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Marlene Rutledge Shaw Director of Admission & Financial Aid

Nicole Hernandez


Carrying On




Shining Through



Director of Advancement

From the Head of School

Marlene Shaw with Anna Morten, the 2011 recipient of the Mary M. Davis Award for Loyalty.


mazing. Extraordinary. Incomparable. As I look back over the 2010-2011 school year, it is difficult not to attach a superlative to the honors and accomplishments achieved by our students and faculty during the year. It is an honor for any school to be home to a student honored as a Presidential Scholar, and we are doubly honored that two seniors, Neha Kumar and Valerie Huang, received this tribute. As you will read in this magazine, St. Mary’s students and faculty received many accolades this year, whether in academics or athletics. I am so proud of the “42nd Street” and “Willy Wonka, Jr.” casts and crews, our many sports teams who competed at the state and national level, our first robotics team, our teachers recognized for their outstanding work, and the many other teams and individuals whose accomplishments have been singled out for recognition. Beyond those accomplishments we can quantify with awards and accolades, there has been so much more that is equally noteworthy: The student/teacher relationships forged in our classrooms, on field trips and in the hallways, as well as the incredible sense of service for our students. They raised money for Heifer International in the ECC and Lower School, and worked together as a student body to raise $30,000 for grants to local children’s organizations through the St. Mary’s Community Fund. Indeed, the 2010-2011 school year has been a breathtaking example of what can be accomplished working individually and collectively. My congratulations to the Class of 2011, all of our students, and our faculty for their hard work, and a year filled with superlatives. My thanks as well to our alumnae, parents and friends. Your support makes it all possible.

Leanne Kleinmann

Assistant Director of Advancement Alumnae & Special Events

Gigi Gould ‘70

Director of Communication / Editor

Sally Walker Davies


Anabeth Guthrie ‘93 Courtney Taylor Humphreys ‘01 Leanne Kleinmann Elise Lasko ‘09 Sutton MacQueen ‘12 Susan Mahoney Courtney Shove ‘96 Kathryn Carpenter Swords ‘83

*Unless otherwise noted, all photos, except for those in Class Notes, are by Lisa Buser. On the Cover

Head of School

The Class of 2011 celebrates following Baccalaureate, Sunday, May 15, 2011. The mission of St. Mary’s Episcopal School is to provide a superior educational experience for girls which will encourage and enable each student to reach her individual potential. Parents of Alumnae: If your daughter no longer maintains an address at your home, please notify Alumnae Coordinator Gigi Gould at 901.537.1424 or

Faculty, staff and student honors


Campus News


Class of 2011 receives national and local honors.

A round-up of news and events.

Real World: Memphis

Using the city as a classroom brings unique opportunities, enhances learning.


A Big Birthday


Tough Turkeys


Buckman’s 15th Season


A Gift for Generations


Lessons Learned


Alumnae Weekend 2011


Creator of the Seal


Embracing the Chaos


Class Notes



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Lauren Harrington tells about transformations in her senior speech.

Senior Accomplishments

Letters to the Editor

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2011 Commencement in photographs


Cover photograph

Lisa Buser

In her senior speech, Sydney Sanford reflects on facing adversity.

Mary Davis turns 100, and the whole St. Mary’s community celebrates. Athletes mark banner year Get ready for outstanding performances, a few surprises Ginger Hicks Cain ‘73

2011 Outstanding Alumna Marty Jones ‘71 Photos, reunions and events

Katharine Phillips Huffman ‘61 Sarah Lacy ‘94

St. Mary’s Episcopal School does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, or national origin in the administration of its admission, financial aid, educational, athletic, extracurricular, or other policies. St. Mary’s Episcopal School

2011 Commencement | 1

c mmencement

shad wing

Commencement 2011 For more commencement photographs, visit

1 Graduates celebrate as they leave the church following the ceremony. 2 Trustee Jeanne Jemison and daughter Sarah.


3 (L-R) Meg Gould, Neha Kumar, Mary Peeler and Virginia Preston.


Sydney Sanford reflects on facing adversity.


s I trek through life, I carry a jumble of wires, lightbulbs, and switches that leave me in the dark. I carry a heap of muddy and overgrown weeds. I carry a cracked and leaky ceiling, and a gate that will not open. Quite simply one could say that I carry the enormous weight of a house; a crumbling, yet still standing, house. I am surprised by my ability to carry this house, but even more surprised at my strength that carries its members. I carry the knowledge that what does not completely crush and kill me, makes me stronger. Sometimes “things fall apart; the centre cannot hold,” and the lights go out. The lights in my house went out, as they often do in all of our lives. From time to time, we experience loss that is not necessarily reserved for death, and find that the art of losing is in fact hard to master. People disappear

2 | St. Mary’s Episcopal School


1 from our lives in several ways, whether we have any control over it or not. One by one, the lights go out, and leave us heartbroken and all alone in the dark. We try to change the lightbulbs and call electricians, but to no avail. I believe there is still enough light for us though. It takes some time to adjust, but we are able to help each other use the light that is left to stumble down the dark halls. I have come to discover that the world in the dark is still the same world when it is lit, it is just a world that requires perseverance and courage. Soon weeds filled the cracks of the cement in my driveway and made their way into the petunias beds around my house. It was also then that my father found out that the cancer was growing inside him again in the same way--its poisonous roots strangling the beautiful strength that he possesses.

The disease spread through his body as the weeds spread through the cracks of my house. I struggle with these weeds alongside my father and I know that suffering does not last forever. Many of us carry weeds like this, disease and sickness destroys the pavement that once led us to peace, comfort, and wisdom. Though it may look like a ruined mess, do not lose faith. The houses we carry are not as well-kept as they used to be, but they still stand. I am the house I carry. I am the walls that keep it from completely collapsing to the ground in a heap of splinters and nails. I carry whatever those in my house need me carry, and support all that leans against me. We are the houses that we carry. Those that love us are like a broken iron gate, they will never let us run away and let the house fall. Our arms are forever around

each other, never allowing us to abandon the hope that one day the wires will be replaced, the weeds pulled up, and the ceiling repaired. I am happy to say that I carry these enormous burdens, for they have pushed me to my limit and made me realize how strong I really am. Against my dreams, goals, and determination, nothing can stand in my way. To carry means to carry on. The rain pours, the sun beats down, and the wind whips, yet we have hope for the beauty of tomorrow. The heavier the load, the stronger we are when we set it down. The more we experience, the wiser we will be, and the more emotions we pour out, the more human we become. *Excerpted from Sydney Sanford’s senior speech. Sydney Sanford will attend Texas Christian University this fall.


2011 Commencement | 3

c mmencement

c mmencement





1 Flower girls work off some energy before the graduation ceremony. 2

(L-R) Meg Gould, Morgan VanDyke, Katie Kaelin, Bria Bailey, Tinsley McBride, Clarkey Whitmire, and Medgie Adams.

3 Presidential Scholar Valerie Huang and her father, Trustee Gene Huang.

4 Olivia Grace Wolfe makes a final adjustment to Meg Cornaghie’s mortar board.

5 Picture perfect graduates Katherine Kaelin and Bria Bailey with their flower girls.

6 Valedictorian Melissa Luttman and flower girl Annie Gowen share a tender moment before graduation.

7 Lisa Morrow Morten ‘76, Meredith Morten ‘07, Trustee Brooke Morrow ‘74, and Anna Morten ‘11.



6 4 | St. Mary’s Episcopal School

2011 Commencement | 5

c mmencement

c mmencement





1 Graduates and their flower girls process into graduation. 2 (L-R) Shelby Chambliss, Katie Danehy, Christina Pu, Louisa Boyd, Valerie Huang, Lucy Wade Shapiro, Sam Taylor, Ana Eagle, Morgan Wank.

3 Hunter Mitchell, a National Merit Achievement Scholar and recipient of the 2011 Best All-Around Athlete Award.

4 Marlene Shaw and Gold Cross recipient Marilou Mulrooney share a light moment.

5 Bria Bailey and Tinsley McBride have time for some fun while dressing for Baccalaureate.

6 Alumnae mothers and their graduates. (L-R) Lucy Walt Wepfer ‘77 and Joy, Suzette Turner Coors ‘81 and Suzette, Kathy Daniel Patterson ‘78 and Allyson, Lisa Morrow Morten ‘76 and Anna, Kate Wellford Pritchard ‘78 and Meg, Melissa Thrasher Peeler ‘85 and Mary, Bisha Sisk Harrington ‘83 and Lauren.

5 6

7 (L-R) Angela Yu, Becky Byrd, Mackenzie Leake, Neha Kumar and Maria Zoccola.


6 | St. Mary’s Episcopal School

2011 Commencement | 7

c mmencement




Eighth-graders celebrate their Middle School graduation during Class Day 2011.

Faculty/Staff Awards Gold Cross Award

Sheila Patrick Marilou Mulrooney

Lauren Harrington on transformations.


he moon is round. Some of you might be wondering how this simple fact relates to anything. To me, these four words serve as a reminder of God’s plan in even the most dismal situations. When I was 10 years old, I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis. This meant that I would have to wear a back brace 22 hours a day for the next four years of my life. The two hours a day that I was able to take it off, I had to go to swim practice. This meant I would have to go through the most awkward years of my life not only with braces on my teeth, but also with a brace on my back. I literally hid in my shell for these few years, afraid to make myself stick out to anyone in any way. I let my brace define me in ways it never should have. It was through the words of some

4-year-old children that I realized people did not view me in the way that I viewed myself. As one precious little girl was sitting on my lap, she felt my rock hard abs and knew they couldn’t be real. Instead of explaining to her about my crooked spine, I decided to use my imagination and tell her I was the complete opposite of how I felt. A life-size Barbie? She lifted up my shirt in disbelief and as she saw the pinkish color of my hard plastic brace her eyes grew big as saucers. This little girl now looked at me as if I was a princess, viewing my brace not as something that made me ugly, but something that transformed me into something beautiful. Although I never felt beautiful in my brace, I now realize how I was letting something that other people did not usually even notice

completely hold me back from being who I really was. Now this is where those four words come in: the moon is round. Sometimes we see a full moon, sometimes a half moon, sometimes a sliver, and sometimes no moon at all. But even when we cannot see it in its fullness, the moon is still round. Although life is tough sometimes and we do not always understand why, God always has a way of working things out for the best for His children. I learned a lot through my years of being in that brace, and as a result of faithfully wearing it as prescribed, I do not have to have metal rods put in my back. Surgery would have ended my chances of swimming in college as well as inhibited my mobility for the rest of my life. I cannot be more thankful for those four years of

feeling uncomfortable in order to avoid having surgery. To my wonderful senior class of 2011, I have gotten to know each of you so much better, and I know each of you are always there for people in whatever situation they might find themselves. You are reminders every day of how God blesses every circumstance and always has a way of working things out for His glory. So any time you feel like shrinking away in the crowd, remember that you are all beautiful princesses that were meant to shine in other people’s lives. *Excerpted from Lauren Harrington’s senior speech. Lauren Harrington is attending the University of Georgia on a swimming scholarship this fall.

Upper School Named Awards

Marie Peeples

for Service

Hazlehurst Gold Cross Award

Smith College BOOK AWARD

Mary Jane McCaghren


Carmine B. Vaughan Medal

Meg Gould

Ana Marinovic

joyous Christian Living Award

Nanette Quinn Outstanding

Tabor Novak Award for

Frederick Douglass and Susan

Teacher Award

Christian Courtesy

B. Anthony Award (University

Maggie McAtee McKendree Walker

Becky Maddux

Katie Kaelin

of Rochester) BOOK AWARD

Gilmore Lynn Medal for

Creative Teacher Award

Ellen Feild Todd Award

Kyra Scheiterlein

Christian Service

Caroline Goodman

Katie Danehy

Washington and Lee

Katherine Harwell

Ellen Feild Todd Staff Award

Cathedral Award

University BOOK AWARD

Mary Paoli Award

Donald Smith

Mary Peeler

Sam MacQueen

Fannie Warr Award for Service

Mary M. Davis Award for Loyalty

Emory University BOOK AWARD

Olivia Landau Carmen Saab

Buford Harbin, Jr.

Anna Morten

Priyanka Moolchandani

Geoffrey C. Butler

Spirit of St. Mary’s Award

University of Pennsylvania

Honor Prize

Lucy Wade Shaprio


Liza Alrutz

Four-Year Academic Honors

Betty Lou Stidham Award

Ellery Ammons

Ellen Feild Todd Award

Rebecca Locke Young

for Exemplary Service

George Eastman Young

A’Doriann Bradley


Ellery Ammons

Leaders Award (University

Anne Westmoreland

Melissa Luttmann

Heiskell Music Award

of Rochester) BOOK AWARD

Garrett ‘79 Award

Louise Johnson Young

Valerie Huang

Alix de Witt

Lily Norwood


Palmer Adams Burt ’99 Art Award

Randolph College BOOK AWARD

Joyce Gingold Art Award

Neha Kumar

Liz Carter

Megan Guyton

Elizabeth Bateman

Honor Student

Joyce Gingold Art Award

Dartmouth College BOOK AWARD

Palmer Adams Burt ’99

Mackenzie Leake

Katherine Patronis

Ramie Mansberg

Art Award

Olivia Imig

English Award

Best All Around Athlete

Wellesley College BOOK AWARD

Melissa Luttmann

Hunter Mitchell

Lauren Pate

Lower School Named Award

Math Award

Vicki Ladyman Award

University of Virginia BOOK AWARD

Mackenzie Leake Melissa Luttmann

Molly Hanna

Lesley Stevenson

Lawrence Lobaugh Award

Yale University BOOK AWARD

Palmer Adams Burt ‘99

N.C. Hughes History Award

Anna Morten

Meredith Perkins

Art Award

Melissa Luttmann

Sumner Baker Award

French Award

Katie Danehy, Morgan VanDyke

Mary Peeler


Latin Award

Bhavya Jha

Melissa Luttmann


Science Award

Hayley Roth

Neha Kumar

Colgate University BOOK AWARD

Spanish Award

Amritha Kanakamedala

Middle School Named Awards Vicki Ladyman Award

Emma Farris Samantha Wischmeyer

Mason Davis

Early Childhood Named Award Palmer Adams Burt ‘99 Art Award

Julia Van Hoozer

Olivia Grace Wolfe 8 | St. Mary’s Episcopal School

2011 Commencement | 9


f 2011

Transiti ns

Collaboration, Character Change


Lower School begins new chapter under Peggy Stephens.

By Susan Mahoney

Oh, the Places They’re Going! Class of 2011 earns $10.8 million in merit scholarships. Medgie Adams

McKenzie Franklin

Melissa Luttmann

Sydney Sanford

Auburn University

University of Mississippi

College of the Holy Cross

Texas Christian University

Hannah Allen

Caroline Frisch

Abby McAtee

Lucy Wade Shapiro

Elon University

Northwestern University

Samford University

Washington and Lee University

Sarah Arnold

Meg Gould

Tinsley McBride

Taylor Simms

The Ohio State University

University of Virginia

Pratt Institute

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Bria Bailey

Alise Hanissian

Margaret McClintock

Erika Steuer

Spelman College

Stanford University

Washington and Lee University

Union College

Kirby Bennett

Naziyya Haque

Hunter Mitchell

Sam Taylor

Rhodes College

Boston University

University of Miami

The Ohio State University

Addison Blake

Lauren Harrington

Morgan Montgomery

Morgan VanDyke

Colorado State University

University of Georgia

Mississippi State University

University of South Carolina

Kit Bolich

Eliza Hendrix

Anna Morten

Susan Waggoner

University of Pennsylvania

Rhodes College

Wake Forest University

Auburn University

Louisa Boyd

Teresa Hendrix

Allyson Patterson

Morgan Wank

University of Virginia

University of Mississippi

Vanderbilt University

Indiana University, Bloomington

Becky Byrd

Valerie Huang

Lindsey Pearson

Joy Wepfer

University of Illinois

Yale University

Samford University

Vanderbilt University

Christy Cameron

Sarah Jemison

Mary Peeler

Clarkey Whitmire

Auburn University

Princeton University

University of Mississippi

Shelby Chambliss

Katie Kaelin

University of Mississippi

University of Texas, Austin

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Suzette Coors

Sophie Kramer

University of Georgia

Savannah College of Art & Design

Meg Cornaghie

Neha Kumar

Rice University

Washington University, St. Louis

Katie Danehy

Mackenzie Leake

Samford University

Scripps College

Anastasia Eagle

Chandler Lee

Macaulay Honors College, CUNY

Washington and Lee University

10 | St. Mary’s Episcopal School

Sarah Phillips

University of the South, Sewanee Virginia Preston

Fordham University/Alvin Ailey Christina Pu

University of Michigan Becca Rinehart

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Allie Williams

New York University Olivia Grace Wolfe

Butler University Whitney Wortham

University of Tennessee, Knoxville Angela Yu

University of Tennessee, Knoxville Maria Zoccola


f it’s true that the only constant in life is change, at St. Mary’s this year that means saying goodbye to talented faculty, and welcoming those who will continue the school’s tradition of excellence. It was 13 years ago that Lower School Head Jo Clift came to the Moss Hall campus from Hutchison as curriculum supervisor, learning specialist, and assistant to thenLower School Head Virginia Pretti. “I didn’t know a place like this existed,” says Clift, who notes, “this is the way it [education] should happen…it is the culture, it is the traditions, it is the depth of programming, it is the excellence of the people around us.” When Pretti retired, Clift became Lower School Head in 2008. She immediately began building on what Pretti and others had started, and is particularly proud of her role in strengthening school-wide enrichment and character education. “We have done a lot of collaboration between classroom and the special class teachers, more mutual projects. There is more depth to projects,” she says. “[I enjoy] the interaction with the teachers, and that intellectual stimulation of planning for children

and planning for curriculum.” When asked what she will miss the most, Clift replies, “The girls and the teachers, the whole culture — everything about it.” Clift plans to travel in retirement, but also looks forward to the simple pleasures of being at home. Peggy Stephens replaces Clift as Lower School Head. Stephens’s career at St. Mary’s started in the 1980s when she taught 4th grade for five years. But she knew about St. Mary’s well before then, as her mother Lois Strock was a beloved Upper School English teacher. “She was with me throughout the whole journey,” says Stephens. “She loves St. Mary’s so she is absolutely thrilled that I can contribute to this place and be a part of this community.” In 1988 Stephens left St. Mary’s to be a full-time mom, but she continued to be a part of the St. Mary’s community as a volunteer and president of the Parents Association; daughters Allie ’07 and Elizabeth ’09 attended St. Mary’s. Stephens returned to the Moss Hall campus three years ago as the parttime parent coordinator, organizing parent activities such as book talks and parent education. She served as Assistant Head of Lower School

(L-R) New Lower School Head Peggy Stephens and retiring Head Jo Clift.

during the 2010 – 2011 school year. During their time working together, Stephens, Clift, and the teachers have focused on creating a curriculum that makes a lasting impact on students. “We are really focusing on critical thinking skills and problem-solving and being able to think outside the box,” says Stephens. “We try to integrate all of our curriculum into experiential learning to learn…at a deeper level.. .That deep understanding that takes place, that is what you want to have happen.” In addition to her responsibilities

as Assistant Head, she taught public speaking and communication to 3rd graders this year. She plans to continue teaching this class. “St. Mary’s is a caring community of learners,” she adds, fondly recalling how she recently witnessed two Lower School students walking from the library, discussing books they had read. “They were exchanging thoughts and ideas about their books. This is St. Mary’s, this is going on at every single level. Enjoyment of the learning process — it’s a part of what this community is.”

Emory University 2011 Commencement | 11

new faculty & staff


Transiti ns Senior Kindergarten Teacher Sharon Whitaker retires this year after being at St. Mary’s since 1987. Whitaker attended George Peabody College for Teachers, now part of Vanderbilt University, majoring in English. She also attended graduate school where her major was Early Childhood Education. She was department chair for the Senior Kindergarten for several years.

After 33 years at St. Mary’s as a teacher and the ECC gardener, Gwenice McLaughlin is hanging up her tools. McLaughlin attended Blue Mountain College, majoring in English and Home Economics. In 1992 McLaughlin received the Creative Teacher Award, and in 2006 she received the Outstanding Teacher Award for her excellence in teaching and generous spirit.

Chancey Thompson joins St. Mary’s as Associate Director of College Counseling. She comes from St. George’s where she was Assistant Director of Admissions and College Guidance Counselor. She graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Human and Organizational Development.

Jennifer King joins the St. Mary’s community as a Senior Kindergarten teacher, coming from Overpark Elementary School in Olive Branch, MS, where she taught 3rd grade. King is a professional violinist, and has recorded songs with several country music celebrities in Nashville. She is a full-time member of the Tupelo Symphony Orchestra. King attended the University of Mississippi, receiving her B.A. of Elementary Education.

12 | St. Mary’s Episcopal School

campus news Second Grade Teacher Judy Haddad retires after six years at St. Mary’s. Haddad came to St. Mary’s from Hutchison School where she taught for 15 years. She has presented at the TAIS Conference and participated in numerous workshops and conferences.

First Grade Teacher Mazie Madden retires after 11 years at St. Mary’s. She originally joined the St. Mary’s community as a teacher of Senior Kindergarten. She taught at Hutchison School for 24 years and worked in Memphis City Schools as well.

Upper School History Department Chair Sheila Patrick retires after 28 years at St. Mary’s. During her tenure, Patrick received numerous awards, including the St. Mary’s Creative Teacher Award in 1986, Outstanding Teacher of American History Award by the Daughters of the American Revolution, Teacher of the Year for West Tennessee History Day in 1991, the Outstanding Teacher Award in 2001, and the Gold Cross this year for her devotion to her students. Patrick established Cliosophy, the history honor society, and the annual Cynthia Pitcock Award honoring dedicated local historians.

Carolyn Phipps retires after 10 years at St. Mary’s. Phipps has held various positions, including Upper School English teacher, Director of Studies, Coordinator of Special Programs, and is co-sponsor of Carillon. The Shelby Memphis Council of Teachers of English (SMCTE) named its Master Teacher Award after her. Phipps was also the 2009 recipient of the Conference of English Leadership Award for Exemplary Leadership, and has been honored as a Rotary Teacher of Excellence and as a Tennessee English Teacher of Excellence.

Dr. Carter Dalton Lyon comes to St. Mary’s from the University of Mississippi, where he was an adjunct instructor in history. Lyon will be Upper School History Chair. In 2010 he received the John W. Odum Memorial Prize in Southern History from the University of Mississippi. He received his B.A. from The University of the South, Sewanee, and his M.A. and Ph. D. in History from The University of Mississippi.

Laura Hutton will teach 1st grade at St. Mary’s this fall; she has been a constant presence on campus as a volunteer, substitute teacher and the 2010 auction chair. She is also the mother of Harlan ’16 and Kit ’19. Hutton earned her B.A. from the University of Arizona where she studied Art, History, and Spanish. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Education at Christian Brothers University.

Alexis Nussbaum ’96, joins St. Mary’s as a 4th grade teacher. Nussbaum comes from New Hope Christian Academy where she taught 2nd grade. She received her Masters of Arts in Teaching from Christian Brothers University, and her Bachelor of Anthropology from the University of Notre Dame.

Yanwei Yang comes to St. Mary’s as an Upper School Chinese teacher. Last year he was an Online Chinese Mandarin Instructor and Co-curriculum Coordinator for the Chinese language and cultural classes at St. Agnes and St. Dominic for the Confucius Institute at the University of Memphis (CIUM). He also was a private instructor for Chinese language for small group lessons at the CIUM and Program Manager for the 2011 Chinese Bridge Summer Camp for U.S. High School Students. Before living in Memphis, he was an English Lecturer and an English as a Second Language (ESL) professor for 15 years at Jilin University in Changchun, China. He received his Bachelor of Arts in 1995 in English from Jilin University, and his Master of Arts in 2003 in Applied Linguistics and Foreign Linguistics.

Senior Accomplishments Class of 2011 receives national and local honors.

The senior class celebrated an outstanding year of academic achievements including two Presidential Scholars, four National Merit Scholarship

Senior Mary Peeler was awarded the Morehead-Cain Scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill — the first St. Mary’s student to win this prestigious honor. The Morehead-Cain Scholar Program is a four-year merit scholarship that includes full tuition and expenses, a four-year Summer Enrichment Program, and fully funds recipients’ fees and travel while at UNC. President of the Student Council and the former chairman of the Grants Committee of the St. Mary’s Community Fund, Mary is four-year letter winner in volleyball and lacrosse. She was among 1,950 students nominated internationally for the program; she is the only recipient

recipients, a Morehead-Cain Scholar, and 12 Academic All-Stars. Valerie Huang and Neha Kumar (above) were named 2011 Presidential Scholars. Generally,

only two students per state are chosen for the honor — one girl and one boy, with a handful of additional arts scholars honored. This is the second time in recent history that St. Mary’s has had two Presidential Scholars in a graduating class. Just 141 high school seniors nationwide were chosen as 2011 Presidential Scholars for their leadership, academic achievement, service and contribution to school and community. The White House Commission on Presidential Scholars chooses the finalists. Kumar and Huang joined the other 139 Presidential Scholars in Washington, D.C. in June at festivities honoring their achievement, including a White House ceremony in their honor. Each winner is asked to bring a teacher who influenced them; Huang chose Dr. Carrie

Steakley, Director of Studies for the Upper School, and Kumar selected Middle School literature teacher Charlotte Zehring. “This incredible honor certainly validates the strength of the St. Mary’s curriculum and how we educate the whole student,” said Mimi Grossman, college adviser at St. Mary’s. “Each of these girls is stellar in not only her academics, but also in her community service, leadership, and contribution to both St. Mary’s and the general community.” In 2006, another pair of St. Mary’s seniors — Katie Camille Friedman and Laura Kaplan — were chosen as Presidential Scholars. Seniors Melissa Luttmann and Maria Zoccola were named semifinalists in the 2011 U.S. Presidential Scholars Program.

