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Out of the Box PR presents

The Vista Guild Campaign Proposal

Katie Byrnes Kristin Sprankle Martha Trundle Katie Whitescarver

Table of Contents: Executive Summary...1 Credentials…2 Biographies.3 Consumer Analysis…7 Research…8 S.W.O.T Analysis…22 Competitive Analysis…23 Goal, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics…24 Event Planning…25 Media Outlets and Budgets…28 Timeline…31 Press Release…32 Media Advisory...33 Advertisements...34 Evaluation…38 Appendix A

Executive Summary Research has shown that the Vista is, and will continue to be, the premier place for local art and entertainment enthusiasts. It has grown annually and continues to do so every year. However, the Vista has an under-awareness of available parking, restaurants and size. When these problems are addressed, the Vista will continue to thrive. Events such as Viva La Vista and Vista Lights can continue to expand, and new events can be added to the Vista Guild’s calendar. Out of the Box P.R. (OBPR) will use various media to raise awareness of the Vista, increase attendance at events and add new events, as well as bring visitors to the area. The campaign and events will target upper-middle class males and females from Columbia and surrounding areas. Being a non-proďŹ t organization, the Vista Guild has a less-than-desirable budget for advertising. In order to overcome this obstacle, OBPR will implement public relations efforts in Columbia and surrounding areas; as well as advertise outside Columbia to increase the number of travelers. A new event will be planned to bring attention to the Vista, and a small campaign will be presented to increase awareness of parking garages in the area. O.B.P.R. interviewed Deirdre Mardon, as well as event organizers from Charlotte, N.C. and Philadelphia, Pa. In addition, Guild restaurants and customers were surveyed and will be surveyed again after a resturant event is implemented to evaluate results.


Credentials All members of Out of the Box PR are senior public relations majors. Kristin Sprankle, Katie Whitescarver and Martha Trundle have minors in business administration and will be able to bring business knowledge into the plan. Katie Byrnes has a minor in hospitality tourism and retail management. Whitescarver and Byrnes have internship experience. Whitescarver interned at EdVenture and currently has one at Muscular Dystrophy. Byrnes interned at CW47 TV and Universal Republic Records. Sprankle has worked in the Vista and used public relations in all of her positions. Trundle is graduating with honors from the School of Journalism and Mass Communications this May. Sprankle and Byrnes are graduating in August and Whitescarver is graduating in December.


Katie Byrnes Senior Public Relations Major

! I was born in Atlanta, GA in 1987 but was raised in Orlando, Fla. My freshmen year of college was spent at Appalachian State University. I later decided USC was a better fit and transferred before my sophomore year. I am a public relations major and am also working toward a minor in hospitality tourism retail management. I have a cumulative GPA of 3.5, and have been on the Dean’s List for two years. My expected graduation date is August 2009. I have had two internships in my college career: one at the local CW47 TV station and one at Universal Republic Records, in the publicity department, in New York City. These were both very beneficial learning experiences for me because my passion is entertainment. My favorite restaurant in the Vista is Liberty Tap Room, and I always attend the Little Black Dress Party.


Kristin Sprankle Senior Public Relations Major

! I was born in Youngstown, Ohio. I am 23 years old and a senior at the University of South Carolina’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications. My expected graduation is August 2009. I am a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and a manager at Image Makers Salon in northeast Columbia. I am also employed at 300 Senate, Vista Events and Blue Martini. They are all restaurant establishments located in the Vista. I moved to Columbia two and a half years ago, transferring to USC from Youngstown State University. I have an older brother, who also transferred and graduated from USC, with a bachelors degree in Public Relations.


