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Rosie Mullender Commissioning Editor Dear Rosie, I was wondering if you would be interested in an article for Cosmopolitan Magazine. Head: Lights, Camera, Action: SEX! Coverline: Making your bedroom debut Sell: With all the celebs making their bedroom debuts we decided to see what all the fuss is about. Are sex tapes really as shocking as the seem or will they get the bed rocking in the bedroom for all the right reasons? Katie Constable looks at how you can spice up the bedroom with your very own sex tape. Synopsis: From Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and now even Britain’s pride and joy Adele fighting claims against a sex tape leaked it seems sex tapes are keeping the rich and famous happy under the sheets. Whereas the issue has been regarded as scandalous in the media, this piece pushes the boundaries and takes a new angle by using the topic as inspiration to produce a feature on how to spice up the sex life for all the Cosmo girls out there. This piece uses a sex therapist to evaluate the pros and cons of using sex tapes to bring back the action under the sheets. Presented as 3PS with a full bleed image to illustrate the topic there will be pull out quotes and other supporting images to highlight the key points of the piece. I look forward to hearing from you, Katie Constable Contact me:  

Critique – Lights, Camera, Action: SEX Fun and fearless the Cosmo girl likes to takes risks; the centre of this piece. Infatuated with sex, relationships and men this piece highlights all their favourite subjects. Passionate about life and love this piece is exciting and daring; perfect for the Cosmo girl. Relating it to celebrities, their muses for life, the piece is highly relevant. Sex is always relevant for the cosmo girl making this topical all year round. Especiall with many sex scandals taking place in the media this piece draws in social issues as well as sexual. Taking a fresh and risquĂŠ angle on the subject this theme is transformed from scandalous to glamorous, gripping and acceptable sex tips. A liberating and intimate tone is to the piece and its subject which flatters the magazines mantra. With a high coverage in sex features and articles this piece will sit perfectly amoung other pieces all year round.. From analysing the flannel panel and looking at such examples as the ones below there is evidently opportunity for freelance in this section especially when incorporating a professional opinion.  

Lights, Camera, Action: SEX! Make your bedroom debut!


The Nominees are....

From experience, most devoted men would admit that

aris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and now

their girlfriends are the sexiest females on the planet. That

Britain’s X Factor princess, Tulisa have

confidence is crucial and a lap dance wouldn’t go a miss.

all been dubbed as the latest sex scandal stars. Headlines

Personally, I am constantly being nagged by my other half

snubbing Tulisa’s video tape as a publicity stunt and her

for some sexy photos or appropriate. Most the time I tend

step mother implying the pop princess was a ‘victim of her

to push my insecurities aside and hit send. And I have to

childhood’ - hungry for her fathers attention, are just a few

admit when it works, I guess I feel rather flattered by the

of the many predictable jibes. I am frankly starting to think

compliment which leaves me feeling sexy and smiling as well

everyone needs to lay off. I would quite like to give the girls a

as him.

round of a applause for attempting to spice up their sex life. But are we all ready to set the lights low and get filming? My You cannot lie, when you have found out your adoring, sexy boyfriend has been releasing his sexual inhibitions to some slapstick porn your heart sinks. Am I really not that hot? So why can’t we give video sex a shot and get him off his porn binge.

couple friends are being tempted by my theory. My friend Nicki has been with her partner for nearly a year and is still

49% of us are not comfortable talking about what we want in the bedroom

With it constantly being the females fronting the headlines whilst the men escape

sailing through honey moon period with her man. She says: “It depends on the situation. If i was with a long term partner and we were looking at ways to spice up our sex life then yeah i’d be up for it. but i would never consider it with someone

I don’t trust or a one night stand.” Suprisingly noone was outrageously against the idea and not so suprisingly

lightly you can’ help but think – does sex, porn and pleasure

all the males were beaming with the idea. Sounds like sex

really make us less respectable? To the outer public, in the

tapes aren’t the real taboo, us girls just need a little confidence

real world where people work 9 -5, five days a week whilst


taking their two children to the swimming baths at weekend,

With another bedroom block buster causing X Factor ratings this year, we question,what’s the big deal? Maybe taking the leading role in your very own sex video will solve bedroom blues. And with the Oscars round the corner, maybe we might be able to scoop an award for best performance! Katie Constable goes behind the scenes to see how you can spice up your sex life. 110 COSMOPOLITAN : FEBRUARY 2013

yes – sex tapes – are a scandal! However, in the bedroom we

The Thank you cam

are all human and we all deserve a little fun in the boudoir,

The problem is, bedroom business can get a little stale after


a long term relationship. The Cosmopolitan Sex Survey revealed 22% of you would like sex to be more adventurous.