Four members of the St. Mary’s class of 2011 — Neha Kumar, Melissa Luttmann, Mary Peeler, and Maria Zoccola received the 2011 National Merit Scholarship. They are among just 17 honored in the Memphis area. The National Merit Corporation awarded the $2,500 scholarships to 2,500 students nationwide.

from Memphis, and one of just two students from Tennessee for 2011. A total of 60 students across the globe were selected as Morehead-Cain Scholars this year.

12 seniors were chosen as weekly winners in The Commercial Appeal’s Academic All-Stars Program, and three of these students were named best in their disciplines in Memphis: Meg Cornaghie in Science, Meg Gould in Social Sciences & History, and Neha Kumar in General Scholarship.

2011 Commencement | 13

campus news

7th and 8th grade students meet Chilean Miner Edison Peña A group of 7th and 8th grade St. Mary’s students in Josie McNeely Walker ‘76 and Ellen Weirich’s Spanish classes met Edison Peña, one of the miners trapped for days in a Chilean coal mine. A huge fan of Elvis Presley, Peña was invited as a special guest of Graceland earlier this spring.

St. Mary’s teacher receives Presidential Award Upper School Math Teacher Jeff McCalla received the prestigious Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST). Administered by the National Science Foundation (NSF) on behalf of the White House Office of Science and Technology, the PAEMST recognizes outstanding K-12 teachers for their dedication in the classroom and in their profession. McCalla was one of only 100 teachers recognized nationwide. The awardees were treated to a once-in-a-lifetime week in Washington, DC. McCalla had the opportunity to meet and talk with policy-makers, including Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. “The week in Washington, DC, was inspiring, and opened my eyes to the see the big picture of the vital role of education to the future of our country,” says McCalla. “There is a great need to improve math and science education in America if we are going to compete in the 21st century. It was great to meet and build friendships with other math and science teachers from all over the nation.” A highlight of the trip included meeting and shaking hands with President Obama. The President took the time to meet each of the awardees. “I was a little awestruck,” says McCalla. “He was very personable, and gracious to take the time out of his busy schedule to meet with us.” In addition to receiving the Presidential Award, McCalla, who is St. Mary’s Varsity Golf Coach, was named Girls Golf Coach of the Year in The Commercial Appeal’s Best of Preps.

14 | St. Mary’s Episcopal School

St. Mary’s Community Fund grants empower local non-profits. The St. Mary’s Community Fund (SMCF), a student-led philanthropic organization, granted a total of $30,000 to six different Mid-South children’s organizations in 2011 — learning the process of philanthropy through hands-on experience. They discovered how to raise money for a good cause, how to select charitable organizations to fund, and how to present these organizations with grants. They also found out how fulfilling giving can be. “The SMCF’s hard work this year has really paid off,” says recent St. Mary’s graduate Meg Gould. “Raising $30,000 is quite a feat, but being able to give that money to agencies bettering the lives of so many deserving children is truly amazing.” The St. Mary’s Community Fund began in 1999, and since then has granted $250,000 to more than 33 different organizations that help Mid-South children. This year, they are thrilled to give a $5,000 grant to each of the following organizations: Hope House, Refugee Empowerment, Baptist Trinity Hospice, Memphis Brooks Museum, Agape, and the Mid-South Food Bank. The SMCF is comprised of students from 8th to 12th grade. But students from first grade through 12th get involved through fundraisers such as Stuff the Turkey, the Valentine’s Dance, and The Lower School Friday Fling. “I’m so proud of the Community Fund and can’t wait to hear about the incredible impacts they will make in years to come,” says Gould.

First Annual Gobbler 5K The first annual Nanette Quinn Gobbler 5K was held in March, honoring the late French teacher/student council advisor. Hundreds came out to show their love for Mme. Quinn and St. Mary’s — more than 800 people registered to participate, whether as a runner, walker or simply attending in spirit. More than $5,000 was raised to benefit the Nanette Quinn Scholarship Fund. Mark your calendars for March 3, 2012, for the Second Annual Nanette Quinn Gobbler 5K.

Rookies of the Year Third graders raise money for

Author William Powers

victims of Japanese tsunami

speaks about life in the

A group of 3rd grade students held a lemonade and cupcake stand, raising more than $880 for victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

digital age

Chamber Ensemble performs at the governor’s residence

The 16-member Chamber Ensemble performed at the governor’s residence under the direction of Upper School Performing Arts Teacher Julie Millen during the open house hosted by Governor Haslam and his wife, St. Mary’s alumna Crissy Garrett Haslam ’76. The Haslams welcomed visitors from all over the state as part of the inauguration celebrations in January, and St. Mary’s Chamber Ensemble sang at the invitation of the first lady.

Author William Powers spoke to the St. Mary’s community in March, bringing his unique insight in the digital age. Powers is a former staff writer for The Washington Post, and his writing on media, technology and other topics has appeared in a wide variety of publications including The Atlantic and The New York Times. He is a two-time winner of the National Press Club’s award for best American media commentary. At a time when we’re all trying to make sense of our relentlessly connected lives, Powers’ book examines both the wonder and burden of being always connected via our digital devices.

At their first-ever FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition in St. Louis, the St. Mary’s Robotics Team impressed — winning the Rookie Inspiration Award and advancing to quarterfinals. “They had a lot of fun, and everything they did was successful,” said Biology Teacher Joshua Hughes. Sponsored by Medtronic and JCPenney, the 21-member team started working hard in January, designing, constructing and programming a base that moved quickly and turned on a dime, an arm that lifted inner tubes onto specific pegs during the competition, and a mini robot that climbed up a pole. Students and teachers embraced the project, working on weekends, after school, and during free periods. Their hard work paid off — every part of their robot worked. Accompanied by Hughes, math teacher Jeff McCalla and science teacher Michael Volpe, ten members of the Robotics team traveled to the Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis in March, competing against 27 other teams. Highlights of the competition included winning the Rookie Inspiration Award, which celebrates a rookie team for their outstanding effort as a FIRST team in community outreach and recruiting students to engineering, and being one of approximately six teams whose mini robot made it up the pole during the competition.

2011 Commencement | 15

Anna Speer, far right, of Clifton Farms shows (L-R) Evelyn Latta ‘12, Addison Blake ‘11 and Renee Yang ‘12 around the equestrian training facility, owned by Elizabeth Clifton ‘82.

Left: Meg Cornaghie talks to St. Mary’s mentors Dr. Carrie Steakley and Michael Volpe during her presentation at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital. Below: (L-R) Jordan Upton ‘12, E. Carl Krausnick, Jr., president of Equity Capital Markets for Morgan Keegan, Allyson Patterson ‘11, Morgan Keegan President R. Patrick Kruczek, Lauren Iskander ‘12, and Whitney Wortham ‘11 during the day of shadowing.

Real World:


Using the city as a classroom brings unique opportunities, enhances learning. by Elise Lasko ’09 and Sally Walker Davies


t may not be every day that a high school student sits down with the president of a major investment firm, presents a research paper to a panel of the country’s top communicable disease doctors, or writes grants to help a handful of deserving community organizations. To be precise, it is almost every day that St. Mary’s students take part in these real-world experiences. Whether through the Honors Science Seminar, a day of shadowing the city’s business leaders or collaborating with teammates to design, build and program a robot for national competition, traditional curriculum and classroom learning are invigorated through opportunities for practical application, independent study and career-specific experiences outside the walls of St. Mary’s. Dozens of Memphis employers opened their doors to juniors and seniors in February for a day of shadowing, pairing students with professionals — from the broadcast booth at FM 100 to the stalls and paddocks at Clifton Farms to the trading floor at Morgan Keegan.

“I chose Morgan Keegan because my mother worked there in her early career days, so I wanted to see what she did for a living when she was first starting out,” said Jordan Upton ’12. “I learned that stocks and bonds are very interesting; the [company] invests in things from Urban Outfitters to hotel branches.” Hensley Loeb ’10 initiated the day of shadowing concept during her senior year, when Loeb approached Dr. Carrie Steakley about the chance to pair students in Steakley’s AP Biology class with physicians for a day. Loeb planned the entire program, from contacting the doctors to pairing them up with students. “We were able to take her idea (this year) and expand it to impact a larger number of students and explore more careers besides just science-related careers,” says Steakley, now Director of Studies in the Upper School.

16 | St. Mary’s Episcopal School

Partners in Learning Juniors and seniors with an interest in science are now able to further their study through specialized high-level research

programs in the Honors Science Seminar. By establishing a collaborative mentorship with professionals in Memphis, students can explore a particular scientific problem that interests them, generate a hypothesis and establish a conclusion. The evaluation of a successful project is determined by a research paper and the student’s defense of her findings. Steakley believes the program “is a real jewel for St. Mary’s. In the city of Memphis, we have so many great research facilities, such as the University of Tennessee, St. Jude and Le Bonheur, that we should be utilizing to give our girls real-world experience and to cultivate a love for science.” Among the first group of students to participate in this program is Meg Cornaghie ’11, who developed her year-long research in adolescent pneumococcal infections at Le Bonheur with Dr. John DeVincenzo. Cornaghie began her research the summer before her senior year at the hospital’s diagnostic lab, developing a PCR diagnostic assay for pneumococcus

and evaluating its performance in relation to conventional culture tests and Gram stains. After Cornaghie’s presentation of Evaluation of Nucleic Acid Amplification-Based Molecular Diagnosis of Invasive Pneumococcal Infections to a panel of fifty doctors at Le Bonheur, her abstract was accepted at both the Southern Society for Pediatric Research conference in New Orleans and the National Society for Pediatric Research conference in Denver. Along with the resources available at Le Bonheur, Dr. Steakley played an instrumental role in Cornaghie’s process throughout the school year: “[She] met with me at least once a week to aid me in writing my abstract and creating my display for the Le Bonheur ‘Research Day’,” Cornaghie said. Meg is one of twelve Rice/Baylor medical scholars selected among a thousand applicants who is accepted to Rice and receives subsequent admission to Baylor College of Medicine immediately following her undergraduate degree. She intends to major in bioengineering.

Programmed to Succeed The Robotics department at St. Mary’s recently came to fruition with the initiative of Middle School science teachers to implement Lego robotics in yearly curriculum. Though this program was first taught only in Middle School classrooms, it quickly transformed into a K-12 program. This year was the first for the St. Mary’s Upper School robotics team to participate in the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) national robotics competition in St. Louis. With the help of engineers from the Medtronic Corporation, students were given six weeks to construct a robot and a mini-bot using limited materials. With the help of supportive parents and lots of extra time, they were successful in finishing both bots to send to the competition. St. Mary’s was one of only two all-girls schools nationwide to compete in this event. Upper School Science Chair Michael Volpe, along with teachers Joshua Hughes and Jeff McCalla coached the team while the Medtronic Corporation

and JC Penney served as sponsors. The team made it to the semi-finals, and though they lost a close match, they brought home the Rookie Inspiration award for their work. Creating Connections The St. Mary’s Community Fund – the student-powered philanthropic organization created in 1999 to help local children’s charities – is a unique opportunity for students of all ages to learn philanthropy through hands-on experiences, including fundraising and evaluating grant proposals. The SMCF gives students the chance to make a change in Memphis, notes Mary Peeler ’11, who has been a part of the group throughout her Middle and Upper School years. “Through the grants process, we learn about so many of the people and organizations that really care for Memphis and its children, and then we are able to support, in any way we can, those which we think we can make the biggest difference with our funds and volunteer hours,” says Peeler, who will attend the University of North Carolina this

fall as a Morehead-Cain Scholar. Peeler says during her college interview process, people were always intrigued by the work of the SMCF, “because very few high school students get the chance to read grants, fundraise and donate tens of thousands of dollars, and build meaningful relationships with local charities.” The Community Fund has awarded more than $250,000 in grants since its inception. Virtual Classrooms This year, St. Mary’s became one of 12 schools nationwide to implement the Online School for Girls, a program whose mission promotes the success of young women through vigorous online courses in AP Computer Science, AP Statistics, AP Psychology and Genetics, among others. Students involved in this online global learning site both independently at home and within the classroom are able to practice online collaboration and integrate productive technology into their academic practice. The Online School, as St. Mary’s

students and faculty can attest, enables girls to utilize the resource for various reasons, whether they focus on particularly challenging courses or explore classes that are not offered in the classroom due to insufficient class size and interest. Pursuing opportunities outside the traditional brick-and-mortar school “shows colleges that the student is seeking knowledge from sources other than those that St. Mary’s provides” while “illustrat[ing] a student’s desire for independent learning,” says College Advisor Mimi Grossman. These opportunities provide students more than a unique line item in their college application, however. “Seeing the curriculum in action or the application of the curriculum is what makes the learning stick,” says Steakley. Every day in the real world, that kind of opportunity – and knowledge that sticks – is priceless. Learn more about St. Mary’s and its partnership with the Online School for Girls on our Web site at 2011 Commencement | 17


Mary Davis turns 100, and the whole St. Mary’s community celebrates. by Leanne Kleinmann


he line to greet the guest of honor stretched far down the corridor outside the fellowship hall at Idlewild Presbyterian Church. The room inside was packed as well, for an extraordinary celebration: Mary Davis’s birthday party, held on Jan. 28, 2011, the day after she turned 100.

Photo exhibits of Mrs. Davis’s life, from her girlhood in China to her time as a young wife and then a widow, lined the walls. There were proclamations of congratulations from Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam (whose wife Crissy Garrett Haslam is a member of the Class of ’76) and U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen. Twenty-one family members flew in from all over the world, including Mrs. Davis’s three daughters, Rebecca Davis Knack, Sara McClintock Blood and Nancy Davis Griffeth, and they serenaded their mom with a song composed just for her. An emotional Rebecca kicked off the program: “Mother, I’m so happy I finally get to say this: Happy 100th birthday!” When someone is as iconic a figure as Mrs. Davis is at St. Mary’s, the exact details of her titles fade a little, replaced by stories and bits of wisdom she has shared along the way. Ironically, she was never a head of school, but served longest as Dean of the Upper School, having been hired away from Hutchison by Nat Hughes in 1964. She went on to be Acting Head, Alumnae Director, Development Officer and Founding Editor of the St. Mary’s News, a precursor to this magazine. She also wrote the definitive history of St. Mary’s, A Remarkable Journey, published in 1998. In that book’s foreword, another former Dean of the Upper School,

Anne Fisher, sums up Mrs. Davis’s lasting contribution, and explains the huge birthday crowd: “Mary’s spirit, vision and guidance have helped her to create the arch through which St. Mary’s moves from her past to her future. We love her dearly.” “She is a shining example of all that’s good and beautiful in life,” said Catherine Robilio Womack ’82, as she waited to deliver her birthday greetings at Mrs. Davis’s party. “She is an inspiration to the girls at St. Mary’s,” said Wallace Bruce, a member at Idlewild and father of Olivia Bruce Hurlock ’82. “She has overcome obstacles. She had a hard life, but a good life.”

Jemison, a Trustee and mother of Elizabeth ’04 and Sarah ’11. “She doesn’t get it, and that’s why all this is happening: Because she doesn’t get it.”

wasn’t long before even the littlest girls were chatting away with Mrs. Davis, giving her hugs, showing off their 100 Day hats and banners.

Several days after her birthday party, Mrs. Davis came to Chapel to be serenaded on the 100th day of school, a tradition made more special this year because the Senior Kindergarten girls, in Chapel to meet their Seniors in the first step toward graduation, were able to sing her Happy Birthday as well. It

Even months later, impressions of her birthday celebrations are still fresh for her, though Mrs. Davis admits she still has a few cards and letters to answer. “It brought back so many memories, some happy, some funny, some sad,” she said. “It was just wonderful, remembering all those girls.”

Lois Strock, a former faculty member and one of Mrs. Davis’s partners in adventures during their time together at St. Mary’s (and the mother of new Lower School Head Peggy Stephens and grandmother of Allie ‘07 and Elizabeth ’09), told a story at the party of getting into a minor auto accident at the corner of Perkins and Poplar one day with Mary in the car. As they both climbed out, cars stopped in all four directions, with people getting out to offer a Coke, cookies, a cell phone, and to push the car out of the street; all of them were friends of St. Mary’s and fans of Mrs. Davis’s. The bewildered young police officer on the scene couldn’t understand what was going on. “Is that someone famous?” he asked Lois. “I’ve never seen an accident turn into a party before!” As the birthday greetings kept coming, Mrs. Davis seemed a little amazed and overwhelmed at all the people who’d come to see her, though she was clearly thrilled to see everyone. Her humility is one of her defining qualities, said Jeanne

Well-wishers gather around Mary Davis at her 100th birthday party at Idlewild Presbyterian Church.

Mary M. Davis was the honored guest at 100th day of school festivities in Chapel. 18 | St. Mary’s Episcopal School

2011 Commencement | 19


Tough Turkeys Athletes mark banner year with appearances at state and national level. By Sutton MacQueen ‘12


turkey is not exactly an intimidating creature. It is not a mascot that inspires fear among its opponents, or makes competitors weak in the knees. Despite this stereotype, the St. Mary’s Turkeys have managed to make their mark on the 2010-2011 sports year, says Athletic Director Sandra Pitts. “Of our 13 varsity teams, eight went to state competitions, and one went to a national competition.” Twentyfive student athletes were named to Pepsi’s Best of Preps metro teams in The Commercial Appeal, with Lauren Harrington ‘11 capturing her fourth consecutive award as the Best of Preps winner for swimming. And three coaches were named Best of Preps Coach of the Year for their sports: Jeff McCalla (golf ), Bisha Sisk Harrington ‘83 (swimming), and Dan Singer (tennis). In winter and spring sports, the Turkeys continued to be tough opponents, as they were in the fall sports arenas. During the fall, the Turkeys won the regional championship in golf and were regional runners-up for cross country and soccer. The bowling team went to state for the fifth consecutive year, and fought its way to the quarterfinals. The varsity swim team proved, by placing first in the Shelby County Championship and seventh in state competition, that, although not a naturally aquatic bird, a St. Mary’s Turkey can adapt exceptionally well to the water. For the first time in more than five years, the St. Mary’s basketball team made it to the first round of the regional tournament. Finally, the dance team continued

its streak of making it to the National Competition in Disney World, including a semi-finals finish in the hip-hop category. As the weather began to heat up this spring, so did Turkey athletics. The lacrosse team advanced to the state tournament for the second time since the creation of the program. The tennis team is the new state runnerup, led by 8th graders Carmen Saab and Mary Jane McCaghren. The track team sprinted its way to a 16th place finish at state. The 4X800 team of Samantha Wischmeyer ‘15, Landon Hopkins ‘13, Molly Hanna ‘14, and Hunter Mitchell ‘11 set a new school record of 10:12.5. The softball team played hard all season and advanced to regional competition. Thanks to gifts from First Tennessee Bank and the Hyde Family Foundations, a new scoreboard was designed and installed on the east wall of the Windland Smith Rice building, creating a true home team atmosphere at Southard Field. Some Turkeys even continue playing sports after high school, although no longer wearing their St. Mary’s uniforms. Seniors Katie Danehy, Lauren Harrington, Allie Williams and Mackenzie Leake will be playing college athletics at Samford University, the University of Georgia, New York University and Scripps College, respectively. “The future of Turkey athletics is very positive,” notes Pitts. “It is truly an honor to be director of a program with so many talented young athletes and dedicated coaches.” Although the turkey may not be the mightiest bird of them all, there’s little doubt that the St. Mary’s Turkeys know how to make an impression in the sports arena.

20 | St. Mary’s Episcopal School

(Left) The Lula Washington Dance Theatre, (clockwise from left) the Cashore Marionettes, the Isadora Duncan Dance Company, Loudon Wainwright III, and comedian Larry Miller are all part of the Buckman’s 15th season offerings.

Buckman’s 15th Season Morgan VanDyke ‘11 during long jump competition.

by Kathryn Carpenter Swords ‘83

Best of Preps St. Mary’s athletes and coaches were honored throughout the year by Pepsi’s Best of Preps in The Commercial Appeal: Best of Preps / Girls Swimming:

For the fourth consecutive year, Lauren Harrington was named the winner in the BOP Girls Swimming category. She is only the fourth athlete in the history of the competition to win four times. Coach of the Year Girls Golf Jeff McCalla

Girls Swimming Bisha Harrington Girls Tennis Dan Singer

Best of Preps Finalists Scholar Athlete Hunter Mitchell Golf

Ellen C. Mitchell

Get ready for outstanding performances, a few surprises

Best of Preps 2010–2011 All-Metro Team Members: GOLF Allyson Patterson, Ellen C.

Mitchell, Laura Kate Hamilton CROSS COUNTRY Hunter Mitchell SOCCER Katie Danehy, Taylor Simms, and Devon Simms VOLLEYBALL Allie Williams BOWLING Kyra Rice SWIMMING Lauren Harrington, Hunter Mitchell, Rachel Ostrow, Laura Mathews, and Mackenzie Leake BASKETBALL Kaylan Pugh LACROSSE Louisa Boyd TRACK Morgan VanDyke, Hunter Mitchell, Landon Hopkins, Molly Hanna, and Samantha Wischmeyer TENNIS V. Ellen Mitchell, Rachel Pelts, Mary Jane McCaghren, and Carmen Saab.


his season, in addition to an impressive lineup of internationally renowned musicians, artists, performers and dance troupes, Buckman Center for the Performing Arts is introducing something new and different. “It will be the first time we’ve offered a comedy show when we host Larry Miller for ‘An Evening with Larry Miller’,” says Cindi Younker, Buckman director. With appearances in well over 50 films, hundreds of television shows, as well as performances on Broadway and other venues, Miller is the perfect choice to kick off Buckman’s debut night of comedy. “With the intimacy of 300 seats, Larry can

easily interact directly with the audience, making this a perfect space for what will be a very funny and very entertaining evening.” The Buckman’s strong commitment to showcasing contemporary dance continues in the 2011 season, hosting Isadora Duncan Dance Company and featuring a rising star in contemporary dance genre, Lula Washington Dance Theater. “Washington has had a wonderful school on the West Coast for over twenty-five years, and has choreographed for blockbuster movies including Avatar and Disney’s The Little Mermaid,” says Younker. “Her new touring dance company promises to

be a high-energy, completely engaging performance.” Both dance companies are part of the Buckman’s Educational Outreach Program that includes performances, lectures, demonstrations and workshops for students from St. Mary’s, Memphis City Schools and Girls, Inc., as well as the general public. “For our music genre we are capitalizing on Buckman’s intimate space by hosting individual artists, featuring Sara Watkins of Nickel Creek, and, for a very high energy performance, we have Eileen Ivers and Immigrant Soul.” Just as compelling will be performances by Hawaii’s premier singer/songwriter, composer, and world’s best slack

key guitar player, Keola Beamer, and legendary, Grammy Award winning musician, composer, and songwriter Loudon Wainwright III. Rounding out what promises to be another exciting season, The Cashore Marionettes will perform their new show, “Life in Motion,” and Mark Nizer in 3D will bring physical comedy and vaudevillian humor that appeals both to the individual as well as to the whole family. For a detailed list of performances and event dates, visit the Buckman Web page at For information regarding renting the Buckman for movies, parties, weddings, recitals, plays and concerts, visit the Buckman Web site and click on “Rental Information.” 2011 Commencement | 21

a gift for

generations Ginger Hicks Cain ’73

Dens, Burrows and Nests — Oh My!

by Courtney Taylor Humphreys ’01

Archer Residency brings woodland animals to vivid life.

Experiencing art fully means becoming immersed in art — and this was never truer than with this year’s Louise T. Archer Artist in Residence — Anne Froning Wike and Sean Murphy of Being: Art. Working over three weeks with students and faculty in the Lower School and ECC, the artists brought the girls into the lives of woodland creatures, using dance and movement to mimic animal behaviors, then researching and building animal habitats. Students — and their teachers and the artists — hopped, crawled and jumped like their assigned animals, and then built burrows and nests specific to their assigned creatures. In existence since 2001, the annual residency was made possible through the generosity of alumna Louise T. Archer ‘40, and her daughters, Nell Archer ‘79 and Louise Archer Slater ‘67.

Top: Artist Sean Murphey and students get into character inside a den. Above: The ECC playground is transformed into a series of dens and nests, to the joy of the students. Right: Artist Anne Froning Wike leads students in creative play.


hen Ginger Hicks Cain ’73 talks about St. Mary’s, it’s clear that her alma mater has shaped her in a lasting way. Fond memories come to her quickly, and the list of teachers who made a profound impact is long. As valedictorian of her class, winner of the Gold Cross award, and president of the National Honor Society, Cain was deeply invested during her years at St. Mary’s. That same investment continues to this day, as Cain has given annually to St. Mary’s since 1984 and stays in close touch with St. Mary’s friends from all over the country. Cain’s tremendous commitment to the school is further evidenced by her decision to name St. Mary’s as a beneficiary in her will. Cain’s decision is a testament to her love and loyalty to the school that she says “has been a strong and ongoing influence in my personal life, my professional life, and my spiritual life.” Her passion stems from her desire to see a St. Mary’s education available to girls

for years to come. “The way St. Mary’s values and educates girls and the way it continues to evolve, sustaining unchanging values amidst changing needs in education and an ever-changing society, ought to be available now and far into the future.” As a current member of the Neely-Loomis Circle – the Annual Fund giving society – Cain has always seen the value in giving back to St. Mary’s. “Naming St. Mary’s as a beneficiary in my will allows me to give back to St. Mary’s in a way that will outlive me and that will enable my planned gift to be worth more than any gift could have been during my lifetime,” says Cain. If you would like to recognize the value of St. Mary’s in your life, please consider including the school in your estate plans by joining the Margaret R. Hyde Society. For more information, call Gigi Gould, Assistant Director of Advancement, at 901.537.1424 or email

Lessons Learned 2011 Outstanding Alumna Marty Jones ‘71 by Leanne Kleinmann

22 | St. Mary’s Episcopal School

2011 Commencement | 23

2011 outstanding Alumna

Alumnae Weekend 2011 1 Class of 2001 at Alumnae Weekend wine and cheese reception in the Windland Smith Rice building: Meena Sudheendran, Amrita Dirghangi Goel, Jenny Maddux Stenberg, Emily Harris Halpern, Lauren Jacks Gamble and Keith Gamble.