Martha Trundle Senior Public Relations Major

! I was born in Knoxville, TN and moved around the southeast. The summer before my highschool freshman year, my parents settled in New Albany, OH. While in high school, I participated in dual enrollment at the Ohio State University, I came to the University of South Carolina in fall 2005 to study international business, but quickly changed to public relations with a minor in business administration. I have studied abroad twice: in Morocco as part of a USC Maymester in 2007 and in Limerick, Ireland Spring 2008. Both were amazing learning experiences. I have a cumulative GPA of 3.652 and am graduating this May. My favorite restaurant is Mellow Mushroom and I often I attend Trivia Night at Wild Wing CafĂŠ.


Katie Whitescarver Senior Public Relations Major

! I was born and raised in Tampa, FL. and graduated as a member of the National Honor Society from Gaither High School in Tampa, FL. My favorite restaurant in the Vista is Wild Wing CafÊ. I was co-captain of the high school volleyball team two years in a row. I became a student at the University of South Carolina in 2005 and began pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in public relations with a minor in business. Last summer, I interned at EdVenture under Kim Asbill and will be completing another internship this upcoming summer. I will graduate in December 2009 and will be enthusiastically entering the job force.


Consumer Analysis The components that make up the Vista’s target audience: Demographics: •

Males and females ages of 25 and up

Psychographics: • • • • • • •

Middle to upper-class people with established careers Guests staying in local hotels Middle-aged and young professionals who enjoy a diverse nightlife Attracted to an adult environment Enjoy a unique dining experience Adults looking to socialize after a work day Citizens of the tri-state area (Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina) desiring a different environment

Geographics: Adults and young professionals living in: • City of Columbia • Irmo • West Columbia/Cayce • Lexington • Surrounding cities


Research Primary Interview with Deirdre Mardon, Director of the Congaree Vista Guild Survey given to Vista Guild restaurants Survey given to Vista customers Interview with Charlotte, NC restaurant week organizers Interview with Philadelphia, PA restaurant week organizers Secondary Web site research for restaurant week implemented in Charlotte, NC Web site research for restaurant week implemented in Philadelphia, PA Summary of Riley Communications Viva la Vista campaign research Brochure of the Vista area and Vista Guild Vista Guild’s Web site

Summary of Interview with Deirdre Mardon •

There is a false perception of “no parking” in the Vista o 60 restaurants within five minutes of parking o Lack of awareness of the three parking garages o Parking garages are open for events at no charge

Advertising outside of Columbia is funded by hospitality tax, but inside Columbia, it is paid for by the Guild o Need to attract people from outside Columbia, specifially the tri-city area (Columbia, Lexington, Irmo) o Need to increase the number of people traveling into Columbia from the Lexington area

Down economy indicates that an inexpensive meal needs to be stressed

The Congaree Vista Guild is targeting individuals ages 25-45

Artista Vista, Vista Lights and Viva La Vista all have limited edition poster advertisements that are given to all of the businesses

Smoking ban has had limited effects on the Vista 8

Interview Notes with Bruce Hensley of Hensley Fontana Public Relations/Marketing, owners and coordinators of Queen’s Feast, Charlotte’s Restaurant Week. July 2008 was the first Restaurant Week for Charlotte. There are four major components to Charlotte’s Restaurant Week: restaurants, sponsors, media and the general public. For the first restaurant week, there was learning curve with all of these components. The second restaurant week was easier. Hensley recommends to pick the worst week for restaurants and hold the event then. The point is to generate business for the restaurants, driving trial business to them and also creating cash flow during a slow week. The first Restaurant Week brought in $37,000, and the second brought in $62,000. The menu has a value of a minimum $50, but some restaurants go beyond that. The lower end of the spectrum restaurants have usually added either a fourth course or a beverage. Restaurants sign up and order food during a specific time to get a discount from one of the sponsors. U.S. Food Service offered $500 worth of food and wine to participating restaurants. For July (the first Restaurant Week), the entry fee for restaurants was $300, and in January (the second Restaurant Week) the entry fee was $1,000. The restaurants have to have an investment in order for the event to succeed. Menus for restaurants were posted online June 12, 2008 for the First Restaurant week. The menus went up on January 2, 2008, and the event started January 24, 2008. Hensley asked the restaurants for a menu and a 100-word description of the restaurant as well as their logo and address. Some restaurants even described the dishes. can be used to make reservations at the restaurants and is also a revenue source. Queen’s Feast was emulated after restaurant weeks in Denver and Boston. In Charlotte, the money generated from meals goes directly to the restaurants. There is not enough of a margin for any money to be donated to a charitable cause. For the first event there was a budget of at least $40,000 that was generated through entry fees and sponsorships. The money is used to buy advertisements, create publicity and create the Web site.


