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Equipment Research Katie Norris

Camera Equipment Canon E05 550D Camera: This is the camera that I plan to use for filming my music video. It is a good camera to use as it allows me to use various settings to suit the required shot I need. It also allows the lenses to be changed so that I can take different styles of shots. I have previously used this camera on many occasions and therefore I know how to use it which will make filming easier. The quality of the camera is also good so it will make the appearance of the footage I get look better than if I was to use a basic digital camera for example. I will also use this camera for my photoshoot for the pictures for my digipak and magazine advert. This is also due to the fact that the images would be of a high quality. F/1.8 50mm Lense: I think that using this lense would be beneficial for my footage because it makes it look really clear and detailed. It is very good to use for shots that are quite close up because it can be easily focussed using this lense whilst keeping the footage in high quality. Overall it would make the footage look aesthetically pleasing. This would also be a good lense to use for any photographs as it would make the images really clear and detailed.

Canon ef 85mm f/1.8 usm: This is the standard lense that I use for this camera. It allows me to zoom in and focus manually as well as using auto focus on the camera. It is good for taking any type of shot due to this as I can easily adjust the lense to suit the shot type that I need. It also takes good quality shots, however it is more difficult to get the perfect focus and zoom using this lense compared to the lense above.

Filming Equipment Camera tripod: The tripod will be used to help stabilize the camera when filming so that camera shake is reduce and my footage will then be of better quality. It also helps to move the camera whilst balancing it. To to the camera being fixed onto the tripod, it also reduces the chance of the camera being dropped or jolted during filming.

Camera Rig/ Steadicam: This allows me to move around with the camera whilst reducing jolting or movement of the camera itself. It isused to balance the camera’s centre of gravity so that it reduced camera shake whilst being able to move whilst filming rather than being fixated in one place with a tripod. This will be used for filming my music video.

SD card: The use of an SD card will allow me to take a numerous amount of images and footage due to providing more storage space than the camera itself can provide. This also saves time when retrieving footage because I can simply copy and paste the files from the card to my own computer folder for the footage or images.

Computer Software Adobe Premier Pro CS6: This is an editing software that I plan to use after my footage has been filmed for my music video. I have had some previous experience using this software so I shouldn’t find it to difficult to use. It is good because it is highly rated in terms of being used to edit professional footage for films ect. Therefore it should provide me with the right software to make my video easy to edit and give it a good final finish. Adobe Photoshop CS6: This is a software that enables me to change and alter photographs. I plan to use this software to edit some of my phtots that I will take for my digipak and magazine advert. This will help me enhance my images and make them appear to have a good quality and aesthetic appeal to them. I can use adjustments to enhance colours or vibrance of images as well as make images black and white which I plan to do a lot of . Adobe InDesignCS6: This is a software that I am currently using to produce some of my research and planning such as this. I am also using it to create my digipak and magazine advert as it has aspects within the software that I think makes it easier to use than photoshop. I used this software last year to create a magazine so I find it really quick and easy to use.

Computer: I consider a computer to be a vital piece of equipment because without it, it would almost be impossible to create a music video. I use it to save my footage, I use it to gather research via the internet for my video, as well as editing and creating the music video itself using various software.

Equipment Research