2 The Class of 1986 met the Spirit of ‘76 $25,000 challenge at their 25th class reunion at Alumnae Weekend.

Family ties: Marty Jones ‘71 with family members, from left, Martha Flowers ‘76, Sarah Loaring-Clark Flowers ‘47, Austin Hasenmueller ‘12, and Lu Jones Johnston ‘76.


t’s not often that news breaks out at a St. Mary’s Alumnae Weekend, but this April, Marty Jones ’71 flew to Memphis with a secret. After a successful, 30-year career at Corcoran Jennison Company in Boston, one of the country’s top real estate development companies, she was ready to try something new: She had just been named President and CEO of MassDevelopment, a statewide agency in Massachusetts that finances affordable housing, economic development, brownfields remediation and other economic development initiatives. In fact, she left the board meeting in which she was voted the job to head to the airport and fly to Memphis. “When I heard about the (MassDevelopment) job,” she said, “I went back to my St. Mary’s lessons,” which she had just explained to the Middle and Upper School girls gathered in Chapel, along with alums from her class and many other reunion classes gathered for Alumnae Weekend. “Lesson Number One: Build a network.” Marty recalled being new at St. Mary’s, and how her designated Big Sister, Susan Williford Montgomery ’71, helped her make friends and figure out

her new school. Lessons she learned about women helping other women have stayed with Jones throughout her life and career. “It’s now called the old girls’ network, and believe me, it is powerful.” “Lesson Number Two: St. Mary’s gave me the skills to be a leader.” Jones ran for Student Council, and though she didn’t get elected she ended up as Junior Class president. She learned about budgets (would they have enough money for prom?), planning, even what to do in a crisis, like when the chocolate bars for the class fundraiser were stored in a hot closet and melted. “I left St. Mary’s with the confidence that I could be a leader,” she said. The years Marty was at St. Mary’s were turbulent times for both the country and for Memphis; she recalled being in New Orleans on a class trip in 1968 and hearing about the violence in Memphis related to the sanitation workers’ strike, and in those pre-cell phone days, not being able to get news from home. “Lesson Number Three is about service and compassion. My time at St. Mary’s reinforced that our lives are enriched by caring for others, and we do have the

24 | St. Mary’s Episcopal School

“The lessons of St. Mary’s have served me well ...” power to make an impact.” After she graduated from St. Mary’s and then Brown University, Marty worked at the Office of Housing and Urban Development. Later at Corcoran Jennison her portfolio included some of the first developments that renovated public housing into mixed-use housing. Working with residents and community leaders, “most of whom were street-smart, minority women,” was a powerful experience. “We were able to prove that communities can be transformed, that rich and poor can live side by side,” both wanting similar things for their families and their children. “The lessons of St. Mary’s have served me well in all of my endeavors, and made me very successful in this work,” Jones said. But back to earlier this year. When Marty heard about the MassDevelopment job, she went back to those St. Mary’s lessons, and put her network of friends and colleagues into play. Her leadership skills and resume got her the interview. But when she was asked why she wanted the job, her desire to serve others with compassion became clear: “I wanted to use the skills I

had learned in the private sector on the public side.” She got the job, though she didn’t get to Memphis quite as early as she’d planned. The rest of the weekend, said Jones, was filled with reconnecting with classmates, family and friends, including her sister Lu Jones Johnston ’76, aunt Sarah Loaring-Clark Flowers ’47, cousins Martha Flowers ’76 and Margaret Flowers Ferguson ’75 and niece Austin Hasenmueller ’12. She was even surprised by a visit from Margaret Jones Fraser ’83, who’d been Marty’s flower girl. “I had not laughed so much in years,” she said. “It was just good clean fun.” She delighted in what many alums who come back for reunions say about seeing their long-lost St. Mary’s friends: “We picked right up again.” Jones has now begun her new job, and says it’s all new, and quite engaging. “It’s very diverse … I am working on how to use financing tools for economic development across the state. When people ask me how I got here, I tell them that it all kind of fits together.” Seems Marty Jones is still relying on the lessons she learned at St. Mary’s.

3 The Class of 1976 celebrated their 35th class reunion at Alumnae Weekend.

4 Class of 2006 at the Alumnae Weekend picnic:


Becky Bicks, Neelam Khan, and Katie Bell.




2011 Commencement | 25

Alumnae Weekend 2011

Alumnae Weekend 2011

1 The Class of 2006 gather for a class photo after Chapel. 2 Class of 2006 at their 5th class reunion: Kimberly Johnson, Courtney Foreman, Aubrey Turner, and Lauren Bowden.

3 Louise Chandler Biedenharn ‘01 with cousin Wyatt Burgess Outlan ‘76 and aunt Lucia Outlan at the wine and cheese reception.

4 Friends Tish Dudley ‘91 and Margaret Craddock McLean ‘91 reconnect.

5 Lisa Morrow Morten ‘76, Alumnae Weekend Chair; Marty Jones


‘71, Outstanding Alumna 2011; Gretchen Wollert McLennon


‘93, Outstanding Alumna Selection Committee Chair, and Lisa Mulrooney Marcopulos ‘95, Alumnae Board President.


5 4

26 | St. Mary’s Episcopal School

2011 Commencement | 27

by Courtney Shove ’96


arah Lacy ’94 is the quintessential go-getter, not surprising for a St. Mary’s girl. At 35, she

is a seasoned tech journalist who got her start at the

Memphis Business Journal. Since then, she has worked

e m b r ac i n g the


for BusinessWeek and Yahoo! Finance, written two books and traveled to five continents. Oh, and she also had a chance meeting with a baboon, but that’s another story.


of the Seal Katharine Phillips Huffman ‘61 by Anabeth Guthrie ‘93


arved in limestone on the wall of the Windland Smith Rice Building, the St. Mary’s seal catches the eye of countless students each day, as does a luminous blueand-white rendition in marble on the floor of Garrott Hall. The encircled Greek letters and school name and founding date mean so much to those who encounter it regularly. The story behind the seal is a simple one, but introduces us to a remarkable alumna, Katharine Phillips Huffman’61, whose life journey embodies the values that represent St. Mary’s. Designed by Huffman in the late 1950s, the current seal replaced an outdated picture of a little girl in hoop skirt—the graphic identity

of what was then the St. Mary’s Belles. Huffman doesn’t remember a contest, but there was an initiative for a new seal to represent the future of the school. Why? Huffman’s class was the first to stay past the sixth grade since the school downsized in 1949; she is celebrating her 50th class reunion this year. She says, “Each year we added a grade and a few students, and by 1961 we were a graduating class of eight.” She says the design was easy — the Greek letters stand for “light” and “life” — words chosen to epitomize Christian living and how a St. Mary’s girl should conduct herself. After graduation, Huffman was poised to go to Duke University, but had to delay college for a year as a result of contracting GuillainBarré syndrome, an illness that left

28 | St. Mary’s Episcopal School

her paralyzed and in the hospital for two months. She persevered using a strong work ethic taught by her father George (Chairman of the St. Mary’s Board of Trustees), mother Katharine (former Lower School Head) and favorite teachers Gilmore Lynn, Peggy O’Sullivan, and Mary Catherine Lynn Hitchings ‘47. Fully recovered, Huffman left for Duke, armed with poignant life lessons from her family (including little sister Jean Phillips Lorton ’69) and spiritual lessons learned at St. Mary’s. In the spring of their freshman year, Huffman met her future husband Frank. Huffman describes their fortuitous encounter as “the Lord’s timing was always better than mine.” With a degree in religion, in 1966 Huffman headed

to Tufts University for graduate studies in education. After marrying Frank in 1967, she joined him in New Haven, CT, where she taught school and daughter Katharine was born. They moved to Houston where Frank taught at the University of Houston and daughter Dora was born. Back in Memphis, Huffman taught at St. George’s until son Jackson was adopted from Bolivia. These days, Huffman combines her love of the Lord and of children in directing the children’s program at the Memphis Class of Community Bible Study, enjoying visits from her five grandchildren, and teaching Sunday School to two- and three-year-olds. Her love of St. Mary’s will be reflected for generations to come, with a simple circle and five Greek letters.

Lacy’s latest project, Brilliant, Crazy, Cocky: How the Top 1% of Entrepreneurs Profit from Global Chaos, is one she said no one wanted her to do. Her plan was to uncover the stories of little-known entrepreneurs in emerging markets, but publishers either wanted her to write another book about Silicon Valley, where she’s lived for more than a decade, or told her Americans weren’t interested in reading about other countries. Although she did receive funding from the Kauffman Foundation, Lacy and her husband invested $100,000 of their own money to finance the book. “It’s impossible to overstate how big of a trend this emerging market thing is,” she said. “You’re talking about half the population of the world.” She estimates that by mid-century the U.S. is likely the only G7 country to be one of the world’s seven largest economies. Lacy knew there was money flowing to overseas markets but said she had no idea what local entrepreneurship looked like on the ground. So, over a two-year period, she spent 40 weeks reporting in Israel, Rwanda, Indonesia, Brazil, India and China. The book devotes a section to each country, where she discovered fascinating stories of uncommon risk takers. Pregnant with her first child, Lacy shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, she’s trying to cram in all of her speaking engagements and other work-related travel before her third trimester. “My mom (longtime St. Mary’s English teacher Carol Lacy) has always said that even if I were a janitor, I’d be a janitor with like 10

extra projects,” she said. “I’ve always had a problem overcommiting.” A senior editor at TechCrunch. com, Lacy recently returned from a stay in Nigeria, and by the time this goes to press, she will have returned from trips to Berlin, Amsterdam and several cities across the U.S. Her son is due September 2, and six weeks after his birth, she’ll head to China for TechCrunch’s first international conference. “I think up until kindergarten, he’ll be, you know, a sling baby — kind of tossed in a sling, and we’ll go around,” she said laughingly. “Hopefully, the kid won’t hate us.” Lacy’s husband, Geoffrey Ellis, is a graphic designer and photographer and has accompanied her on several of her international adventures. She said they had an amazing time experiencing Rwanda together. “We love being in places that are experiencing turbulence and urban chaos,” she said. “He loves it from a really visual perspective, and I love it from a story perspective. So this whole emerging marketplace has been really great for us.” Lacy said writing Brilliant, Crazy, Cocky was the hardest thing she’s ever done and that she’s still somewhat amazed it worked out. To her, no one person can take credit for the project, which she said is “a whole book of serendipitous moments.” Though motherhood will likely change her life as much or more, she doesn’t seem worried about juggling her child and career. “Compared to doing the book, anything is easy.” To read more about her adventures, visit

Former St. Mary’s Tatler editor, Sarah Lacy is now a well-known international journalist based in San Francisco. She is pictured here in Rwanda, the day after a baboon stole her breakfast.

2011 Commencement | 29


Alumnae Gatherings, Reunions, and Class Notes 1940–1957 Elizabeth Taylor Shindler

Our memories of The Attic experiences from so long ago are so indelible that they are really worth notation. The attic was such a unique place for all of us. Imagination and creativity were certainly developed there. Climbing the stairs and standing for chapel started our day. It was a vivid memory for Martha Williams Crook ’56, as well as the Christmas Pageant, which was as beautiful as ever. The long, mirrored wall was perfect for dance class. Joy Brown Wiener ’47 marveled at the leaps and turns of Trudy Bruce O’Mallan ’43 and Patsy Mathewes Jehl ’42 during dance class. Harriette Mathewes Beeson ’53 said her sister danced at the Memphis Open Air Theater. Joy, Sarah Loaring-Clark Flowers ’47, Vivienne Chilton McLean ’47, and Edwina Fraser Rollo ’47 formed a quartet that harmonized on the fire escape to all below. What a great mental image! Margaret Chapman DeVault ’53 declared that her fingers twitch every time she hears the classical music that Mrs. Brown, Joy’s mother, played on the piano for dance class. It was our introduction to music education. While talking to Margaret, her brother Buddy Chapman ’57 called her as he had returned from a reunion at Annapolis. Buddy was one of several fortunate boys that attended St. Mary’s kindergarten. Naomi Gray May ’47 remembered Mrs. Brown’s expressive music as well as the wonderful plays using the medieval costumes from a New Orleans opera house. Sarah said the Attic Players presented memorable Shakespearean plays. Sarah was really excited about our 2011 reunion as her niece Marty Jones ’71 was chosen as the 2011 Outstanding Alumna. Congratulations! Mary Catherine Lynn Hitchings ’47 loved visiting with everyone there. Mrs. Wolf continued our music

education at the piano. Mary Joy Prichard Knowlton ’57 is glad to be so close to her mother in Arkansas. It’s a busy time for Adele Wolf Grilli ’57 at Lyon College, where she works. Anne Perry Stamps ’57 was selected as one of the best artists to represent Paradise Island Gallery on Pensacola Beach. She will be featured on the Discovery Channel in June to promote tourism. It has been a busy year for Punk Aycock Davidson ’57 and husband June as they were involved with the first Dixon Gallery and Gardens daffodil show. They hope to reestablish the Mid-South Daffodil Society. They want everyone to appreciate the beautiful daffodil varieties. Their daughter Lee Davidson Holt ’95 was married recently. Kitty Perry Taylor ’53 is planting her favorite flowers and plants at her new home in Collierville. Iolis Robbins Carruthers ’48 has moved to Trezevant Manor. Harriette is planning to move to a condo soon. Mary Walton Glass Walker ’54 is recovering from a recent fall. Lynne Glass Rice ’57 came from Arkansas to help her sister. Mary Joy, back from a break at Sea Island, stays busy with her family. Joan Marley Doty ’57 had just returned from a major Carnival Glass Convention in Kansas City. Joan and husband David received the Britt Award for contributions in their field. They have published a field guide for Carnival Glass. Wow!

presentations, we visited Dexter Avenue Baptist Church where Martin Luther King was minister for five years. It’s now called Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church. The Rosa Parks Museum was wonderful. There’s a room where it seems as if you are standing on the street on a winter night, looking into the bus on which Rosa Parks was a passenger. You see the whole drama unfold up to the point where Mrs. Parks was arrested. I don’t know how it’s done technically, whether the people on the bus are holograms or what, but the effect is stunning. The museum is at the very site where it all happened…” Carolyn was relieved to avoid the storms that so much of Alabama experienced while she was in Birmingham, which brings us to Violet Summers Lett. Violet posted dramatic pictures on Facebook of some of the storm damage in Lake Martin, Ala. She, Bill, and the rest of her family are okay. She also posted many pictures of her beautiful granddaughter Emma and her softball team. Patty Waddell Smith continues her work with Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Portland with pastoral care and is happy to see the sun after a very long, wet winter. She continues to spend lots of time with her grandchildren Stella (6) and Julian (4). She will be in Santa Barbara again soon for some serious sun and visits with old friends.



Patty Waddell Smith

Jenny Emison Ewing

Carolyn Bullard just returned from a celebration in Birmingham for the Southern Poverty Law Center and its founder, Morris Dees. She wrote her thoughts so eloquently: “The presentations that the SPLC put on were first-rate, many of them so moving, especially the screening of the film Bullied, produced by the SPLC, and the remarks afterward from the young gay man who was the topic of the film. Between

Julia Alissandratos is busy with the day-to-day and wonders how she ever found time for work. Carolyn Collier Johnson has a new sales associate job with Pass Christian Soap Company, an enterprise which began in a home kitchen and has grown into a business mentioned on Good Morning America. It will be a very “sweet” change to travel a few blocks from home (in Pass Christian, Miss.) to work instead of traveling to Gulfport

30 | St. Mary’s Episcopal School

to work at the furniture store. Jenny Emison Ewing is busy traveling and enjoying retirement, the country, and the lake. Come jump in the lake! Tina Heslep Ciliberto writes “I have mistakenly become a cat hoarder— though a highly-functioning one. I am up to 10, the most I’ve ever had. I do love my cats. Not sure if it’s good or bad that this is my only news.” Donna Lansing Plumer is back from Austin barreling home from the Little Rock airport right in front of a tornado. She had fun visiting grandchildren, both daughters, having Easter egg hunts, and storm watching. Ginger Lee Sayle has another grandson named Owen. She now has four grandsons and two granddaughters. The oldest Hank (4) is playing tee ball. She said it’s so much fun. Patty Ozier Riffel is busy with the usual, caring for elderly friends, playing bridge, being part of her community, and taking time to have lunch with classmates in Memphis. Sara Sorsby Dennis just became a certified Jungian analyst, and the triplets are still living with them! She visited friends in Austin to get her sanity back but said life is good…riding the waves. Not much was going on with Canon Thomas Hall and Clay. They see a lot of Donna Lansing Plumer and enjoy their times together so much. Joyce Wilkerson Kaplan says that Jon had just finished her new website: If anyone visits Seattle, let her know. Jackie Whiteleather has been taking care of cats and dogs in some beautiful homes (and getting paid) and has cooked in some fabulous kitchens. She has been going to Curves for years, and now it is combined with Zumba for a real workout.

1964 Andy Hill Schumacher

I had a nice phone visit with Anita Beatty, who is still in Auburn, Ala. She had company at her house but was kind enough to give me a

minute; she was very excited about an upcoming visit to son Eric and daughter-in-law Kristen, who live and work in San Francisco. Peggy Schutt Calhoun and I had an extended conversation, but all we talked about was the water rising in her yard as it was just before the Mississippi River crested in Memphis. She expects to be running Camp Calhoun while school is out to amuse her two nieces one or two days a week. Her sister Wendy, mother of the girls, was Peggy’s flower girl in our St. Mary’s graduation. Phyllis Koller Wills reports that it is harder every year going back and forth from Kiawah, S.C. to France. For her birthday this year, they are spending two weeks in South Africa; a week at a safari lodge and a week in Capetown. She plans to be in Memphis for our 50th reunion. Nancy Whitman Manire is taking her granddaughter to England, as a special treat for them both and a break from working, riding, and gardening. Woodis Allen Dunn is still living at Horseshoe Lake with husband Charlie and grandson Cash Martin. Cash goes to school in Memphis, so Woodis stays on the road. I had lunch with Sherryl Basford Oates and Woodis on my last trip to Memphis. After lunch, Sherryl took us to see her art exhibit, with which we were duly impressed and drove us almost to Mississippi to visit her mother. Both Woodis and I spent many happy times at the Basford home in Germantown when we were at St. Mary’s and later, and we had a wonderful afternoon talking over old times with Mrs. Basford. Sherryl and husband Carlo are going to New Orleans for the restaurants and to Lafitte, La. for red fishing. They are also going to Barcelona with many of Carlo’s old school friends. They will round out the adventures with trout fishing in Maine. Sandra Allan Huisman and husband Wiebe are in financial services in Calgary, Alberta. They have three daughters, one son, and 12 grandchildren and are expecting two greatgrandchildren. They celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary in July. Sandra says that family, church, and their business, started after

he retired from the University of Calgary, keep them feeling young. It was wonderful talking to Sandra after all these years, and we are planning to meet in Memphis in 2014 for our 50th. I could not reach Ann Humphreys Copp because she was in the Sudan for three weeks. I am delighted to have the opportunity to use the phrase “in the Sudan” in the class notes.

1965 Julia Malone

The Class of 1965 resurfaces, after a brief absence from class notes. Cathy Hoover Allen is now President and COO of Love Worth Finding Ministries, the TV and radio outreach founded by Adrian Rogers. “I am so thrilled to serve this awesome ministry,” Cathy writes. “I hear rumblings from those around us of retiring. Who said we need to begin slowing down? Not me!” She’s also a new member of the St. Mary’s Board of Trustees. Marion West Hammer is teaching and looking forward to summer vacation and a trip to Perdido Key near Gulf Shores, Ala., with son Dan, daughterin-law Lindsey, and 21-month-old grandson Caleb. Marion’s daughter Elizabeth, who lives in Charlotte, N.C., and her boyfriend, will join them. Lucy Minor Glasebrook sends greetings from overseas, as she was visiting Croatia and Italy. Back home in Greenwich, Conn., Lucy reports being very busy in her gardens and in studying and collecting contemporary art and traveling, often to her place at Sea Island, Ga. Son Taylor has a job in the Big Apple, and daughter Morgan lives in Greenwich and works at the Neuberger Museum of Art in nearby Purchase, N.Y. Liz Pryor MacEachran and husband John are still raising alpacas in Sharon, N.H., but they decided they had retired too soon. John recently went back to work, and Liz plans to follow as soon as she finds a job. Meanwhile, she has been playing a lot of tennis. Twins Hugh and Ainslie run a health club in Colorado, and son Daniel is

a research scientist at MIT. They have two grandchildren, with one on the way. Patti Person Ray (Dr. Patti to us) is finishing her 11th year as Upper School Head at our alma mater, where she helped develop a new course, Human Geography, and used the Distance Learning Lab to link St. Mary’s students with schools in Haiti and Jordan. Closer to home, son Trey is about to finish his degree in Interior Design and her youngest Wes is still with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department. Grandson Alex is a rising senior at St. George’s Independent School. Joyce Burkett Scruggs and husband Dan launched the North Chapel Bible Church in Fountain Hills, Ariz., two years ago. Dan is the minister, and Joyce is the Director of Women’s Ministry and teaches a Bible course, which she loves. They’ll celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary in August and are expecting their eighth grandchild in September. P.S. Your class secretary has discovered a new love of photography since her employer (Cox Newspapers) closed its Washington bureau two years ago, but a lot of her time is going into serving as treasurer of her high-rise condominium board, an experience in micro-politics that makes some of her observations of Washington politics look downright tame!

1966 Diane Taylor Newton

Following the Wine and Cheese Reception at Alumnae Weekend, six members of the class of 1966 (Charlotte Dabbs Algood, Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner, Minna Thompson Glenn, Mary Lawrence Hughes Flinn, and Diane Taylor Newton) gathered for dinner at Folk’s Folly. Husbands Ed Newton, Fred Flinn, and Alan Glenn joined in one of the private rooms for good food and, more importantly, socializing. Mary Lawrence Hughes Flinn and Fred are ballroom dancing at Second Presbyterian Church. Mary Lawrence is planning a summer vacation trip with her grandchildren

n tes

and continues to study music. Minna Thompson Glenn and Alan are planting their garden and excited about cooking delicious food. Diane Taylor Newton and Ed spent two months in Ocala, Fla. training ponies for competition carriage driving. Minna works for Summit Asset Management and is an active volunteer at Idlewild Presbyterian Church. We were thrilled Charlotte Dabbs Algood arrived early for the chapel service and luncheon. Charlotte, Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner, and I enjoyed the speech by Outstanding Alumna Marty Jones ’71. We loved singing the same hymns we sang in chapel many years ago. My treat was sitting next to Morgan Beckford ’06 who will be getting her Masters at the University of Maryland in Opera. Her penetrating voice is phenomenal, and I felt like I was on a cloud. At the Alumnae Luncheon, first-grade teacher Mary Catherine Lynn Hitchings ’47 and biology teacher Mrs. Baker sat with us at our table. Mary Hills Baker Gill pointed at me and said “HORSES.” St Mary’s teachers never forget anything! Charlotte, Jeanne and I took a walk down memory lane through the old buildings, lunchroom, smelly old locker room, and gym. We reminisced about whatever came to mind. Jeanne remembered when Dr. Alyce Lipscomb from the Stevenson Clinic, the only female doctor in Memphis, gave us her talk about “the birds and the bees” in the cafeteria. We all remembered that well. Charlotte, our May Queen, remembered Dr. Hughes’ (Civil War historian and scholar) history class. He only taught the Civil War, but his exam was on World War II. All were so surprised. It was a very special time, and we all felt fortunate to have those years together in such a nurturing place. I talked to Lynn Hungerford Kittle, Eugenia Von Lackum Walker, and Cissy Lansing Moriarty. Eugenia Von Lackum Walker, better known to me as Foxy, had surgery on her ankle and foot, which kept her down all winter. She is rehabbing and is walking and driving now in Cummings, Ga. I remember Cissy Lansing Moriarty as a horseback rider most of her life. 2011 Commencement | 31


n tes

Husband Charles and the kids said she can ride an elephant in Thailand, and camels on three continents: Australia, Egypt, and China. Cissy’s brother grows blueberries at their family farm, Windermere Farm in Raleigh. Minna gets her berries there. Sister Donna Lansing Plumer ‘63 manages a clothing store that Jeanne happened in on one of her visits to Memphis. Lynn Hungerford Kittle lives in Clarksdale, Miss., and she and her husband have a machinery rental business and recently added hunting and fishing equipment. They belong to the Ward Lake Hunting and Fishing Club. Claire McCaskill Hughes sent the link on her son Ryan’s website www.ryan-hughes. net. Check it out – it is phenomenal.

1967 Bette West Bush

I would like to thank all of my classmates for their support of my attempts to write our class notes. Dottie Parish Peterson lost her father in January. The service was at Holy Communion, and Dottie marveled at how much bigger the church is than it was in our days of daily chapel. Candy Jones Uhlhorn and her mom came to the service and to the house. Dottie said that Candy really helped her catch up on the Memphis news. Libba Mann Harbin was pleased to say that daughter Margaret’s wedding in St. Simons/Sea Island, Ga. in April went well and was a fun destination


for all of her friends. Libba enjoyed having Lou Archer Slater and husband John in attendance from Memphis. The beautiful, warm weather was especially appreciated by all of the young people from the northeast who had experienced such a rough winter. Lynn Bledsoe Buhler and husband Jon took a long art and architecture tour of Spain and Portugal, and were pleasantly surprised to reconnect with Anne (Miss Wingate) Roane, who was also on the tour and taught lower school French when we were in high school. Lynn also has visited the “fabulous” St. Mary’s kindergarten building where granddaughter “Miss Mary Taylor Buhler” is in PreK. Margaret Barton Chancey is taking art classes to follow in her mother’s footsteps after playing tennis for a while to follow in her dad’s. She exclaims, “What took me so long? I love it! It is a natural extension of my home design business and my love of gardening.” She has converted a large carport storeroom into a studio with a door and window looking out into her garden. She now feels she has it all…if she just had a tennis court out there. My good news is that I will finally be a grandmother in mid-October. After daughter Jane’s baby comes, I plan to cut way back on my tutoring and just be a stay-at-home grandmother, having my grandbaby with me every day when Jane goes back to work. We live really close to Ducks Unlimited where Jane works, so she can come see little Lawson every day on her lunch break if she is so inclined. Dick, Walker, and I can’t wait!