Philadelphia Interview with Laurel Perley -Organized by Center City District Marketing Department -Goal is to keep their restaurant week as simple as possible -Paid for by budget and sponsors This year sponsored by TD Bank -Budget ranges from $85,000 to $100,000 after sponsor’s contributions Budget includes money for advertising and marketing -Only need to make a reservation; no tickets are included -Some restaurants create a special restaurant week menu and keep their regular menu -Retailers do not participate -Charities are not involved -Advertising and marketing is not focused outside Philadelphia Because they have commuters, advertising is focused in Philadelphia, on the transit-oriented market, and in Philadelphia Magazine -Price is $35 with a retail value of $55 -105 to 110 restaurants included annually -Started in September 2003 -Reservations can be made through


Survey Analysis Our surveys were given to patrons in the Vista and the Congaree Vista Guild restaurants. Surveys were conducted at two different times, from 12 p.m. - 4 p.m. and from 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. We surveyed customers who were in the Vista but not while they were dining. The restaurant surveys were ďŹ lled out by the managers of the restaurants. This is a snapshot of the Vista population, and we recommend doing more surveys for more complete information.

Vista Guild Restaurant Survey What are your busiest hours/days? What is your average ticket price? What is the most common age of your customers? Do you think an event focusing on the Vista restaurants solely will improve your business? Are you aware of the three parking garages in the Vista? If so, do you make your customers aware of them?


Analysis of Restaurant Surveys

! Nine of the restaurants surveyed responded that dinner is their busiest time. Two more responded lunch and dinner were the busiest, and four more responded that dinner and late night were their busiest hours. This shows that dinner (between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.) would be the ideal time for a restaurant event.

! The most common average ticket prices are $11-$20. Eight restaurants have an average ticket price not $31+, and three restaurants have an average ticket price of $21-$30. These ticket prices to not include alcohol purchases. This supports our recommendation of ticket prices for an event costing $30.


What is the most common age of your customers?

Results showed the average age of customers are between 18 and 35

! 91 percent of Guild restaurants believe an event focusing solely on the Vista restaurants could improve their business.


! This graph shows that 77 percent of managers surveyed are aware of the three parking garages in the Vista.

! This graph shows that over half the managers surveyed do not make customers aware of the parking garages. Although, a large number of Guild members have valet parking, so they encourage customers to utilize the valet instead of the parking decks. Because of this, promotion for the parking decks should not be dependent on the restaurants.


Vista Customer Survey Zip Code ___________ Age _________ Gender _______ How many restaurants do you think are in the Vista? Do you dine in the Vista? In how many restaurants do you dine in the Vista per month? When are you more likely to visit the Vista? Lunch___ Dinner___ Late Night___ What would entice you to dine in the Vista more often? Would you come to an event focusing on Vista restaurants? Are you aware of the three parking garages in the Vista? Yes___ No___ If yes, have you used them? Combined household income: $0-$30,000___ $30,001-$60,000___ $60,001-$90,000___ $90,001-$120,000___ $120,001+___ Prefer not to respond___ Race: African-American___ Latino/Hispanic___ Caucasian___ Native American/Alaskan___ Native Hawaiian ___ Asian _____


Analysis of Customer Survey

! This shows that the majority of people surveyed were from Columbia. Communications efforts will be essential in attracting people from outside Columbia.


