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Contact:  Eva  Nielson,  President   Address:  8919  S.  Green  St.  Chicago,  Il  606020   Phone:  773-­‐269-­‐7557     SMALL  BUSINESS  ANNOUNCMENT   Friday-­‐  October  4,  2013     Public  Announcement:     GAIA  MOVEMENT  USA  HELPS  IMPROVE  THE  QUALITY  OF  LIFE  FOR  PEOPLE  ALL  AROUND  THE  WORLD!   October  4,  2013     (CHICAGO)-­‐  Come  support  The  GAIA  Movement,  a  non-­‐profit  organization  that  helps  improve  the  quality   of  life  for  people  around  the  world.  GAIA  provides  a  triple  benefits  by  diverting  the  clothes  from  landfills,   giving  less  fortunate  people  the  possibility  to  own  quality  clothes  for  less  and  donating  the  surplus  funds   from  that  program  to  communities  and  projects  in  the  developing  world.  Part  of  GAIA’s  mission  is  to   collect  all  unwanted  clothing  and  it  is  reused  or  recycled.  Known  for  their  trademark  “GREEN”  collection   boxes  are  placed  at  businesses  and  locations  in  Chicago  for  people  to  conveniently  make  their  donations.   th

Friday, October  4 ,  The  Chicago  City  of  Treasure’s  Small  Business  Entrepreneur  Expo  will  take  place.  It  is   the  largest  gathering  of  entrepreneurs  in  all  of  Chicago.  The  GAIA  Movement  will  be  located  at  Roosevelt   and  Halsted.    

Please join  us  and  bring  items  that  can  be  reused,  re-­‐worn  or  recycled!  The  event  will  be  one  of  the  most   important  days  for  achievement  among  the  Chicago  Business  Community.  The  event  attracts  over  3,000   attendees,  features  30  valuable  business  workshops,  and  exhibits  more  than  120  local  businesses.   Clothing  will  be  collected  at  the  EXPO  and  donated  to  organizations  that  help  people  with  wardrobes  for   work  and  business.  This  event  is  completely  FREE  and  includes  a  free  lunch  for  all  exhibitors  and   attendees.    

The GAIA  Movement  is  a  charitable  organization  devoted  to  educating  people  from  all  over  the  world   about  the  importance  of  environmental  issues  and  sustainability.  Founded  in  Illinois  in  1999,  GAIA  has   since  expanded  its  operations.  The  non-­‐profit  organizations  goal  is  simply  to  promote  environmental   awareness,  to  educate  the  public  about  current  alarming  issues,  and  to  provide  support  for  environmental   programs  on  both  a  local  and  a  global  scale.  Visit  www.gaia-­‐  to  learn  more  about   donations  and  helping  solve  environmental  problems.  

For more  information  or  questions  please  call  Eva  Nielsen,  President  (773)  269-­‐7557  

Gaia press release  

Small Business Expo

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