1968 Jan Cone Davis

Have I got news for you – Jenny Means Blackwood is no longer lost! Thank you to Caroline Cloninger and Bonnie Parish Moody for finding her. Jenny married Eric, her high school sweetheart, and they will celebrate their 40th anniversary in September. They have two grown boys and two granddaughters, Katie (5) and Abby (2). Eric retired from J.C. Penney and Jenny from the insurance business. They have lived in Florida, Georgia, and New York, but they have been in Texas since 1988. They live in an adult community in Frisco, Texas, where Jenny enjoys playing golf. She hopes to come to our reunion in 2013! It is so good to hear from you, Jenny. Now we have some other great news – Carolyn Mayo is engaged! Congratulations Carolyn! They have not set a date yet, but have been dating for a long time. Carolyn recently traveled to Russia and Spain. Holly Rogers found a silver lining to her recent “job interruption periods.” Although she would like to find permanent employment, she has had some stimulating new job experiences. Holly, just remember that flexibility is a sign of great intelligence! Marilyn Muirhead says she does not have any news, but her mother has made it to 90 years old! What are her secrets, Marilyn? Bonnie Parish Moody’s granddaughter

Ashley lives with her and is a senior at St. George’s Independent School. She wants to be an elementary school teacher – good choice. Bonnie is still working as a geriatric mental health therapist in several Memphis area nursing homes. Take good notes, Bonnie. We may need you soon! Bonnie has also just sold her family home after her father passed away at age 90. Elinor Baker Jones and Tom have been doing a lot of traveling. They went on a cruise with her mother to the Greek Isles and Turkey. Then they visited sister Kathy Baker Penn ’70 and husband in Punta Mita, Mexico. Later this summer Elinor and Tom will travel to the south of England, Cornwall, and Wales. Maybe she will catch a glimpse of Prince William and Kate. Elinor is enjoying her interior design business. Jill Schaeffer Broer and husband Rick have also been “across the pond.” Their son Peyton married Lucy Gilbert, an English classmate from University of St. Andrew’s, Scotland. The wedding was in southern England, not far from Salisbury. Jill wore a hat! Rick is retiring this summer as Academic Dean at MUS. Marilyn Schwinn Smith continues to make our class appear really impressive. She spent a month in England researching, then spent two weeks in Russia attending conferences in St. Petersburg and Moscow. She hopes to have an article published in a British literature journal this fall, deliver her paper in Cambridge in August, and revise another paper for publication. I had to

do some research to understand this next part. Isaac Babel was a Russian Jewish writer who was shot by Stalin. His grandson Andrei performed some of his grandfather’s short stories in Amherst. Marilyn and Sean hosted dinner and conversation at their house on the theme of Searching for Isaac Babel. This is the first segment of a documentary. Marilyn had to rearrange their home and also house the film crew. Her eldest son recently married a girl from Italy. Chris Wright Wilson had some flooding at her home during the Great Flood of 2011. She is working hard at AFLAC, and her husband was a judge in the Memphis in May barbecue contest again this year. Chris became a great aunt to Jack and is thinking about doing another play. Mary Helene Lee Hamlin and husband have put all their belongings in storage in California and have headed east. They don’t know exactly where they are going but are having fun traveling. As they go, they will be looking for a new place to live. What an adventure! I ran into Ann Gordon McCormack at the grocery store. Daughter Katie is a senior, so she has been looking at colleges, taking ACTs, SATs, going to prom, cotillion, and playing year-round volleyball. She made the Best of the Preps in volleyball and was inducted into the National Honor Society. Katie’s self-portrait hung at the Brooks Museum for several weeks. We certainly had a lot of news this time. I am still teaching fourth grade at St. Mary’s. My daughter Jennie should finish

nursing school this summer. Goodbye for now, and thanks for the news.

1969 Pam McNeely Williams

Greetings Class of 1969! It is with great sadness to report the death of Howard Loveless, Connie Loveless Friend’s dad. His memorial service was held at Second Presbyterian Church in Memphis, and it was truly a celebration of his life and memories of his greatest loves: his wife, Lucy, and his five children. Everyone at the service certainly enjoyed hearing the family’s remarks and testimonies. I will always cherish the love of this family welcoming me to St. Mary’s and into their home for the countless days and nights I spent with them! After the service, Lucy said she was glad I was keeping my hair “up,” meaning the color! Connie and Lucy were the first to introduce me to the grand mixture of Lady Clairol Flaxen Blond with a touch of Moon Haze, and I have been hooked since! Nora Heflin Williams’ eldest son Felder graduated from Georgetown Law School, and second son John will be job hunting in New York City in the near future. Youngest son Ben is enjoying a theatrical lighting sabbatical in Wellington, New Zealand; is having the time of his life; and is threatening to emigrate! Susan Strain Bryg experienced a ‘watershed’ moment when she turned 59! She realized her home

and surroundings quickly needed to be downsized, so she and Ed sold the property in less than eight days and bought another house they love. For the last six years, she has owned White Flower Photography, a professional portrait studio that has received numerous awards. With the economy, portraits are considered a luxury, and she has added another area in her business, Social Media Management. Aside from her business, Susan is active in the Republican Party and the Tea Party Movement where she holds leadership positions. Daughter Sarah Beth is a professional violinist in the Dallas area, and Amy is a critical care nurse and student in a nurse practitioner program. Anne Short Born, who has retired and remarried a retired Army colonel, lives in Beaufort, S.C. for the majority of the year and vacations at Rehoboth Beach, Del. for the summer and fall. She has discovered a new passion in the art of cooking and entertaining. Watch out Martha Stewart! Catherine Wilson Dragon has a new e-mail address: catherine. Madge Logan Deacon continues her work on the St. Mary’s Alumnae Board. She encourages all of us to attend alumnae events when they are held in our communities. She and husband Whit are in the process of de-cluttering their house and enjoy vacations to Nashville, Louisiana, and the East Coast. Madge, do you hire out? Ellen LeVaughn Kowalchuk ’96 and family have settled in Heidleberg, Germany for a three-year Army tour where


n tes

I recently visited when she gave birth to Elizabeth Jane, her fourth child. Brian and I are happy to report that Scott (27) is working in West Memphis, Ark., and Matt (19) is finishing his first year at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

1970 Cristina Brescia Michta

As always the Class of 1970 is on the move with new jobs, new family members, weddings, etc. Stay tuned. Susan Cooley has a new position at the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis as the new Donor Grants Officer. Now she gets to talk to donors (she has always enjoyed talking to clients and had missed that in her previous position). So it is a win-win situation. She thought she didn’t want the position a few years ago, but her heart has totally turned around. The Lord has worked this out in her, and she praises Him for it all. Cary Pridgen Slatery writes that she and husband Herbert have moved from Knoxville to Nashville. He accepted the honor of becoming Counsel to the Governor. They are enjoying their adventurous new urban lifestyle; they live in a high-rise condo two blocks from the Capitol. Susan Hall Wilson writes son SY is engaged to be married in September. She and Bubba are thrilled with his fiance Claire and look forward to an exciting summer getting to know her family and planning all the festivities. Linda

Katie Dann ‘74 with former US Art teacher, Joyce Gingold at a reception honoring Joyce’s retirement at the David Lusk Gallery.

2 Members of the Class of 2003 celebrate at the wedding of Lauren Coleman.

3 Class of 2006 friends meet at Café Olé for the five-year reunion.

4 Lauren Coleman Robinson ‘03 and Lizzie Gill ‘03 at the St. Mary’s/MUS/Hutchison Young Alumnae gathering at Cafe Society.

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4 2011 Commencement | 33


n tes


n tes

1 Kathy Edmondson Riley ‘78, Kate Wellford Pritchard ‘78, Director of Libraries Cathy Evans, and former US teacher, Mary Hills Gill at the Alumnae Book Club with Life of Pi.

2 Former Headmaster, Dr. Nat Hughes, Brooke Morrow ‘74, former US Head Anne Fisher, and former US Spanish teacher Barbara Mansberg visit at an alumnae coffee honoring Dr. Hughes.

3 Former Student Council Presidents at graduation: Ayana Fletcher-Tyson ‘08, Brandon O’Brien ‘09, Lucy Foster ‘10, Mary Peeler ‘11 and Lauren Pate ‘12.

4 Lisa Jaeger Schwandt ‘81 and daughter, Sarah, in England at the Royal Opera House.

5 Outstanding Alumna 2011 selection committee members: back row: Audrey Bourland Hurst ‘03, Wendy Pritchartt Ansbro ‘79, Taylor Holden Taylor ‘90, Fontaine Taylor Brown ‘87, Alexia Fulgham Crump ‘93, Olivia Montgomery ‘73. Front row: Margaret Stone Graham ‘80, Jana Fletcher Markowitz ‘75, Gretchen Wollert McLennon ‘93, Michelle Pao Levine ‘95.

6 Former Outstanding Alumna recipients attending Alumnae




Weekend. Second row (l-r): Lisa Moore Cook ‘82, Crissy Garrett Haslam ‘76, Marty Jones ‘71, Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner ‘66, Mary Catherine Lynn Hitchings ‘47. Front row: Mary Kavanagh Day ‘82, Sarah Loaring-Clark Flowers ‘47, Musette Sprunt Morgan ‘72, Watty Brooks Hall ‘75, Jan Muirhead ‘71.


5 6

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2011 Commencement | 35


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Stratton Hancock and husband Cary are counting their blessings! They are crazy about their grandson Nathan Howell (3), who calls them Mimi and Poppy and keeps them laughing. Linda still enjoys working part-time, doing Bible study and Book Club, and getting to travel with family and friends. She was recently honored and touched to hear Cristina Brescia Michta’s testimony at St. George’s Middle School Chapel. She is so thankful for wonderful life- long friendships St. Mary’s provided. I am finishing a wonderful year teaching Spanish at St. George’s Middle School in Collierville. I was recently honored to have both Linda and Bette West Bush ’67 from my sister’s class attend my chapel presentation. Once again the Michtas are on the move. We will move this summer to Warsaw, Poland where husband Andrew will open and direct the German Marshall Fund Office. He has a two-year leave from Rhodes, and we plan to return in 2013. Daughter Chelsea, a sophomore at Amherst College, will intern in Warsaw this summer working on a documentary of the Warsaw Uprising. So pack your bags for Poland. Warsaw is a charming, medieval city, where we will live downtown, and your guest room is ready! Our sincerest condolences to Mary Edna Parish who lost her dad recently and to Susie Hudson who lost her mom. We remember your parents fondly, and we all love and support you.

1971 Carolyn Cockroft

Fourteen of us gathered for our 40th reunion at Alumnae Weekend in April. The chapel service this year was especially meaningful


to our class because our own Marty Jones was chosen as the 2011 Outstanding Alumna. It is well deserved! We celebrated that evening with delicious fare and drinks at the beautiful home of Steve and Catherine Daily Berger and the next evening over dinner at Paulette’s. It was wonderful to reconnect and reminisce. We never stopped talking and laughing. And our SMS Carillon played an integral part of the evening’s entertainment! In her chapel speech, Marty described her work in developing affordable housing in the Boston area. Husband Fred is in environmental law. They enjoy weekend escapes to Vermont and are thinking about when they might be able to slow down and enjoy it more. Two years ago they tore down the little place there that she had bought years ago and built a house big enough to have friends and family for visits. Daughter Elise is in her sophomore year at Occidental College in Los Angeles and is thinking about majoring in art. They had dinner with Cathy Olim last year during a visit. Younger daughter Julia is a high school senior and has applied to Tulane. Avery Malone Kaserman is taking pottery class and is fashioning bowls and platters the shape of tree blossoms and bushes that grow in her yard. Daughters Julia and Avery enjoy watching birds building nests and seeing the baby birds hatching and flying away. Her husband plays in a Celtic band at a Memphis pub. Cousins visited recently to celebrate a family member’s 70th birthday. Marietta Canale Haaga enjoys doing recreation at St. John’s Episcopal Church and says the new Greenline trail in Memphis has become her new biking path. Son Fletcher drove and visited friends in Arizona over Christmas and was a rafting guide on the Colorado River. Son Martin also

Alumnae Weekend

April 20–21, 2012 36 | St. Mary’s Episcopal School

spent time in Arizona state parks and then celebrated his 21st birthday in Las Vegas. Marietta misses her black lab Smokey, who recently passed away at age 12. Julia Sprunt Grumbles is still enjoying her life in Chapel Hill where she teaches an undergraduate course in entrepreneurship. She also works with women and children in the areas of leadership and empowerment. She and her husband are looking forward to spending their summer in the mountains in Highlands. After surviving the coldest winter we can remember, husband Chris and I have returned to enjoying the spring evenings in our gazebo. We are practicing with The Brown Family Band to perform at our church’s fall fair, and our church band to play at several upcoming parish functions. I’m headed to Montreal in July to conduct my association’s annual training conference on impaired driving. That month we are also hosting a Brown family reunion to celebrate my husband’s 60th and his dad’s 85th birthday. Then we drive to the beach for much needed R and R!

1972 Christine Mayer Todd

To do the newsletter without grousing, I need a newsletter theme. This issue’s focus is some of our favorite places. 1972ers like to go places. Here are special locations for a few women in our wonderful class. Karen Adelson Strauss said, “Since I saw you last, I have found an additional favorite place, thanks to my youngest child. Honfleur, Normandie, France. It is exactly what one would imagine a perfect little village on the coast of Normandy to be. I got to be here because Andrea chose to come to France for a semester abroad, and she is at the University in Rouen. Lucky me. Add this to Rocky Mountain National Park, Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, Tuscany, Tel Aviv, and Copenhagen. Always remembering

deep down that there is no place like home.” Malinda Allen Lewis travels often. She said, “My favorite places include the Buckhorn Inn just outside Gatlinburg. It’s not what you think of when someone says Gatlinburg – food to die for, a beautiful view of Mt. Le Conte, great, quiet place to escape and regenerate. We also love the national parks: Acadia, Zion, Bryce, Arches, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier, and Teton.” Beth Stidham Levenson has the same good idea. She said, “Chris, are you kidding? I live in the state of Arizona, with some of the most fantastic scenery in the country, in the world, even. There are so many of my favorite places within the borders of this state, I could write a book about them, but I’m not sure I could narrow it down to one. If I had to choose one, I think my new favorite is Canyon de Chelly (pronounced “d’Shay”). I saw it for the first time over Christmas when we were visiting friends who live on the Rez. It is truly magnificent, with towering vertical cliff faces more than 1000 feet deep in places. The bottom is flat and green where water runs through it, even in the depth of winter. Unlike the Grand Canyon, which is so deep and wide that you can’t really see the other side very well, you can see all the way across at most places. Native Americans have occupied it for almost 2000 years, first the ancestral Puebloans, who built cliff dwellings, and then the Navajo, who still live and work there. Come to Arizona, y’all, and I’ll be happy to take you there.”  Meg Jemison Bartlett wrote, “We have several favorite places, but the one that is most accessible is Sewanee, Tennessee. We love the mountains, the hikes, the gorges, and the University…so much to see and do, whether nature or university-oriented. We also have a special fondness for Monteagle since we spent many summers at the Assembly. It is a unique and special place for us.” Finally, Anne Remmers Phillips said, “My favorite places are in order like this: bed for resting and reading good books (recently finished Whistlin’ Dixie in a Nor’easter), the garden for planting turnip greens

and mustard greens, the Cannon Center to hear the symphony and watch Ms. Mei Chen conduct, and Memphis, my favorite city!” Thanks to all of you who wrote and here’s to all of our favorite places-anywhere with family and friends.

1973 Class secretary needed Contact Gigi Gould at

1974 Kathy Bell Adams

Mary Hills Baker Powell, who is still teaching art at Watkinson School in Hartford, Conn., has gone green! She has organized and planted along with her students an organically-grown vegetable garden. They plant, harvest, and enjoy the fruits of their labor for lunch! They have worms that eat garbage, and they are composting leaves and grass for their gardens. Sounds like a good project for SMS students to look into. Mary Hills spent her Spring Break visiting daughter Grace in Aix-enProvence, France. She is a student at Vanderbilt studying in France for spring semester. Lucy Gerald Cook is also enjoying traveling abroad with husband Charlie. They will be empty nesters next fall, and that is when the fun really begins! Youngest son Jeff will attend Elon University this fall. Daughter Becky (25) is finishing her masters in genetic counseling and will be working for the Cleveland Clinic starting in June. Son David (21) is in the Army. He graduated from the Airborne School in January and is starting Ranger training at Fort Benning, Ga. Hopefully we will be out of Afghanistan before he finishes! Graduating with a 4.0, Donna Osborne Bradley received a B.A. in Biblical Studies last year. She will graduate this May with an M.S. in Criminal Justice and has been accepted to begin a Ph.D. in September. We look forward to calling you Dr. Bradley! Son Dominic and his wife

are moving to Lenexa, Kan. as he starts a career in IT. Another empty nester, Desi Franklin, whose son Alex is a freshman at UT, has gone to work for the city. She is the Executive Director of the Workforce Investment Network. The agency is funded by the federal government and serves Memphis and Shelby and Fayette Counties. She reports to be working harder than ever and is crossing her fingers that Congress will not cut funding for job training. In her spare time, she got to lead a delegation of Memphis dignitaries to Belgium in her role as Board Chair for Memphis in May.

1975 Laurie Walpole

It was great fun reading everyone’s news. The Memphis crowd has gathered more than usual in the past year, mainly to spend as much time as possible with our friend and classmate Dianne Hill Geise. Diane passed away on May 24th after fighting in the most valiant yet composed battle against cancer that any of us had ever witnessed. Her humor and strength of character did not waver, and our admiration for her grew every time we saw her. Penny has written a poem for Dianne that says it beautifully. To those who haven’t seen Dianne in a while, just remember the Dianne in the senior den, because that was the Dianne that we saw throughout and to the end. We miss her so much and feel privileged to have known her. Jana Fletcher Markowitz hosted a brunch at her house in February, and I heard it was THE place to be. Attending were Watty Brooks Hall, Angie Rose, Gay Patterson Prewitt, Susan Page Gates, Anne May Farst, Mary Belcher Page, Murfy Watson Stewart, Margaret Nettleton Bell, Jill Jemison Margolin, Connie Cape Ashley, Lisa Francisco Abitz, Dianne Hill Geise, Penny Spiegelman Register-Shaw. Jana’s daughter Julie Markowitz ’07 graduated from Boston University in May. Son Aaron is a law student and will be in Israel for six weeks,

and husband Barry will travel to China this summer. Angie Rose keeps busy with horses and dogs and does a fabulous job coordinating alumnae activities for our class. Dianne wrote that she really enjoyed all the gatherings, large and small, of our classmates. She mentioned visits by Sally Hummel Chumney, Jennifer Jones Blunt, Deb Adelson Johns and Debbie Stahl Hasty. Susan Page Gates is busy planning and coordinating the Steeplechase 5K race. Son Granville is looking at colleges, and daughter Julia loves Mississippi State. Lisa Francisco Abitz is preparing for a fall exhibit at the University of Memphis art museum and is having her master bathroom renovated. Mary Elizabeth Partin works for the Taxpayer Advocate Service and has been on a task force to write their training materials. Penny Spiegelman Register-Shaw did her third half-marathon this year in mid-May. Betsy Olim and husband Stevy Levy just got back from the TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood. Son Eli is doing theatre work at Lausanne, and older brother Dylan will be spending the fall semester in Italy. Jane Genette Slatery climbed to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in February. Naturally, Wendi Sloane will be running the Chicago Marathon this fall. Daughter Drew will attend Brown like her mom; older daughter Alix is graduating from Washington University. Margaret Flowers Ferguson is now an ordained minister and is serving as an associate pastor at her church. Grandson Torin Scott Ferguson was born in January. Whitney Jones DeVine is working as an oncology nurse and is enjoying a quieter life with only two kids left at home. Daughter Aubrey is a student at Rhodes, where she plays on the volleyball team. Cissy Sights Sares visited Nepal in October, traveling with a Nepali friend and visiting a church there. Susan Roberts Colpitts says that her business is doing so well that she has to stop and pinch herself sometimes as she remembers her “half hippie” days of the 70s. Her youngest daughter just graduated from high school;

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oldest daughter Lily will be starting med school in the fall; and Annie is graduating from Sweetbriar. Nora Wingfield Tyson and Wayne are enjoying life back at their house in Williamsburg, after three years in Singapore, but she’s heading out soon on a seven-month deployment as the Commander of the U.S.S. George H.W. Bush Strike Group. She recently visited Robin Bartusch Goertz in Asheville. Kate Bruce is pleased that the Honors Program that she directs at UNC-Wilmington is becoming an Honors College. Daughter Annie is finishing up year one at College of Charleston. Nora Tickle Cannon is looking forward to the birth of her third grandson, Andrew Adair Cannon, who will arrive this summer. Daughter Kate will spend three weeks in England as part of a high school honors program. Watty Brooks Hall and Chris were able to stop in Nashville long enough to attend Governor Bill Haslam’s Inauguration and Ball, where she ran into Jane Genette Slatery. Sally Hummel Chumney recently moved to Chattanooga and is working as a nurse practitioner. Her daughter in Knoxville was due to have a baby in May, and her son’s wife is expecting one at the end of the year. As for me, I really enjoyed reading everyone’s news and living vicariously through all your adventures and accomplishments. Thanks for that! I’m looking forward to seeing Deborah Adelson Johns in Seattle, as she’s coming to visit her son at UW and staying with me. I hope everyone has a great summer.


Allison Brown Coates

What a great 35th reunion we had! It was wonderful to see those who could make it, and we sure missed those who were not able to come. Theresa Alissandratos Schnepf organized a very uplifting memorial service to honor Laura Gilliom. Thank you to Julie Davidson Barton and Keith for hosting a fun dinner in their new crashpad. Lu Jones Johnston came to the reunion from Delaware. First Lady 2011 Commencement | 37


n tes

Crissy Garrett Haslam joined us (with her team) on Friday, and Lisa Morrow Morten served as Alumnae Weekend Chair for 19 years – thank you! Our condolences go to Robbie Loveless Archer and her precious family who lost their father/grandfather recently and unexpectedly. She is busy teaching a community Bible study class and carpooling their boys to school in Maryland. Will is a sophomore, and Edward is in seventh grade. They have a cabin in the Shenandoah Valley where they spend a lot of time. Teri Blair White is doing great. School is almost out, and daughter Lauren Bayleigh just made the cheerleader team at Cordova Middle. They are moving into their new home in June. Son Blair is in the Army, and he and his family live in Germany. Her parents are doing well, and her favorite Aunt Betty just turned 90! B.J. Fiser Jones and Chip have big news…they are going to be grandparents! Oliver and Ashley are expecting in August and have moved back to the North Atlanta area. Yay! The nest will not be empty long when Maggie heads to UGA in the fall. Andrew spent the semester at St. Andrew’s in Scotland but only saw Kate and Will’s limo. Chip and B.J. visited and walked the Old Course the same day as the Masters final round. Kinda cool! B.J. is weighing her options as far as job/volunteer opportunities. I say she is going to be snuggling with her grandbaby! Kim Brown Mullins is warning missing persons (you know who you are) now that you had better be at our 40th reunion! Jack graduated from Grace-St. Luke’s and will be a freshman at MUS next year, and Carson is getting ready for her senior year at SMS – time is flying! Theresa wants to thank everyone who attended Laura’s memorial service at reunion weekend and for those who could not attend but offered their thoughts and moral support. Both Theresa and Laura’s family appreciated it. Our Laura: ”Space Queen…sailing…Gilleotis… another Bobby Fischer…general genius…’I have the measurements of Margaux Hemingway’… checkerboard queen…live-in Chemistry professor…Chemistry


hotdog…SHRC lifeguard…” We love you! “Like the candle that will only burn for just so long brighter, but it will also burn faster. Still, I’d rather do that than flicker dimly in a corner.” - Gene Roddenberry

1977 Janey Butler Newton

Hello friends! I’ve decided that Lynn Hitchings Albano is truly the luckiest person in our class. She is always going somewhere fun and beautiful. So far this year, it’s been Aspen and Palm Desert, which she reports that she and Peter thoroughly enjoyed. Not sure how many years ago Laura Sanderson Healy moved from London to California, but she reports that, “Los Angeles is growing on me.” I love all of her interesting finds that she posts on Facebook. Lisa Britt Colcolough’s girls are seniors in college and close to graduating. Caitlin is at UT-Knoxville, and Cameron is at Clemson, where she rooms with Leigh Haslam, daughter of Crissy Garrett Haslam ’76, and of course, Governor Bill Haslam. Lisa’s son Britt will be a senior at MUS, where he has just been elected President of the Student Council. He has leadership roles and academic honors as well as athletic ones. He does track (discus and shot put) and is an offensive lineman on the football team. As Lisa says, “We are deep in the insane world of college football recruiting.” Britt is getting lots of looks, so Lisa and John are visiting schools and coaches are coming to MUS to visit with players. How exciting! Alicia Harwood Baker’s son Toby is equally involved in Student Council leadership and is a multi-talented soccer, basketball, and football star at MUS, where he will be a senior. He is the quarterback of the football team, which Alicia probably would have been too, back in the day, if she had been a guy! Anyway, lots of fun for Alicia and Lisa to be on the same team and to watch their guys together. Leslie Eason Shuford’s son William will graduate from

38 | St. Mary’s Episcopal School

Auburn and take a couple of weeks off before beginning graduate school there. He will work as a Graduate Assistant as he earns his Master’s in Accountancy. When he finishes in May 2012, he will begin work for an accounting firm, just minutes from Leslie and Billy. She feels so blessed! Lucy Walt Wepfer’s daughter Joy graduated from SMS and will attend Vanderbilt to study engineering. Congrats Joy! At Vandy she will have big brother Walt to show her the ropes. Cynthia Kang-Rotondo had a very busy spring. Son Jeff graduated summa cum laude from Washington University, and the next day son Matt graduated as salutatorian of West High School in Knoxville. Matt will be heading to Duke University. Lots to be proud of, Cindy! (Although her sentiment was, “empty nest!”). When Val Hoyt leaves NYC for her country retreat, she sees Theresa Alisandratos Schnepf ’76 (small world indeed), and Val remarked that since Theresa just went to Memphis for her SMS reunion that we are up for a big reunion next year. It would be so great to have lots of our class come in April 2012! Val has already offered to have a little get-together at her sister’s house – thanks! I am still plugging away at Regions Bank. Son George graduated and will be going to Mississippi State, and Lucy will be a junior at SMS next fall. Husband Brick is doing well. Drop me an email anytime!