Our survey results show that the majority of the people in the Vista are 20-29 years old. This is inconsistent with the restaurant responses on average customer age, but could be due to the time of day and small sample size.


! Our survey results show that the majority of the Vista customers are female. This means the advertising and public relations campaigns should be targeted toward females.

! The majority of customers surveyed grossly underestimated the number of restaurants in the Vista. This shows there needs to be an increase of awareness of Vista restaurants.


! The majority of customers surveyed only dine at 0-4 restaurants in the Vista a month. This could be attributed to a lack of awareness.

! Customers surveyed usually visit the Vista most for dinner. This would be the ideal time to hold a restaurant event.


What would entice you to dine in the Vista more?

Better specials Better parking Different restaurants, less chains Less noise Lighter food Parking/shuttle service/subway Nothing Good food Cheaper restaurants Advertising Giveaways Dining atmospheres less centered on Sports If it was more laid back Better bands Live music

! Of the customers surveyed, 79 percent responded that they would consider attending an event focusing on Vista restaurants.


! As seen by responses from Vista customers, the awareness of parking garages for the Vista is low. Raised awareness of available parking can bring more people to the Vista.

! The majority of respondents have a combined household income of $0-$30,000.


Primary Research Cont.

Charlotte Restaurant Week Web site Research This year Charlotte, NC conducted “Queen’s Feast”, Charlotte’s Restaurant Week from January 24 to January 29. Customers made advanced dinner reservations for $30 a person at one of the 56 participating restaurants. Each restaurant provided an online menu of their three-course meal ahead of time. The Web site provides menus, sponsors, transportation options, how to participate and contact options.

Philadelphia Restaurant Week Web site Research Philadelphia, PA conducts a similar restaurant week from the end of January to the beginning of February. Dinners are $35 and three-course meals. Their prices for meals do not include beverages, tax or gratuity. There are a large number of participating restaurants that include chains and local establishments.

Riley Communications Viva la Vista Research Viva la Vista was based on a similar restaurant event, “Taste of Chicago”. Viva la Vista was developed to be an event that was within everyone’s budget, particularly because of the lagging economy. This was the first year of Viva la Vista; therefore, no records of past attendance were kept. It was intended to reach benchmarks of previous Vista events, as well as stimulate business for participating restaurants.


S.W.O.T Analysis Strengths • • • • • •

Unique environment Appeals to multiple age groups Consistent clientele base Appeals to multiple psychographic categories Successful events already established Established reputation

Weaknesses • • • •

Web site and brochure need constant attention and up-dating Economic downturn Minimal awareness of smaller establishments False perception of limited parking

Opportunities • • •

Partnering with a charitable organization during events Increase awareness of Vista establishments Increase attendance by eliminating limited parking perceptions

Threats • • • • • • •

Harbison Economic stability Charleston – Charleston is considered a threat because it is a goal of the Congree Vista Guild to bring regional guests into the Vista for weekend stays Charlotte – If regional consumers are a target, then advertising and strong press releases need to be focused on areas in and around Charlotte and Charleston to bring consumers to Columbia Downtown Lexington City Center Partnership Establishments on Divine Street


Competitive Analysis The three main competitors in the greater Columbia area: Harbison • • • • •

Cheaper restaurants More versatile forms entertainment (e.g. movie theaters, mall) Family environment Convenience for the Irmo community Chain restaurants

Lexington • • • • •

Developing entertainment in the downtown area Attractive atmosphere Independent bars and restaurants Growing residential area Convenience for Lexington community

City Center Partnership • • • •

Fill vacancies in commercial properties Retain existing downtown businesses while still creating new ones Expand the residual base downtown and create a clean, safe and friendly environment Host events such as an international festival of wines and food and a bake-off contest