Take a gamble

Distance, work and time can all create immense pressure on

49% of us, according to Durex’s Wellbeing Survey, are not

anyone’s sexual relationship but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t

comfortable talking to our partners about sex and what we

make time for sex - or enjoy it!

want. They suggest, the more open about sex you are, the better it can get proving sex tapes shouldn’t be such a big deal.

There are plenty of ways to add the spice back and no one

So if you trust your man and want to try keeping things alive

should be judging for trying. Our best friend, Anne Summers

why not give it a go, the benefits could light that old flame.

always helps us out in a time of need. Offering us a delicate FEBRUARY 2013: COSMOPOLITAN 111

piece of negligee Anne helps us feel super sexy in no time

out of that nasty porn rut that you hate? With all of us

proving that pleasure presents can please us as well as him. desiring a little sparkle in our lives what’s the harm in With 45% of Cosmo readers already acting out role play, are

trying.? Nothing is quite as pleasing to know a good job has

sex tapes the next big step? With many of you already sending

been done and it’s all down to you. The prospect of starring

sexy photos I can’t help but think yes.

in your own sex tape must sound quite exciting too, right? Perhaps you can even bribe him into footing the bill of

According to Durex ‘few of us take proactive steps to improve

some sexy new underwear for the set wardrobe. If it is good

our sex lives but it appears many of us want more excitement

enough for the rich and famous, I am sure we can all give it a

and variety.’ To me, it sounds like sex tapes are the perfect

go. Just what doctor Durex prescribed.

solution and as my mother says, if you want something bad

Best Performance


The Ugly Truth Of course there are some risky dangers that come tied with sex tapes and I admit I would be extremely humiliated if I was to be placed in Paris Hiltons sparkly Christian Louboutins. The drama queen I am - I would begin screaming for the

See you on the red carpet!

Looking back at the most scandelous sex videos we pulled together a survey to see who topped viewing ratings with most memorable performance. Not so suprisingly our foxy ladies were the ones remembered for the bedroom blockbusters. The results are in, lets see who you chose!


world to swallow me up and hide out Sadam Hussain style for all eternity. And that’s just with my friends seeing my bits.

But with my boyfriend, why not? After being with my man


for three years I am assured of his trust and good nature. I think you know a bad cat when you see one and this is only for the one you trust. A boyfriend who brags about his ‘package’ sparing his friends no details of your romantic date last week - well, it’s probably best he misses out on this special treat.

3 4

I think we all have learnt through the lessons of the rich and famous to say – delete it! Even Tulisa’s teenage sweetheart disobeyed her trust so making sure the explicit file is deleted or locked and thrown away ( with no key to be found) is a highlighted, bold and underlined must!

And that’s a wrap So what better way to fulfil all their desires and kick them 112 COSMOPOLITAN : FEBRUARY 2013


In first place is princess Paris Hilton, who’s explicit sex video released in 2003 is still causing a stir. A close second is our lovely Kim who’s performance didn’t fail to impress. Middle of the road is hot momma Pamela Anderson. With that baywatch body she proves she still has it.

X Factor’s Tulisa Contostavlos didn’t make the top spot despite her recent publicity. She might not be first place but we think her youtube come back definitley deserves a golden statue. A close shave off the top five is Heidi of The Hills who pulled the stint with ex hubby Spencer.

Lights, camera, action: SEX!  
Lights, camera, action: SEX!  

An article written in mind for Cosmopolitan magazine surrounding the controversy of sex tapes. How to use sex tapes to spice up your sex lif...