1978 Sarah Davidson Wellford

The Class of 1978 failed rather miserably in reporting news this semester. I suppose we all are insanely busy with school year-end, but I missed hearing from you all. Fortunately I did get a few responses to share with you. Kathy Daniel Patterson’s daughter Allyson ’11 is heading to the Vanderbilt School of Engineering in the fall where she will attempt to fit in classes around golf outings. Kathy credits the faculty and staff at SMS for Allyson’s stellar achievements, but we all know Allyson is an amazing

girl. Sharing in the heartbreak of a graduating SMS child, Kate Wellford Pritchard will be seeing Meg ’11 off to the University of Virginia in the fall. Both Meg and Allyson will be greatly missed for their athletic prowess, academic excellence, and sweet spirits. Kathryn Burr McGehee’s daughter Meg also graduated and will be headed to Colorado University in Boulder after a summer internship with the World Leadership Organization in Tanzania. Kathryn is helping Frances Montgomery, a representative for Portraits, Inc., sell portraits of people and animals. She would love to hear from you if you would like to be immortalized, with or without your pet. Debby Waltz Hayes is working parttime at Borders, playing tennis, running, and coaching cross country. Mercifully her busy schedule keeps her from interfering too much in her daughter’s life so Maggie and husband Hunter have chosen to live near Debby in Germantown. Debby’s daughter Sarah will be teaching in Ghana, West Africa this summer, and son Andy is a junior at Harding busy with sports, chorus, scouts, and band. Ann Chaney McLeod has added fine arts to her interior design major and is on track to graduate next May. She credits her SMS training for her unquenchable thirst for course overload. Dee Dee Clay Wike is mother to middle schooler Joy, and son Chris will be a senior this fall. Her second book is due for publication around Christmas. Carese Clarke Bott survived teaching at a Title 1 junior high this year and found it to be a very rewarding experience. Daughter Katie (16) is still a competitive volleyball player, and son David is KA rush chairman at Texas and was chosen to be a Texas Cowboy. Some guys do live out their dreams! Pam Hyde Bell reports that daughter Wesley is home safe and sound from Alabama (as is my nephew, John). Pam and Benny are taking her to Destin for some much needed R&R before Pam is again responsible for the care and feeding of her enormous family. As I was stalking various people on Facebook, I ran across a picture of Miriam Atkinson Smith

and Lisa Francis Turner after they had completed a half marathon in Nashville. They both looked amazing, and I was highly annoyed by that fact. Andrea Gilliom Anderson’s sister Laura Gilliom ’76 died suddenly this spring. She was a brilliant scientist, mother, wife, and sister, and I ask that you keep Andrea and her mother in your thoughts and prayers. Our class suffered a terrible loss with the death of Margaret Mason Daum. I asked you all to give a few words of your memories of Margaret – “brilliant, beautiful, funny, determined, focused, full of life, full of potential, adventurous, kind, dedicated, wickedly mischievous, quietly confident.” All of this just scratches the surface of what she meant to all of us. Shelia Davis expressed that Margaret’s life was a mass of contradictions – fierce determination, recklessness, impish joy, deep dissatisfaction, restlessness – but she put it best when she said, “I do know what I always remember first…that smile, that giggle, her face full of the joy of the moment.” That is the memory I hold dear.

1979 Anne Golwen Brand

Jeanne Thurman Cross and family have relocated to Pennsylvania but are still waiting for their house in Bartlett to sell. Joe really likes his new job, which involves lots of travel, including trips to Chicago, England, Poland, and Belgium. Jeanne says she never dreamed that snack foods were such a big deal. Last week he worked on developing a product that contained curry. Boy, did he reek when he got home. Beth Brown Dunn went to the beach to celebrate her big 5-0 but reports that she doesn’t feel 50! Good for you, Beth. Son Christopher is coming home from Oregon, and Brook is back in Memphis. Beth thanks so many of you for coming to her father’s funeral service and says that seeing her oldest and truly dearest friends has helped her a lot. Gay Wunderlich Hardee reports that Charlie is still with Morgan

Keegan, and she is in her 18th year at Independent Presbyterian Church. She has a new position working for Dr. Bill Hogan, Senior Adult Minister, and she also handles the membership, paper work for weddings, and Sunday bulletins. Son Will (21) is a junior at the University of Memphis, majoring in economics. He’s doing an internship at FedEx this summer in the IT department, and she and Charlie are so excited for him! Lenelle Morse writes that since we are all crossing over to the 50’s this year, she thought she would share one of her ways of celebrating: two weeks in Paris, which Lenelle says is a good gift for being this “mature.” She extends 50th birthday wishes to all of the members of the Class of ’79. Irene Orgill Smith reports that both children, Kate and Freddy, are graduating this year, Freddy from St. Benedict at Auburndale and Kate from UVA. Freddy will be attending CBU this fall. Kate will be the Queen of Carnival Memphis and then will spend the summer at home figuring out exactly what she wants to do. Jan Lettes Zauzmer is wrapping up her term as president of her congregation, and Bob continues to enjoy his work as a federal prosecutor. Ben is excited to join older sister Julie at Harvard, where he will be a freshman and she a junior. Younger sister Emily will miss them greatly but in the meantime is looking forward to a youth awards ceremony in Los Angeles for her community service endeavors. Several members of the Class of 1979 enjoyed attending the Alumnae Weekend chapel and luncheon at St. Mary’s, including Gay, Irene, Wendy Pritchartt Ansbro, Robin Rader Stein, and myself. All members of our family are huge Memphis Grizzlies fans and enjoyed attending the NBA playoff games at the FedEx Forum. Go Grizz! Son John turned 16 and drives himself to MUS, which is a huge help, and Henry (10) is still at Grace-St. Luke’s. David continues his research at UT Memphis, and I continue to work part-time as director of marketing at Boyle Investment Company.

1980 Margaret Stone Graham

Chalmers Peyton Valentine has been busy with her three sons. Son Stephen graduated from MUS and will be attending the University of Arkansas in engineering. John is a rising sophomore, and David is a rising freshman in high school. All three are avid lacrosse players. Chalmers is still working in the insurance business, while husband Steve is a consultant. They enjoy their lake house in Arkansas when they can get time away from their busy schedules. Jamie Feild Baker’s educational consulting business is becoming nationally known, and she has published several articles. Her twin girls are rising juniors in college, and Davis just spent the school year in Germany with a Rotary program. Blake Burr is finishing a library science degree and will begin working at a public school in the fall. Daughter Mahal is a rising senior at Carleton College, and Kala is a rising sophomore at White Station. Elisa Brock is now teaching 8th grade honors American History at White Station Middle after 22 years at Craigmont High where she taught International Studies. She has been spending more time with Alex Eddings Walter, as they have both been playing trivia every Wednesday night at the Half Shell. I’ll bet they rule at trivia! She encourages others to come on Wednesdays from 5:30-8:00 p.m. to spend time with friends, play, and eat dinner. Lisa Williams Hallman is happy to report that she has a new job with American Airlines. I hope that flying to Memphis will be a perk of the job! Elaine Schmeisser Miller’s daughter Aubrey has been recently inducted into the Beta Club at St. Mary’s. Husband Steve took Aubrey to France for her 16th birthday, while Elaine stayed home with Ben. Elizabeth Van Brocklin Still has only one child left at home. Daughter Ellie plays club soccer in addition to school soccer, golf, and track. John T. and George both attend USC, while Finley is at CalArts. Elizabeth is busy with tennis, biking, Scrabble, book

n tes

club, and Bible study. She started playing golf to make her husband George happy, but she’s really starting to like it. Jenny Goforth Hock stays busy, even with sons David and Ben grown and out of the nest. Ben just graduated college, and David lives in Brooklyn where he is the American translator for RIA Novosti, the Russian news outlet. Jenny was named 2010 Woman of the Year for Kappa Alpha Theta’s Denver Alumnae Chapter. Kathi Welch Campbell lives on Sanibel Island where she runs a financial planning practice. Her husband is VP for a beach resort; her daughter is a rising fifth grader; and her son just finished his freshman year at the U.S. Naval Academy. My family has been busy too. Son Nelson is a rising senior at Vanderbilt University, and son Garrott is a rising senior at MUS. We had a difficult spring after Garrott broke his collarbone and tore his ACL in the first lacrosse game of the season, but he plans to be back on the football field by mid-September.

1981 Laura Gussin Zinker

Claudia Broeker Egger reports that daughter Dominique is set to attend the University of TexasAustin this fall. Dominique was the top-rated debater in the city! As a high school sophomore, daughter Cassie is already making her mark in debate and student council. Claudia continues to serve her congregation at St. Luke Catholic Church in El Paso. In Longview, Texas, Ginia Knapp Northcutt says that daughter Conlan is responsible for getting her to join Facebook. Son LeGrand is now 6’5” and plays viola and varsity tennis. Lisa Jaeger Schwandt has much to report. Son Michael just completed his sophomore year as a religious studies student at Centenary College in Shreveport and was asked to serve as the student chaplain next year. Daughter Sarah graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in biomedical science. She will attend physician’s assistant school at 2011 Commencement | 39


n tes

the University of Texas, Medical Branch, in Galveston. Husband Scott has started up a new energy steel distribution company. Lisa continues in her role as the deacon at HopePointe Anglican Church. She truly has found her calling. Lisa and Sarah traveled to the UK together to celebrate Sarah’s college graduation.

1982 Lee Anne Johnson Roehm

Our class is anxiously awaiting and looking forward to being together face-to-face and ear-to-ear for our 30th reunion next spring (April 20-21, 2012). Our notes are leaner this installment as we hesitate to “tell all” until we meet. We, therefore, graciously offer our word count to other classes. Lean news is not, however, no news. Hallie Peyton, in her devotion to St. Mary’s Episcopal School and as member of its Board of Trustees, is the chairman for the search committee to select a new head of school. We are clearly in good hands and can count on continuing to be. Lee Martin Rantzow, Sally Johnston Spencer and I can report that while Sally was in Memphis with her family for Easter we enjoyed seeing Elizabeth Simpson Alrutz in her new home. We were thrilled and amazed as we explored the storage and closet spaces alone! Elizabeth moved into the home that her father so thoughtfully designed for living in after all the Simpson children had


left the nest, yet were returning for family celebrations with their own families. Elizabeth entertained with ease as she chatted from her kitchen with us in her breakfast room/casual dining space and grabbed dishes and platters from well organized, eye-level, pantry shelves. Elizabeth’s daughter Liza was recently the lead (Willy Wonka) in St. Mary’s Middle School play. Sally’s daughter Rose, a freshman at Rhodes College, is also a theatrical. I recently ran into her grandmother who mentioned getting to see her namesake at Rhodes perform her culminating activity of her “theatrical movement” class. Mrs. Johnston loved the performance and was so impressed both with her granddaughter and all the students had learned in the class. Leslie Johnson Hughes has news of her new job. In addition to having her Master’s in counseling from the University of Memphis, she recently completed coursework for certification and licensure to practice professional psychological counseling and is now doing so in Owensboro, Ky. at a state mental health facility. It’s not all work for Leslie, who recently enjoyed going to see the Masters Golf Tournament this past spring in Augusta, Ga.

1983 Bonnie Bolton Lopez

Spawned by a visit from Susan Crosby McCloy all the way from her home in Germany, several members

of our class had a mini-reunion at Pete and Sam’s over Alumnae Weekend. In attendance were Holly Walters Craft, Jennifer Stratton Muhlbauer, Bisha Sisk Harrington, Brandon Garrott Morrison, Cissy Bruce Jackson, Allison Wellford Parker, Angela Taylor, Karen Koonce Weesner, Therese Kavanagh Despeaux, and myself. After dinner we had dessert at Tsunami, where we were joined by Posey Saunders Cochrane. This was such a wonderful gathering that I must encourage you all to plan now to attend our 30th class reunion in the spring of 2013! Brandon has enjoyed playing more tennis recently. She and husband Joe took an exciting trip to China. Allie ’08 just spent a Semester at Sea through UVA with Bishop Desmond Tutu as the head speaker. She will be heading to Vanderbilt in the fall for her Master’s in Nursing to become a Nurse Practitioner. Ruthie ’09 went with UVA Global Brigades to Honduras to remote villages to offer dental and pharmacy services. Jane finished SMS Middle School where she played on the tennis team, and Joe is a rising senior at MUS, where he loves lacrosse, hunting, and his new dog. Youngest Murray is finishing seventh grade and is mostly interested in sports, especially soccer. Jennifer is becoming a grandmother this summer to a little girl to be named Ava. She is thinking about calling herself “Gigi.” I enjoyed visiting Jennifer’s home to see her free-range chickens that she raises for eggs. I hope to follow in her footsteps soon. Bisha has officially

retired as SMS swim team coach after six seasons. They finished in 2011 first place at the regional championships and seventh place in the state. Daughter Lauren ‘11 signed to swim for the University of Georgia, ranked second in the nation in swimming. Eppie Lunsford-Özen and husband Ergon are busy with work. It is exciting to help young musicians cross the bridge into independent music livelihood. Son Ellis Kaan (14) takes school seriously while pursuing guitar and basketball. Emily is her “demanding” 10-year old who sings, does art projects, and enjoys suggesting family trip destinations. Jodie Barringer was named a Top 25 Realtor by Nashville Business Journal. Libby (18) is heading to Ole Miss, and Leila (16) hasn’t been seen since she got her driver’s license. Josephine Walt Brennan’s daughter Fitzhugh is also attending Ole Miss where she will major in Pharmacy. Mary Catherine is on the cheer team after her doctor at Vanderbilt found no inflammation. Her arthritis is finally under control, thanks to Embrel. Jenny Jon Jarratt has joined the singles group at St. Philips Cathedral in Atlanta. She was promoted to Marketing and Research Analyst at Charter Bank.

1984 Vanessa Allen Dobbins

Alison Potts Hollewand and family enjoy life in Brisbane, Australia while husband Mike is temporarily

assigned to Queensland Gas. Isabella (7) has settled beautifully into her new school and even talks with an Aussie accent. Alison is studying Anusara Yoga - one of the fastest growing yoga styles in the world. She still tells everyone she meets about her amazing high school experience in Memphis and is so grateful for the long-lasting friendships and connections. Mindy Hamilton started a dream job with Paramount Pictures handling worldwide marketing partnerships for all of their films. Once she is settled, she is happy to provide studio tours for anyone visiting LA. She also enjoyed snow boarding during an epic season of snowfall on Mammoth Mountain. Leslie Darling recently joined Kantar Media NA as a SVP, Digital Innovation. She and yellow lab Oliver will be moving from N.Y. to Atlanta and looks forward to reconnecting with classmates in the South and being closer to her parents at Hilton Head. Carolyn Thompson went trekking to a stunningly beautiful spot in Patagonia at the base of the Torres del Paine massif. On the horizon, she plans a rewarding trip to Guatemala for surgery in her medical field and is contemplating a cycling trip from Prague to Budapest via Vienna. In Omaha Peggy Harris was promoted to General Manager Passenger Operations, acting as liaison between Amtrak and other commuter rail operators and Union Pacific. In her spare time, she rides her two horses, which give her

great pleasure, and travels with her family to fantastic places such as the Drome area in France, tasting fabulous Cotes du Rhone wines. Kelly McCracken spent a relaxing week in Costa Rica at a secluded “spa” hotel located on the estuary at Playa Grande. She loved sailing, kayaking, and watching native wildlife. Merri Leigh Masters Johnson continues to work for the Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation, and is pleased that her proposal for a presentation on “Managing Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury” was accepted. She will present a three-hour course at the Texas Physical Therapy Association Annual Conference to Physical Therapy students. Sons Jack and Charlie will soon enter third grade and kindergarten. Kristine Griffith Williams continues to work in the Emergency Department at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, teaching, and doing research. She also finds time to coach Girls on the Run for two of her four daughters. It is a wonderful program that she would love to discuss with anyone interested. Also in St. Louis, Liz Sullivan is gearing up for construction on her new/ old house that was built before the St. Louis World’s Fair. She has an exciting part-time job as a designer at the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University. Meade Jones Hanna is trying the Paleo Diet, a high protein and fat diet that seems to be working, and has taught her boys how to exercise on weight machines. Daughter Grace is enrolled in gymnastics. Meade continues to be enamored with

her solar panels and likes to bike to work at Potter’s House. Martin and I are well and hope to mimic some of my classmates soon by traveling somewhere exciting.

1985 Polly Piper Rickard

Colleen Kavanagh launches her new brand of allergen-free snack foods soon. Lisa Breazeale Roberts hurt her knee playing tennis but seems to be healing. She is the incoming President of the St. Mary’s Parents Association. Chandler and Jackson enjoy lacrosse. Mary Peeler ’11, daughter of Melissa Thrasher Peeler, also enjoys lacrosse. Mary will be attending the University of North Carolina, as she is the proud first St. Mary’s recipient of the Morehead-Cain Scholarship! Melissa got to see Tino Sage at the first annual Nanette Quinn 5K. Tino still enjoys California. Tino, Kristi, and their neighbors have been chosen to participate in a contest where the participants throw a party and are only allowed to serve things grown or raised by them. She built a “pond” next to her home to raise shrimp, and they have orange, lemon, peach, apple, and apricot trees in their yard. Good luck! Nancy Dilts has some VERY exciting news. Husband Dan has been awarded a Fulbright scholarship to do research and teach in Italy in Spring 2012, and he has also received an additional fellowship to the


n tes

Rachel Carson Institute in Munich, Germany this fall. She invites us to visit. Glynn Field Dean has spoken at 18 churches promoting Operation Christmas Child. She enjoys the farm and playing with her iPhone. Beeland Dill Voellinger enjoys life with David now that he has a partner in his practice, but she just lost her two front teeth. Carrie Mook Bridgman pastors her church in Tifton, Ga. She recently translated from English to Spanish the sermon of a fiery Baptist preacher who tried to tone his sermon down a little to match her personality, while she tried to fire it up to match his intensity. Husband James just finished the final mix of his album. Elizabeth Pounders supports communications for International Sales at FedEx in China/Asia Pacific, Latin America, Canada, and Europe/Middle East/Africa. Her life is a 24/7 operation with work in all time zones. She loves using her French and says her three girls are doing great. Kara Kilpatrick Preston’s daughter Julia is in fifth grade at SMS, loves to ride horses, and play the violin. Thomas (6) loves his sports. My sister Jill ran into Nicco Anderson Long at Target in Denver, Colo. Colleen, Lisa, Melissa, Tino, Nancy, Meredith Ciscel Milowski, Polly Piper Rickard, Katrina Traywick, Trecia Knapp, Ivy Wilroy Caravati, McKenzie Aiken Crisp, and Lucy Cheek Gordon recently enjoyed a trip to Healdsburg, Calif. It was fun to laugh, visit, reminisce, eat, and taste some great wines. We truly missed those of you who could

Debbie Caldwell ‘73 and Nipur Sidhu Bal ‘98 at the Washington, D.C. area alumnae gathering.

2 Katherine Fockler ‘06, Lulu Wilson ‘06, Marynelle Wilson ‘99, Saba Dilawari ‘08 and Sylvia Brookoff ‘09 visit at the Washington, D.C. area alumnae get together.

3 Martha Guinn Carter ‘04, Emily Schwimmer ‘04, Alum Chapel speaker Atina Rizk ‘04, and Patty Blount ‘04.

4 Classmates from the class of 1993 at the Washington, D.C. alumnae event: Melissa Goldate and Anabeth Guthrie.

1 40 | St. Mary’s Episcopal School



4 2011 Commencement | 41


n tes

not make it, and we hope to try to get everyone together again.

1986 Jean Vaughan McGhee

We had the best time reminiscing at our 25th reunion. All of us cried and laughed together over the weekend. Leigh Gordon Wright did a wonderful job getting everyone fired up about coming to town for the weekend. Thanks to her for all of the organization and emails. With the leadership of Kathryn Haggitt Garrison, we met and exceeded the 25th Reunion Challenge of raising $25,000. Thanks to all in the class and our parents who made that possible. Friday night we assembled at Ciao Bella for a girls’ pizza night. On Saturday, Elizabeth Cashman Dickinson opened up her house to all of us for a Mexican fiesta. Thank you so much to Irene McDonnell Ayotte and Liz Whitsitt McEwan for helping with drinks and desserts. We gathered from as far away as Norway to attend the weekend. Marcelle Askew and her two beautiful children came to Memphis for a week so that she could attend the reunion. She was also able to spend time with her family while in town. Meg Gary Woodhouse and two daughters came to town for the weekend. She is still working for Matouk in New York; this summer she and Henry are moving out of the city to Long Island. Traci Sherman Keller was able to join us Saturday night. She has been working hard as Dean of the Middle School at Harpeth Hall. husband John is recovering from an illness this winter, and we wish him the best of luck. Lara Kriegel reports that she is in the process of moving to the University of Indiana where she will teach history. Helen Scheidt made an appearance on Saturday night. We were all so glad to see Helen and loved hearing all about her children. Mary Helen Pender Moore came from Knoxville to spend the weekend with us. She seems to be so happy as a Mom and really enjoys living in Knoxville. Andrea Sabesin (glamour


queen) flew in from LA to spend the weekend with us. She has the same wonderful sense of humor that made us love her 25 years ago. Susannah Taylor is finishing up the renovations on her home in Brooklyn. She is also working part-time for Melia Mills swimwear. Sissy Roberds Carpenter joined us despite the fact she was wearing a boot. We hope your torn Achilles heals quickly. Elizabeth Stokes Bran also came for both nights. She is really enjoying working at St George’s as the middle school counselor. Jen McDearman is still living in NYC working for HBO and singing in a band. Carolyn Oates Ballentine was able to join us for the weekend. We were all able to meet her son who made a guest appearance at the dinner at Elizabeth’s house. Elizabeth Harvey is enjoying working as the litigation manager for a firm in Boston. It was so nice to spend some time together and hear about people’s families and jobs. One of the highlights of Saturday night was seeing Susan Whitten Snodgrass all decked out in her prom dress to attend the St. Mary’s prom (as a chaperone). She truly looked like a Hollywood star. I only hope the girls at the prom had as much fun as we did sitting in Elizabeth’s den. We were sorry to miss those who could not make it. Melissa McStay was on her way, but her flight was delayed and she was certainly missed. Susan Barksdale Howorth was home recovering from surgery but hopes to attend the 30th. Cathy Cape Furey’s daughter Caitlyn is home and is now recovering from surgery as well. We wish them the best. I loved seeing everyone and just wished we had more time together. Can’t wait til the 30th!

1987 Allison Tonkin

In England Anne Townes Daw’s Georgia (7) and Eli (5) loved visiting Beatrix Potter’s home in the lake district and saw inspirations for her book illustrations. After

42 | St. Mary’s Episcopal School

watching the royal wedding with kids in crowns, Anne and Ed drank Pimms til dark at their big street party where not all attendees were royalists, having great fun playing pin the head on the queen and displaying satirical artwork. In baby news, Paula Jernigan and Andrew welcomed Libby in Pittsburgh, with Josh (2) now playing big brother. Now on Facebook, Paula looks forward to catching up with classmates! After 18 hours of labor in New York, Beth Levy welcomed Madeleine, with JP and big brother Oscar (3) now starting to recover. Maternity leave allows Beth more time to sync with the baby and watch Oscar play basketball. Loving life in NYC with her teenaged snake, Mary Louise Mooney corrects the grammar of today’s literati and sells toys to tomorrow’s leaders. Abby Jaques and husband John are excited for a new adventure in Cambridge, Mass., where she will study philosophy in graduate school. Loving San Diego for vacation, Janelle Zarecor Ranieri’s family visited the zoo, LEGOLAND, and Sea World. They stay busy with soccer, hockey, and figure skating. Fontaine Taylor Brown is developing her own real estate niche after a merge with Crye-Leike. She was excited to spend a NYC weekend with Gail Borod Giacobbe! Fontaine’s Noland (6) and Thaxton (9) love all sports. With Stuart in SMS Middle School now, Courtney Morris Monaghan loves hearing about chapel skits and Black Friday, bringing back memories. Missy Huettel Carter’s Joe and Gus played lacrosse (with Gus and Courtney’s Tom on the same team) and were awaiting Alpine Camp. Missy often sees Fontaine, Ann Driscoll Prince, and Jill Sartelle Street and swears she saw Kim Justis Eikner in a TV commercial. Receiving truly phenomenal reviews, Kim performed in Playhouse on the Square’s 2007 Pulitzer and Tony winner August: Osage County. Nora James awaits SMS second grade while Brooks begins seventh grade at MUS, where Flip will be the new Academic Dean. In other parent-child school relations, Anne McCarroll McWaters still teaches fifth grade at St. George’s where

Smith and Mary Virginia look forward to fifth and fourth grades, respectively. Anne enjoyed catching up with Gigi Gaerig McGown, Janie Barnett, Ann, Mary Louise Mooney, and Cindy Cates Moore. Now enjoying life in Chicago, Karen Bell enjoys visiting sister Laurie Bell Lewandowski ‘83 and her MUS sons Michael and John, also Karen’s 6’6” godchild who just received his sports letter. Having fun with Lucy and Isabelle, Cindy Cates Moore looks forward to Isabelle’s starting SMS Pre-K. Andras and I enjoyed skiing Deer Valley when our Memphis family came to visit. SMS Senior K niece Izzie (5) was a natural, going for every jump and tree trail by the end of the week. With radiology work getting busier for us, we are readying for stateside importation our newest Alana-Tokaj vintages.