Goal, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics

Goal To increase attendance and awareness of Vista establishments by 15%

Public Relations Objectives and Strategies •

Host a restaurant event to help increase Vista attendance by 15 percent

Food is a large part of entertainment in American culture. A restaurant event will allow the Vista to focus on all the delectable cuisines it has to offer, while maintaining a wallet-friendly price. We want to create a memorable impression on new and existing customers, as well as to stimulate growth for participating Vista Guild restaurants. •

Increase media awareness of events by five percent

Because the Vista Guild’s budget comes mainly from hospitality tax, it is vital that paid media coverage be used to bring guests from outside the greater Columbia area. Without this cover age, advertising budgets for events would be cut. Because they have a great reputation, the Vista has a potentially loyal-market waiting to be informed of what the Vista has to offer. We will use media by sending news releases to local news stations, newspapers and food blogs. In addition, we will invite reviewers to events to help create a lasting impression and increase attendance for the following year. •

Raise awareness of parking garages in the Vista by 30 percent

A current problem in the Vista is the false perception of minimal parking. We want to create a “word of mouth” chain by advertisements, notes on the Vista Guild Web site and on boiler plates. By informing restaurants of the parking decks, they can tell customers. Once customers know, they can tell their friends. As a smaller parking campaign, tickets will be given to all retailers and restaurants. When a customer makes a purchase, he or she will be given a ticket for free parking in a parking garage for their next visit to the Vista. This will be implemented for three months.


Vista Feast Introduction

Vista events are held in the fall and spring. Therefore, holding Vista Feast in January will balance the other events, while still maintaining Columbia’s busy seasons. At this time of year, restaurants are usually slow. If we utilize this season and invite visitors to Vista Feast, they will “fall in love” with the Vista atmosphere. Vista Feast will be a one-week event focusing on Vista Guild restaurants. Tickets will be $30.00 per person or $50.00 for a couple. Ticket sales will go solely to the Vista Guild. They will be available ahead of time at the Coliseum ticket booth, online at the Guild’s Web site and at the Guild office (only available until closing). Each ticket will be available for one meal at one participating restaurant. Each restaurant will create a Vista Feast menu. The menu will include appetizers, meals and desserts. The guest will able to pick one item from each of the three categories. Menus should include at least three choices from each category. In addition, the size of the meal will depend on the restaurant. For instance, a Ruth’s Chris dinner will be a smaller meal, while a restaurant such as Wild Wing Cafe will have larger portions. At each restaurant’s discretion, drinks may be included as well. It is recommended that the Guild encourage restaurants to have the special menu available to view on the Guild Web site ahead of time. Each morning during restaurant week, restaurants can turn in tickets to the Guild and be reimbursed for their percentage of ticket sales.


Vista Feast

Goal Introduce new customers to the Vista through Vista Feast, and entice existing customers to visit restaurants different than they usually attend

Objectives • • •


To increase awareness of Vista restaurants by 15 percent Inform hotel desks about Vista Feast so they can tell their guests To have enough money and awareness by the second restaurant week to include a charitable organization.1

Linking an organization with a charitable cause can increase attendance and spending.


Strategies By using a combination of paid advertising and public relations efforts, awareness of Vista Feast will be created. In addition, we will inform attendees that parking in the decks are an option and are free.

Tactics • •

Press releases given to newspapers and news stations Media advisory sent to local news stations to attend Vista Feast Paid advertising in local magazines and radio stations Information packets distributed to local hotels in Columbia, Irmo and Lexington Advertising in Greenville, Charlotte, and Charleston Recommended that art galleries stay open late and invite new guests to the Vista and view the galleries

• • • •

Media Kit Contents • • • •

Ticket sales information Media advisory Press release List of participating resturants


