I decided to as it makes it more conmake my subscription as vienient to some people an offer. This being that a who might not have the person could pay £29.99 for time to purchase the paper 48 issues instead of paying version of the magazine. £3.59 for each magazine. Some people also think that paper versions take up Many music magazines space, so may wish to use also have radio stations an online version of the which can gain publicity magazine instead. Social for the magazine as many networking sites will people of different ages also be useful for listen to the radio £29. 99 allowing people every day. It is a conFO 48 IS R to quickly access vienient way to both SUES information from promote my magazine the magazine, (Such as and keep people who Facebook or Twitter). are alreadying buying it interested in carrying on Subscriptions are good with reading it. ways to get people to buy There is are a magazine. possible disSo by choosadvantages ing a good of using this publishing publishing company I house. This can try to sell could be that more of my because they magazines by already pubbeing able to lish a music have a better magazine variety of ways they may to get people not wish to to subscribe. publish anThis may other. They include offers may not see a on the prices of my magabig enough market gap for

another music magazine and think that they will make little investment by publishing my magazine. As the company is quite well known and not very independant, the company may think they can have a bigger say on what happens with my magazine. They may wish to alter parts of my magazine to try and get it to sell more copies or to try and aim the magazine at a different gender. This could be an advantage as the company may be able to gain a wider audience by targetting the magazine at a different one from the one I have chosen. However I also see this as a disadvantage as it takes away the style and character of the original magazine that I created and my personal touches that I have made.

Institution of music magazines  

This explains my choice of publishing house and how I wish to distribute my magazine.

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