1988 Anna McQuiston Holtzclaw

Frances Coughlin Fenelon ran the Memphis Marathon in under four hours and moved into the first floor of her house that she had been remodeling for eight months. She shared, “Nothing like camping indoors with a mini fridge, microwave, and hotplate.” Detra Houseal Brock writes St. Simons is beautiful, and she is busy doing photography, substitute teaching at the boys’ school, volunteering with the local American Cancer Society, carting the boys around to baseball, academy/travel soccer, and Josephine to soccer and dance. Mitch is exceptionally busy at work, and they all enjoy going deep sea fishing on their boat whenever he has time off. Mitch and William (8) have planted a large garden in the vacant lot next door, and William hopes to grow the “largest watermelon ever” this summer. Heather Nichols Ottinger writes that Sara was a flower girl at SMS this May; Brad is working hard and traveling a lot; and Heather stays busy working part-time at Merrill Lynch and playing tennis. Lisa Navarra Fikes and David welcomed daughter

Harper to the world in January, and they are having fun getting to know her. Lacey Taylor Jordan and Bill just moved closer to the kids’ school in Atlanta. Bill, Jr., is nine; Lilly is eight; and Clark is three. She loves running into Amy Weinberg Pearce at Chastain and elsewhere around town! Otherwise they can be found at Buckhead Baseball or in the new backyard. Christy Reed and Chris Simpson will marry June 25th in Clearwater Beach, Fla. Both sisters Candy Watkins ‘79 and Angela Reed ‘82 will be there with friends and family to help celebrate! Afterwards they are headed to explore four of the Hawaiian islands. They will be living in McKinney, Texas, and she is still with AT&T after 12 years and loves it. Beth Gowen Gillespie is staying busy with kids’ sports and getting ready for a trip with Mary and Rob to London, Scotland, and Wales. Jennifer Hanemann Chandler just opened her new restaurant Cheffie’s Café, a neighborhood café featuring fresh sandwiches, salads, and artisan gelato. She is finishing up her third cookbook Simply Grilling (to be released April 2012) and is doing media promotions as the spokesperson for French’s Foods in both the U.S. and Canada. She also has a bi-weekly column on easy weeknight family dinners in The Commercial Appeal. I ate at Cheffie’s Café three times the first week it was open and can guarantee you it is great! Memphis is also treating me well. I have started a few new work projects; Tod is in a new job at International Paper that he loves; and Caroline (5) continues to bring joy and laughter to our life. Until next time…

1989 Mary Elizabeth Treadwell Pittman

Greetings from the Class of ’89. It is great to hear from so many of our friends! Courtney Morris Williamson writes that life is very busy in Nashville with sons Hale (13) and Kelton (9). Hale is actually taller than Courtney. She loves working as

the Assistant Director of Admission at the boys’ school, Franklin Road Academy. Anne Alexander Clinton and her family are glad that summer has arrived in Franklin. They are enjoying their first puppy, a black lab named Cooper. I’m sure he will be spoiled rotten. Lara Babaoglu Reynolds and husband Michael are looking forward to a wonderful trip to Europe this summer. They will be traveling to Munich, Innsbruck, Bolzano, Verona, and Venice. I’m sorry to admit that I don’t know where some of those cities are, but it sounds like a great adventure. Betsy Barksdale Pokorny is enjoying life with her three kiddos in Winter Park, Fla. She recently spent time in Memphis and visited with Erin Moran Lynch. Congratulations to Susan Langford Bradford and her family! They recently moved from Philadelphia to Raleigh, N.C. Husband Geoff is the new Senior Pastor of Christ the King Presbyterian Church. They miss Philly but are happy to be back in the South. Aravinda Ayyagari and husband Anil had a nice trip to Paris last winter for a Global Pediatric Conference. They also just returned from a great family vacation to Hawaii where they hiked in the Volcano National Park and enjoyed some local cuisine. She recently had dinner with Anita Ramanathan and says that Anita is as beautiful and sweet as ever. It is so great to hear from Tiffy Loewenberg David. Tiffy, husband Todd, and their three children are still enjoying life in San Francisco. Tiffy likes her new job as the Executive Director of Noe Valley Chamber Music. Son Noah (9) loves fishing and has a mean backstroke; Alana (6) loves art, gymnastics, and swimming; and Isaac (3) has an unbelievable jump shot and keeps Tiffy and Todd laughing! They have a wonderful menagerie of pets: two chickens, three fish, and two cats. Maysey Craddock just opened a show at Taylor Bercier Fine Art in New Orleans that runs through June. This summer she will be the artist in residence at MECA in Portland, Maine. Sounds like a wonderful place to spend the summer! She is also looking forward to a big solo show opening in New

York in September 2011. Alyse Dwyer Masserano is very proud of son Dillon who will be attending Harvard this fall. She is not looking forward to having an empty nest but is so excited for him. Madhavi Gupta and husband Jeremy can’t believe how quickly their daughter Anjali is growing! Madhavi recently changed jobs and now works from home, which is wonderful for her. For her 40th, they are going to NYC to eat lots of raw oysters in Grand Central Station. As for me, I will be eating lots of Gulf shrimp for my 40th in June. Catherine just finished her sophomore year at UTK; Will is wrapping up 1st grade, and Camille is about to be a senior at SMS!

1990 Susan Hearn Morgan

Beth Kreamer West writes that life is pretty much back to normal a year after the oil spill. She is enjoying time away from work though Larkin will start kindergarten in the fall. Anne Russell is 2 and so much fun. Kassy Banham Sanders continues to work as an internal audit manager at FedEx and has two beautiful girls Murell (6) and Astin (4). Her family is enjoying life in East Memphis, traveling, and playing with the kids. Kassy coaches soccer, and her husband coaches basketball. Taylor Holden Taylor is teaching at the Racquet Club three to four days a week and is the Assistant Coach for the University of Memphis Women’s Tennis team. Taylor loves coaching college tennis but misses her days as SMS coach. Son Bruce (6) finished SK at GSL. “He thinks he is SUPER big because he can ride his bike/scooter to school!” Holden (4) finished finishing her first year (PK) at SMS, where she absolutely loves it and is furious when it is not a “school day.” Taylor was the Annual Fund Pre-K Captain this year and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to raise money for SMS. “It was easy to ask for money to support such an amazing school that offered so much to us and now

n tes

to our kids! P.S. We surpassed our goal of 80% parent participation.” Rachel Lightman and Caydie Brown Nickey were able to visit Taylor before one of the Grizzlies playoff games and had a great time. Allison Mallory Morris had lunch with Alexis Zanone and Kristen Thompson Keegan in May. Allison started a new job at ArtsMemphis as database manager and really likes it, although working full-time and being a wife and mom of twins is quite challenging! Mallory and Marley are almost three and will start SMS next year. Jay and Allison are looking for a larger house in Midtown. Anne Copper DiFronzo, husband Mike, and daughter Sofia (4) are still living in Great Falls, Va. and visited Ireland in May. Anne keeps busy with her part-time job with Cultural Care Au Pair and spends as much time as possible with Sofia. Ali Reaves Smith had a baby boy, Coleman Jacob, in February, and he is growing like a weed. Ali writes that he’s smiling and starting to talk a lot. She went back to work in April and says it’s nice to be stimulated mentally by adults, but at the end of the day she is really glad to have him back in her arms. Husband Darrell got a job doing computer work at a dialysis company in Brentwood, Tenn. Tricia Hood Thomas graduated with her MAT in May and is now looking for permanent K-6 teaching job. She and Brian will vacation to Kiawah and Lake of the Ozarks this summer and got a new bulldog named Shelby. Alexis Zanone spent two weeks in Southeast Asia and, for her birthday, stayed at three Four Seasons properties in Bali and Thailand. Now she says it is time to start thinking about where she wants to celebrate her 40th. Kristen Thompson Keegan has been subbing a lot at PDS. She also took a wonderful trip to Gstaad, Switzerland and Paris for Spring Break. She wrote, “I can’t tell you how many times I thought of Mrs. Quinn and how thankful I was to her for the ability to get my family through Europe with the French she taught me.” Paige Russell Brooks continues to have fun hanging out with her two second graders (and 2011 Commencement | 43


n tes

her husband when he’s home). The family will be traveling to Germany and Croatia at the end of school year with the kids. Later in the summer, they plan to visit family in both Mississippi and Massachusetts. Drama, tennis, and golf camps as well as getting a new puppy (hopefully) should keep them busy. Patrick and I have been enjoying Katherine and our new house. I am busy with work as usual but have a few beach trips planned; can’t wait. It is so good to hear from you all and hope you have a wonderful summer.

1991 Camellia Koleyni

Hello, everyone! I hope that life is treating you well. I had a wonderful time at our 20th reunion, and I hope that those of you who were able to make it had fun also! For those of you who could not make it, you were definitely missed. Malini Gupta-Ganguli, thanks so much for the countless hours and incredible amount of time that you put in to help make it happen. Thanks also to Gigi Gould and the SMS staff for their guidance and to Megan Saxon Murphree for helping with the Annual Fund. Finally, thanks to Tish Dudley and Tricia and Chip Dudley for hosting a fantastic event at their home, as well as to the Breazeales and Craddocks for helping with the fiesta and everyone else who was involved. I am guessing that since the Alumnae Weekend


emails were going out around the same time as when the SMS updates were due, that is why we did not get as many responses as usual. I hope next time to hear from more of you if time allows. So on with the news! Congratulations to Rachel Kiefer McNally and husband Barry who welcomed their first child in March (two weeks early!). Mom, dad, and Hudson appear to be doing quite well (though sleep-deprived), and family dog Ruby appears to love him as well. Megan Saxon Murphree did not have a lot to report in regards to her own family, but brother Malcolm and his wife had baby Millie in March. Alison Taylor Nooks says the Nooks clan is doing well. Alison and sister Angela Taylor ’83 were in Memphis at the same time for the first time in years (during Alumnae Weekend). She and her family have some trips planned, and husband Kirk is wrapping up his Executive Leadership Institute program. Daughter Anniston is busy as usual with all kinds of activities including ballet and dance recitals at Georgia Tech’s Ferst Center. Vineet and I are doing well in Nashville and are still waiting for visitors. Nashville is a fun place, so please let us know if you are ever in town. Take care!

1992 Alison Roesler Coons

Members of the class of 1992 are all still hard at work across the country juggling work,

motherhood, and our exciting lives! I’m still in school at Union University-Germantown working on my master’s in education. The summer’s going to be jam-packed with classes, but hopefully I can begin doing some substitute teaching in the County this fall. In the meantime, I’m still hard at work heading up U.S. Tax Works and training to run the St. Jude Half Marathon in December. Catherine Hughes checked in to say hi from San Francisco. She and Miriam Kriegel ‘90 ran the New York Marathon together last November and had a wonderful time – even beating Al Roker! Rebecca Tickle is hard at work with her amazing art. Check out her painting on the cover of Before the Great Troubling by Corey Mesler on She says she’s excited to finally be “getting somewhere at least.” Way to go, Rebecca! Melissa Anderson Kirkby checked in and reports that all is well in Nashville. She is still working at U.S. Trust and trying to keep up with her kids and their busy schedules. Jackson is seven; Caroline is five; and Will is two now. Caroline and Will are friends with the kids of another SMS alum, Melissa Ohsfeldt ’97. She says that another alum, Kristin Boswell Amonette ’95, has a son in Will’s preschool class – such a small world! Thanks to everyone who dropped me a note. We hope to hear all about your exciting 2011 summers and all about your wonderful kids and careers in the next edition of the SMS News!

1993 Kristen Mistretta Wilson

In March, Alexia Fulgham Crump married Kevin Crump in a Garden District mansion in New Orleans. It was a small ceremony with just family and a few friends. They had a party in Memphis in April at the Calliope Room at South Bluffs to celebrate with all their other family and friends who were not in NOLA. NOLA is a special place for Alexia and Kevin because it was the location of their first trip together and where they ran their first half marathon together. The weather was perfect for the wedding weekend, and they had dinner at Commander’s Palace after the wedding. They will be honeymooning in Italy this fall. Alison Simmons married Oliver Boyd over Memorial Day weekend in Highlands, N.C. Carrie Evans Hanlon, Ginny Robinson Burbank, and Price Phillips Massey are all part of the wedding party. Bradley Ray Crawford wrote that her family has been approved to adopt through Bethany Christian Adoption Agency, and they are currently in the waiting phase. She doesn’t know any details yet but says the birth mom will be local and that the baby will be 10 days old when he or she joins her family. Bradley said she knows God has the perfect baby for her family, and she can only wait to see who he or she will be. They are praying a lot and treasuring these days. Corinne started a new school

last fall, and William is now in school every day. She is involved in leading women’s Bible studies at church and volunteering at their schools. Husband Rich is still CEO of a company in Richmond, which brings challenges and lots of responsibility, but they are very happy there. Bradley also recently ran her first half marathon. Katie Zanone Webb spent eight days in Florence and the surrounding Tuscany and Chianti regions celebrating her dad’s 70th birthday. She said it was so spectacular that she hopes to spend her 70th the same way. In September 2010, she bought the house that her family lived in until she was five. She and her family are having so much fun recalling all of the wonderful times they had in it before and doing everything she can with husband Chris to start making new, unforgettable memories. Anna Scott Thorsen is still in Nashville going on 14 years now. She has had so much fun teaching Ava (5) and Clara (4) at home this past year. Ava heads to kindergarten in the fall. This spring Anna planted several fruit trees, berry bushes, and a huge vegetable garden. When she is not teaching the girls or pulling weeds, she volunteers at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital as a family advocate. Her personal experiences at the Children’s Hospital have given her a lot of insight to help make the hospital a better place for families. Angie Reed Tull, husband Ben, and two girls are doing well. Riley (3) starts PreK at Christ Methodist in the fall, while Amelia is eight months. Angie is still working full-time at the nursing

home. Christian Turner is back in Memphis after living in Chicago for seven years. She misses Chicago but says the cold was just too much. She works at First Tennessee trading bonds and just started construction on a new home. She has owned the Oxford Shoe store for 11 years now! Veena Paidipalli Reddy is doing well in Atlanta. The little ones keep her busy. Vikas is three, and Rekha is one. Martha Cousins loves NYC and has been exploring New England with road trips upstate to Conn., Vt., and R.I. She comes back to Memphis as much as she can to visit. Her cousin, Marty Jones ‘71, was awarded Outstanding Alumna this year. Natasha Tejwani and her Dutchman boyfriend are doing well in NYC. (She always refers to him as “the Dutchman,” and I’m not sure that I even know his real name.) They recently took an 18-day trip to Nicaragua, which she said was gorgeous, warm, and sunny. They also recently went to Holland to see his family. She works at a couple of pediatric emergency departments in the city and will be starting her Fellowship training in pediatric emergency medicine (three more years of training) in Newark, N.J. starting this June. Natalie Lyon Horne moved into their new home in early 2011 and says it is a work in progress. They are living in the house while continuing to work on it. Audrey (20 mo.) is into everything and in a very busy phase. Aparna Murti is living in Memphis and working with the Family Physicians Group. After she graduated from her Family Medicine residency at

UT, she joined a private practice in Nashville, but she always liked this group in Memphis and jumped on the chance to become their new physician when the position became available. Kathryn Brookfield Hoover is busy with her three little ones in Atlanta. She wrote that three is a handful, but her kids are the light of her life. I thought that was such a sweet sentiment that I had to share. Her baby girl is actually going by Kate Kannon. (I mistakenly wrote Katherine in the last newsletter.) Her two little boys are adjusting to their little sister quite well. She has been a stay-athome mom now for over a year and loves it. Price Phillips Massey and husband Shawn are expecting a baby in July 2011. She writes that life is busy, in a good way. They just finished remodeling a house near Galloway neighborhood in Memphis. Kirsten Brown Buerkle is expecting another baby in July. She and Scott are not finding out the sex of the new baby. Son Adler just turned one in March. They are still living in Hoboken, and Scott finishes law school in May. Allison Keltner Musick married Matthew Musick in September 2010. They live in New York and look forward to a fun and warm summer. Amelia Treadwell Howard wrote that both George and Anna Laura are at Christ Methodist Day School. George (9) is in third grade, and Anna Laura (6) is in SK. Husband Nathan is an account rep for Dell and travels quite a bit. Amelia is busy taking care of the kids and keeping up with all of their extracurricular activities. Courtney


n tes

Mainardi Burger and family moved to Houston after Christmas for husband Charlie’s job. She consults for the school she worked for in NYC and for a school in Houston. She is very happy in Houston and said her three kids love having more space. Benares Finan-Eshelman Angeley wrote that daughter Penny just turned one. Benares still teaches at an arts/nature-based primary school and has been trying to continue working in her studio while keeping up with Penny! She looks forward to spending time on the Cape this summer (and feels lucky to live only about 30 minutes from great beaches). I am busy being the lucky mother of two beautiful little boys. Alexander was born December 2010; he and big brother Jacob are 20 months apart. I’m also still working part-time at a law firm in Memphis. Thanks to everyone for keeping in touch!

1994 Edith Ritterband Goody

We continue to have lots of exciting news for the Class of ’94. New York is rockin’ in June for Shani Armstrong’s wedding. I don’t know if she got her invites from Sophie Askew, who is the creative director of Askew Design, now owned by a bigger card distributor. Sophie also is keeping busy working full-time as art director at Tiffany & Co. and creating custom designs for weddings and black tie galas through

Lang and Betsy Carnesale Wiseman ‘88 cheer the Grizzlies at a St. Mary’s alumnae gathering.

2 Class of 2006 enjoy reminising at their 10th class reunion at Alumnae Weekend.

3 Class of 1986 at their 25th class reunion: Mary Helen Pender Moore, Kathryn Haggitt Garrison, Andrea Sabesin, Jen McDearman.

4 Nick and Lisa Mulrooney Marcopulos ‘95 with Cathy Hoover Allen ‘65 and Joe Allen enjoy the Alumnae Night at the Grizzlies.

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4 2011 Commencement | 45


n tes

Askew Couture. She reports that she is successfully fulfilling her senior superlative of “most likely to live with the seven dwarves!” Sarah Cole‑Turner Vincent has a new adventure in store. Her entire family will be moving to an on‑campus apartment at USF where her hubby will be part of the Faculty-inResidence program. Free dining and an Olympic-size swimming pool should be fun, especially with new baby Caroline. It should also help when Sarah returns to school to become a speech pathologist. Katherine Dudley Gray is enjoying Houston and had a great Easter visit with Sarah Gross Little, hubby, and daughter Sophia who enjoyed Easter egg hunting with Katherine’s daughter McNaron. Katherine’s family will have to make some room though, since next year there will be another little one crawling around! Carolyn Porter Cates recently moved to a new house in Memphis allowing her to be closer to her parents and in-laws. The extra space in the house doesn’t hurt now that they have baby #3, Rebecca! Jamie Morano sent me an email while spending time at the beach with her family where she was taking a break from her clinical year at Yale. She’s looking forward to participating in more research time (really??) and enjoying the Northeast for the summer and fall seasons. As usual, Joann Self Selvidge is keeping busy with some project, and though she took a short break after having baby Frannie, she’s back in the film world working on a documentary about the history of The Art Academy (Memphis College of Art). Check it out on Facebook. Luckily, hubby Steve’s band is taking the summer off from touring, so I’m guessing I know who the nanny will be. Jennifer Farrow just dropped a last minute bomb on me announcing her engagement. Congrats to you and your handsome fiancé! I’m still living in Long Island, NY, working with 3-5 year olds, but I’ve recently started to work one day a week with patients who have pelvic floor dysfunction and pain. It’s very challenging, rewarding, and, unfortunately, not talked about enough so I’m glad to be a part of


this field. I’m sending a great big hug to all of our fellow SMSers who may have been affected by the recent tornado disaster, particularly Laura Amos McDaniel. You’re in our prayers. Next time I’m looking forward to sharing more great news, so keep me posted, and I look forward to hearing from you all!

1995 Allison McConomy Davenport

Ashley Goldstein Allen, husband Jeremy, and big brother Carter (4), welcomed little sister Isla Margaret. Ashley is still making her famous treats for D.C. residents through her business, Sweetbite Creamery. Nearby, Carrie Sue Casey Hanback continues to work on policy matters at the Department of Defense. She and husband Lucas Hanbeck are expecting their first baby this August. Also expecting in August are Murff Oates Galbreath, husband Duncan, and daughter Day, who is starting Pre-K at St. Mary’s! Also expecting in August is Megan Waters Albonetti (baby’s older sister shares the exact same name as my daughter). Also, my husband and I are expecting our second daughter in August – I am not kidding. Lee Davidson and Kevin Holt got married in March at Independent Presbyterian in Memphis. Lee’s sister Shannon Davidson Pflasterer ’94, was the matron of honor, and Lee wore her mom’s 1965 wedding gown for the ceremony. Carolyn Seelbinder Boetger and her family are living in Knoxville enjoying time with one-year old son, Gage. Kathryn Wiseman is living in Nashville and working for the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance. She is training for her first Ironman competition in September. Barbara Carolino Dupnik and husband Ben welcomed daughter Evelyn Grace in December. Barbara enjoyed her maternity leave with beautiful baby Evie. Simone Kiersky Coyle welcomed baby Elise Marie Coyle, and big brother Evan is adjusting to his new senior role in the household. Ann Wood Ray and

46 | St. Mary’s Episcopal School

sons Cameron, Britton, and Dillon welcomed dad Ken home from a seven-month deployment just before Christmas. The family is planning a move to the D.C. area. Blair Bobo Geer, husband Dallas, and big brother Dallas welcomed baby John to their family this spring. The family just moved close to Murff’s family and is enjoying the proximity. Finally Jada Love is heading back to Memphis to begin UTHSC’s Doctorate of Nursing Practice Nurse Anesthesia. Congratulations to everyone on new babies, due babies, weddings, and careers!

1996 Jaime Newsom

It’s so hard to believe that it has been 15 years since our class graced the halls of St. Mary’s! Julia Chesney McDonald writes, “We had a fantastic 15th reunion in April. Attendees over the course of the weekend included Lauren Brooks Poindexter, Thaler Cassibry Beasley, Jamie Cara Mathis, Sarah Henley, Gwyn Fisher, Brooke Douglas Looney, Catherine Tracy Sloan, Katie Kuykendall Collier, Laura Ray Logue, Julia Chesney McDonald, and Courtney Ellis Felts. We had a wonderful time catching up, remembering old stories, and finding out what everyone is up to these days. We’re already looking forward to the 20th reunion in 2016 and hope that we can get our entire class back in town for that one!” Congratulations to Rana Sibai Drake and her husband, who welcomed twins earlier this year. Rana is in her last year of a child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship and plans on joining the faculty at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio in July. Katie Kuykendall Collier and husband Ward welcomed their third daughter Jane in January. Katie says that Mary Caroline and Maddie love having a baby sister to play with. Bernice Chen married Jeff Wen in California in February. She enjoyed seeing Leslie Forell and Andrea Martin Armani at the

wedding. Bernice and her husband are now residing in Sunnyvale, Calif. Laura Ray Logue and husband Tom are expecting another child in November. They are also looking forward to a long summer visit from daughter Jess who currently lives in Hungary with her mother. Jess can’t wait to attend SMS Day Camp again this summer. Sarah Henley traveled the furthest for the class reunion – all the way from Portland, Ore. Sarah wants everyone to know that when we celebrate our 25th reunion in ten short years we will have the opportunity to meet the Spirit of ’76 challenge to raise $25,000 as a class. We have ten years to get ready for it, so let’s gear up! Sharlene Sidhu Keithley and her family have enjoyed the wintertime in Colorado. Son Rajan (almost 4) continued to ski with lots of enthusiasm, and she hopes to get her daughter Saira (almost 2) up on skis this fall. My husband and I enjoyed a fantastic trip to Sri Lanka and Malaysia over the Christmas holidays and are currently in the process of purchasing a home in Chicago. Take care!