Distribution List Radio: 99.3 WXRY FM Steve Varholy, Managing Director, Programming and Operations Kevin Bush, Director of Promotions and Marketing WXRY Barringer Building Studios 1338 Main St. Columbia, S.C. 29201 93.5 WARQ FM Devin Ihme, Promotions Director Matt Lee, Assistant Program Director PO Box 9127 Columbia, S.C. 29290 90.5 WUSC FM Names not available Program Director – Public Affairs - Print Media: Free-Times Columbia: Names and titles not available “What’s Happening” submissions Free Times C/O Music Editor PO Box 8295 Columbia S.C. 29202 “Arts” submissions News Editor Eric Ward The State [daily newspaper]: Tonnya Kennedy Kohn, Managing Editor Warren Bolton, Associate Editor C/O Local section C/O Entertainment section P.O. Box 1333 Columbia, S.C. 29202-1333 28

Local Television Broadcasting Stations: WACH Fox: Barbara Bethea, News Director Meredith Allan, Assistant News Director WACH-TV 1400 Pickens Street Suite 600 Columbia, S.C. 29201 WIS NBC: Lucas McFadden, Reporter Fay Taylor, Reporter PO Box 367 Columbia, S.C. 29202 WLTX CBS: Will Frampton, Reporter Sydney Cummins, Reporter WLTX-TV 6027 Garners Ferry Road Columbia, S.C. 29209-1304 WOLO ABC: Crysty Vaughan, News Director Daniel Seamans, News Anchor ABC Columbia Newsroom 1200 Main Street Columbia, S.C. 29201 WZRB CW: Names not available CW47 1747 Cushman Drive Columbia, S.C. 29204 C/O News Director ###


Media Outlets for Vista Feast Ad Spots and Suggested Budgets • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Free Times $125.85 The State $271.71 $1097.25 Lake Murray Magazine $300 Columbia City Paper $125 Greenville News $80.30 Stir $475 Jolie $470 Skirt $325 $100 WACH Fox $500 WLTX $500 Charlotte Post $500 Charleston City Paper $500 Charleston Lifestyle and Travel Magazine $475

Total Budget $23,000 Including: Advertising in Columbia Printing Tickets Menu Creations All other expenses not covered by hospitality tax


Time Line

Summer Get customers that frequent the same Vista restaurants to branch out and try other Vista restaurants. Advertise and promote Viva la Vista and Vista Lights.

Fall Execute Viva la Vista and Vista Lights. Begin advertising and promotion for Vista Feast once Viva La Vista and Vista lights have been implemented.

Winter Execute Vista Feast. Begin advertising and promotion for Artista Vista once Vista Feast has been implimented.

Spring Educate customers about parking options through advertising in Vista restaurants and free parking tickets in garages. * Tickets will be coded for garage machines. Implement Artista Vista


CONTACT: O.B.P.R. 813-546-9847 For Immediate Release: December 28, 2009 Restaurant Week Comes to Columbia, S.C. Columbia, S.C. – The Congaree Vista Guild is proud to announce that it is hosting the first restaurant week in South Carolina the week of January 24, 2010. Vista Feast is a one-week event designed to spotlight many of Columbia’s restaurants. The Congaree Vista Guild is hosting the event to promote its many award-winning restaurants. Vista Feast will allow customers to sample meals from Congaree Vista Guild restaurants for an economical price. Each customer will be able to purchase a ticket from the Vista Guild for one meal to be redeemed at a participating restaurant. The menus have multiple courses and are specifically designed to highlight the restaurants’ specialties. Customers may buy as many tickets as desired. Over 20 restaurants will be participating, including: Ruth’s Chris, Gervais and Vine, Motor Supply Company, Ristorante Divino, Flying Saucer and more. Ticket prices are $30 for one and $50 for two. For a complete list of participating restaurants, visit For more information, contact Katie Whitescarver with Out of the Box PR. The Congaree Vista Guild is a non-profit organization dedicated to making the Vista the place of choice for shopping, dining, and entertainment, a national and international tourist destination, and a high-energy urban environment to live and grow businesses. There are three parking garages in the Vista. For additional parking information go to ###