1997 Hollye Ferguson Stigler

I received so many responses for this update; let’s go straight to your news on expanded families, moves, new jobs, and promotions! First, our career news: Emily Cochran was recently promoted as the primary recruiting manager for KPMG in Atlanta, so she’s enjoying a lot of travel these days – for work and fun. Elaine Guerra Cotter and husband Neils are back in the U.S. and living in San Francisco. She is an interior designer for a small firm and worked on the Decorator Showcase house in San Francisco in May. Hala Khuri, another Bay Area resident, recently started her own company doing web design and development, as well as business consulting. Rebecca Hanover Kurzweil recently started a new writing job at Google and has enjoyed it so far. Another Bay Area local, Eliane Trepagnier just started

a new job at Illumina working on DNA-sequencing technology. Eliane and husband Andy welcomed son Theo in December. Ashley Wilson got to catch up with Eliane in New York recently. Ashley is taking her architecture licensing exams. Good luck with the remaining three tests, Ashley! Paige Frazier travels regularly to Ireland for her job as Logistics Director for Kiawah Partners. Paige will be an aunt to a new baby in the fall, and she’s started a house hunt for a new place in the low country outside of the city. Rose Indriolo Cox recently moved to Portland, Ore. and is building a health-care based lobbying practice. She loves the west coast life so far. Laura Knightly Brown recently returned to the UK after six months in Kenya, living and working on a beach on the Indian Ocean. She’s also a new aunt and looks forward to spending time with family while she plans her next stage of adventure! Sayra Khandekar will finish her cardiology fellowship in August and will start a one-year fellowship in echocardiography. She, her husband and daughter Safiya are looking forward to the arrival of a new baby in November. Our other fun family news: Anne Spence Lucas and family welcomed Katherine Grace Lucas in April and are settling into life with three children. Anne reports that Olivia (3-1/2) is taking on the role as Mommy’s helper, and Jonathan (22 mo.) is curious about his new little sister. Ashley Futrell Anderson, husband David, and son Luke welcomed Baby Michael in December. Ashley reports that he looks just like his big brother. Ashley still freelances for the educational publishing company and has started a paper-crafting business on the side. Clare Levy Clarke and husband Robin welcomed daughter Norah Frances Clarke last October. Clare loves life as a mom and is on a leave of absence from teaching this year while working on her doctorate research. Jamie Richards Whitney, husband Scott, and daughter Cynthia are expecting a new baby in September, and she continues to manage life as a mom with a full-time career. Autumn Witt Boyd and husband Dave are

expecting twins in October. They are in the process of moving to a new house in preparation for the babies’ arrival. Mary Elizabeth Hicky Maynard and husband Fletcher are also expecting a baby girl in September. They are enjoying life in Durham, N.C. working with undergrad students. Anna Lake Blitch recently celebrated daughter Eleanor’s second birthday! Anna is working part-time in admissions at Lovett School in Atlanta. Jodie Baker Fasullo and family are settling into their new house in Southern California. Porter (2-1/2) and Harper (6 mo.) are doing well. Jennifer Dickson Freidenstein and husband James are moving to Charlotte, N.C. this summer where James has accepted a position with a practice there, having finished the long road of medical training. In addition to her full-time banking career, Mandy Reed Ferguson and husband Marvin have spent much of the past year renovating their house in Chicago and are looking forward to the project’s end, along with Bailey (4) and Reed (15 mo.). Melissa Ohsfeldt and family are enjoying life in Nashville. She kept her position in D.C., so telecommuting is a regular part of her life. Charlotte will start kindergarten in the fall; there are actually three SMSers with kids in Paschal’s class at school. We were all thankful to hear that Abby Taylor Frazer and her family weren’t impacted by the recent storms in Alabama. As for me, I recently had a chance to catch up with Mary Golden Dunlap and her family in Hong Kong. Her girls are adorable and were able to teach me about dim sum! We will celebrate daughter Abby’s second birthday in June – how time flies! The same is true for life after SMS; we have another big reunion year coming up!

expecting little ones. Patience Chambliss Wiggins and husband Chris welcomed twin boys into their home. Prince Harry (after Patience’s dad and Chris’s dad) and Christopher (after her husband) are both doing well. Christina Chiew Gaspar and husband Tim are enjoying spending time with son Ryan. Meg Kinnard Hinson and husband Brink are looking forward to the addition of a daughter. She writes that she also enjoyed seeing classmates at the Nanette Quinn 5K in March. Lauren Webb Mitchell writes that she and husband Luke are moving to Jackson, Miss. this summer. Lauren has a job clerking for a federal judge and is looking forward to being a little closer to home. Allison Martin Nolen writes that she is working towards her nursing degree. She has decided to make a career change and is thrilled about heading into a career she is very passionate about. Erin Wade is also about to embark on a new academic journey. Erin will be starting medical school at Quillen College of Medicine this fall at Eastern Tennessee State University. She also writes she will be visiting Elisabeth Callihan and her husband. Elisabeth and her husband have been living in France since last fall going to school and having a great time. Erin Lyttle Do continues to enjoy staying home with Claire and watching her grow up. As for me, I enjoyed seeing Katie Broer Parr, Whitney Jamison Chatterjee, Alicia Daugherty, Meg Kinnard Hinson, and Claire Coleman Bowman at the Nanette Quinn 5K in March. It was a great celebration of such a special woman.

1999 Anne-Morgan Brookfield Morgan

1998 Laurin Maddux

Lots of exciting news to report this time around! Congratulations are in order for several of our classmates who have recently had or are

Hello ladies! Seems as though 2010 and 2011 have been great years for us ‘99ers! Michael and I had our sweet baby girl last October, and Anne Elise is such an angel. I just LOVE being a mom. Speaking of babies…congrats to Kelly Buckner Dallas on the birth of Julia Lee

n tes

Dallas in March! Kelly reports that Julia has been a really good baby, and they are all enjoying her. I enjoyed seeing Kelly and Mae recently in Memphis and meeting little precious Julia. Mae loves being a big sister. Kelly will be returning to her job at Southwest in June. Rebecca Fones Rhea just had her second daughter also. I got to meet little Lucy Kimbrough Rhea when she arrived in April. Ellie is a wonderful big sister also and loves her new addition to the family. Nancy Liddon Billings is doing great in Atlanta and is expecting a baby at the end of September – congrats! Now for best wishes…Jenny Jones is getting married in August to Matt Savage, and she can’t wait to celebrate with SMS friends. Rebecca Fones Rhea, Caroline Palazola Conrad, Meg Parker, Emily Cochran ’97, Laura Freeman Rouse, and I are all in the wedding and are excited for Jenny and Matt! I enjoyed catching up with Brittany Blockman when she and fiancé Josh were recently in town. Brittany is enjoying medical school and has had fun planning her 11/11/11 wedding in New Orleans. Libby Lawson is living in Austin, Texas and working at the County Attorney’s office as a prosecutor. She just started there about a year ago and had SMSer Anna Taylor ’03 on one of her very first juries. She is engaged to longtime boyfriend Jordan Foster, and they are getting married in Brooklyn this September. She enjoyed catching up with Erica Smith on a recent trip home to Memphis. Erica loves working for St. Jude and is still mentoring and working with youth at her church. Courtenay Adams is glad to have made it through the 2011 tax season! She had a great time with Erin Bower, recently here visiting from Nashville, and she is looking forward to catching up with many SMSers for Jenny’s parties and wedding. Laura Freeman Rouse is excited to be Matron of Honor in Jenny’s wedding. Her business (www.rousehousekids. com) has shipped to 10 states (Arkansas, Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Illinois, Nebraska, North Carolina, and 2011 Commencement | 47


n tes

Tennessee) and Russia! Cobie and Lillian Askew Everdell are enjoying life in NYC. They just got back from two weeks on safari in Tanzania, which Lillian writes was truly incredible. She recently worked in the feature film Grand Street, and she loves being back in the theater and film world in NYC. Lillian is looking forward to reconnecting with SMS alums in New York. Sidney Hawkins Gargiulo still loves life in NYC. Elizabeth Hatzenbuehler Hibler reports that things are great in Denver. She is in the thick of her Culinary Nutrition Program and has been volunteering with the Denver Public School system preparing healthy foods in their kitchens and teaching kids about ‘super foods.’ She also volunteers with a community program called Cooking Matters Colorado, teaching cooking skills as well as nutrition to lower-income families, elderly, and/or kids. I enjoyed catching up with Elizabeth in March when we took Anne Elise to meet her great grandmother in Denver. Emily Collins McClain is living in Collierville and is teaching at St. George’s, where husband Bill also teaches. She will be coaching varsity volleyball next fall. Emily and Bill have two kids, Parker (5) and Lila (3). Hilary Dinkelspiel recently accepted a job in San Francisco with a firm practicing employment law. She reports that it is pretty amazing being able to run on the beach with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background almost every day. She saw Leigh Ferguson recently when she came to visit and had a great time. There are many of you class of ‘99ers that we haven’t heard from in quite some time. Please let us all know how you are!

2000 Katie Garrett Harris

Another school year has come and gone so quickly! I drove by St. Mary’s on graduation day and was transported to May 2000 in an instant. What a fun day


it was! Here’s what’s going on now: Rana Khandekar married Sameer Hossain on May 8th. It was a beautiful ceremony, and I enjoyed getting a chance to catch up with Cheryl Sherrod, Liz Palomo-Phillips, Lessie Calhoun Rainey, and Tami Sawyer. Tami Sawyer is in D.C. and has launched Tamicakes, a cupcake company, this year. Things are going well, and she plans to open a cupcake and sandwich food truck by next spring. Lessie Calhoun Rainey reports that Collins is finishing his first year of Family Medicine Residency at St. Francis. Lessie is still enjoying work at the DA’s office in Memphis. They are planning a weekend trip to St. Louis this summer to see a Cardinal’s game. Lessie is also thrilled that Whitney Baer has moved back to Memphis. Liz Palomo-Phillips moved to a new place in Memphis and enjoys the five peach trees and fig tree that came with it. She has a trip to Spain planned for the summer as well! Mershon Sneed Bergeron and husband Rob are working on Kit’s christening and prepping for their first family vacation. Mershon was home in March and got a quick chance to visit with Kat. Other than that, she is running after her one-year old! Kat Gordon and Thomas moved to a great house on Carr in Midtown. Muddy’s is still crazy busy, and Kat was on Martha Stewart Sirius Radio in May! Ellis Dixon was in Costa Rica until recently. She’s spending part of the summer in New York until she heads to teach a Fashion, Art, and Theater class at the University of Colorado at Boulder’s summer program. She is also excited about leading a rock-climbing course. Jessie Swanson Fila and husband Ken are approaching one year in their first house in Milford, Conn. They are enjoying beach season, especially since the beach is right down the street from their house. She still enjoys being the pastry chef at The Schoolhouse at Cannondale as they have been keeping busy with Easter, Mother’s Day, and catering, as well as regular dinner and lunch services at the restaurant. Crystal Ton Mitzner,

48 | St. Mary’s Episcopal School

husband George, and son Jackson are moving to Dayton, Ohio in July for George’s internship at WrightPatterson Air Force Base. Crystal graduated with her second master’s in public health in August! Kim Fleischhauer Cook has started working some for her church, Hope Presbyterian, and loves being more involved in ministry. She is also still working for Costco some weekends, and Michael is still with the Germantown Police. Elsa (8) and their twin girls, Tess and Reese (3), are all doing very well. Lisa Ansley got a new job in Memphis with Merrill Lynch and passed her Series 7! A few more tests to go, and she can set up 529 Plans for all of the kiddies and start retirement savings for everyone. She still loves being in Memphis close to family after being gone for so long. Walton Allen Webster and the boys have traded Memphis for Tampa as her husband got a new job there. Megha Karkera is still putting people to sleep and waking them up (at the hospital in Little Rock, Ark. in case you’re confused). I also enjoyed attending the wedding of MaryKathryn Millner (another beautiful bride) and Lewis Herrington in Oxford, Miss. in March. They are in the process of redoing a house, which has made for a busy but fun year. In addition, she put on the 16th Annual Double Decker Festival. The happy couple is traveling to Paris, Germany, AND Anguilla this summer! Although we are busy as ever chasing two kiddos, Stuart and I were able to take a trip to St. Lucia for our 5th anniversary in March. Louise will be four, and Wilkes will turn one in August. We are taking a trip with the Harris family to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone, in August as well. Balancing work with motherhood has been a challenge this year, but I am always encouraged by the design opportunities that come my way. It has been quite a spring in Memphis with the Grizzlies’ longest run in the NBA playoffs, the historic flooding of the Mississippi River, and President Obama’s trip to speak at Booker T. Washington’s graduation. I have been so proud to be a Memphian!

2001 Lauren Anderson Stone

Happy 10th reunion, ladies! It was so great to see about half of you in April. Those who were unable to attend were missed, and don’t worry, your senior superlatives were thoroughly discussed. Some of us haven’t changed a bit! Carey King and her boyfriend of seven years, Whit Slocum, will get married next February in New Orleans, where she is still working in real estate development. They are enjoying their cat Tchoups and dog Hudson. Elizabeth Laws earned her MBA from IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain. She looks forward to seeing some classmates at Carey’s wedding. Kate Metcalf Cooke married Tavenor Cooke in February and enjoyed a honeymoon in Belize. They are living in Germantown, and Kate is still busy as ever working as Corporate Public Relations Director for CS2 Advertising. In April, Anna Snyder Rojas married Dr. Phillip Rojas in a ceremony performed by Father Cheney at Church of the Holy Communion, just like Chapel back in the day! Claire Davies Rhodes is about to start her third year earning her Ph.D. in Communication at the University of Memphis and is teaching at UM and the University of Phoenix. Katie Runyan completed her master’s in interior design at the Corcoran College of Art and Design in May and is moving to Phoenix this summer to begin her career there. Susan Buckner is moving into her fourth year in the JD/MBA program at Stanford and is working at Facebook in Palo Alto this summer. Mira Patel is in Chicago working as National Account Manager for The Conservation Center, the largest private art conservation company in the U.S. She just finished managing a collection with works by Rothko, Matisse, Dubuffet, Tanguy, Picasso, and Richter. Nishta Mehra has been busy supporting partner Jill, who is fighting cancer (thymoma, a malignant tumor of the thymus gland). Happily, Jill’s doctors are very optimistic about her prognosis,

and she is recovering well. Nishta is excited to be a bridesmaid in Kristen Beazley’s June wedding! Katherine Eder is finishing her intern year and moving to Boston in July to start her residency in Neurology at Harvard - Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Caroline Gardner graduates from the University of Chicago with an MBA this summer and will stay in Chicago to work in investment banking. Hayley Bower Gerber still enjoys living in Nashville and is back in school, getting her master’s in teaching at Belmont University. Stephanie Vieron Leary is in Maryland teaching French to 6th-8th graders, where she loves being at an all-girls’ school. The class of 2001 is also experiencing a baby boom - but no future SMSers here! Jenny Maddux Stenberg and David are expecting Baby Sam at the beginning of August. Sara Beth Dike Frye and Jason are expecting a baby boy at the end of August. Courtney Taylor Humphreys and McKee are expecting a baby boy in September. Courtney is also leaving her teaching job at PDS to join the Memphis Teacher Residency and pursue her master’s in urban education. We look forward to meeting the baby boys this fall!

2002 Polly Klyce Pennoyer

Good news and life accomplishments continue to abound for the Class of 2002! The Memphis contingent continues to do us proud, although half of them are about to leave Memphis for other climes, as our crop of future doctors take on their residencies. Kate Thornton is moving out to Los Angeles where she will be begin her residency in internal medicine at Harbor-UCLA. She is looking forward to warm weather, challenging work, and more quality time with her two miniature dachshunds, Poquito and Corazon, and her new fiancé, Andy Woolridge. Yea, Kate! Elizabeth Campbell will also be doing her residency in internal medicine, and also at her first choice, Duke! She is excited

to be moving so close to Nicole Osborne Steck, who continues to love life as a homeowner, occasional ten-mile-racer, GlaxoSmithKline employee, and burgeoning gardener. Lisa Mabry will spend the next five years in Birmingham, doing one year of internship, plus four years of residency in radiology. Kelly Ridder will be spending her intern year in Memphis before heading off to Jacksonville, Fla. to do her residency in neurology. Congratulations to our doctors! On the grad school front, Wendi Muse had a wildly successful round of applications to programs for a master’s in Latin American studies, focusing on Brazil. She’s accepted her offer at NYU (her old stomping grounds) and is looking forward to life as a student again. This summer will find her back to teaching, half in NYC, half in Brazil, and continuing to nurture her online-dj-ing on the side. Check her out at! Michelle Goldwin Kaufman and new husband Jay have left their high-rise for slightly more residential digs in Chicago, where Michelle continues to work towards her Ph.D. Her wedding was in Memphis in October, and she defended her master’s thesis two weeks later! Typical… Also in Chicago is Jenny MacDonald, who has taken on medical school and parenthood in the same fell swoop. She has just completed her first year at the University of Chicago and is proud mother to Eleanor, who enjoys studying alongside her studious mother. Hillary Burkett-Burford is about to begin another graduate degree, this time a master’s in health administration, at UM. She and husband Jake are having a great time as puppy-owners, and Hillary has meanwhile found a great job working at Baptist Hospital as the Business Manager for Surgical Services. Yea, Hillary! Naree Chan has one more year of law school to complete in Boulder, Colo. (stay strong, Naree!), where she is working in-house at Xcel Energy for the summer. She reports on a wonderful weeklong visit from Amanda Chiu in the spring. Melissa Lawson is also soldiering on through law school in Colorado – this one in Denver – and despite the drudgery of study seems

to be very happy. Joining Nicole in homeownership are both Whitney Long Neal, who has bought a place in Atlanta with husband Larry, and Leslie Guinn Jerkins, who is happy on Sequoia Road in Memphis with hubby Jonathan, a first-year med student at UT. Leslie and Jonathan had a wonderful vacation in Italy in March, and Leslie continues to enjoy her work in commercial real estate. Also in new housing is Lindsey Coates, who just relocated to Midtown, continues to enjoy working in promotional products and corporate merchandise. Laura Hettinger continues to work as a paralegal in Memphis, and she has started doing custom art and wedding calligraphy on the side. Anybody looking for either of the two should send some business her way! Anna Coplon just started a new job at FedEx in Memphis and is having a great time strategizing about an escape to London. Elsa Monge is still in London, working in social media for American Airlines. She had a visit from Nicole earlier this year, and the two had a wonderful time together, although Elsa reports a longing for the Tex-Mex food of home. Catherine Ferguson Conger and husband Kyle have just celebrated son Wallace’s first birthday. We’re excited to celebrate some of our youngest turkeys! Many thanks to Lindsey for keeping up with class notes on our last go-round – I was going through a whirlwind of busy-ness, culminating with law school exams and a wedding at the end of it. Robbie Pennoyer and I got married last New Year’s Eve, with Marley Baer as maid of honor, and Caroline Fourmy, Laura Colgate, and Whitney Baer (’00) in happy attendance. At least, I think it was happy. We were happy, anyway. I’m also pleased to report a successful graduation from Columbia Law School. Having survived that form of exquisite torture, I’m looking forward to bar preparation, the bar exam at the end of July, and a real honeymoon in August. The fall will find me working as a legal associate in the corporate department of Davis Polk & Wardwell in NYC. Everybody please come visit! Thanks for sharing all your happy

n tes

news; I’m looking forward to many more happy returns for all of us.

2003 Alexandra Bicks Audrey Bourland Hurst

It’s a season of graduations and big changes for the class of 2003! After four years in NYC, Alexandra Bicks is moving even further north to begin a two-year MA program in English at Boston College. Also making the trip is Jessica Pfeffer, who is moving to Boston to begin a PhD in English at Tufts. Nelie Zanca is heading to grad school as well, moving to Emory this fall to get her MBA. Camille Herman Boyle moved with her husband to Carlsbad, Calif. She just graduated with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy and is preparing to take the PT board exams – good luck, Camille! Sarah Pazar is finishing her 2L year at Vanderbilt Law and is spending the summer working at Baker Donelson in Memphis. Chelsea Wilcox is working on her master’s in educational technology at Columbia and is preparing to move out west this summer for teaching jobs. Julia McMillen is moving to Chicago to begin her OB/ GYN residency at University of Illinois. Audrey Bourland Hurst, Anna Kathryn Taylor, Lanier Yeates, Carey Faber, and Chloe Lackie spent a weekend at the beach celebrating Chloe before her autumn wedding. Carey will soon be moving to Dallas to begin her residency in plastic surgery – congratulations! Abby Yandell will be completing her master’s in public health this year before finishing up her fourth year of medical school next year. Sarah Machin will be interning in Denver for the summer at the U.S. Geological Study and then head to Las Cruces, N.M. to begin a master’s in geology. Anna Schwarz Shabtay welcomed baby boy Eytan Yariv Shabtay in February! Anne Taylor Tipton is working on launching her own design firm in Dallas this year. Stephanie Dunavant will spend a month this summer 2011 Commencement | 49


n tes

touring China and visiting her sister, who has been studying abroad. Laurence Goodwin has taken a job in Oxford, England with Bonham Auctioneers. Allison Jones is busy with a healthcare transactions law firms in downtown Boston. Rachel Bresinger is still living in Tel Aviv and is excited about her travel all over Europe for work. Catherine Culvahouse Fox is wrapping up her third year in her doctoral program at Yale. Nicole Henderson Trenholme is enjoying scuba diving in her spare time while she continues her studies in St. Kitts. Rachelle Carolino is busy with work as a group partner at UBS and getting married in October in San Francisco. Carmen Carson recently received a promotion with Wolfgang Puck in LA and enjoyed doing some Super Bowl catering in Dallas. Mary Austin Mays Smith just finished up her first year in dental school and celebrated her first wedding anniversary. In nuptial news, Emily Edwards is getting married in August and Louise Schumacher in October! Lauren Coleman Robinson married Jay, and Morag Macniven Willoughby also got married. Margaret Ann Klinke Mays graduated from med school and begins her residency in radiology in Memphis. Maggie Norville continues work on her master’s in art history at Hunter College in NYC. Mary Kneeland Metcalf continues working for Disney in Orlando and has begun to teach fitness classes there. Jessica Scott and soon-to-be husband Ben are buying a house in Greenville, S.C., and Jessica will return to Kenya this summer to teach English. Lizzie Gill continues teaching 8th grade science at MUS. Congratulations to each of you on these exciting and impressive milestones.

2004 Rachel Bearman Piper Gray

Shelby Deeney is finishing her first year of law school and will be spending the summer in D.C. as


an intern for the Honorable Todd Edelman, a Superior Court Judge. Also legally minded is Patricia Blount, who was named a member of the University of Memphis Law School’s Moot Court Board for 2011-2012 and will be spending her summer in an externship with Memphis-Area Legal Services. Amy Crawford has two reasons to celebrate this spring as she is finishing her second year of law school at SMU and just got engaged to James Céspedes! Someone who has recently succeeded in balancing the demands of school and wedding planning is Blair Carter Tait, who married Tom last December and will begin her fourth year of medical school this fall. Med school is on the minds of many other members of the class of 2004. Clare Patterson is waiting to hear from medical schools as she recovers from shoulder surgery. After she finishes teaching her chemistry and organic chemistry classes, Caitlin Carr will be moving back to Memphis for med school this fall. And, speaking of SMS girls at Memphis med schools, Kaitlin Ridder, Lauren Lazar, and Angela Wilcox have just finished their first years of medical school at UT. Kaitlin is excited to have the opportunity to work on a clinical trial in Virginia this summer. Lauren is looking forward to a well-deserved trip to Florida where she will get to see Camille Wingo and Marion Phillips. Angela will be in Memphis this summer doing research at the neuroscience center at UT and working at the Regional Medical Center at Memphis. Even though Martha Guinn Carter loves life in Memphis, she and her husband Dudley are extremely excited about their trip to Italy this May. Camille Wingo had a fantastic time working abroad in India last fall and is enjoying living and working in D.C. where she is now the Cvent sales rep for Tennessee. Also working hard is Julia Curry Norton who, when not chasing after Cole (3), has started a new job in New Orleans at Ports America as the regional controller. Piper Gray has been busy in NYC where she writes for and has just signed a lease on a studio

50 | St. Mary’s Episcopal School

apartment. Visitors are welcome! Whenever Connor Trott finds time to take a break from her studies at West Carolina University in Sylva, N.C., she has been looking for a country house with a garden to play in. On the other end of the horticulturist spectrum is Rachel (I only have a cactus) Bearman, who has just completed her first year of rabbinic school in Cincinnati and is excited to be going to Utica, Miss. this summer to head up Jacobs Camps’ worship program. 2011 is a graduation year for some members of the class of 2004! First of this year’s graduates is Cathleen Ray Hickey who has been teaching freshman composition courses this year and will be graduating with a master’s in literature from Texas State University this summer. Zoë Kahn has been living in Los Angeles, Calif. while she finishes her second year internship in clinical social work from Smith College School for Social Work. She will complete her thesis this summer and graduate with her MSW in August. Another August graduate will be Ashford Carney Rosenberg, who will be receiving her MS in environmental science. It looks like 2011 will be another busy year for our class!

2005 Sarah Atkinson Lauren Wiygul Riley

Grace Jensen Knight and her husband recently bought a house in Memphis. Grace is enjoying teaching kindergarten at New Hope Christian Academy. Lauren Kennedy Dake and her husband are moving to Jonesboro, Ark. for his new job. Lauren is excited about being closer to home and will be teaching Algebra II and III to juniors and seniors at Valley View High School. Laura Holladay is still living in Charleston, S.C. with her fiancé, and they will be tying the knot in September. Laura finished her paralegal courses and took the certification exam in May. She is currently working at On Demand

Publishing (owned by Nora Kahn is still working on her joint degree at the University of Chicago Law and Divinity Schools. Margo McCawley is also in Chicago, currently working on her master’s in community counseling and is tutoring for the athletic department at DePaul University. Rainey Ray starting work in August as a marriage and family counselor at a clinic in Chicago. She is still a teaching assistant and has been doing some substitute teaching in the master’s program at Trinity. Rainey is also getting married in August! Elizabeth Tipton Musick is still living in Missoula, Mont. and is enjoying her first year of married life. She is working as a paralegal in a small firm downtown. Barbara Phillips still loves her time in seminary in Los Angeles, with the added bonus of getting to hang out with Katie Brookoff. They only live 15 minutes away from each other! Over the summer, Barbara is going to Ireland with fellow seminary students to take classes on Celtic spiritual traditions and practices. Heather Nadolny has been doing some arts and entertainment writing for a few Chicago web sites. Over the summer, she will be moving from Chicago to D.C. to do a yearlong internship with the Online School for Girls, of which St. Mary’s was a founding member. Having earned a bachelor’s degree from Mississippi State in 2009, Emily Watts is now at home in Memphis working toward a degree in nursing at the University of Memphis. Caitlin Del Conte Barnes got married in January to Jason Barnes in Richmond, Va. Hillary Edwards, Kate Messenger Mendez, Falconer Robbins, Erin Nolen, and Alison West were all bridesmaids in the wedding. Rebecca Harris, Faye Kenner, Claire Arnett, Sarah Atkinson, and Weezie Cannon were all in attendance. Rebecca Harris is now a marketing coordinator for two of Hilton’s brands at their corporate headquarters in Memphis. Claire Arnett will be working in a firm in Atlanta this summer and is looking forward to her last year of law school this fall. Erin Nolen is

engaged to Penn Brafford! Erica Evans loves having Sarah as her law school bestie. She has really enjoyed spending the semester as a law clerk for the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee in D.C. and is looking forward to staying there over the summer to work for the Department of Homeland Security in the Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. Erica is also looking forward to being president of the Black Law Student Association at Vanderbilt this fall.