CONTACT: O.B.P.R. (813) 546-9847 MEDIA ADVISORY Columbia’s First Restaurant Week WHAT: Columbia’s Congaree Vista will host Vista Feast, its first event focusing on restaurants that are part of the Congaree Vista Guild. Vista Feast will allow customers to sample three-course meals from Guild restaurants for a lower rate. WHEN: The week of January 24, 2010. 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. only WHERE: The Congaree Vista. Look online at: for a list of participating restaurants and menus as they become available. LIST OF PARTICIPATING RESTAURANTS: • Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse • SakiTumi Grill & Sushi • Motor Supply Company Bistro • Gervais & Vine • Liberty Tap Room • Jillian’s • Blue Marlin • Damon’s Clubhouse • MacDougall’s Restaurant and Bar • Mellow Mushroom • Ristorante Divino • Carolina Wings and Rib House • Longhorn Steakhouse • Wild Wing Café • Flying Saucer • Blue Tapas Bar • Carolina Ale House • Paul’s Philadelphia Eatery INTERVIEWS: The Vista Guild and restaurant representatives are available to speak about the event and its impact on dining in the Midlands. To arrange an interview, contact Katie Whitescarver at Out of the Box PR at (813) 546-9847 or To learn more about the Vista Guild, visit its Web site at or call (803) 269-5946; or e-mail The Congaree Vista Guild is a non profit organization dedicated to making the Vista place of choice for shopping, dining and entertainment, a national and international tourist destination, and a high-energy urban environment to live and grow buisnesses. ### 33

Advertisement The Vista advertisement: - placed into the Free Times and The State newspapers - used as a 30 sheet billboard on highways entering Columbia, as well as in surrounding cities such as Lexington and Irmo.

The Vista Feast logo

The Vista Feast yer: - placed in all participating restaurants Dec. 1

The Vista Feast Banner: - Gervais St. - Downtown Lexington - Elmwood - Harbison - put up 4 weeks before Vista Feast begins.

Tickets & Web site

Vista Feast Logo

Columbia’s First Restaurant Week Jan. 24 - Jan. 28 5p.m. - 9p.m.

visit: for a list of participating restaurants


The Congaree Vista Guild presents

January 24 - 28, 2010 5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Front

Redeem during VISTA FEAST at participating VISTA FEAST restaurants. Good for one meal from the VISTA FEAST menu. Brought to you by the Congaree Vista Guild.


Evaluation To evaluate the success for the Vista, we will ďŹ rst conduct follow up surveys. We are also going to look for monetary increases for the businesses, as well as increased awareness among consumers. Since it is the ďŹ rst year of Vista Feast, to evaluate is success, evaluations will measure if Vista Feast at least breaks even. If the success meets or exceeds expectations, we will look into linking the event with Cerebral Palsy research, giving a portion of the proceeds to them.

Follow Up Vista Guild Restaurant Survey What are your busiest hours/days? What is your average ticket price? What is the most common age of your customers? Do you think Vista Feast improved your business? Did you make your customers aware of the three parking garages during Vista Feast?


Follow Up Vista Customer Survey Zip Code ___________ Age _________ Gender _______ How many restaurants do you think are in the Vista? Do you dine in the Vista? How many restaurants do you dine at in the Vista per month? When do you usually visit the Vista more? Lunch___ Dinner___ Late Night___ Did you attend Vista Feast? Are you aware of the three parking garages in the Vista? Yes___ No___ Combined household income: $0-$30,000___ $30,001-$60,000___ $60,001-$90,000___ $90,001-$120,000___ $120,001+___ Prefer not to respond___ Race: African-American___ Hispanic___ Caucasian___ Native American___ Native Hawaiian ___ Asian____ Other ___ (Identify) ____________

The Vista Guild Campaign Proposal  

My last semester at the University of South Carolina, my PR campaigns class was assigned a client. Each group was comprised of four students...

The Vista Guild Campaign Proposal  

My last semester at the University of South Carolina, my PR campaigns class was assigned a client. Each group was comprised of four students...