2006 Rebecca Anderson rebecca.claire.anderson@ Becky Bicks

Chandler Ford is finishing up her first year of law school and getting married in May. She will then be going to Japan for her honeymoon. Courtney Foreman is working at AonHewitt Consulting in WinstonSalem, N.C. Elizabeth Braden is still based in Indianapolis, Ind., working for Building Tomorrow, a non-profit that builds schools in Uganda. Lizzie Harris moved back to Dallas, Texas and is working at The Miller Agency, a small automotive advertising agency. She went to Egypt in January and participated in Warrior Dash, a 5K with obstacles. McKenzie Carson finished her first year of law school and will be working at the Office of the Attorney General in Richmond this summer. She made the Moot Court board at University of Richmond Law School. Ellen Bransford lives in McAllen, Texas (about 10 miles from the border) and teaches elementary special ed for Teach For America at a charter school. Jenay Gipson is halfway through getting her master’s in early childhood education at U of M. She is a graduate assistant at the Lipman School and a teacher assistant in a Montessori classroom (where she gets to teach Mrs. Goodman’s son Riley!). She hopes to be teaching kindergarten in fall 2012. Lauren Bunch will be

headed to Duke University in the fall to start working on her PhD in philosophy. Chelsey Diffee lives in Murray, Ky. and works as an AT&T retail store manager. She is enjoying her time there and exploring grad school options for the near future. Becky Bicks completed the artistic internship at Roundabout Theatre Company, where she had the opportunity to work on the Broadway productions of Anything Goes, The Importance of Being Earnest, and The People in the Picture. She was so excited that Mishi Castroverde, Rebecca Anderson, Elizabeth Braden, and Katie Bell were all a part of her birthday party in New York City. Catherine Smith will teach her very own class this summer as a part of her master’s in library and information science at the University of Southern Mississippi. Rachel White is finishing her master’s at Cambridge and will start a PhD for Modern European History at Yale in the fall. Madeline Smith has just been accepted to University of Denver for graduate school and will spend her summer nannying and as a pre-school gymnastics coach. Allison Watts is completing her first year of med school and will be in Memphis this summer doing diabetes research. Grace Wheeler will be going to North Africa this summer, and she is currently working as the manager of an allergy office. Paru Rayudu is entering her last year of medical school and met up with Katie Camille Friedman in Ghana recently. Evie Lyras is currently living in Florida working for the “Diet Diva” and will be interning in New York this summer. Jenny West is a project coordinator at the National Crime Victims’ Research and Treatment Center and primarily works with families of homicide victims and veterans suffering from PTSD. Kristi Ryan is working on turning her cooking/ movie blog into a book and will start culinary school this summer. Ellen Page is moving to D.C. this summer. Rebecca Anderson is in New York working as a Global Transactions analyst at Citigroup.

2007 Caitlin Clark Caitlin Colcolough

Erin Fowler is finishing up her undergrad in Astronautical Engineering with a French minor at USC and is getting her master’s next year in aerospace engineering. She got into USC for its accelerated master’s program and is deciding between USC and other master’s programs. This summer she plans to work in Washington for DARPA’s small satellites programs. Martha Gillon is finishing up at Dartmouth, set to graduate in June. She’ll be moving back to Tennessee to do Teach for America in Nashville with Ginni Fischer. It was all totally by chance, but she’s excited to be coming back to the area, especially since it snowed there last week. Caitlin Colcolough will be traveling this summer and going to summer school. She is graduating next May and just bought a baby bunny to keep her company. Jasmine Bolton is graduating Magna Cum Laude from Harvard and then moving to NYC in the fall to attend Columbia Law School. Cameron Colcolough has been interning with a graphic designer in Anderson, S.C. She’ll be traveling and taking classes this summer before starting her last semester at Clemson. Ann Atkinson is taking audit over the summer at Ole Miss and will graduate in December before starting her master’s in accounting. Lauren Lieberman is graduating with a major in accounting and minor in psychology. She received a scholarship for SMU’s one-year program for a concentration in tax, so she will be attending in the fall. She has accepted a full-time position at KPMG’s Dallas office after the completion of her master’s. Julie Markowitz graduated from Boston University in December and will enroll in an MA program in publishing and writing at Emerson College in September. Mary Grace McQuiston graduated in May from Sewanee with a degree in

n tes

economics. After participating in a program traveling to Bangladesh and India, she will move back to Memphis and begin working as a financial analyst with Mercer Capital. Alexandra Mims graduated in May and will attend Johns Hopkins in the fall for the graduate program in Cellular and Molecular Medicine. Kathryn Owen will graduate in August with a degree in history. She is in the process of applying to grad schools in England for psychology. Devin Presbury graduated in May with a degree in interactive entertainment and a minor in screenwriting. She is searching for work in Los Angeles and is thinking of applying to grad schools. Taylor Ragan graduated in May with a BFA in acting. This summer she is working for the Oxford Shakespeare Festival, where she will be Viola in Twelfth Night. She will be back at Ole Miss in the fall to finish a BA in English. Suzanne Ray also graduated in May with a BS in Health Science. Vicky Rizk is taking Step 1 of the U.S. Medical Licensing Exam in May. She’s in her fourth year in the six-year BA/ MD program at UMKC and started her monthly rotations in January. Erin Sandefer is finishing her first year in Pharmacy School at UT-Memphis and is working in St. Jude’s pharmacy. Bryson Schaeffer graduated in December but is still in Clemson, taking classes to go to nursing school and trying to get an internship in D.C. starting in August. She will start nursing school next year at George Washington, Georgetown, or possibly Johns Hopkins. Emily Sells is graduating with a degree in Psychology from Samford. She is waiting to hear back from the two grad schools she applied to, UAB and Montevallo, for a master’s in counseling. Elizabeth Summitt graduated in May with a degree in Business from Rhodes. She will join SunTrust Robinson Humphrey in June in the fixed income and sales department. Megan Turner graduated in May from Pomona College, having double majored in Environmental Analysis and Studio Art. This fall she will attend 2011 Commencement | 51


n tes


n tes





1 Friends from the Class of 1971 gather for their 40th reunion. 2 The Class of 1991 visiting at their 20th class reunion. 3 The wedding of Caitlin Del Conte Barnes ‘05 in Richmond, VA, January 2011.

4 Alums enjoy lunch with Head of School Marlene Shaw: Libby Wetter Witherington ‘68, Audrey Bourland Hurst ‘03, Ann Frizzell Pretzer ‘98, Shaw, Lisa Ansley ‘00

5 Class of 1975 gather for dinner. 6 Class of 1985 tour the wine country in the Napa Valley, California. 7 Participating in the Nanette Quinn 1st Annual 5K Gobbler Race


are 1998 classmates and their children: Claire Coleman Bowman and Ben, Meg Kinnard Hinson, and Erin Lyttle Do and Claire.



52 | St. Mary’s Episcopal School

2011 Commencement | 53


n tes

graduate school for architecture, most likely at Cal Poly Pomona. After graduating from UNC in December, Melissa Graunke has been working at a criminal law office in Chapel Hill and will be starting in August at Deloitte in Atlanta doing strategy consulting. Brittain West graduated in May and will start working in August for Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church in Knoxville as the Middle School two-year intern. Bailey Wilson graduated in May with a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering and is moving to D.C. in the fall to work for Turner Construction. Cory Yandell graduated from UT with a social work degree and will continue working towards her master’s in social work at UT. She got into the advanced standing program and will be finished by May 2012. Zina Kumok graduated with a degree in journalism and will intern at Indianapolis Monthly until August. After graduation, she’s going to Europe for 10 days, traveling to Amsterdam, Bruges, Vienna, and Prague. Caitlin Clark graduated with a 4.0 from the University of Alabama and will have her graduation ceremony in August because of the F5 tornado that destroyed parts of Tuscaloosa. She will be attending medical school in Houston, TX this fall.

2008 Katelyn Ammons Margaret Liddon

Sarah Kramer is spending a great summer studying in Europe and backpacking with friends. This fall she will be interning at The Dallas Morning News. Ariel Mason is editor of The Vanderbilt Review and is working hard to prepare for the LSAT. At UT, Elizabeth Holt has enjoyed serving as Panhellenic President and is spending the summer in Knoxville. She can’t wait for Lane Feler to return from Spain in order to finally visit her at Georgetown.


Christina Lee is working as an Attorney Development Intern at Axiom Legal in NYC this summer and is the copy editor for NYU’s International Business Journal. Victoria Lee is proud of the TCU equestrian team for finishing seventh nationally and has been helping her family move into their new Dallas home. Morgan Jordan had a beautiful semester studying art history and design in Florence and visiting Liv Wafler in Paris. Divya Moolchandani was recently published in Wash U’s undergraduate law review journal and is spending the summer in NYC working for the EEOC. Also at Wash U, Rachael Holley is serving as VP Panhellenic for Delta Gamma and is preparing to serve as the Director of the Peer Counseling Program. Kelsey Moody spent the semester studying astronomy and geology and teaching an introductory astronomy lab. This summer she is interning at Memphis’s Sharpe Planetarium. Rachel McLemore has been working as a research assistant in history and spent her summer looking for graduate programs. Molly Himmelstein interned for MTV’s Production department this summer and started and produced a TV show at Duke. Georgina Leslie had a great semester and summer in Yaroslavl, Russia, studying and volunteering at an orphanage. She is excited to return to Kenyon as the Head Community Advisor of North Campus. At Yale, Katherine Xie is finishing her biomedical engineering major and beginning her senior research project involving engineering bypass grafts for pediatric patients. Caitlin Smith is spending another summer abroad, researching the London stage in the 18th century with an Oxford University professor and participating in a music conference in Dublin as the Rhodes Hyde Award recipient. Lauren Wolfe is traveling through Italy and Greece for six weeks this summer. Nayha Patel loved spending the semester in Madrid, Spain. Mary Ward Pollard is enjoying her new dog, Sally Belle, at Ole Miss, and is continuing

54 | St. Mary’s Episcopal School

her senior honors thesis on Logotherapy. Annie Ostrow is interning with the Institute for the Study of War in D.C. this summer and is serving as Chief Justice of the Academic Honor Council. Anna Wheeler is working as a counselor at Camp Waldemar for girls this summer. Sarah Wortham is interning at Memphis’ Church Health Center this summer. Along with studying for the MCAT, Cristen Garrett was elected to be the Scholarship Chairman of the Inter-Sorority Council and also the Senior Advisor for the Honor Committee at UVA. Caroline Harris spent the spring semester in Ireland researching multinational oil companies’ impact on small, coastal communities, and this fall she is transferring to Tulane University! Mary Catherine Chase is Vice President of Chapter Development for Tri Delta at Boston University and Vice President of Judicial Affairs for the Panhellenic Council. Hanna Gordon will graduate from Auburn in December and is contemplating teaching English in France for a year after graduation. She is excited about living with sister Grayce ’10 next year. Anisa Allad is majoring in special education in the Teacher Education Program at UT. This spring, she spent a week at Camp Koinonia for children ages 7-22 with multiple disabilities. Estes Gould is still working at The Daily Tar Heel at UNC and is spending the summer working for Senator Lamar Alexander in D.C. and interning for The Memphis Daily News. Jenny Guyton just finished her term as President of Timothy Dwight’s residential college council at Yale and is enjoying serving as President of Pi Beta Phi. This summer she’s working in Google’s internal consulting department in NYC. Margarett Frisby will be the President for the TOMS Shoes Club at the University of Alabama and is hoping to volunteer in the Peace Corps for 27 months, starting in the summer of 2012. Jessica Farris is studying English, anthropology, and Arabic at DePaul, while working in the

Office of Student Involvement. This summer she ran another marathon! Amanda Castroverde is working as a multimedia journalist for The GW Hatchet. She spent the summer in Buenos Aires, Argentina volunteering and studying Spanish. Ayana FletcherTyson is busy preparing to take her teacher certification tests at the end of the summer. Saba Dilawari is continuing her studies in Global Health and Food Security at American University. She interned in BRIDGES’ Development Department again this summer. Kathryn Feder is trying for Senior Honors in her English major at Kenyon and spent the summer as a camp counselor at The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center. Katelyn Ammons is the director of the Heller Service Corps and the Tri Delta Philanthropy Chair at Furman. She is excited to begin student teaching full-time next spring. Margaret Liddon spent the summer interning at United Way Nashville and will intern with Nashville Downtown Partnership this fall.

2009 Bailey Bethell Kathryn Waggoner

It’s hard to believe that we are already finishing up our second year in college! This semester has been full of exciting things for the Class of ’09. Aubree Penney declared a double major in religion and English with a minor in classics and just got promoted to co-manager of the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery. Mary Lana Rice has returned from a semester abroad, worked as the assistant lighting designer for The Hot L Baltimore, Master Carpenter for Emma, and is currently a designer and programmer for Stage 1 Productions. Wallis Tosi is studying abroad in Lacoste, France this summer through SCAD! Perhaps while she is there she will run into Helga Wienerschnitzel,

who will be doing a semester abroad in France. Helga recently met a dashing gentleman named Francois and, surprise she’s the first in our class to be engaged! Everyone’s invited to the wedding on the condition that you bring her some good USA gas station food, because she misses Tasty Cakes and Ho Ho’s. Sam Baumstark is transferring to Cal Poly Pomona in the fall as an industrial engineering major. Bailey Bethell is an English major at Sewanee. She spends her breaks in Memphis volunteering at the Med Trauma Center. This fall she will participate in European Studies, studying in Oxford then traveling through Europe. Reagan Bugg was accepted as a College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Ambassador and was awarded with the Janice McCool Durff and Alma McCool Liles Scholarship. Lillie Blanton is a political science major and is studying abroad in Paris and Rome this summer. She was offered a position as a Senior Resident Assistant for next year. Natalie Jacewicz studied marine invertebrates in Panama over Spring Break. She received the Harvard PRISE and Herchel Smith fellowships, which will fund her lizard research over the summer in Boston and the Caribbean. Hopefully, Natalie can help explain how Kathryn Waggoner has acquired resident geckos in her room at TCU. Kathryn recently declared a strategic communications major and is excited to be interning with Teach for America for the next year. Jordan Reeve was elected Historian for her sorority, AOPi. She is also working as an intern for the Vanderbilt Football Office. Sasha Hosick Joyce took part in Baylor’s All-University SING with ADPi this spring and was accepted to Baylor’s School of Social Work. Lindsey Driver is transferring to Belmont University this fall. At this year’s Southeastern Journalism Conference, she placed third in the on-site editorial writing competition. She was editor of Samford University’s Sojourn Magazine this school year and is traveling to Ecuador this summer

with her fellow Latin American Scholars. Jillian Smith is studying abroad with Ashley Edge ’08 in Greece this summer with the Global L.E.A.D. She recently attended Tri Delta’s Regional Leadership Conference where she saw Anna Wheeler ’08, Katelyn Ammons ’08, and Melissa Johnson. Melissa is also enjoying being involved in Tri Delta at Mississippi State. She is also interning at the Church Health Center this summer. Sarah Donaldson had a successful first semester at USC and is staying in LA to intern at BCBG this summer. Ruthie Morrison is enjoying UVA and is working at Camp Greystone again this summer. Karen Stein was appointed Chi O Philanthropy Chair at UGA. She recently chaired its spring philanthropy event, which raised over $20,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. She is looking forward to spending her summer in NYC interning with Alice+Olivia’s marketing department. Claire Riley got to meet Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchú Tum while working as a PeaceJam mentor this semester. She is going abroad to Spain and France with some friends from Rhodes this summer, as well as working in Memphis. Elizabeth Anderson is officially a religion major and is looking forward to studying abroad in Sevilla, España next fall. Sylvia Brookoff finished her production internship at Comcast Sportsnet (the network, not the cable provider). She is spending her summer in D.C. taking classes, dressing up as a tennis ball mascot for the D.C. Kastles, and perfecting the craft of babysitting. Gracie Gelfand has taken up Bikram Yoga in Atlanta and is continuing to enjoy majoring in political science and film at Emory. Zuzanna Stepnikowska had a great time catching up with Christine Petrin during Penn’s Spring Fling! Zuzanna will be studying at the Copenhagen Business School in the fall. Tyler Hyman is undergraduate coordinator of the UCHC clinic in West Philadelphia that serves the homeless population. She is

also Academic Relations chair of the Black Wharton Undergraduate Association and is working at the Health Department of Shelby County this summer.

2010 Erin Stuart

The Class of 2010 is excited about summer after a great freshman year! Lucy Foster pledged Tri Delta at Furman this semester and will be a counselor at Camp Desoto this summer. Rachel Blackwell is now majoring in nursing and was accepted into an exchange program with University of Colorado for next semester. She also enjoyed a road trip with Lauren Echlin to visit Sarah Castle. Auburn’s national championship has made campus active for Mary Jensen, who plans on traveling this summer and volunteering as a nurse. Mary Frances Street is very involved with Delta Gamma as the Director of Greek Week and Fundraising. She looks forward to working at Camp Bear Track this summer. Emmaline Carrick and Liz Damoc pledged Kappa Kappa Gamma. Emmaline is working in Dallas this summer, and Liz is traveling with a radio internship. Allie Baker pledged Chi Omega and is enjoying the music of Nashville. Elise Heuberger pledged Delta Gamma and declared her triple major in English, Political Science, and Spanish. She enjoyed visiting her SMS friends over spring break and hiking in the Smokies. Cara Greenstein became an officer for her chapter of Alpha Epsilon Phi and declared her public relations major. Over at Emory, Irene Makapugay declared her biology major and visual arts minor. She is enjoying the many concerts and speeches there. She also visited Ali Fishman, who plans to major in psychology and learn several new languages next year. Meredith Whitten declared her majors in neuroscience and environmental studies. She has enjoyed sailing several times and

n tes

visiting Rachel Green at Indiana. Zonia Ali is a neural science major at NYU and co-founded a literary and art publication there entitled Studio on the Square. Also at NYU, Susannah Griffee declared a double major in journalism and political science and interned at Vogue this year. She is looking forward to studying abroad in Paris next semester after interning with Congressman Steve Cohen this summer. Callie McCool pledged Alpha Delta Pi and is planning to major in molecular and cellular biology. Cassidy Gubin got initiated into her sorority and continues to work on her pre-med requirements. Kaht Smith has changed her major to songwriting and composition. Carey Segal danced in several pieces and even choreographed a few. In Chicago, Emily Sorrentino decided to double major in dance performance and theater design. She has also been asked to choreograph the opening ceremony for an arts festival featuring seniors’ work. Folake Thomas plans to declare a double major in international studies and political science after her work with the International Student Center. Nica Cabigao declared majors in music and education and was elected an officer for Kappa Delta. She is also the assistant Music Director for SLU’s newest a capella group. Anna Lauren Hopkins pledged Kappa Delta and will intern at their Memphis headquarters this summer. She was also inducted into Phi Eta Sigma honor society. Lastly, she has had a great track season pole vaulting. Ann Yacoubian is probably majoring in clinical psychology and will be working in a psychology lab next year researching schizophrenia. She also co-founded an Interfaith Social Action group. Finally, Erin Stuart declared her triple major in physics, music, and religion. She will be doing an independent study to learn Sanskrit next semester.

2011 Commencement | 55

st nes

milest nes mile Marriages

Shani Armstrong ’94 to Wakim

Lee Davidson ’95 to

Rana Khandekar ’00 to

Ginger Hicks Cain ’73 to Miles

Chandler Ford ’06 to

Carey King ’01 to Whit Slocum,

February 4, 2011

April 30, 2011

Bernice Chen ’96 to Jeff Wen, February 20, 2011

Elizabeth Fraim ’97 to

Ryan Evans, December 18, 2010

Polly Klyce ’02 to Robert Morgan Pennoyer II, December 31, 2010

Grace Wheeler ’06 to Charles Henry Davis III, July 17, 2010

Lauren Coleman ’03 to

Alexia Fulgham ’93 to Kevin Crump, March 19, 2011

Morag Macniven ’03 to Alastair Willoughby, April 30, 2011

Jessie Wilson ’05 to Rest Baker Heppenstall, Jr., May 21, 2011

Caitlin Del Conte ’05 to Jason Barnes, January 8, 2011

Michelle Goldwin ’02 to

Mary-Kathryn Millner ’00 to Lewis Herrington, Jr., March 5, 2011

Lauren Wiygul ’05 to Peter

Andre, June 11, 2011

Smith, May 28, 2011

Jay Robinson, April 30, 2011

Kevin Wayne Holt, March 5, 2011

Ben Church, May 21, 2011

Jay Kaufman, October 2, 2010

Sameer Hossain , May 8, 2011

Kate Metcalf ’01 to Tavenor Cooke, February 26, 2011 Anna Snyder ’01 to Phillip Rojas,

Morris Riley, Jr., June 18, 2011


Anne Elise Morgan, daughter of Anne-Morgan Brookfield Morgan ‘99 with her cousin Kate Kannon Hoover, daughter of Kathryn Brookfield Hoover ‘93.

2 Classmates and friends celebrate the wedding of Mary Austin Mays Smith ‘03.



Births Isla Margaret Allen to Ashley

Elise Marie Coyle to Simone

Sadie May Gough to Margaret

Goldstein Allen ’95,

Kiersky Coyle ’95, March 8, 2011

Hyde ’92, February 1, 2011

Michael Hampton Anderson to

Julia Lee Dallas to Kelly Buckner Dallas ’99, March 22, 2011

Elizabeth Laman to Paula Jernigan ’87, March 1, 2011

Olivia and John Michael Drake to Rana Sibai Drake ’96, February 14, 2011

Madeleine Levy Partland to Beth Levy ’87, April 28, 2011

November 17, 2010

Ashley Futrell Anderson ’97,

December 4, 2010

Rebecca Campbell Cates to Carolyn Porter Cates ’94, June 10, 2010 Prince Harry and Christopher Wiggins to Patience Chambliss ’98, February 28, 2011 Norah Frances Clarke to Clare Levy Clarke ’97, October 17, 2010 Jane Walker Collier to Katie

Kuykendall Collier ’96,

January 19, 2011

Evelyn Grace Dupnik to Barbara Carolino Dupnik ’95, December 22, 2010 Elizabeth Fikes to Lisa Navarra Fikes ’88, January 6, 2011 John Garrott Geer to Blair Bobo Geer ’95, March 4, 2011 Linda Margaret Herburger to

Celeste Bailey Herburger ’91,

January 31, 2011

Katherine Grace Lucas to Anne Spence Lucas ’97, April 14, 2011 Eleanor Grace MacDonald Bell to Jenny MacDonald ’02, August 29, 2010 Hudson James McNally to Rachel Kiefer McNally ’91, March 5, 2011 Lucy Kimbrough Rhea to Rebecca Fones Rhea ’99, April 29, 2011 Frances McCarty Selvidge to Joann

of Business Administration, IESE Business School (Spain), May 2011

Caroline Gardner ’01, Master

Polly Klyce Pennoyer ’02,

Laurence Goodwin ’03, Master

of Ancient Art, The Courtauld Institute of Art (London), July 2010

56 | St. Mary’s Episcopal School

Mary Dudley Sloan to Catherine Tracy Sloan ’96, December 28, 2010 Coleman Jacob Smith to Ali Reaves

Smith ’90, February 25, 2011

Theophile Tremond to Elaine

Trepagnier ’97, December 18, 2010

Caroline Laurence Vincent to Sarah Cole-Turner Vincent ’94, February 24, 2011 Andrew Alexander Wilson to

Kristen Mistretta Wilson ’93,

December 16, 2010

Juris Doctor, Columbia Law School, May 2011

Ashford Carney Rosenberg ’04, Master of Science in Environ-

mental Science, University of Tennessee, May 2011

Katie Runyan ’01, Master of Fine

Arts in Interior Design, Corcoran College of Art and Design, May 2011

Courtney Shove ‘96, Master

Sue Roberts Ledes ’57 Jackie Hill Baker ’67 Eugenia Harris French ’68

of Arts in Journalism, University of Missouri, May 2011

Dianne Hill Geise ’75

Tricia Hood Thomas ’90,

Margaret Mason Daum ’78

Master of Arts in Teaching, University of Memphis, May 2011

LOVE it! Whether it’s a graduating senior pairing up with her flower girl on the 100th day of school, or reaching our Annual Fund goal, St. Mary’s is all about love and caring. This year — in record numbers — you gave because you CARE.

In Memoriam Elizabeth Laws ’01, Master

Doctor of Physical Therapy, University of Augustine, May 2011 of Business Administration in Investment Banking, University of Chicago, June 2011

February 15, 2011

Self Selvidge ’94, December 7, 2010

Postgraduate Degrees Camille Herman Boyle ’03,

Eytan Yariv Shabtay to Anna

Schwarz Shabtay ’03,

Laura Gilliom ’76

With tremendous support from our alumnae, parents, parents of alums, and grandparents, the 2011 Annual Fund has surpassed its goal of $725,000! Alumnae giving is up 26 percent over last year: 31 percent of alumnae have given. And parents are at an unprecedented 84 percent participation, successfully meeting the Board’s 80 percent participation challenge. Third grade parents raised the bar for all others, with 98 percent of parents on board.  Each student benefits every day from your generosity, from the classroom to the library to the athletic field and playgrounds.

Kati Eddins ’80

THANK YOU for giving and for caring.

2011 Commencement | 57

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Nonprofit Organization U.S. Postage


Memphis, TN Permit No. 810

St. Mary's Episcopal School 2011 Spring Magazine  
St. Mary's Episcopal School 2011 Spring Magazine  

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